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  1. Sorry I'm not a no it all, like some on this topic, just saying never seen bangers,cannons,flags etc on a field of clover that's y I asked the question if u had actually read my post I said I hadn't had time to get upto date and haven't been out for a while and I've never shot over it,
  2. Cheers guys for feedback that's great I'll look into them thanks again, I asked Mr Blanchard lastnight on a pig farm he's over run with rooks but he said no thanks we've got a shooter, rudely I said looks like he's doing a bad job
  3. I was just wondering as I have a field with clover also with a lot of pigeons feeding on it, I haven't had the time to keep up, and haven't yet been out since the New new licenses I will make sure I read properly and understand first, then I shall have ago, thanks great bag to
  4. Clover is that crop protection is it
  5. Yeah sorry guys its vale of white horse area charney Bassett, lyford,Longworth , Kingston bagpuize, Hinton wahldrist, fyfield areas I'm really looking for and mainly rooks and the odd pigeon, I've found it hard to gain perms round this area I've tried most of the farmers, and if I couldn't find the farm house, track down numbers and ask via phone but they all say no thanks or we got shooters before you've even really asked, a farmer from that area gave us a perm but it was to close to a do gooder village and a church and not practical even with a hush power
  6. Lots of pea's round my area(vale) with lots and lots of attention building from passing pigeons, been watching a chap this morning shooting over one of the fields, birds were acting really nervous jinking of about 80 yards from his rotary, his hide was a tiny bit visible with his movement inside and the rotary wasnt where it needed to be but good to see and hear people having ago again after all the xxxx. good on him and good luck
  7. Looking for pigeon,rook shooting in the vale area, hoping to get my dad back into shooting after a big absence, has10 years shooting experience he's basc insured and clean and tidy and respectful of the owners land, and uses a fully silenced 4/10 which is very quite fir the countryside, thanks everyone
  8. Someone wasn't happy missing, or didn't like the news of the general license changing
  9. I'm from vale area and theres a lot of barley around here this year its all starting lay now but still not seeing much feeding on it but a few starting to fly over now and then, the next 2-3 weeks it will hopefully be worth ago as I haven't been out now for 9 weeks been building scarecrows, not
  10. Just a few birds not causing problems
  11. Want to scrap crows on his gate and replace them with him, loves wildlife so much just reading he wants to cull deer to help Nightingales, quick drop everything Muppet
  12. how about a one man, scarecrow band
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