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  1. Sorry to hear your sad news big part of the family
  2. Where abouts in Northants are you Samadams 21 as interested in buying cheers

  3. Thought I'd share this as sat watching a flightline and pigeons coming basically over the truck stuck a bit of net around the back shot 33 woodies 1 crow.
  4. Hi London Best, I was thinking fox, but not seen it before so thought I would see what others thought thanks everyone for your replys much appreciated
  5. Snow White I know crows will take them but I think it's an animal as they are all down the side of the field in the picture, cheers Jdog would a stoat carry them 100/ 130 yards that's why I thought fox, I thought Stoats rolled them but not that far, cheers
  6. Good evening all Ihad a walk around the other evening around a rape field and over a distance of about 130 yards from the farm there were several broken chicken egg shells along the field edge. something I assume a fox but after suggestions what else it could be had carried the eggs from the farm and had eaten them in several different places. A fox had the chickens the other night hence the walk, could find any evidence of any Cubs about so a bit of a mystery
  7. Exactly 100% correct Walker570, the list goes on unfortunately having to do things which people don't want to because of some of the things mentioned. Its not just people look at the fox when young a very cute little thing but can also cause a serious amount of trouble and needs to be dealt with. same as a magpie, jay and even the old Woody beautiful in their own right but need to be controlled. like Phil9 said he doesn't like shooting hares as most of us don't but he might be in an area where there are plenty and hare coursers are a major problem. As shooters we don't want to kill everything and contrary to what a lot of people think we love to see plenty of wildlife about and get up close even with the camera/ phone as with yesterday evening had a nice Roe Buck come and say hello just to finish its great to be out and stay safe everybody.
  8. Have to agree with Hamster and a few others about the pros and cons of the magnet / whirly i remamber when I first used one had shot at a group of pigeons and some even turned and came back in, unbelievable but I never put it out more than 25 yds now and often closer, putting the statics 30/45 yds seems to work well but not always, just keep changing things as you can have too many decoys out sometimes I believe
  9. No. This could go on for ever Bit like marmite you either love um or hate um
  10. Gotta agree with Marsh man, although I do tend to use mine 99% of the time, for 2 reasons think it pulls more birds towards the hide and hopefully make the shooting more sporting and make me a better shot
  11. Many thanks Ralph tried a few out today, we had 30 woodies and 2 crows and had some nice shots, cheers pleasure to meet you
  12. Hi Stimo can I have these please, can you hold until Saturday when I can come and collect if you pm your address cheers
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