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    Really? I'm not sure that's a good idea! I've just seen the accident. I was unfairly harsh on the barrier. He managed to hit it at pace at almost 90 degrees. The barriers aren't designed to take that, so it couldn't deflect the car at all so just broke in two
  2. chrisjpainter


    I've not watched it, but now just reading up. It sounds horrendous. A bit worrying the barrier broke apart. They're meant to deflect impacts not break apart. There's talk of the race now being abandoned because of safety concerns. All they can do is replace the barrier like for like - one that everyone knows can fail!
  3. but he did have players at their peak or approaching it, who would turn out to be world class. It's hard to say this early on, but I don't think Pivac has the same calibre of raw materials that Gatland had
  4. Yeah, Wales looked competitive, but lacked flair. Every time they put the phases together, they ended up getting pushed back and had to kick. Decent game, but not quite the barnstormer of previous encounters.
  5. ...Strictly on this evening. Building starts this evening then!
  6. This is really useful, thank you very much everyone! Building starts tomorrow. Is there any difference between round holes and square? The materials' diameter would make a square hole easier, but if a circle's preferred I'll do that.
  7. Deary me. AWJ should never be given a mic to sing!
  8. Aside from sport, there are two things I'll actually sit down and watch live. Only Connect and Saving Lives At Sea. Apart from those two, we just don't bother with live any more. My partner will watch all those strictly come-factor-voice-X things, but almost always on catchup
  9. Perfect. Tawny box it is then. If there's enough wood left over, I might think about making another and asking the local farmer if I can pop one up in his woods. Thanks for all the help. I shall report back. I've just got to wait for the council's TPO wombles to get back to me now.
  10. Ofcom's announced that over-55's are growing less satisfied with the BBC - but that age group is still 'better served than other groups'. They're still not attracting younger watchers either. So, losing the support of their traditional supporter base and not winning a new one. I can't see it surviving in its current form if that's true. Over-55s growing less satisfied with the BBC, Ofcom says - BBC News I'm 35 and there's barely anything I'd choose to watch on BBC these days. The drama series I have watched have been disappointing or unwatchable. Too often diversity is regarded as mo
  11. Would this on the left be the sort of thing? The little owl box is altogether smaller, but my suspicion is there's not enough cover around the tree for littles. It seems barn owls are a little more happy to tolerate ambient noise around them, even on tree sites, which might be a plus, but I think it's probably the less likely species to be around! oh the conundrum. I could just make three different ones (if I have the wood) and see which one gets used! Second prize of a kestrel would be cool, but I suspect corvids might be the most likely. I have found a supplier of ferret bedding t
  12. That's really useful, thanks. I'm torn between the species at the moment. I know tawnies and littles are around, but the position is probably better suited to a barn owl box. The nearest woods are only 300yards (as the Wol flies) but my guess is there are plenty of nesting sites there for tawnies. open pasture and grassland make it great for barns (and kestrels). Have you any suggestions of what sort of box would be a good all rounder?
  13. Being good at what you do is no indication of the kind of man you are. It's sad that a person has died, but as has been mentioned, the drinking, the drugs, the outbursts all tarnish whatever hand he was dealt in terms of footballing ability. He, like too many others goes into the category of 'a great player but...'
  14. Looks like a fun project. Keep us updated with photos along the way. What sort of wildlife are you expecting/hoping for? Bigfoot?
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