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  1. Propped pot noodles Chicken and mushroom flavour and beef flavour are ok all imitation ones are xxxx
  2. Cheese on toast with beans
  3. Video didn’t upload sorry just pic. And I only got 9 mixed birds with constant showers and gale force wind kept stopping me didn’t want new gun getting soaked
  4. No deer were hurt in the making of this video to much peoples disappointment
  5. Out pigeon shooting yesterday when I had four unexpected visitors walk threw my decoy pattern
  6. Purchased a single shot Hushpower 12 g baikal over the weekend for use on pigeons and a few blacks near paddocks and a few houses nearby so needed to cut down on noise situation, anyway I’ve had a 410 Hushpower for years so thought it was time to upgrade to a 12 for better killing range and ability and boy was I surprised at how quite they actually are, a very good quiet gun ideall for people in similar circumstances, unfortunately I did not shoot very well with it on the first attempt getting 9 rooks for 25 shots, I found the subsonic 32 -6 to be very quiet but useless at hitting and killing with 12 misses in a row. But with the right ammo? I think this will be the way forward for me, if anyone else uses a 12 Hushpower which ammo r people favouring thanks
  7. Fiocchi f410 3 inch I find the best killing cartridges for a 410
  8. Welcome to winter time pigeon shooting be plenty of those days for most on here
  9. Shotguneddy

    Storm Ciara

    What's that experts from the sun newspaper they say it every year
  10. Hi all, I'm looking to get a 12 g fully moderated hushpower single barrel, but I was wondering if anyone on here who uses one, or any 12 g hushpower if they are as quite as people make out, any info would be great thanks
  11. +1, not much rape near me personally this year, but on other people's rape perms this year there has been hundrends if not thousands feeding on it last 2 months pretty hard, no cannons no one shooting for some reason. from experience it is and can be very frustrating but if u don't try they will be suicidal for it when u ain't there one day, I've recently just been watching for flighlines over a winter wheat field that has been very slow geminating, and that leads to a good size wood covered in ivy and there's been lots of activity here for the last 3 days of watching, I will be going Sunday to have ago hoping they haven't gone back onto other people's rape, if you have got anything similar worth having a look maybe,
  12. Nice pic, had a nice one myself recently
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