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  1. Lovely pic, is that a cre8....?
  2. It's that feeling of when you try something for the first time, and you start to put together the things that work and it all starts to click into place. So satisfying even when you only get a couple birds.
  3. Ohh without a doubt, I was injured at work earlier this year and have been signed off since..... They don't like me very much at the moment. They'd normally put and average meal on, and an open bar for about an hour lol.
  4. Very nice! Ive not even been invited to the Christmas meal this year 😂
  5. Farmboy91


    If the mx5 ever went it would possibly be one of the vehicles id look to replace it with. Too much choice lol
  6. Farmboy91


    I know for a fact my little lad would love it if I had a defender but I'm not sure I'm ready to that that plunge haha. Maybe if my number come up tonight 🤞
  7. Farmboy91


    I think its going to end up being better taking a hit on the fuel economy for the extra practicality of a pick up. And your doing it in style!
  8. Farmboy91


    I was surprised at how much my current gol does, my missus used to have a 1.2 tsi polo which would do into the 50's if you drove it sensibly, mpg figures have come on along way even in the last 10 years or so.
  9. Farmboy91


    Thats good going, it doesn't help I've been a bit spoilt with my golf as it will do 65 to the gallon easy and I know whatever I get isn't going to do anywhere near that 😂 Id be well happy if I could get that regularly though.
  10. Farmboy91

    Elon Musk

    It came up my news feed and after reading the title I purposely didn't read it cause I knew it would wind me up. What a joke.
  11. Farmboy91


    Thank you both, greatly appreciated 👍
  12. Farmboy91


    Thank you 👍 To be honest the only thing I'd actually like in it is air con, within reason most of them look the same from the outside and are going to within reason do the same job.
  13. Farmboy91


    Thank you, probably the best answer so far as I'm looking to go into tree surgery lol
  14. Farmboy91


    I did have a browse for it but I think PW suits me better, it did make me laugh though lol.
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