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  1. He is very very good at tackling. He's got amazing timing, but he is clever with it. if he takes a standing man, he drives up not forward, so there's no chance for the player to push back. but he doesn't lose control, so he never drops players illegally. Occasionally borderline offside, but the vast majority of those hits are superb. You're right, Farrell could learn a thing or two!
  2. You're saying this was murder?
  3. The problem with Russell is he loses as many games for Scotland as he wins. Yesterday, for one half he was outstanding, but he has absolutely wretched ones where it's just mistake after mistake. He either missed touch or kicked out on the full yesterday a couple of times in the first half and England made him pay. IF he could cut out those routine errors and the hugely costly brain-freeze decision making moments he has, then he'd be the best fly in the world. I'd still have Farrell at 10, but not give him the captaincy. The surprise for me was how good we looked in the centre with Tuilagi and Slade. A genuine partnership feeding off each other's strengths. It's going to make it tough for Jonathan Joseph and the other potentials to break back into the side
  4. By highlights, I guess you mean the whole match!
  5. Parisse deserved to be in a far better team than Italy. Did you see his one handed reach and take from the lineout? amazing. I dread to think how bad Italy will be without him. Just a wonderful game of rugby from start to finish - even if it was because each side only played for 40 minutes. Great fun to watch
  6. Well. That was ludicrous.
  7. I timed that badly, didn't I? They have wasted so many opportunities, they should have put France to bed!
  8. oh. have fun with that! Come on the Irish!! Also, Italy in real danger of breaking a 20-odd match losing run in the six nations! So many botched opportunities
  9. Fortunately MPs are on it and coming up with brilliant suggestions like this from the MP for North Cornwall... The responses are worth a look, too!
  10. unless it comes as the will of the people through a second referendum...
  11. No chance. Parliament will vote that down tomorrow
  12. Get the betting book open!
  13. It's mayhem! Prediction for the defeat?? 160 against for me
  14. They're all worth a watch. Slow, methodical and addictive TV
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