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  1. Picked up another nice one today R C mumford of southwold
  2. Farmboy91

    Air rifle

    All sorted now, thanks for all the replies 👍
  3. No, that's the reason I sold mine, I had the 30" sporter I'd get halfway round the perms and my arms would be burnt out 😂
  4. I think the franchi affinity is probably the lightest and most pointable I handled. The A303 is a good gun, like ditchy I found the only thing mine wouldn't cycle was comp x, you can pick an absolutely mint one for £400-500 and a rough one for a heck of a lot less.
  5. Thanks for that link, some interesting articles on that site.
  6. Fair enough, what a waste though!
  7. What became of it in the end?
  8. Farmboy91


    I had 3 last year in the boot of my mx5 (had sat on the drive a while) trapped them and never saw anymore. Both the cats bring mice and small rats to the doorstep daily so I don't think they make it as far as the house/garage 😂
  9. Farmboy91

    Air rifle

    Possibly, where abouts are you travelling from?
  10. Farmboy91

    Air rifle

    I have had a quick browse on there, stuck a wanted add on there to just incase. Cheers tho 👍
  11. Farmboy91

    Air rifle

    Looking for a cheapy air gun for my lad. Age, condition, make and calibre are not important as long as its safe. Ideally in the suffolk/Essex border area. Cheaper the better as it's going to have to be cut to fit him. Thanks in advance all.
  12. Thanks, will have a check to see if I've any fibre clay loads left.
  13. What's the entry fee? Not to far from you at all.
  14. I only knew about it because of the video The Gun Shop posted on YouTube, not seen it anywhere else
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