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  1. Farmboy91


    😂 I could supply him with a few greys if he's short....
  2. Farmboy91


    How good of him to scrape up road kill for the 'struggling' foxes in he's area. Hero.
  3. Farmboy91


    TGS (the gun shop Botley) always watch theirs, forgotten guns section is my favourite.
  4. Only going on what he told me, it doesn't make alot of difference really does it, one way or another we'll all be stung or pushed into a position where its hon a be harder and harder for the law abiding to own a legal firearm. Death by a thousand cuts and all that.
  5. I spoke to a basc rep at the game and Country fair in Euston a couple weeks back, I raised this with him and he's response was all the information the doctors hold you can obtain yourself by contacting them, im sure he said it was something like a £10 but they HAVE to give it too you.
  6. Farmboy91

    what calibre.....

    +1 And the fact that as they tend to fly at night and being attracked to any light source, eg a television which they have no problem finding in the dark, no, they won't leave you alone.
  7. Farmboy91

    what calibre.....

    I had a massive problem with these last year, they travel alot further than you'd think and they fly pretty much all day and night, only resting in the very small hours. Through a combination of the rolled Up paper and go old fly/wasp killer I must of killed 100+ last year.
  8. Farmboy91

    Cartridge Collecting

    Thanks, I'll keep more of an eye out in the future, there was stall set up at the british shooting show with old carts on, spent ages looking lol.
  9. Farmboy91

    Cartridge Collecting

    Where do you pick these up from? I've got a couple eley. 410 boxes but only they were left overs from my great grandad, would love to add to the collection.
  10. And with that it's all about your perspective on it int it? I enjoy being outside in the open, bagging the odd pigeon and cleaning the gun after in equal measures. If I come home with a couple of bunnies, the odd pheasant or 2/3 pigeons I will happy, so is the missus because you know the meat has been killed and processed within 200-300 yards of the front door with very little wasted, if I don't bag anything it's no big deal, 2 of the 3 boxes have still been ticked. I certainly won't loose any sleep over the half dozen pigeon selects I've used in the process.
  11. Well I wouldn't personally consider myself cocky and think I could take 25 birds with 25 carts. If you can do that hats off to you cause your clearly a better shot than I am, I'm not embarrassed by a miss lol. Same goes for clays, wouldn't go to do 100 birds with bang on 100 carts as when I went Saturday I had a tt1 that struck but didn't fire. The bag takes around 150 so that's what goes in it.
  12. Thats assuming they go one for one, and you know what they say about assumptions....
  13. But on the whole, especially with clays your going to fire 2 anyway, I do agree with the packaging side of it. This. 25 just fit into the box nicely don't they.
  14. 25 is odd anyway? My cartridge belt holds 24, whether you use a semi or a double barreled gun 25 doesn't divide....
  15. Farmboy91

    GREY SQUIRREL KILLS list your 2018 kills HERE

    Nailed one with my nans .177 springer 622