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  1. I suppose that way you can get more in the bin too! I'm a 6 and even when I was shooting I struggled to use them all 😂 Used to craze my missus going to the clay ground carrying 3 between us then going back to the car to swap.
  2. How often do you fire all them? Believe me I'm a firm beliver in having one for every occasion but that's alot of occasions 🤣
  3. I didn't know that, are they still safe to be eaten?
  4. Ive has a couple in the last couple weeks that have had hardly any meat on the breast, not sure if its relevant to this?
  5. That's a Billy bargain if I ever saw one!
  6. Ahh a little rain wouldn't put me off 😂 All seriousness I love the place and will take any excuse to go over, ill make a point of visiting the shop next time im over. Hope it all goes well for you 👍
  7. Sounds like a perfect day to me, Isle of Wight and a trip to a gun shop in one day. Lucky man!
  8. Thank you, the woodwork on yours is far cleaner though, when I brought it mine had a rubber pad about an inch long on it to which I had to cut because I couldn't get it into my shoulder. I find now I spend more time watching YouTube than telly. If you haven't seen him already, check this channel out, I think you'd enjoy it, JoergSprave.
  9. Added mine above, I love it too, the forgotten guns videos were my favourite.
  10. The gun shop YouTube channel done a good video on these, it's worth watching. When we went in one of the lads in the shop actually owned both the ones featured.
  11. I thought it was meant to slide back up, not fly all they way out lol, that's what I was told anyway. Hasn't stopped me yanking it.
  12. 😂 I don't know the reason behind it, I'm sure someone on here will though. All I'd ever read/seen/heard was not to do it. P.s that's half the reason I brought mine too.
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