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  1. chrisjpainter

    Ireland vs New Zealand

    I reserve judgement! We have to remember that England pushed the AB's hard with key players missing from the lines. Plus, I think Eddie Jones is still tinkering. I think he desperately wants Tuilagi fit - but has too many centres to start them all. Same problem at the wings. And I'm still not sure Eliot Daly at FB is a good move; he's just not secure enough under the high ball and come the six nations, Ireland Wales and Scotland like an attacking kick; he will get tested. We'll see...
  2. chrisjpainter

    Ireland vs New Zealand

    I wish the ABs had given us that many pens and errors! That said, what a test match! Ireland's second half defence was impeccable. phase after phase of discipline. England could learn a thing or two about that
  3. chrisjpainter

    Ireland vs New Zealand

    Embarrassingly, do watch it! Japan were so entertaining... England were a bit of a second stringer in the first half and japan made us pay. They were electrifying with ball in hand
  4. chrisjpainter

    Ireland vs New Zealand

    Now my blood pressure's settled, I'm good to watch it! Who's brain-dead idea was it to put Jack Knowell as a centre? He was diabolical for 80 mins and only looked good when out wide - where he should be! penalties, knocks on, missed tackles, let's hope that's never tried again. As you say Mice! this one should be a belter
  5. chrisjpainter

    Leica 8 x 42 Binoculars

    I would in a heartbeat were it not for the fact that I LOVE my Leica 8x32BNs! These bins are seriously good, I'm amazed someone hasn't snapped them up; they're so much better than anything you can get new for this money!
  6. chrisjpainter

    England vs New Zealand

    That's what I said... honest
  7. chrisjpainter

    England vs New Zealand

    'Rule 15.4: Each team has an offside line that runs parallel to the goal line through the ruck participants’ hindmost foot. Rule 15.6 A player may join alongside but not in front of the hindmost player.' Lawes is in the situation under 15.6. If we're to assume 'hindmost player' and 'hindmost foot' mean the same as 'hindmost foot' as in 15.4, I THINK Itoje is onside - just What's thrown it into confusion is the player in the circle. Lawes is behind the original ruck offside line but the clearout has pushed an England player's body back again. His feet, however are still in the ruck, so the 'hindmost foot' still puts Itoje onside. The offside line runs not where most of England are lined up, but more just (JUST) in front of where Lawes is standing. This is of course based on 'hindmost foot' and hindmost player meaning 'hindmost foot'. If it means 'hindmost player' then Lawes is offside Anyone know which it is?!
  8. chrisjpainter

    John Wilson

    Ach well that's desperate news 😞 Got me well and truly hooked
  9. chrisjpainter

    14 million in poverty

    So, your argument for saying a lot of people are in poverty of their own making is based on one situation where one individual had money to start with and blew it? Not sure how that proves a lot of people are to blame for the poverty they're in
  10. chrisjpainter

    Gortex over trousers

    Sir, I request some photographs! I've dropped you a PM
  11. chrisjpainter


    You're having the same problem as I'm having! It's a very yellow light too, which isn't helping and light reflecting off the water on the bill
  12. chrisjpainter

    England vs New Zealand

    Worth noting we got smashed in that game! I think lining up, shoulder to shoulder impassively staring down the AB's is the best way to do it. It shows cultural respect, doesn't rile up the kiwis and make them angry, but also shows a no fear spirit. Good for the game when done well
  13. chrisjpainter

    what the...on PW??

    Is anyone else seeing this weirdness showing up??
  14. chrisjpainter

    England vs New Zealand

    I agree, I think it was done brilliantly. The hukka was done and it was recognised by the England players standing and facing it - respectfully - but the crowd simply turned to their tradition of Swing Low. I'd so much rather that that the booing that's been meted out on occasion - most notably by welsh crowds. Great atmosphere
  15. chrisjpainter

    England vs New Zealand

    This is a test match! 15 mins in and it's breathless, brutal but very high quality - especially considering the weather