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  1. I'd like to see Georgia really compete in a few games. It's becoming more and more pointless having Italy in the Six Nations, but at the same time there's no viable option as to who could take their place. But if Georgia have a good world cup, it might go some way to organising a European second tier that could feed into the Six Nations, in a one up, one down relegation system.
  2. chrisjpainter


    I had an email from a friend who sits on a Lib Dem held town council. The whole council is decidedly uneasy about what Swinson announced about simply cancelling Brexit. Words ranged from disconcerted to mildly alarmed, and I think that's about as a middle of the road, middle of England type person can get! Short of spitting out tea in shock, I don't see how much more seriously they could react
  3. It's finally almost upon us! Anyone got a dark horse pick? Same old southern hemisphere domination? We're still three days away and already the first scandal has broken, with Howley being sent home for breaking betting rules! Not the idea prep for a side who had mediocre (at best) warm up results...
  4. chrisjpainter


    Ignoring it would be, but they do have a right to stand up for what they believe - and a duty to speak out for those who elected them. Even if they're in the minority, they have the right to speak about it until the cows come home, but the drive should be to change opinions, not just cancel it. Yes it can. You might say it shouldn't, but there's no legally binding, unrepealable law, that says that vote is binding. That'd be particularly poignant if a hitherto anonymous, weak, small, but stoically Remain government was suddenly swept to power. Whether you think that's morally or ethically acceptable is a different matter. We're almost certainly talking hypotheticals here, because it's not going to happen, but if Lib Dems suddenly gained 350 seats, plus a shed load from the SNP and Remain parties in Wales and Ireland, hat would be a mandate to ask the people wanted. Although the way they've done it has actually annoyed me quite a lot!
  5. chrisjpainter


    Yes, I agree with you there. When it comes to leaving the EU on the back of a General, the only two courses of action should be to either a) get on and do it (if the Tories win, that's straightforward) or b) do another referendum, but I think that option only applies if the Lib Dems win a majority. That would give reasonable grounds to call for another referendum, given their fanatical Anti-Brexit agenda would have been voted in. But they must give the people that vote, to confirm that the majority are not longer in favour of leaving, rather than the Lib Dems winning by a combination of factors not directly connected with Brexit but still using that as an excuse to push through cancelling Article 50. Goodness knows what happens if Labour win!
  6. chrisjpainter


    It's funny. Politicians get blamed for not saying what they stand for, for being too prepared to twist and turn like a twisty turny thing to appeal to the electorate, for being spineless and so on. But the minute a party stands up and says, 'This is our core promise, even if it's not what lots of people believe', they get accused of deliberately scuppering their election chances. Even if you don't agree with them, at least they're consistent and they're consistent to the people who voted for them. I'm not sure you could say that about many of the other parties, particularly the big two (three including the SNP).
  7. Penn Warfare 15lw left hand in great condition. It's been religiously washed and cleaned after each use and oiled and greased when needed. Great reel, but I've just bought a Fathom II, so this should go to a home where it'll be put to good use! Location is either Reading or Weymouth, I'll post for the cost of P&P £35ono
  8. Would that be the same, Silv'ry Tay, subject of the critically, comically acclaimed worst poetry ever to make it into the English language? It does look very silvery.
  9. Yup, it is! horridly so. The trick is to unhook in the water if you can. That one was relatively easy, but some can be a right beggar. slime everywhere
  10. Sigh. Can't we just call it winter? I'm sure we used to do that.
  11. I just caught a call from my parents. Their mad rescue labrador has taken up cliff diving. She was on the lead, but saw something she wanted to chase, ripped free from my mum's grasp and set off but hadn't accounted for the fact that it was on the other side of a 200ft fall and went straight over the edge. Unbelievably, she survived the fall; she bounced a few times on the way down. The RNLI came out and picked her up (she trotted over to them wagging) and was taken straight to the nearest vet. The vet was astonished she was alive, let alone wagging and bouncing. The final injury count is: Broken jaw, Punctured lung slight cruciate damage in one leg a nasty cut that just missed the eye and some other cuts and bruises Her back's fine, the eye's fine and there's no damage to the skull, although having nothing in it in the first place probably helped. So she's off to a specialist in Taunton for surgery and wiring on the jaw. My parents are a bit shaken up from it all, but seems okay, considering. Just goes to show how quickly something can go wrong, even if you've ticked all the right boxes. She never chases on walks, just balls and squirrels, she was on the lead and they weren't close to the cliff edge initially. Anyway, thank goodness for Pet insurance and the RNLI! Here she is in less airborne days, waiting for a ball to be launched
  12. chrisjpainter


    almost that. here's the full split:
  13. chrisjpainter


    You forget I am a remainer! but let's not get into that whole business, as that's not what I meant. This is the biggest constitutional/political/parliamentary crisis to hit the country since...perhaps the Civil War? We have protests from both camps outside Parliament shouting their slogans relentlessly, nobody quite knows what's going to happen next, and no one seems able to lead us there anyway. The PM has shown he's lost the authority of Parliament, and the main opposition leader is essentially hapless and an electorate that seems more polarised than ever. And yet I'd take this over: Libya, where armed militia backed by terrorist organisations seize control and lay seige to the capital, provoking fighting in the streets and civilians being killed in the process, both accidentally and deliberately. Rwanda, where maybe as many as a million people were killed, whipped up into a frenzy by a dictatorial government with the pretence of democracy and spurred on by a vengeful media Former Yugoslavia, which tore itself apart and saw more individual massacres than any other time in European history since WW2. Zimbabwe under Mugabe, where election after election were stolen, with opposition supporters beaten imprisoned and abducted in campaigns of tyranny. Mexico, where drug cartels have such political power that it's impossible to move against them, and journalists are routinely abducted or murdered Argentina under the Junta, where dissidents were simply disappeared, many being drugged and then tipped out of airplanes, whilst their children were given away to other, loyal families within the military. Syria, where a deeply unpopular, hated leader clings on to power by fighting his own people, killing civilians indiscriminately, supported only by a foreign power using it as a pawn in its own proxy war with the West, whilst the rebel army and islamist extremists behave as bad if not worse to those civilians they make the pretence of fighting for - assuming you're of the right kind of Muslim. In countless places across the world, the political uncertainty we're facing right now leads inexorably to one thing: mass bloodshed Yes it's a horrible mess, but we're so lucky to live in a country where the people are protected from its politicians and themselves. I'm sure someone will want to make a glib remark about how it needs a strong person to drive the country forward and sometimes desperate measures are required to move forward, but no one in their right mind would genuinely countenance any of the above horrors for the sake of 'moving things on'. We are at least saved from such wretchedness.
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