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  1. Farmboy91

    Kids and Guns.

    Sound words. My lads still a bit small for he's first shotgun but he has a .177 diana that was he's great grandfathers. We take it out to the back field any time he likes and like yourself we always go through the basics, carry the gun broken, never point the gun at anyone, ever, don't touch the trigger until you are ready to shoot etc. I feel like the younger I drum it into him the better, even if when the time comes he doesn't want to move on to shotguns he will always have a respect for all firearms and be safe around them, same as I was taught. Genuinely scary some of the things you see.
  2. Farmboy91

    A thank you

    Would just like to say a big thank you to those that helped and all that offered with my recent request for some spent 410 carts to make some Christmas gifts, especially Mossy410 who it was a pleasure to meet.
  3. Farmboy91


    I've a pair of percussion rambouillet trousers, same as above completely waterproof and comfortable with a decent amount of pockets including a knife one.
  4. I have one of these in the cabinet, just with engraving on the metal work, lovely gun. Good luck with the sale, couldn't part with mine haha.
  5. Farmboy91

    Victory Cartridges

    Haha will do.
  6. Farmboy91

    Victory Cartridges

    I did have a quick Google after you first post and when I saw they didn't have a website I guessed they might be, definitely looking forward to dropping in, and are they that expensive lol? If they pattern OK that would be a bonus too, I'll just be happy with the empty boxes haha.
  7. Farmboy91

    Victory Cartridges

    Cheers for that, didn't even realise they was there, will drop in next time I go to high lodge.
  8. Farmboy91

    Victory Cartridges

    Thanks, they are miles from me though lol was hoping thered would be some in the essex/Suffolk/Norfolk area. Will try the importer some time this week.
  9. Farmboy91

    Victory Cartridges

    Thanks 👍 Thread was getting on a bit so wasn't sure.
  10. Farmboy91

    Victory Cartridges

    Does anyone know where you can get victory carts in East anglia? Not so bothered about the actual cartridges I'd like some of the boxes for the designs.
  11. Farmboy91

    Bricks and Mortar Discount used shotgun

    I've shopped with a number of different rfds in the last 18 months or so and to be honest Ive now found one and stuck with him, he's prices are competitive anyway but he's never done me wrong over a deal. He chucked a 100 eley firsts in when we brought my missus first gun, which OK wouldn't have broke the bank for him nor us if we had brought them but I thought was a nice gesture. Like any sort of small business they must know they need to look after you or you'll shop elsewhere. Another dealer not so far away has caused me no end of grief in the last couple months over a gun I'd returned under warrenty. The most honest way I can put it is that's is just not a shop for people like me, if your not spending big money they're not interested.
  12. Farmboy91

    . 410 carts

    Sorry, wasn't being funny, I've picked a few carts apart before but wouldn't want to attempt to take a primer out. Thats brilliant, thank you very much. Pm on way.
  13. Farmboy91

    . 410 carts

    I'm turning them into magnets for my little boy, I made some 12 bore ones for my fridge and he thinks they are great lol, he asked for some and I thought 410 might be more fitting for him, wouldn't give him primed cases, you never know do you?
  14. Farmboy91

    . 410 carts

    I won't be able to make it to one between now and the big day, cant justify the diesel for a half dozen spent carts, juts thought I'd ask on here on the off chance
  15. Farmboy91

    . 410 carts

    Looking for 8-10 spent 410 carts for a craft gift for a Christmas gift, don't shoot this calibre myself. If anyone has any going spare I'd happily cover the postage or collect if your local. Thanks all.