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  1. 😂 Before they all get relegated! I do wonder whether England's cohesiveness over the last 18 months is because of that core of players who all play regularly together in club rugby. There's no way that squad can stay together in the championship; England need them playing the high quality matches to keep match hungry. I think it's going to be England's to lose, but Wales are always dangerous. here's to a cracking few weeks of rugby.
  2. Ruined by dementia in the latter years 😞 I remember Palin talking about how hard visiting him was because it became harder and harder to recognise the true Terry Jones, but just occasionally, some shaft of light would come through and he'd be back for the briefest of moments.
  3. chrisjpainter


    If that's the case, why doesn't that count as cultural appropriation!? Given my age, I should understand these things. I do not.
  4. Yeah, Landing hip first rather than head/neck first is definitely better! It was in the arena too, so a soft landing helped
  5. 6 weeks full healing time! boooo. We're now in a war to stop her mother descending on us! That'd double healing time...
  6. Well, the horse has done its thing AGAIN. Katy got on, he inexplicable bucked and she's ended up with a broken bone in the pelvis. A&E was interesting. We saw six or seven different people, all of whom had to ask each other to what had already been done. At one point after a three hours, we asked if some pain killers could be organised, having not had any since the scene. 'Oh hasn't that been done already. That should have been sorted'. We were passed from to another and finally were allowed to go home. All in all not a great way to start the week! It could have been a lot worse; back and brain are a-okay, but she was meant to be doing the London Marathon this year. Hopefully they'll let her defer the place until next.
  7. what you get up to in your bin is a private matter! Do you have a rubbish bin as well as that one?
  8. I think the basic premise is that the younger generations that are voting Labour will naturally over time replace the Cons as they die (long term projection, obviously). Fair enough, in a way, but what that doesn't take into account is the party political switch based on preservation of pre-existing convictions. The Tories will (should) continue to fight to preserve conservative, more traditional values. What those are depends on the cultural development of the nation. So go back 50,60,70 years. It would have been abhorrent to most conservative voters to first legalise homosexuality and then allow gay marriage - but it was a Tory-led coalition and a Tory Prime minister who brought it in. It's not killed the party, in fact it's broadened it considerably, making it easier for younger, more socially liberal voters to vote Tory on economic grounds because there are fewer contemporary social hangups to stop them. The challenge for all political parties is to move with the times, whilst protecting what has already given them influence. Far from signalling the inevitable (if protracted) death of the Tories, I think those graphs show that the Tories are in a far better position to move forward than perhaps they ever have been. Those statistics also show that the switch age (where it becomes more likely someone will vote Tory) has come down by 7 years to 40. Given the population age is increasing that's a big regression. It shows that voters are appreciating Tory economic policies at a younger age. And there's a broader diversity to consider. This election has broken so many deeply held convictions for people who'd never vote Tory on principle. setting that precedent allows the Tories to speak for much more diverse areas. The question is if all that's true of the Tories, and the stats and election seem to show that it is, what does it say about that abject failure of the Labour Party?
  9. One of them's just said there should be a referendum on the monarchy. It's as if they're trying to make themselves nationally unelectable https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-51062770
  10. Yeah. I'll stick to the DSC radio for my yakking; I don't have desire to get the phone out and accidentally give it a very deep bath!
  11. Grid references have the same problem, plus in a stressful situation it's easy to misread of a map/device. figures get mixed up or misheard. Reading three words is a lot easier for an under stress caller
  12. Or, for whatever reason, don't have access to a grid reference - which is most of us most of the time. Sure you can get it off a smart phone, but if you're doing that you may as well open the app and read out three words.
  13. chrisjpainter


    No we don't! we look to America to either: solve the messes it creates or more preferably stop causing them in the first place! Since the end of WW2, world history has been dominated by America's staggeringly inept conflict management. The US has got its dirty little mitts burned all over the place and the result has either been to solidify dictatorships or to cause power vacuums that just lead to more bloodshed and chaos. Whether it's Cuba, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq, it's either: you fail and run away, thus strengthening the communists (Cuba, Vietnam) or declare victory and things are just as bad if not worse than before.
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