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  1. Shooting show 2018

    Bit late not to go for us now, already in an air bnb on the other side of the city lol. Still looking forward to going and having a wander round.
  2. Frank Bales shotgun

    Thank you, and yeah just outside Hadleigh, yourself?
  3. Frank Bales shotgun

    I did look online after we had been but the only one I could find was in the states, wasn't a massive amount of info that could find online either. Good luck in your search if you have any joy let me know.
  4. Frank Bales shotgun

    Have you been to the Ipswich museum? They've got a beautiful one on display in there, unfortunately not for sale but definitely worth a look, id quite like to take it home myself
  5. Fox attack

    I heard on radio 2 earlier there is an estimated 150,000 'urban' foxes now, how can they honestly not look at that number and not think the numbers are out of control. Dread to think what went through that poor babes mind when it happened While you've got idiots who are going to willingly feed them, we'll always be fighting a loosing battle
  6. Fox attack

    As per title, has anyone else seen this new story? Ban the killing of foxes... Yeah good one. So many in this county havent got a clue.
  7. Blackbirds

    Lol tell me about it
  8. Cartridges Suitable For Pigeon

    30g 6 pigeon selects for everything, pattern well through the gun smooth in the o/u and cycle fine through the a303, at a fiver a box can't go wrong. Could not get on with clear pigeons at all. As many others have said got to stick to what gives you confidence and works for you and your gun.
  9. Blackbirds

    Thanks, shooting show this weekend so I'll have a look into next weekend Shame I'm not coming that far up, thanks anyway.
  10. Blackbirds

    Thanks for all the suggestions, definitely think a raptor dummy is the best shot as I'm not sure id physically be able to net both areas Was it a particularly expensive or detailed one?
  11. Blackbirds

    I think the dummy is worth a go, Ideally Id like to net it as it would be properly bird proof but the area is just too big
  12. Blackbirds

    It's a definite option lol Pity their not covered under the general licence really, while I'm sure some appreciate the presence in the garden the toll they take on the cherries and raspberries is ridiculous.
  13. Blackbirds

    Afternoon all, Has anyone out there got an effective way of keeping the black birds off the soft fruit come summer time? Legal suggestions only of course lol. Thanks.

    Truth be told I haven't been clay smashing yet with it but I've done plenty of rough shooting with it, 30g 6" pigeon selects are nice and smooth though it. As for weight I certainly notice on my left forearm when I've been it for an hour or 2 but it swings through nicely.
  15. Here we go again Another probable wazzing.

    Yeah sorry it was in the east anglian daily times a while back but the surrysquireler sums it up perfectly.