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  1. Thanks for you reply. I'll give em a try!!
  2. Can anyone recommend any good pigeon guides for the Norfolk area? I have my permissions here (Derbyshire) but love Norfolk, it would be great to have a day or two in your lots part of the world.
  3. I use a Browning Maxus for pigeons and absolutely love it, but my favourite is Miroku MK70 grade 6 game. Cracking gun but too nice to take pigeon shooting!
  4. Sorted it with Me Matt's help. Photos are now at top of thread
  5. I've just ordered the same one from A1. The one I'm using on the amended link at the top of this thread is 25 years old, was a good net at the time. In fact the shop I bought it from (Shooters Paradise @ Clowne) has been closed of 15 years. Think I'm probably ready for an upgrade!
  6. I intend to. Can you recommend another way of posting pics?
  7. Great day on the bean field, picked 31, shot 39. Would have had a lot more if I has a second net to cover me from behind. The field had a small pond in the middle of it with a few reeds and bullrushes, trouble was they were only about 3'6" high and I only had one net, everything coming from behind could see me.
  8. I shoot shotguns and have done for years and haven't really bothered with airguns since being a kid, even though I still have a Webley Vulcan, which is for sale on here if anyone is interested. Anyway, I have a small holding and decided it would be a bit of fun to buy a modern air rifle to dispose of squirrels, rats, magpies, pigeons and jackdaws. So off I went and decided on a .177 Weihrauch HW100T with a Hawke illuminated reticle sight, also bought a bipod, bag, some targets and a gas bottle. The first job was to set the sight up, so I measured out 32 yards and in five minutes was literally amazed by the accuracy of the thing, its surgical in its precision. Since then (which was only last Saturday) I've despatched 2 squirrels, 3 pigeons and 2 jackdaws and not missed a thing I've shot at. The illuminated sight is great for when the light is fading slightly and vermin just doesn't seem to stand a chance! When we were kids we used to shoot rabbits with .22 spring powered air rifles, they would do the job but weren't a patch on these things, plus this Weihrauch is nearly silent. The last two shots I have taken were from the bottom of my paddock. The paddock rises up by about 30' and on top of it is a fully grown beech tree, on the uppermost branches of this is where I shot the last jackdaw and about ten feet below it with a head shot the squirrel, must be 50 yards. We don't have any rabbits this year but I'm sure this gun would drop them no problem whatsoever with a head shot. What a truly amazing bit of kit and I'm one happy 53 year old, it's like being 14 again!!!
  9. Mk 2 or 3, definitely not Mk 1 but don't know how to tell the difference between 2 and 3!
  10. Just a quick update. I've stripped the Vulcan down, given all the internals a good clean and polish (oil and grease where needed), changed the piston and breach seal and fitted a new trigger spring. It's now shooting fine (IMO) and after cleaning it up I'd say it is in very good condition for its age. The stock only has a few tiny marks, the barrel and action had very minor surface rust which I've wire wooled and oiled and now looks fine, no need to re-blue and it is shooting great. My next question is this. I'm set on buying a .177 Weihrauch HW100KT, which from my gunshot for the gun, a decent Hawk sight, re-fill bottle (with valve) and a slip is slightly under £1k. Now I already have three shotguns and would have no use for more than one air rifle, so how much should I ask for the Vulcan; a) as a trade in against the Weihrauch, and b) for a private sale? The Vulcan just has its standard sights, no telescopic sight.
  11. Can you recommend where to get the kit for renovating, new spring, seals, blueing etc? I am fancying an Airarms Prosport, do you know of a good scope to go with it? I've not been into air guns since being a lad and would like to dispose of some local pigeons with one!
  12. Thanks for the reply. My question was more about f the Webley was worth doing up? Seem to remember it was quite a decent gun when new!!
  13. I have a Webley Vulcan which has been sat (unused) in my cabinet for 30 years. As a lad I think I tried putting a souped up spring in it and it always sounded a bit tinny after that. My question is, is it worth spending the money to do it up? Mainly I shoot shotguns but the wife has a problem with pigeons on her raised beds at the moment. The beds are in my paddock but just behind them is a small road, not ideal for the shotgun!!! If I renovated the Webley are they classed as a good old air rifle or a bit of an also-ran? Also, would it be powerful enough to deal with pigeons at 30 yards??
  14. Funny you should say this as a friend was telling me his camp jacket has been ruined by his wife washing it in biological powder, but in answer to your question I have never washed my net. Pity, as that would at least give me something to blame it on!!!
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