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  1. Hi all, I'm looking to get a 12 g fully moderated hushpower single barrel, but I was wondering if anyone on here who uses one, or any 12 g hushpower if they are as quite as people make out, any info would be great thanks
  2. +1, not much rape near me personally this year, but on other people's rape perms this year there has been hundrends if not thousands feeding on it last 2 months pretty hard, no cannons no one shooting for some reason. from experience it is and can be very frustrating but if u don't try they will be suicidal for it when u ain't there one day, I've recently just been watching for flighlines over a winter wheat field that has been very slow geminating, and that leads to a good size wood covered in ivy and there's been lots of activity here for the last 3 days of watching, I will be going Sunday to have ago hoping they haven't gone back onto other people's rape, if you have got anything similar worth having a look maybe,
  3. Nice pic, had a nice one myself recently
  4. Had a day off today so thought I'd try make my old decoys abit more life like by adding some new wings to my feeding pigeon shells that have been shot and banged about for years now. Very simple to make a bit of tyvek roof membrane I had laying around, 1 pot of cheap tippex and abit of grey and black paint, made 2 holes either side and connected with zip ties, which just allows the wings to flap up and down, and out a bit, to add more life like action, I'll be testing them as soon as the fields dry out
  5. U said u would be looking at 3 at some point, which crops do u think they r on as I have nothing on rape, usually until January and not much on wheat drillings either, just curious thanks, and good licj if u do venture out look forward to your usual reports thanks
  6. Yeah also been out today. Over some drilled wheat, which was poorly drilled and all ontop of soil not rolled in, rough job. Good for me I thought, had been a few hundred on it all week so went today the fields are boggy as hell so didn't bother with decs_ the wind went completely still as I got under and stood on the main flight line about 11.30. I had 11 shots and ended up with 6 pigeons and a jackdaw, also a massive roosting wood near to where I shoot has gone completely deserted they've been there in there thousands and thousands every Autumn/winter for the past 20 years I've shot near this wood which I thought was odd, they have been migrating recently to, but they've always been in this area, times are changing for the worst I think
  7. Metal detectorists, dogs randomly running around no lead on private land with no public footpaths, even had a bloke once got out a car 300 yards away walked in the field smoking wacky backy and was walking around, me and dad didn't say anything for a minute and just watched and he was walking in the decoy pattern looking amazed y the birds wernt flying off, before I said can I help you mate? and he said o r u shooting birds here today, nooo having a picnic with decoy mates, enjoy ur food he said lol
  8. Got a field full of wheat drilling seeds everywhere on top went out Sunday 100-200 feeding on it early morning 1 shot hushpower 410 all gone hardly any come back ended with 8 Woody's and a rook, Been watching this morning and seeing hundreds and hundreds of migrating pigeons heading south for the last couple of hours pretty high up but dropping 5 -10 fields away from ours into a big wood where they roost every winter in the thousands, so hopefully they join the rest of them and find our field soon,
  9. Can often shoot Woody's at 50 yards 410 19g 7/5 shot fiocci f410s great cartridge
  10. Me and my dad thought we would give it ago today even tho it was forecast heavy rain for our part today, but last few days been seeing a lot of corvid and pigeon activity on some disced wheat stubble and the adjoining field was maize and was cut 3 days ago so also a lot of activity next to us, set up with 4 flocked full body crows and 12 flocked half crow shells on homemade spring sticks, the wind was blowing gently west to east across the hide so put the pattern about 60-70 yards to the left to allow a clear killing zone on the right, and sat back to wait but minutes in jackdaws luring into the decs we got 1 each out the 3 that came in and then it was mainly Jackdaw's coming in perfectly for about 3-4 hours, and near the end to finish on i had 2 big rooks playing mobbing each other come other the decoys and killed both in 1 shot which was a bonus, ended on 32 in total with 7 unfortunately lost in brambles, but theres good signs of numbers increasing now so watch this space......
  11. Just been out on the bike in the country, day off not on the doll, and noticed a couple of machines cutting the maize and storing it in big long plastic like tunnels fed by another machine, never seen that before, anyway anyone lucky enough to have that perm or have any perm with maize good luck to em its usually a magnet to them round these parts but farmers don't let Anyone shoot for some reason already got shooters, yeah that never ever go
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