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  1. Nothing on stubbles or drilling’s or maize anywhere near me this year for some reason usually always a couple of places but nothing at all so far in the vale of white horse areas
  2. Thanks for mention might explain two hares I saw ripped to bits in very close proximity whilst walking yesterday evening near charney
  3. Told u it might b a stupid question, I’ve never seen it done before in my time around here that explains it I thought the farmer might of had a we drink and thought Discing done good enough
  4. This may be a stupid question but I’ve never seen this before a local farmer disced his fields but only 2-3 strips with 50 yards between the strips is there a reason for this? Thanks
  5. I have been out today about 2-3 fields away from a lot of fields of beans,not my perm unfortunately. and noticed there’s big flightlines building so Anyone with beans on there perm it would be worth you looking as I have noticed bigs numbers building in the last two weeks I spend usually an hour watching between 4-5 but they are there TIL about 7+ feeding now. Me and dad shot 20 today and that was just off a flightline 3 fields away going to the beans. Rant over thanks
  6. Exactly can’t see the point I lied yesterday saying I got 14 but on looking only had 13 woops
  7. Exactly what I will tell anyone else if asked. Game bore velocity are another good cartridge also to pokey for my s/s but good cartridge I used to use Rio games and they were excellent to . Thanks for your input/time
  8. It was a couple of locals from the village saying to me about other people shooting saying they looked on the internet and it says can’t shoot wild birds on sundays I told them that’s old don’t believe everything you read on the internet I have copy’s of the latest gl which I will happily show them, thanks
  9. I was to busy that time so just had them delivered. Alot of people are saying now that it’s illegal to shoot pigeons/crows on a Sunday for some reason this is not true
  10. Can’t see y anyone would use scarecrows etc on stubbles either way, unless it’s to the shooters advantage
  11. +1 it’s not 100% clear . Type in google it says no, also no wild bird can be shot on a Sunday but I hear most shooting my neck of the woods on Sunday’s , must have moved scarecrows , bangers and deterrents etc like stated read go,everything clearly then decide yourself if people won’t help you.
  12. Well said. 49 cartridges for 22 birds in 50 mph winds is good for me as we don’t have thousands of birds here I was happy with that on that day sorry . i expect you could of got 49 for 49 with your ammo Mines full choke perfect at 30. - 60 yards
  13. Just cartridges but that’s with 15 deliverey on top
  14. Thought I’d try and find some cheap 12 cartridges just to test and see what they were like compared to the 32 6 special pigeons I have been using and found some lyalvalve express clay load of 28g 7.5 , 500 for 115£ and what a cracking discovery and what a cracking cartridge fired 49 cartridges for 22 pigeons and they were in a strong wind and high flying 50 yards + , a very very good cartridge. Strongly recommend a try
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