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  1. Darroch

    Ammo safe

    Aye, You'll not run out any time soon!
  2. Darroch

    Electronic crow call

    Thanks - appreciate it.
  3. Darroch

    Electronic crow call

    Just for my own clarity, is it legal to use a manual crow call? I assume the same goes for duck calls?
  4. Getting started isn't actually that bad. I came into it through an unusual route as I caught a huge sea trout in the early 1990's which I wanted set up but couldn't afford the cost to be done professionally. I sought out the taxidermist at Glasgow Museum who showed me his workshop at the museum and gave me really good advice. He also suggested I join the Guild of taxidermists as an amateur member for different hints and tips. Although I started working on fish, tried birds and trophy heads as well. Actually "stuffing" a bird is OK to do - getting it to look lifelike is where the real skill comes in and takes time and patience to master. I'd recommend not starting with woodpigeon as the feathers are so easily pulled out and the skin is paper thin and difficult to skin without tearing. Crows and jackdaws are a much easier bird to start with.
  5. Hello - Also another newbie to the forum. Some great hints and tips on here.
  6. For myself, 25g 6's in Lyalvale express works a treat for me. Pigeons, crows, pheasants all come down with these.
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