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  1. Thanks for sharing OB, throughly enjoyed reading that 👍
  2. Chris potter does them and there not silly expensive, good customer service too.
  3. Don't get me wrong I'm not a criminal mastermind but a police car parked up during the day wouldn't put me off doing whatever it was I was doing at night? I don't know, maybe the criminal mind works differently to the rest of us.
  4. I appreciate that, but it was even more of a waste it sitting there in the daytime while nothing was going on.
  5. This reminds me, There's a small farm pretty much in the centre of the village, it was broken into 3 times in 2 weeks, a white transit van had been seen in the area, at night on each occasion. Obviously this might just be a coincidence but then again it might not. The police were informed and their solution was to place a marked car outside the village hall in daylight hours? I appreciate they are probably stretched pretty thin and idiots ignoring lockdown probably didn't help but what a waste of resources?
  6. Would comfort be that Welly boot I keep seeing at the top of the page that was designed in Norfolk, I just assumed it meant they had been made wider to incorporate the extra toe? Love the second picture, I'd be having that on the wall 👍
  7. B725 has it in one. To be honest more than anything it was 3 in the morning and I was tired, I don't begrudge them doing their job for a moment. The village i live in is a fairly small community, I know most of the faces even if it's just to say hello too but of late, especially around the time of the lockdown things have changed. Drugs are coming in from the small town a few miles down the road. They are being used in the local park. I don't have Facebook myself but I understand it's being widely talked about on there. As I'm sure any of you from a small village know word spreads fast so I know the police have been informed, but where are they? This is going on in broad daylight? But, I'm willing to bet if someone reported me with a gun or getting the gun out of the boot at a perm they'd be here in a flash. I'm only talking 10 years or so ago.
  8. Used literally once or twice, as new condition. £10 + postage
  9. I got pulled once because I was driving a black astra, I know that was the reason cause he heard him say it down he's radio when the checked the reg. It was about 3 in the morning and I was only a mile from home, I passed him on the main road while he was approaching a junction couple miles back and he didn't pull out straight away, I was doing 60 so he must have driven like hell to catch me. He asked if I'd been drinking so I replied ' No, you can breathalyse me if you like' He paused then said, ' no that's alright' handed me my license back and let me on my way. There was obviously some issue with a black astra in the area or was that unfair profiling? Should I have made a big fuss about it?
  10. Always have a browse through my locals online stock list and he seems to have shifted a fair bit in the last couple weeks, second hand stock coming in too.
  11. 😂 That's a good one, you should put it in the jokes section.
  12. I know armsan did one, A636 I think I was but I'm sure alot of them got recalled, never saw anymore about them. Wouldn't mind one myself though.
  13. Maybe I shall become a biker, then complain to a bike magazine about the bikes going full chat along the main road on a Sunday...... 🤔
  14. Let him crack on. BASC is fast becoming a sinking ship and the crew are baleing the water in rather than out.
  15. Oh yeah without a doubt, I was just surprised it went on and that it's taken a global pandemic for it to come to light.
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