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  1. Seconded. I had an R10 Darrin did, but I'm not sure he's taking them on these days. It might be worth a check all the same, because his work's top notch
  2. Thanks for that, I shall mull a bit more! Kayak fishing? write off. 35mph winds ruled out even the harbour. booo.
  3. It has been absolutely rubbish recently! I've been trying to put together a review of my new (to me) kayak and it's just been one strong blow after another. I'm thinking of forcing a weather window tomorrow and hitting Portland Harbour tomorrow. I can find some protection on the walls at least! Reports of Chesil have been pretty good for the shore anglers and it's been tempting me into shore fish, which I've never done properly. Apart from anything the nights spent with the rods out alone in the dark with a head torch seem really appealing! Less so if the fishing's shocking though... Where would you start with shore fishing, Malks? multipliers or fixed spools? rod length?
  4. Just added an adblocker, this very second. It's blocked 8 on this page and it's all very nice...
  5. I haven't actually. And I can see how that could be the case though, given their performance in the last quarter today. For the first three quarters, they did what I feared. Keep it tight, make it bitty and keep winning and kicking the pens. In a way, it's a shame they didn't play like they did in the last quarter for the whole match, what a final that would have been! But I guess that's about game management. Stifling England early was the best tactic, and then the hard yards earned there gave licence to free up in the latter stages. Tactically and technically, they were convincing winners. Bet that's the first time he's been called tiny
  6. Oooh a Barbarian team could be fun! How would it work? The best from Georgia, Romania, Spain and Russia? I just feel it's the same old problem. Not quite enough teams to justify it yet. Unless you drop it to five nations again, but you'd expect any one of the current big 5 to romp through a lower league of Italy, Romania, Spain, Russia and Georgia. Have I missed any European nation out? (Japan are only separated from Russia by sea - can we stretch Europe a bit?)
  7. Except to point out a 'poor NZ performance' against England. So it seems you're quiet for a Wales match, but noisy for an England one? This must mean either you're actually an England fan, or, like so many Wales fans so obsessed with England results that they seem more important than your own. That's a bit sad. I'd say saying the right team won on the day, that SA played out their tactics well and were ruthless with it, would be the mark of someone taking the loss well? Recognising the good in the opposition, not just the bad of England. Not that Brexit needs to raise its ugly head in such a grand thread as this, but I trust you voted to remain? Yes, bring on the Six Nations. It's a shame no other nation really stepped up to justify a second tier as a 6N feeder; I was so hoping Georgia had the odd upset here and there!
  8. Such a child. You were pathetically absent after your loss in the semi final. It's stuff like this that gives some Welsh supporters a bad name this side of the border. Just got in from 260 mile drive back from the N York Moors. Well that was disappointing! I thought SA had one chance to win, but they took it with gusto. They broke it down, made it scrappy and put the pressure on by winning pens, then were ruthless when it got more open. England never really settled and couldn't come up with a plan B. The right team won on the day.
  9. Yup. scrappy, broken and messy suited SA down to a T
  10. So it's all come down to this... COME ON ENGLAND!!
  11. Definitely England. SA want penalties, slow breakdown and anything to stop England building up a head of steam. Come on England!
  12. I think SA's best (possibly only) chance to win is keep it tight, make it physical and grind out scores through penalties or kicks to touch from pens. If it's a kicking game, I think with Ford on the pitch, England are better. if it's wide and fast paced, England are better. And I still think we can match them with the heavies. All words though! less than 11 hours to find out for sure!
  13. A lot of truth there, but I think England know how to win in a variety of ways. The Springboks only know one way. We'll have to wait and see. I think what will frustrate Wales about today was they had a real opportunity to beat NZ. They were not at their best by any means, misplaced lineouts, knocks on, errant passes, but at no point did it look like Wales could sufficiently capitalise. Comfortably fourth out of the semi-finalists
  14. Game off New Zealand are making a bucket load of errors, but Wales are so vulnerable in defence.
  15. worked out rather! Hoping for Wales - but fearing for them too.
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