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  1. Barley being cut near me today Abingdon area
  2. Putting in your own lengths of cables along posts similar to most fields what you’re explaining just for the purpose to shoot pigeons and corvids in my eyes shouldn’t be aloud . I get like tiny old style pullys for decs I mean I use a rotary that’s not that different either way abit over the top
  3. Not sure that would be legal but definitely love the idea of that
  4. Great stuff chaps, out tomorrow it’s drier than today but with very strong winds
  5. They work ok I was only able to test them down the field due to space, there not obviously as good as store bought ones but it past a tiny bit of time for me during lockdown I’m going to have a bit of a better fiddle and see what I can come up with, I will be using them tomorrow again will let u no how they hold up on a strong wind tomorrow thanks
  6. I just painted some Tyvek roofing felt , stapled some supports underneath for my flat plastic wing spreaders, added the white wing bars with glue-onto a flocked full body from a spinning decoy, hours work for 2 to go on my magnet
  7. Thanks, I will definitely try it some time on the corvids I usually just use static full body decs for blacks if I’m still aloud to say that and have had more than average bags in the past but this could boost my numbers. Hoping to get out on the pigeons with it on Sunday as they are starting to hammer the barley now and we have wheat in the adjoining fields which they are staring to use now in medium sized groups, Thanks
  8. Interesting thanks for all the reply’s guys, Jdog have u had much success decoying corvids with a rotary or anyone else had much joy
  9. +1 primus. Acme sounds to ducky for me . Maybe using it wrong but used it for years still does the job it’s ok if your decoying crows near a pond
  10. Hi Ive just purchased a rotary for the first time I’ve shot over other peoples but finally decided to buy one myself after years . My question is, it came with a remote and speed controller just wondering what speeds people prefer for there own setups . I’ve watched some videos on you tube and most say almost full power. I no this probably works but personally I would of thought that a slow to medium speed would look more realistic. Opinions more than welcome thanks
  11. Thanks for all your input guys
  12. Twice I’ve ordered from this company and the same hassle every time , regarding deliveries once for flocked pigeon decoys that took 11 days when stated 2-3 fast delivery and all last week and this week still going to get my cheap magnet. Overall a very poor and slow service emailed 20 times no response so just a word of advice avoid and buy somewhere else
  13. I thought I’d buy a very cheap magnet for first time hoping to draw a few more my way I’ve used ones in the past but never actually bought one, it didn’t come with a battery but I have a 12 v 6 moped / mower battery would this be sufficient or do any damage to the system thanks guys
  14. Cheers guys first time I’ve seen this in my area is this a fairly new crop
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