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  1. I thought it might catch your eye lol. It's a shame I can't use it anymore but there you go.
  2. It could be like 410 and 28 bore loads now, premium prices due to the small number of guns compared to 12's or they maybe reasonably priced initially to get people on side. Mmm ideal, I'll pay out a bit more on the guns I've already paid out for. The more time that passes ( not even been 24 hours 😂) the more it stinks.
  3. I watched a video from TGS earlier, I believe Johnny said something about one of the manufacturers possiblily Eley loading a 2 1/2" case.
  4. Who's paying for that though? The only gun i own that steel proofed is my auto. I certainly hadn't planned on buying anything new enough that I would be steel proofed when I go back to O/U's It's that and as has been said previously in the thread, the cheap budget autos that a now pretty cheap 2nd hand, are the prices going to go sky high because the vast majority are 3" steel proofed?
  5. That's the individual's choice though isn't it, this is something that the average shooter, which I imagine most of us are, won't have any control over.
  6. I had an itch for one for ages, scratched it last new year's Day last year and haven't used it since the following May. Bout time to sort it out, then pass it on to someone who can make the most of it.
  7. Yep I noticed David browsing a few times. Think that about sums up their whole stance on the matter.
  8. I was talking to a bloke the other week who'd mentioned there was a fair few young ones on he's perm, more than he'd seen in a while which he'd been avoiding shooting. All the pigeon my way are on the rape, which I've got none of so I don't see any anyway haha.
  9. While the cabinet was open I couldn't help but thinking this looked at bit sorry for itself. So, it's stripped and ready for a soak. There was a bit of damp rusty gunge under the barrel so it got a good squirt with cleanzoil and a gentle rub with 0000 wire wool. Going to give it a light oil and tuck it away for now.
  10. Me too, I've only used the cheapest products to get this done and can't fault any of them. Cheers 👍
  11. You funny man 😂 Thank you, I didn't think it would end up so dark around the checkering, for some reason my camera adds a slightly red tinge to the pictures too. Thank you 👍
  12. Well it's done and back together. Gave it a final little rub with vasaline last night, put it back together and buffed it up this morning. I'd like to thank all those for their input on the previous threads regarding this. Made and learnt from a few mistakes along they way but it wouldn't have got to where it was without the tips from you lot. So thank you 👍 Feels slightly bitter sweet after BASC's wonderful announcement this morning. ( Yes I know it's only a little Belgian folder but its my first). I suppose it will make a nice wall hanger one day.
  13. No no, it will be fine. The powers at be know what they are talking about.
  14. Mmm 34g of 3's would be ideal through the little 410 folder I've just finished tidying up.
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