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  1. Ahh ok 👍 Shame we're so limited on choice when it comes to small bore auto's. Bernardelli do a semi auto garden gun but they are like hens teeth and the ones I have seen were all sec1.
  2. Would the cr8 be an alternative if you have no luck with the Remington?
  3. Thanks for the reply MM, (throughly enjoy reading your posts like that) I know he likes the idea of sea fishing as he wants to eat what we catch, I agree though I know neither of us want to be out on a boat that long or in bad weather 😂 when we went mackerel fishing down in Devon we was out for around 2 1/2 hours and that was plenty. After about an hour he said he felt sick, then the bloke whipped the cool box out with the cans of drink and bars of chocolate and he decided he was hungry instead 😂 I remember when I was younger and used to stay with my stepdad in Felixstowe on the wee
  4. Apologies for the late reply, neglected to check the thread! Thanks for the suggestion @Westley I'll have a look for a copy next time we're shopping. @Dave at keltonwhen I was in my teens a few of the lads I used to hang about with fished, went down to the rivers and pond that's local and watched a few times but never took any serious interest, wish I had now haha.
  5. Just had a look on Google and all I can find is one line on a Wikipedia page.
  6. Wouldn't have thought your too far off then, not many days till you can try it now! 👍
  7. My affinity wasn't the easiest thing to put together, the manual was useless. Ended using YouTube too lol, does the bolt rack back then release ok?
  8. Yeah I saw the buffalo one also. Could be the problem, I was just surprised when you said you'd seen a new one that was all as I not seen anything on them for a while. Hope all goes well if you do purchase it 👍
  9. Ahh ok, to be honest I wanted one myself after seeing the review TGS did but could find little on Google. I'll have a look and see if I can find the article I was reading. Edit, it was on here, if you search for it, it should bring the thread up 👍
  10. I didn't even know these were still about, I thought armsan had recalled them due to reliably issues.
  11. Just had to have a look at the website to see if you was being serious or not 😂 I appreciate that not everyone can get a permission to shoot pigeon or whatever but I can't believe anyone would pay that.
  12. When I learnt a lad I went to school with failed around the same time I passed for driving to slowly as he was doing 45 in a national speed limit so ie not observing the road signs.
  13. I had gun safety drummed into me by my old man with an air gun when I was young, on the odd occasion my lad wants to use his air gun he knows the first thing to do is to repeat those words back to me. Even if he never takes to shooting like I have I like to think he will always be competent around a gun, even if others are not.
  14. To be honest ideally I'd like to put a red dot or something to try and negate the can obstructing the view, but have no way of mounting it. I'm starting to think a modded gun might come in handy for one of the places I shoot but don't want to go the whole hog and buy a new one 😂 although I would have a bretton and gaucher phantom if I could pick one up at the right price.
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