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  1. David.Evans


    Yes please pm in bound
  2. As above if you can regards Dave
  3. Never a truer work spoke , nowt wrong with bacon / sausage smelling grand behind the net , and sod the birds when it’s breakfast time , lol 😂
  4. great shooting . you must have been up early where about in west mids are you ? atb
  5. Now that’s a beaut you won’t need any luck selling that ! atb
  6. Your face says it all ! And a shot you will never forget atb
  7. Don't suppose it would fit into a barbarian? Atb
  8. Marsh man and j dad thank you for your words of wisdom I'm not scratching my chin so much now , lol atb I'm gong to take my 16 frozen ones out the freezer and use them , no law broke there then , and when there de frosted who knows
  9. Sorry lads I'm totally confused can we use magnets , bouncers and decoys after trying all none leathal means Atb
  10. Turbo your bang on right there this is unbelievable atb
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