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  1. Sorry, didn't say they would be open but this is what is said. No worries 👍
  2. I saw a cspa post saying they would be open, will post the link if I can find it again.
  3. Welcome 👍 Thanks for sharing the pictures, do you collect anything in particular cartridge wise?
  4. I think @wabbitbosherhas an interest in clocks.
  5. That's a shame, although them other boxes look pretty good 👍
  6. Nice offer there for someone 👍 Shame your so far away!
  7. Nice 👍 @scarter would be a nice little addition to your collection should they come up for sale.
  8. That's odd, sorry it didn't come to anything. Nice that it's working though 👍
  9. Did you have any joy with getting the bits you needed from John in the end?
  10. Tesco used to do a similar one, but they came with a crispy chilli coating instead, they were good!
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