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  1. I said he banged it into our heads. I didn't say I actually did it!
  2. I don't think an electrical sharpener has been invented that is as good or as precise as doing it manually - yet. Taking the time to check each tooth's edge and depth gauge will always be more precise. I'd only really look at an electronic one if I'd been lazy and not checked the sharpness before putting the saw away. Then for speed they're useful. But my instructor banged it into our heads that if you put a saw to bed sharp, it'll wake up sharp when you're in a mad rush to get out on a job...
  3. that's quite the slug! would hommersfield have to pay for it? a fish like that is a revenue spinner on its own
  4. chrisjpainter


    Really? Interesting news. Does this mean they'll have to drive all the F1's in the Ineos Grenadier? That really would level the playing field!
  5. excellent. that sounds...achievable
  6. I have no idea what to do, but I'd like to give it a try this year. I'm entirely ignorant on it, so if you assume I know nothing, you've overestimated me. How does it all work, what does one do? Where does one sign up? Insert question I haven't even thought of, but still need an answer for...
  7. I agree with your technical analysis. It's done something weird. Usually things get looser or stiffer over time, not suddenly going from one to the other. Does it grind as well as feel stiff? anything shaking, rattling or rolling? I wonder whether something's come loose inside and is now bent to the point of rubbing on the dial as it turns, causing it to be stiff.
  8. chrisjpainter


    Lights out and away we go...straight into the back of the car in front! All a bit of a mess. finally about to get going. We've not had a whole lap's worth of racing yet and we've already lost 7 cars! And Grosjean's still out there, so potential for more to be lost...
  9. I'm assuming he didn't have one, rather than had one and didn't bother using it!
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-york-north-yorkshire-54072508 Nice story and a good outcome. However, three things struck me. Firstly how well prepared he was. I get the feeling that people who were reporting on him weren't expecting him to be quite so competent in the outdoors, which is a shame. 80 really is just a number - and an irrelevant one to him it seems. He just had "three good nights wild camping" and then walked himself out of danger. Second thing: would carrying a phone/GPS have been too much to ask? Even if you're fine, it stops others worrying that you're not.
  11. I bore them plenty of malice at the time, but I've got no long term beef with them. Just part of an extraordinarily varied invertebrate world we have in this country. we have over 7,000 species of wasp, so it's probably time we just got used to them! Compared to some of the world's insect sting perils, we've got it light here (aside from allergies). No bullet ants, no tarantula hawk wasps, no warrior wasps. It's all a bit tame here!
  12. I've been on this planet 34 years and never had a wasp sting. Until Thursday. We had a chipping job to do from some already felled ash and the only way to get the stuff to said chipper was straight past a wasp nest. Three times on one leg! Why are they so good at getting you on the bum?! So moral of the story. Chainsaw PPE. good protection from chainsaws, rubbish protection from wasps.
  13. Saved, you mean. Saved. Don't bother. take up crochet. Go to the pub. Take a dog for a walk. Any dog, it doesn't have to be yours. just don't watch the GP
  14. That was such a dull race. Interminable driving round and round, almost every overtake governed by DRS and everyone managing tyres at the end of the race. We only had a safety car because of driver error and even that was missed by the cameras. When even Spa becomes a tedious cruise in the country, you know F1's in a bad place. I really have wasted my Sunday afternoon.
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