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  1. Best of luck Ken. My apologies JDog - I thought it was related, that's why I tagged my comments/report to a different post. Would you say that the comment from kenholland above falls in the same 'unrelated post' category - it doesn't give a total therefore a purist would say that it's probably unrelated or wrongly placed? Personally, I have no trouble with it - it shows positive engagement; but sadly there seem to be a few purists in these forums who have 'ownership rights' by dint of longevity. Not interested in sniping, it's just immature and dull - I'll step away.
  2. 251 over drilled beans next to the A1 in N Yorkshire yesterday = 560
  3. NYorks

    Picking Away

    Received a call from a farmer near the A1/Scotch Corner on Tuesday to say that his drilled beans were begining to attract the attentions of some pigeons and that there might be the chance of a few shots. So I went along yesterday and set up in the field and immediately decided that I was poorly sited and always going to be fighting the strong breeze, which was coming into my right shoulder and so the birds would probably be coming from behind me. But I thought I'd chance it - 30 shell decoys, 2 bouncers and a hide that was being pushed in by the wind. I started at 1100-ish and finished at 1830 with a bag of 251 - utterly unbelievable. I would have been happy with a few dozen, but they kept coming in 2s, 3s and half dozens - I just left the shot birds wher they fell to fatten out the decoy pattern and used the dog to retrieve runners or long-droppers. I finished the last of my cartridges, an odd 2 boxes of 34gram 5s, which left me feeling slightly 'whiplashed' by the end. Farmer was amazed by the numbers and came to have a look as I was picking up with the dog and took great delight in telling me that actually it wasn't his field (aargh)! His was the next one along - but he called the true owner who fortunately was pretty happy with the outcome too. My best day ever and from practically nothing on first impressions. Birds all taken by Yorkshire Game (15p a bird) who work out of Bolton on Swale. Good luck all.
  4. NYorks


    Lots of good snippets to be found on Youtube too.
  5. Frustratingly, I have just 'broken' my second Nitehawk 300 rpm Turbo pigeon flapper; the first died after just one outing and was replaced by the provider (free of charge) and the second now just buzzes at me in 5 second bursts after a dozen outings. They are not cheap (£39 ish) but appear to be a waste of money. Anyone had the same experience with this model? can you recommend a better make? A pity, because I found that they make a real contribution to a decoy pattern. Advice/thoughts much appreciated.
  6. 28 over the same field - 294 Darn - just logged in and there was a time delay - barbarian tally just appeared after I entered my total - should read 309
  7. NYorks

    Kestrel 20 gauge

    Any news about the chokes on the gun Richard?
  8. NYorks

    Kestrel 20 gauge

    Ok - many thanks.
  9. NYorks

    Side by Side Club

    Yes - they were helpful; it first sold in 1905 for £23 on the 25 Sep 05. But they wouldn’t say who they sold it to because if ‘customer confidentiality’ - haha. Right barrel is the choked barrel (impr cylinder right and true cylinder left) - a true driven game gun, handles beautifully and shoots like a dream. Having trouble sending a pic but will try again.
  10. NYorks

    Kestrel 20 gauge

    Hi Richard - what are the chokes and barrel length? Does the price include delivery via RFD? Regards, Mark.
  11. NYorks

    Side by Side Club

    Me too please - William Leech & Son 12 bore boxlock (damascus barrels, made in 1905), Arietta 12 bore sidelock and AYA No4 boxlock 16 bore.
  12. 33 over drilled barley - 266
  13. NYorks

    Where to sell pigeons in Essex?

    I've had some luck dropping off birds with local pubs who are keen to put locally-sourced food on their menues. I give them for free and the three pubs that I regularly approach will usually take upto a couple of dozen or more. Hope this helps.
  14. NYorks

    Chris Packham at Cotswold Outdoor

    hehe - thanks Tightchoke, got it - lesson learned....
  15. NYorks

    Chris Packham at Cotswold Outdoor

    The real atrocity in all of this is their appalling use of the English language - it is "excited about" not "excited for" (aarrgghh!).