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  1. Farmboy91

    What Carts for Crows??

    Thanks for the reply, I don't think I'd dare put them through my 686s 😂 I did mention it to my rfd once and he said the 24g clay carts they make aren't much better, something to do with how cheap they are.
  2. Farmboy91

    What Carts for Crows??

    What gun are you using? I found them quite punchy through my A303.
  3. Farmboy91

    Shooting shirts

    Just brought a jack Murphy one and it fits a treat, up until no I've been wearing cheap ones from Qd, £4.99 lol been thought the wash plenty of times and haven't shrunk yet.
  4. I won't pretend I know the ins and outs of fpe etc cause I don't lol I was more thinking the basic ballistics of that a slower cartridge will throw the better pattern, and if that cartridge is full of no. 3/4 you have better kentic energy ie more knock down power, than with a no. 6 so your negating some of what you would have lost if you had used smaller shot. Realisticly I wouldnt dream of taking on a pheasant at 70yrds nor a pigeon at 100,i dont doubt there are some excellent shots on here but for the average shot is it really feasible?
  5. This. Surely its accepted that higher volocity is more likely to penetrant further if not pass all the way through, I appreciate we're not talking about 'normal' distances here. I'm only going on the basic differences between say 45.acp and 9mm parabellum, fair enough they are pistol calibers but surely the same basics apply? Feel free to shoot me down in flames if that's wrong.
  6. Farmboy91

    Gun plan

    I'll make sure to give them a look too, thanks again.
  7. Farmboy91

    Gun plan

    Thanks both of you, house renewal is up in Feb time so that might be the way to go.
  8. Farmboy91

    Gun plan

    I wasn't going to join both, ive been looking around and want the best value for money, simple as. By what I've seen and read basc aren't doing all then could be for the shooting community. Trust me, I'm more than happy to stand up and defend what we all do to anyone that tries to question us. I'll more than likely end up with basc anyway just find it's always handy to hear others experiences too.
  9. Farmboy91

    Gun plan

    Thanks Jaymo, I'll look at that too. I see where your coming from, I did look at joint membership with basc too, would be nice to have one I can have a bit of faith in if the worst did happen
  10. Farmboy91

    Gun plan

    Did it put your house insurance up by much?
  11. Farmboy91

    Gun plan

    I'm going to give them a call anyway, just can't beat first hand advice, I hoping the cover the guns when they are in the boot of the car, that's one of the key ones I'm looking for.
  12. Yes, so while I'm sat on the edge of my perm enjoying the sun and wind, on the off chance of bag a few pigeon, they are monitoring me. Spooky.
  13. I've found that most of Vw fixed prices for services and other jobs isn't too bad on balance as atleast you know if anything goes wrong your covered.
  14. Farmboy91

    Idiot with German shepherd

    This. Last thing you need is your ticket questioned. Wouldn't hesitate to do the same if feared for my lads saftey.
  15. Farmboy91

    The Wild Life

    Ordered myself a copy last night after reading the thread, normally read Chris Ryan and Andy Mcnab fiction but over the last couple years they just seem to samey, that and the violence really puts me off now.