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  1. Moisture problem cheap pumps

    plus £40-50 to retest it when it's out. and the initial cost of the bottle...
  2. Swallow, Swift and Martin watch

    Nowt today. And I was outside digging a pond in perfect Hirundinid weather, but saw nothing. House martins nested on our house for the first time in about 25 years last year, so I'm really hoping they return
  3. The Blue Planet

    MUST.NOT.RANT! However... Sadly, it all comes down to how the media (BBC in this case) portrays wildlife abroad as opposed to here. The flavour of programmes on international wildlife is educational, whereas here it's emotive. Here, we're fobbed off time and again with how we respond to wildlife on an emotional level - countryfile, Autumn/Spring/Winter/Strachanwatch get filled with soft piano music, artists and questions about how it all makes us feeeel. So, it has to be all happy and wondrous and softly lit in a world where nothing EVER dies (except when those naughty gamekeepers kill those majestic eagles and dazzling hen harriers). Whereas abroad - where the wild things are - we need educating, so we get to see nature being natural. Maybe it's because as a nature we don't truly respect our own wildlife, or it's because it's assumed we know it all already. With countryfile the focus has gone from those who live and work in the country, to those who play in it, so again it's all about feeling and emotion and escapism. Farming, rural economics and stuff dying just sort of...gets in the way of all that. The result is though, fewer and fewer people know anything about this country's wildlife or where their own food comes from - and those that do invariably aren't given enough of a voice for fear they might actually tell the truth! it'd be terrible if we happened to actually learn something about how uncontrolled fox/corvid predation has catastrophic effects on lapwing breeding success, wouldn't it? I just wish one time the BBC would release the full might of its Natural History department on British wildlife and do it with the same quality, the same education focus - and the same budget! And returned countryfile to what it actually used to be
  4. Fight night.

    On the bright side, the scoring seemed right for a change! It's such a shame the ref wouldn't let them just tear into each other. He's there to maintain the rules and protect a fighter if he's going down, but not to stop them fighting! If that's the future of refereeing, I'm going home.
  5. Billy Monger - well done

    genuine setback. master of the understatement there! good start to a promising career. needs to get to a team that is prepared to solve problems to realise the potential. methinks this boy's gonna be a star.
  6. World Cup in Russia, yes or no?

    I've never looked forward to a world cup less than this one. On every conceivable level it feels like it's going to be a dreadful one. I for one would never go. I love football, but not an international level. It's generally underwhelming, but England are about as underwhelming as you can get. I'd be even less tempted to go to this one given Russia's appalling record on things like racism, human rights and hooliganism that are all intertwined in their football culture. Goodness knows how much they had to pay to get this world cup!
  7. New Project,shooting boxes.Day 4.

    This is going to be one of those hides where you miss half the shooting opportunities because you were too busy admiring the view. Super build
  8. are we under attack !!?

    yeah...until as usual, we get to the latter stages and then they're almost all gone. It'll be the same in the worlds coming up. lots of talk about emerging far eastern talent, but by the quarters you'll be left with the same old names, with Ding being the only one from there left in. Noppon Saengkham is still in The Welsh Open, but I'm sure hawkins will find a way to winning a scrappy affair. This one's Higgins' to lose.
  9. Where to tune

    sadly, i don't think he is.
  10. Lure fishing

    All the best anglers go well prepared sounds like a great bit of fishing. If you're able to, match up your lures to what they're likely to be feeding on - or do what I do and just start lobbing stuff around and see what sticks! The pike might be pretty wary, so give each lure its fair crack in a swim. Particularly in the winter months, they can be reticent to chase anything at first sighting, so it might take a few chucks of a lure for them to warm up to the idea of striking Have fun!
  11. Fly By HERON

    that's a lovely pic. you've managed to give it quite an energetic, agile flight, rather than the slightly lumbering style they usually have! very cool
  12. grrrrrr

  13. Lure fishing

    target the slack waters. If it's going to be cooling down, it could be a tricky time of it. ideally you want to hit the waters when temperatures have either been cold for a while, or ideally just warming up after a bit of cold. slow retrieve, pike won't want to be expending energy chasing stuff too much! if it's that clear, stick with natural colours, pike shouldn't have any trouble seeing them and anything too weird and wacky will probably put them off. good luck!
  14. Mountain Equipment down jacket

    hey mate, is paypal okay? if so i'll take this atb chris
  15. Pike Fishing and fish care?

    I know more paper work is a right pain, but I'm starting to think something like licensing is the only way to protect these most delicate of fish. I've had a couple of nasty incidents this season resulting from shocking pike practices. I caught one that had a wire trace wrapped round its whole head so it could barely open its mouth. The gap between the two trebles was about 8", which is just an accident waiting to happen. Then a friend of mine caught one that had a broken jaw, most likely by some idiot not knowing how to hold them. And this is on a members only water that's locked 24/7. Maybe some kind of obligatory course then license might be one way to at least help protect the fish? Any other ideas? I'm just tired of seeing people have no idea how to handle one of my favourite fish!