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  1. David.Evans


    Thanks pal Atb
  2. David.Evans


    Hi mate what’s the range on this Atb
  3. David.Evans

    Beaters needed

    Pm details please atb
  4. David.Evans

    Summer foxing

    Good shooting walshie and well worth the wait atb
  5. David.Evans

    Shotkam 2018 model for sale

    Now sold thanks
  6. David.Evans

    Shotkam 2018 model for sale

    This have been used 5 times , and is now back in the box as you can see I have found it invaluable, as my lead was rubbish , but it's now well sorted , it's almost brand new , say for the few times I have used it , mint condition, not a mark to be found anywhere fist class , recorded £480
  7. David.Evans

    Straw hide net

    Just a big thank you to walker 570 meet up with him as planned, and true to his word , gave me a good length of hessian, what a nice bloke ! Thanks mate
  8. David.Evans

    Fox club

    Got this dog a couple of nites ago he came along the hedge line , and popped over to the other side of the hedge so I did the same , as he trotted towards me , he had a 55g v max , end of Atb
  9. David.Evans

    Straw hide net

    Thanks Walker north Birmingham, erdington , I'll take some of you please . Next time your passing if I can return the favor any time just let me know Atb Dave
  10. David.Evans

    Straw hide net

    Found the desert net on the web and it look fine ! Thanks motty , the hessian looks not bad either but I think it's the desert net for me thanks lads Atb
  11. David.Evans

    Straw hide net

    Been on the web and most of the sites that do them but I'm ******** , if I can find one any ideas please lads Atb Dave
  12. David.Evans

    FF5 question - best practical option

    With out my friend great bit of kit tho atb
  13. David.Evans

    Beretta gun slips

    What length is the green one ? Atb Dave
  14. David.Evans

    Ward D800 NV and Nite site eagle

    Is this the new version, atb
  15. David.Evans

    Cz455 stock

    Pm inbound woody , I'll take that please dave