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  1. chrisjpainter

    GGG v Clenelo,Take 2.Sunday Morning.

    Yup, I think GGG's got enough. I hope so anyway. I also hope, should he win, there's no talk of a rematch. There's nothing more that would need to be said. He should have been given the previous fight, so if he wins this, that's case closed in my eyes. It'll be hard fought, but GGG for me
  2. chrisjpainter

    Lure fishing kit

  3. chrisjpainter

    Lure fishing kit

    Hey Karl, I'll bear it in mind for sure. If you drop me a PM with how much you were thinking, I'll mull it over! I've just found another box as well, which you may/may not be interested in, so the ad's changed, but not the price. Also now includes a reversible box. one side's foam and one side's compartments
  4. chrisjpainter

    Lure fishing kit

    Having a clear out of rarely used lure stuff. all in good conditionShimano Sedona C3000 reel loaded with 16lb Penn International Premium braid Brand new, unopened Berkley Whiplash Braid 30lb Korum Tactical rucksack Quantam Sea rig wallet for storing lures 2 Rapala Scatter rap crank baits 2 other hard lures, one deep diving, the other shallow a couple of packets of scented grubs (still unopened) and a shed load of softs (100+) worms, grubs, creatures, shads eels etc. some big enough for pike, but plenty for Ultralight/LRF or dropshot fishing. £80 ono could post + p&p
  5. chrisjpainter

    Khan v Vargas

    The trouble is knowing when you can go out on a high, to when you can't. Khan won't want the Vargas fight to be his last, but that is better than Brook flattening him. Knowing when to quit takes more brain and courage than I think Khan's got. Look at Alastair Cook. He's only 33 and could have had a few more years. But he knew when the time was right for him and picked his time to go perfectly - when he could still eek out one last great show. But for Khan? it has to be better to go now on your own terms than later at someone else's. Not that he will.
  6. Hey, Sorry mate but this is the wrong section. There's a section for shooting permission and such like. How long have you been shooting? Plenty of good countryside around you. Might be an idea to drop a note in the 'Welcome to Pigeonwatch' section, it helps to show you're interested in the forum, not just after shooting!
  7. chrisjpainter

    Alastair Cook Retires

    And, to cap it off, a golden duck for Kohli! what a day of test match cricket. Broad and Anderson to run through them tomorrow, methinks
  8. chrisjpainter

    Carp Fishing & net

    Having to re-list due to time wasting, now adding the new too TF Gear Total Metal Gear Lite-Speed Pod In good condition and with all parts and bag 2 x Fox MX+ bite alarms. Volume and tone control, both come with protective case Drennan specialist net 36" one piece 2m specimen handle would be £180ish new, asking £120 ono I might be able to post, but the handle could be problematic! Could be willing to split
  9. chrisjpainter

    Khan v Vargas

    BANG! Khan bosses a round then gets flattened right at the end of the second! he's up, but that was a warning shot if ever there was one
  10. chrisjpainter

    Khan v Vargas

    I have no time for Khan. so much mouth and too busy avoiding big fights to be anything more than average
  11. chrisjpainter

    Alastair Cook Retires

    Aye you're not wrong. Bell's been piling on the runs in all formats. He might be the answer to one headache in the short term. If Root doesn't want to bat 3 (and I think it's pretty clear he doesn't), Bell could come in there. Now though, we have no one in 1 and 2! We're heading to Sri Lanka with no top order. Bell could just slot in 3. He plays spin well, he's right handed and he's got experience of gruelling matches at the highest level. You can't discount a 5-time ashes winner lightly. Cook though, he is, to my mind the greatest opening batsman to play test cricket.
  12. chrisjpainter

    Alastair Cook Retires

    I'm guessing there are a few cricket fans out here. Right decision for me, It's a shame to see him go, but he's probably the last of the true test purists. Great player and great servant to England. Big boots to fill for someone!
  13. chrisjpainter

    Identify this please

    Baby Komodo
  14. chrisjpainter

    Couple of lure caught chub

    Lovely fish! I've been doing well on the pike, but picking up chub like this has been nigh on impossible. Made worse by the fact that I know they're there! Top fishing, sir
  15. chrisjpainter

    Pike fishing from the yak

    Indeed so. Pangbourne. It's a day ticket water along there with some really good chub - if you can find them - as well as the odd rumoured barbel