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  1. I must confess, I didn't watch it! I looked up the organisations, saw what they were doing and why they were shortlisted, then waited for the results! It sounds...grotesque. And as you say unnecessarily expensive. Why not just save that cash and put the money saved into another project!
  2. all are deserving, but some more deserving than others? I think they could have made it more tasteful than essentially a music concert with some environment spooned in, but at the end of the day, £5 million went to five very deserving organisations that are putting their skills and expertise into looking after the planet. There will of course be fame-seeking vultures skulking around looking for offcuts of exposure, but the five winners are getting a cash injection they wouldn't otherwise have got and that money's going back into their projects.
  3. If it's for general purpose use and not for shooting or emergency use, then it's always a battle between weight and power. There's also a caveat with the new generation of Led Lensers that are rechargeable. You must use the special lead for them, the run times at full power aren't great and you can't use other types of battery in them. You can buy spare batteries, but they're £20 or so I think. In their current range, I still don't think there's a better all rounder than the P7. You can get it in rechargeable or AA mode (and you can use rechargeable AA's in them). If you want to pay (a lot) more, the P7R core is waterproof. A nice option to have, but at a fair old price hike.
  4. So looking at ways to speed up coral regeneration is just bovine droppings then? Coral represents less than 0.1% of the habitat, but supports 25% of all marine life. It's declined 50% since 1950. Its global economic value could be in excess of $2tn and coral reefs protect vulnerable, coastal communities but coral's notoriously difficult to expand. An organisation that has managed to speed up the regeneration process by up to 50 times is probably worthy of having an extra £1m in funding. Same goes for an organisation that's looking to reduce food waste in the City of Milan. 390t of food that would otherwise be wasted is recovered and turned into food for those who need it most - equivalent to 780,000 meals. Whatever you think of the climate change debate, all five winners are undeniably deserving of the award they've got. They're doing incredible things to help make this planet healthier, cleaner and humanity more caring.
  5. If anyone wants the full fight, it's on youtube courtesy of BTSport
  6. I'll see how much postage is in the morning and drop you a message. ATB Chris
  7. 1x Osprey Kestrel 68 m/l. I think it's been used twice and won't be again, so someone else should get the use it deserves out of it! In excellent condition £70 ono 1x Berghaus Arete 35w Fusion 2. It's been used, but more as a carrying bag rather than a trekking/climbing pack, so no hard use. In very good condition. £25ono I'm happy to post for cost, or collection/meet South Dorset area
  8. Not quite true, Starmer's already made a statement and there have been plenty of others doing likewise independently. This isn't a day to look for any political fodder, from either side. Unspeakably cruel act and could threaten a critical part of an MP's job, that of direct access to the electorate. Thoughts are with his family at this time.
  9. Yeah, we're hitting aldi with a vengeance tomorrow. Need to panic buy some circular saws and garden umbrellas.
  10. I'd love Aj to just forget the rule book and just punch himself out. If he exhausts himself punching air, so be it, but he ain't going to beat Fury by standing off and looking for that killer blow. It didn't work for AJ against Usyk and it didn't work for Wilder against Fury. If he's beaten, so be it, but it'd be exciting to watch!
  11. The one thing I would say is the others have more variety, so Fury would have to come up with different answers much more often. The game plan to beat Wilder is simple: use the left jab to stop Wilder getting close enough to connect with that big right. And yes it has massive power, but he telegraphs it and has to throw it with the full swing to generate all its ferociousness. If he's too far away or too close, it's so much less of a weapon. If AJ can turn the fight into a brawl, he has a chance, because he has more power in all his other weapons than Wilder does beyond the right hook. I agree about Usyk though, I think Fury's too big and moves too well
  12. She might be a respected expert in her area of expertise (evolutionary biology and dogs) but her work on polar bears is scientifically suspect as shown by this sort of thing cropping up when you chase down her publications That link is directly from Polar Bear Science, it's not fudged. Her own website is pointing to the evidence of the lack of peer reviewing. Also, the locations of her papers (again, taken from the Polar Bear Science website) are decidedly questionable. Is a Cowboy magazine really the place to go for in-depth, peer reviewed scientific research? She doesn't claim to be a climatologist and she shouldn't claim to be a climatologist, it's just a shame that her work is so often treated as such by those who look to refute the science behind climate change. Wouldn't it be in the best interests of the likes of the GWPF to find actual climatologists to relentlessly quote for their scientific evidence and not someone who's not a climatologist and who's academic expertise lie in evolutionary science?
  13. Exactly so. One line caught my ear. 'Good lad, stay on the straight and narrow'. Again, not the words from someone who doesn't care about people or property.
  14. The man earns millions punching big people in the head. He went over to offer his condolences to Deontay Wilder after defeat. Not the sort of traits you'd expect from someone who doesn't care about people or property.
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