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  1. No a problem, if I hear of anyone needing a hand I'll pm you.
  2. Ahh ok, can't think of any other places like that close by.
  3. Does Newton Green golf club have anyone? Always seems to be plenty of rabbits on the course.
  4. This is the one I was actually looking at, it has it as semi. I'd also seen it referred to as a pommel grip too. I do like a full pistol, but yes the pad certainly does look 👌
  5. @Old Boggy, sorry I could do a link but this is similar page 👍
  6. I think our idea of driver and motorist is the same thing, different title. There are millions as you say who fall into the catagory of having a driving license, but that doesn't make them a driver/motorist. All these cars will encourage that lazy, arrogant attitude many already have. Round where I live it's probably 95% single track roads, and the amount of people who can't reverse into a passing place is ridiculous. I've just pulled up to pick my lad up from school, on the way here after rounding a blind bend I came across and old boy in the Honda 4x4 stopped in the mi
  7. Don't get me wrong there are plenty of poor drivers out there but my issue is that whoever programs these cars is most likely going to be some computer genius. What they are most likely not to be is a driver, I don't mean someone with a driving license I mean someone who can actually drive ,Someone who can read the car and the road and the situation and pick up on things before they actually happen. Autonomous cars will all end up with a set of compromises, and it will end up going wrong more often than is being let on at the moment and it certainly wont be the end of RTC's.
  8. I'm thinking something like 7/8 of an Oz of 7.5's for clays and an Oz of 6.5 or 7's for game. I'm not interested in speed in the slightest, slower, smoother cartridge with a decent pattern is what I'm after, anything heavier hitting will go through the auto. I can get 16's locally but the selection isn't massive. Home loading will atleast give me the opportunity to play about a bit and find something that works. I think somewhere I've got a few odd Eley grand Prix in 16 left over, 26.5g possibly, maybe go for something along those lines as they shot well.
  9. And the govt over here think they are a good idea 🤔 I sincerely dread the thought of these cars driving themselves on our roads
  10. If I can find something to occupy the missus and lad for half hour I will definitely stop and have a look at it. I don't want anything ridiculously heavy as I really don't plan on shooting more than an Oz through it. I'll be swinging round your way in December so might hold you to that 👍 I haven't heard a bad word about the Lincoln and they certainly aren't a bad looking gun either, have to see how the McNab swings and balances. I couldn't do a heavy gun anymore, as I said to OB the mk38 trap is balanced so well it doesn't feel like the beast it actually is, I
  11. When I read an overall review of McNab's I'm sure the 12 bore is something like 8lb. I will have a handle of a 16 if I can just to see what they feel like. Itching to start shopping now 😬
  12. There's a 16 bore down at Essex gun in Romford, heading that way in a few weeks time so might drop in and have a look. Thanks again for the pointer 👍
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