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  1. Thats nothing. A had one at 750 with a saloon blank.
  2. I get 65/70 miles more to a tank using the stop start in my golf. Don't see the issue with having it on, it's like second nature now.
  3. I was recently given a box of vip 28g 6's when I brought my no.4. After using them for my last couple wander rounds I really think they will cover 90% of my live shooting. Why they thought anyone would need what they are trying to sell is beyond me.
  4. Now that does sound like fun. To be honest a big piece of going for me is the food. Love watching man v food. As for castles over here I think the places not run by national heritage are much better. There's a few decent ruins to look around in the east of England. Thats a very generous offer, thank you. If you happen to find yourself this side of the pond I've got a Martini action greener you can put a few through 👍
  5. What a way to spend $35 though. My missus keeps on about a trip to the States, maybe I'll make it around this time next year 😂
  6. Now that looks slightly more interesting than the East anglain game and county fair!
  7. If i remember correctly there were certain 'trophies' too. Ditchman has alot to answer for. 😂
  8. Let's not even get into what's in boshers 'strong room'.
  9. Going by the other thread that could get extremely expensive for some of the more talented shots on here..... 😂
  10. Numbers seem to have picked up about round here in the last couple months, which is nice to see, I'd usually avoid the smaller ones but it seems if I don't shoot them the cat brings them home instead.
  11. I love seeing anything different, older or newish.
  12. Few more, more modern unopened boxes for the collection
  13. I was always under the impression that the second trigger had the tighter choked barrel? If I give in and look I'll report back lol
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