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  1. This is just for personal use, so it might be worth a shot. B&Q also doing one with a set of drill bits right now for £100 - useful as I'm locked down at my girlfriend's house with nothing at all!
  2. Yeah sad indeed. One of the great all round angling enthusiasts. I've got so much more time for the likes of Wilson and Martin Bowler. It's not all about one or two species, it's the whole range of fish. I don't really feel like there's anyone of the younger generations pushing through that have the same wide reaching passion
  3. My brother in law is an expert at putting his coffee down and forgetting it. It'll get reheated multiple times before it's finally drunk and he's not even a little bit dead. I just don't understand this aversion to reheating. It's encouraging food waste. people moan about how it'll give you food poisoning and kill you to death on many an occasion, but I've never had food poisoning from reheated anything. You just reheat it properly and fully and then tuck in. How much food gets wasted because of a combination of ignorance and paranoia? Daft.
  4. Interesting, interesting. Did you have a similar complaint as fatchap?
  5. I'm thinking of changing my combi-drill. I have a Bosch PSB 18v 1.3amh right now, but would like to go to a metal chuck and potentially a brushless motor. Any suggestions? B&Q's Own brand (I think?) Erbauer look good on paper, but has anyone got any experience fo them? I'm looking at the £100-£120 bracket, if that helps!
  6. The numbers, for thosse who want them! A near 30-point drubbing for Corbyn's little puppet!
  7. I wonder if this is the same one that's been skulking round Oxfordshire over the winter. Not that far, as the erne flies
  8. Yup. The underwater stuff really doesn't feel ten+ years old, does it? It saddens me that the UK's rivers never get the full BBC Natural World treatment. In comparison, the film crew for Catching the Impossible was so small, but they produced stuff that's leagues ahead of what anyone else has done for British waterways. In the last episode (I think) they have some amazing shots of perch hunting crayfish. great stuff
  9. A thread old enough for me to have a different kayak!
  10. 2 year old thread here! Should have died a death by now. Mine's now working fine, so that's an improvement in 2 years...
  11. When you say too high, what do you mean? I had an S510 and remember having the same issue with the mediums, but the high mounts were fine. Nice scope by the way. I have the said same on top of my HW110
  12. Close! 3lb roach from a river. The 4lb+ perch took some getting too.
  13. Catching the impossible https://www.amazon.co.uk/Catching-the-Impossible/dp/B07RFRXWVP
  14. lovely scale image. Ravens seem big until you put them next a sea eagle!
  15. I don't know how I missed this when it first came out, as I don't think it's new, but for anyone who's into their angling and has Amozon Prime, this is available. It's Bernard Cribbins and Martin Bowler (with occasional appearances of John Wilson, Bob Church and a few others) on angling. What sets this apart is the high quality underwater filming and plenty of detail on ecosystems and a bit of biology. It's not JUST misty lakes and daydreaming! It's also about specimen hunting - but across all species, so a massive roach is just as highly prized as a double figure barbel. They go on about catching impossible monsters just bit too much, but aside from that it's a proper little angling gem. Worth paying for even if you don't have Prime
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