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  1. There was 2 1897's on guntrader last year, wish I'd had the cash spare to grab one if not both. The last one I saw at auction was only a couple days ago, sec1 and RFD only though.
  2. No, I must confess it's only been the last couple years I've found a love for he's music. We watched Walk the Line one night and that's where it started for me. I can only imagine how good that show must have been 👍. I always say to the missus if I could go back in time and see any show live it would have been him at Folsom prison while they were recording. The atmosphere captured in those songs is something else.
  3. Johnny Cash - When the man comes around. Despite being one of he's last songs it's still got that rhythm that stood out right from he's early stuff and the voice, even though he's aged and you can hear it, it's still Johnny Cash if you know what I mean. I got a notification last year to say I was in the top 1% of Cash listeners 😂 of my top 5 played songs 4 were by him. The other being Needles and Pins by The Searchers.
  4. Farmboy91

    4 bore

    Just heard back from my mate, he hasn't got one unfortunately.
  5. Farmboy91

    4 bore

    No worries, I've just asked a mate too who might have one going. @hankymight be able to help too.
  6. Farmboy91

    4 bore

    Worth looking on eBay too, always spent cases and empty boxes on there 👍
  7. Thanks for the reply. Sounds like the topography, food source, age of the rabbit and time of year and day all come into play. Seems as though they are happy to a reasonable distance.
  8. Yeah where they are in the field is not far from the return run, there's about 3 places in the fence line they use. Day time and early evening, the field backs onto a steep bank which they disappear down. They strip the bit in front of the run first, then when the crops are a bit higher they end up further in. There's alot of cover for them between where they are feeding and where they are living. I was thinking how far would they go if there wasn't enough food on their doorstep. It's a quiet area and fairly open so visibility is good for them.
  9. There's no where inbetween for them to be, bit difficult to describe on here but I've seen them come off the field, disappear through the fence and down towards the burrows. I just wondered if any from further afield would be joining them.
  10. Thank you both for the replies, I know they are feeding away from the burrows, around the 100-200 yard + mark, I wasn't thinking they would cover vast distances. I was asked by someone else who didn't know, I suppose it will depend on numbers too.
  11. Morning all. Does anyone know the rough area or distance rabbits roam or will travel to for food? There's not a great deal online about it, the best I could find was an estimate of around 10 acres. Cheers 👍
  12. I like it, but prefer the English Field myself.
  13. You can get a Percussion one for about a fiver more, the cut and quality are far better I've found.
  14. Ahh thanks. I used to use blue diamonds on the clays, not sure the recoil system actually made any difference or not. Would be interesting to shoot the two side by side for a comparison.
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