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  1. Just been out on the bike in the country, day off not on the doll, and noticed a couple of machines cutting the maize and storing it in big long plastic like tunnels fed by another machine, never seen that before, anyway anyone lucky enough to have that perm or have any perm with maize good luck to em its usually a magnet to them round these parts but farmers don't let Anyone shoot for some reason already got shooters, yeah that never ever go
  2. Went out at 11.30, set up a hide under a massive oak tree put out 1 diy hypa flap dec 25 yards in the wheat and ready to go by 12, saw lots of activity for pigeons but all sticking just out of bounds going over the maize to my side and sticking tight to the woods really low down which I fort was weird considering the lack of any breeze, but pulled a few over for a look and ended with 12 pigeons for 18 shots with the 410, so worth it in the end even tho it was really hot, but generally numbers in my area are increasing and ours has still to be cut most other farms within couple of miles have been done weeks so hopefully better times ahead, Cheer's
  3. Been watching a wheat field in the last few days, crop still standing, and with a couple of fields of peas cut about a quarter of a mile away with a lot of activity occurring in the late afternoon with pigeons fighting up and down the fields and woods but with temps in the 30s and very light winds forecast today I'm a bit unsure whether to brave it. Anyone else having ago today
  4. Still waiting for wheat on a perm to be cut but in general not seeing much on all other cut stubbles round vale area
  5. It was on my dads perm its not the best location but there had been a lot about previous days so we gave it a go but on the day was probably to windy and we didn't see to many
  6. Almost exactly the same for me today over standing wheat, hypas were mega flapping but nothing about to see them it was just deserted today, maybe because its been to windy? Did manage to get 3 pigeons for 7 shots, shocking but not a complete waste of time, haven't really seen any big numbers on any of the barley/rape/wheat stubbles round here yet either oxford area some crops were ripe and cut a month earlier than this time last year so maybe best is still to come, august to Octobers always when I get my best bags
  7. Yes that's the place, going to be a hot week so like u said everything should ripen off nicely this week couple of fields of rape down the road were sprayed off a couple of weeks ago should be cut any time now, a lot of peas round this area to which they will move onto after everything else cut and cleaned up
  8. Harrowdown hill near the Thames
  9. Out for a walk down the Thames yesterday and noticed these cut wheat fields, early this year in my part? A lot of pigeon activity building so someone's gonna hopefully have some fun
  10. Sorry I'm not a no it all, like some on this topic, just saying never seen bangers,cannons,flags etc on a field of clover that's y I asked the question if u had actually read my post I said I hadn't had time to get upto date and haven't been out for a while and I've never shot over it,
  11. Cheers guys for feedback that's great I'll look into them thanks again, I asked Mr Blanchard lastnight on a pig farm he's over run with rooks but he said no thanks we've got a shooter, rudely I said looks like he's doing a bad job
  12. I was just wondering as I have a field with clover also with a lot of pigeons feeding on it, I haven't had the time to keep up, and haven't yet been out since the New new licenses I will make sure I read properly and understand first, then I shall have ago, thanks great bag to
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