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  1. Your face says it all ! And a shot you will never forget atb
  2. Don't suppose it would fit into a barbarian? Atb
  3. Marsh man and j dad thank you for your words of wisdom I'm not scratching my chin so much now , lol atb I'm gong to take my 16 frozen ones out the freezer and use them , no law broke there then , and when there de frosted who knows
  4. Sorry lads I'm totally confused can we use magnets , bouncers and decoys after trying all none leathal means Atb
  5. Turbo your bang on right there this is unbelievable atb
  6. Nothing more to say about that BUT YOUR THE MAN 👍
  7. David.Evans


    Hi mate what’s the range on this Atb
  8. Good shooting walshie and well worth the wait atb
  9. This have been used 5 times , and is now back in the box as you can see I have found it invaluable, as my lead was rubbish , but it's now well sorted , it's almost brand new , say for the few times I have used it , mint condition, not a mark to be found anywhere fist class , recorded £480
  10. Just a big thank you to walker 570 meet up with him as planned, and true to his word , gave me a good length of hessian, what a nice bloke ! Thanks mate
  11. Got this dog a couple of nites ago he came along the hedge line , and popped over to the other side of the hedge so I did the same , as he trotted towards me , he had a 55g v max , end of Atb
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