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  1. The only 16 bore I know of are Hull 3 crowns but the chances of finding someone stocking them are nil to zip, as for 12's I'm pretty sure eley and gamebore do a paper cased load.
  2. Farmboy91

    Eriswell Lodge

    No I know, I can't and won't complain as I've got 3 perms including my own garden right outside my back do so I can rough shoot whenever I please, nice to be able to do clays so the missus can come. I'm hoping to be able to get in to the one a wattisham if it's still about as that's less than 10 miles from home.
  3. Farmboy91

    Eriswell Lodge

    There all a bit far out for me really,+ with the cost of the day there for the 2 of us + carts it's not cheap lucky if we go every other month. Keen to try badwell Ash out as I'm pretty sure it's only 50 birds and reasonably cheap.
  4. Farmboy91

    Eriswell Lodge

    This, I'm not saying it's bad I just felt high lodge is layed out better + alot of the stands are in the trees so there's plenty of shade Don't get me wrong I get that they are still sorting the place out, I think I'll head up that way again on Christmas when I have a couple weeks off and give it another try. The one mentioned at woolpit is at badwell Ash, a bloke I work with used to shoot there regularly and said its well worth going to, don't suppose either of you have been to the one wattisham Air base?
  5. Farmboy91

    Eriswell Lodge

    Yeah we normally shoot at high lodge but it's a 100 mile round trip, we did eriswell, it was OK wasn't overly impressed though to be honest.
  6. Farmboy91

    Stopping drinking

    No worries, I know it can be hard initially, been there. But now another one is shooting, if I have a beer I know I can't go out with the gun later on in the evening.
  7. Farmboy91

    Stopping drinking

    Working nights! I did a stint of about 5 months working in London Monday to Thursday and normally a day job on the Wednesday and Friday. Cause I had to drive I knew I couldnt even have one with tea, worked a treat slimmed down a fair bit, then I went back to 8-5 and it all went to rat droppings 😂 Seriously though the fizzy flavoured waters you get from tesco, 4 for £1.50 or whatever they are made a decent replacement to lager, something about the fizz I think.
  8. Farmboy91

    A303 spares

    Yep I can honestly say I've never met anyone like him haha ( in the best possible way) could have spent all afternoon waffling and looking through he's aladins cave. Id happily start the chain down south for him lol
  9. Farmboy91

    Heads up gun auction

    There was one in Colchester, manufrance I think was only £50, would of had it for myself but I can't till I put another cabinet up lol
  10. Farmboy91

    My wife (yet again)

    Imagine what it would be like if we got them all in a room together 😂 Hours of fun
  11. Farmboy91

    A303 spares

    Yeah he's a top bloke sorted me out with my 16 bore, he's just a bit to far away for a the odd bits, thought I'd take a chance on someone in the Norfolk/Suffolk area possibly having something.
  12. Farmboy91

    A303 spares

    Ideally looking for a forend nut with swing swivel to start with but a 28'' m/c barrel possibly. What have you lot got lurking.....
  13. Farmboy91

    My wife (yet again)

    I'm trying to get my mx5 back on the road, I said to mine the other day, 'when it's done we'll go down to Aldeburgh for the afternoon and have fish and chips' Her reply was ' just the two of us?' My reply ' I'd imagine so dear as the car only has 2 seats.....'
  14. Farmboy91

    Road Bike

    My old man has an sv 1000 as he said he wanted to come away from sports bikes. Personally I don't think you can beat the noise of a vtwin, and even 2 up the grunt is unbelievable. Loads of choice on evilbay within your budget.
  15. Farmboy91

    SGC without cabinet at home?

    Mrs farmboy has got a cert but no cabinet or guns, she uses one of mine when we go clay shooting.