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  1. Karma!

    That is something to dine out on for weeks! excellent stuff
  2. Huggett Belita

    Yup. I've had a belita too. And the Daystate silencers. Both pretty poor for the money. Still nothing compares to the HW silencers
  3. Split - Croatia - What to see and do?

    The Krka National Park, about an hour NW of Split. Absolutely stunning and a great place to be for a whole day out. Am I right in thinking you're a bit of a birdwatcher? If you're into your birds then the islands are definitely worth a day trip to. I didn't make it there as I was writing my MSc thesis over the week's holiday and I couldn't fit it in sadly, but Vis and the smaller ones around it are one of the few places in Europe you can see Elenora's falcons, as well as plenty of sea bird species. Even just as a boat trip, it's meant to be brilliant.
  4. Chainsaw recommendations

    heated handles. useful?
  5. Chainsaw recommendations

    Would people entertain the idea of the S/H market? my chainsaw maintenance is good, so stripping one down to spot flaws wouldn't be a problem, but even so, would others risk it? we do it all the time with guns and I'd never bother with a new kayak these days, can the same rules apply to saws?
  6. Chainsaw recommendations

    Looking back, why on earth did I think you were talking about electric stuff? Apologies. That's good to hear, I do like the echo range and I've not heard bad reports about them at all - just not many reports at all!
  7. Chainsaw recommendations

    I think what worries me is the power vs longevity issue. Tomorrow, for example, it's going to be tree felling for most of the day, five or six in the morning, and a few more in the afternoon and I wouldn't be able to go back to base to charge up a dead saw. A saw slowly grinding to a halt mid-fell is not a great idea. Also, I'd be worried about a fade out time where you start to lose power as the batter drains. With petrol, you have everything, then immediately nothing, 30 second fill up and you're back to everything again
  8. Chainsaw recommendations

    the external clutch is a concern. all very well having an easy access clutch, but it's made access to the drum a more tricky exercise. also one of my friends killed the external clutch whilst doing his training and it didn't appear to be anything specific he did in order to kill it. not sure how durable they are?
  9. Chainsaw recommendations

    We have three 260's. they all cut out if idling on anything but a completely flat plain. if you hold them either down or up before starting to cut, the conk out. that and the filler caps are irritating; the locking mechanisms taker a lot of fiddling to get them in place. They're well looked after and they've been stripped and serviced, but they all seem to be the same. They do a job, if I have the chance to use something else, I'll take it
  10. IVY

    True. No point in removing it once it's been severed. Leave it there, it's still good the birds as cover, and as it rots it'll provide plenty for invertebrates Yeah, young trees are far less tolerant. worth keeping a check on it as it can be a disaster for new growth in a woodland
  11. IVY

    Older trees are usually fine as their root network spreads far enough to be able to get the nutrients despite the ivy. What it does do, though, is add extra weight to its branches and limbs, which in winter can put more strain on them, causing them to break off. That then exposes the tree to infections that could kill it. It is great for wildlife though and it's be a shame to lose it completely! high quality woodland doesn't suffer in the long run for having good amounts of ivy in it
  12. Chainsaw recommendations

    No, this'll be an all round saw and a reasonable amount of felling will be involved. I work on a wildlife reserve which has a good deal of woodland. as I said, we have a couple of big saws (Stihl MS 461's) for the big stuff, but i'm looking for my own equivalent of the MS 260's, which are 50cc engines @ 2.6kw
  13. Chainsaw recommendations

    The Husky 550 is the favourite at the moment. I guess no one's used the Echo range then?
  14. Vote on Fox Hunting Dropped

    because she went to the electorate hoping/expecting to make a small majority into a bigger majority. With a bigger majority she could have won a parliamentary vote. Instead she turned a small majority into no majority at all, so any promise that relied on a good tory majority in the commons was always going to be dead in the water
  15. Vote on Fox Hunting Dropped

    The majority of the population. The reality is that there are more people in support of the ban than there are against it. That is now probably true of MPs as well as the public, so there's no point in calling a free vote on it. She would lose it, so why advertise the weakness of the government any more that it is already?