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  1. Find your venue first! Cat venues tend to have their own specific rules, so it's worth having a peruse through their rules first. Cats have a very wide food list, from boilies and worms through to deadbaits and lures. I'd be looking at 3lb TC rods for bait fishing, then a heavy duty lure rod if the water allows. There's a good vid by Fox Rage where they take a 30-100g travel spin rod and go in search of cats, that's worth a look! Definitely have a cradle, not just a standard unhooking mat. hope that helps
  2. Cricket's pretty good too. second best in the world I'd say... Is there any mass attempt to eradicate the goats? They're not native are they, and the Kiwis are experts at island eradication!
  3. chrisjpainter

    Le Tour

    Whoo! Well done Yates, what a ride. Tactically super in the end there
  4. All those cars, static, engines running, pumping out fumes... Sort of spoils the overall message.
  5. chrisjpainter

    Le Tour

    Yeah! great day for Thomas and Ineos. Stealing a march on his rivals on an essentially straightforward day could prove handy come the pointy bits
  6. Every single daft vagary of cricket and cricket laws you can imagine.
  7. Which is appropriate really. England's revolution over the last four years has been about taking the game to the opposition, make a statement with the bat and hit boundaries. It's all paid off in a very tangible way
  8. Bless my soul. I need a lie down. And a drink You're dead inside then.
  9. First job done: get Guptil. Next one: get Williamson early
  10. Today's the day! How are we all feeling? Any pick for player of the match award?
  11. That is a belting fish! congratulations, sir.
  12. I think we go in as massive favourites. NZ are dangerous, but they're so reliant on Williamson and Taylor. I think we have the firepower, skill and confidence to override losing a potentially telling toss. There'll be a new name on the trophy - let's hope it's England's!
  13. chrisjpainter

    Le Tour

    Yeah, I think this one could be pretty feisty, but in the right spirit, hopefully. Froome's absence is a huge blow for GB, but it might help Ineos in the long run. Thomas looks in the mood to put early markers down - possibly to ensure he's more protected than Egaaaaan Bernal. Early form might buy him more support in the latter stages
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