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  1. Hi Alan 123 Binoculars arrived Friday tried them out yesterday as you said I am definanely not disappointed I am well happy with them. many thanks for recommending them
  2. Many thanks for all the replies, decided on Vortex 10x42 in the end cheers
  3. Cheers Tightchoke Cheers Alan Cheers Alan 123
  4. Hi All i know this this has probably been asked before but i am looking for a not stupid money binoculars to keep in the truck for mainly pigeon recon. Like the sound / reviews for the Vortex diamondback do I get the 8x42, 10x42 or go for the 10x50. your opinions would be much appreciated, I'm an old *** at 65 so eyes not what they used to be cheers Smokey
  5. It's a greatt idea Guerini guy, if I'm sitting out for a fox I cover my truck with my pigeon shooting nets, you would be surprised how affective it is
  6. Just like this Guerini guy, unbelievable but they still came in shot 30+ truck looks awesome
  7. Hi Bumpy22 it is a Clive Ward unit awesome bit of kit as is the drone as a mate has got one, both awesome see a lot further than you can shoot
  8. Have you looked through a Digicepter Bumpy 22, you tube it absolutely awesome
  9. Well done, cracking bag there
  10. After today you will see one but not the other
  11. Hi Ginner Can I ask why you are selling it cheers
  12. Agree 100% top man is Mick
  13. Agree Bumpy 22 saw a calf born and 2 foxes trying to get at it from either side obviously couldn't get a shot so had to chase them off, that was with the thermal
  14. Hi Bumpy22 there was also a clip where a cat stood its ground and chased off a fox but can't find where I watched them, amazing what you see when out in the countryside
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