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  1. Only just seen this post! I would miss having a a low magnification optiong (x3 or x4) for air rifle shooting. Obviously, as you increase the mag you lose FOV, and for short ranges - for rat shooting and the like - it's really useful to be able to see a bit more through your scope. For hunting, x12 mag is about the maximum you'd really need with an air rifle. I used to have x16, but rarelly used the high mag and now my 3-12 Airmax 30 is just about perfect.
  2. Yeah it's getting to the point where there needs to be a complete review of high altitude climbing. People are dying because money talks louder than safety. Sherpas are forced to take ill prepared and poorly skilled climbers to the top or else risk losing money they desperately need. Meanwhile companies make a packet out of people, but can't risk bad reviews so force people to the top whether they're able to or not - and flog their sherpas into making it happen. and throughout this time the mountains get littered with rubbish and bodies, hence the rather glib 'rainbow valley'. It needs to stop. If I had my way, every mountain on the planet would be divided into levels. you could only qualify for the next level once you'd proved you had put the time in and had the experience on lower mountains, to stop people letting money endanger themselves and other people
  3. Hello, welcome to the site. nice introduction there. Have you got FAC? what do you count as mega money? Have you sorted the new general license? HW110, HW100, BSA R10, AA S410, AA S510, AAS200, Daystate Air Ranger, Daystate Hunntsman classic, Falcon FN..., Theoben MFR, Theoben rapid and so it goes on. That's before you look at springers. Any HW, especially the older models e.g HW80, HW77 HW95, HW 97, AA prosport, Theoben gas ram. My point is, there is no 'best air rifle'. we all have our favourites, but we might need a bit more information to say what would be worth thinking about for your tastes/budge/needs. aha, beat me to it!
  4. My partner rides. It makes me feel better about big expenditure on the yak, because I know it's a drop in the ocean compared to what keeping Woody costs!
  5. get her one too! problem solved.
  6. I've just watched it. Did anyone else? Saunders' footwork was something else for sure, but the guy he was fighting, Shefat Isufi, looked pretty ordinary. Hopefully it'll give Saunders a launchpad for some better fights, because this one was pretty tedious, despite a mid match wobble
  7. This is a great guide, again by another member of anglers afloat. http://www.kayakfishing.blog/blog/fishing-kayak-buyers-guide The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140 could also be worth a look. that's got such a nice seat on it too.
  8. That's an excellent mistake! To be honest I'd say that would be a better place anyway. Although my one gives a camera position, the seat does push back on it on occasion. I've pondered the idea of putting the flag at the back and finding somewhere else for the camera mount, but we'll see. Gives me something else to fiddle with anyway! mgsontour, take note! this is what it's like owning a fishing kayak. there are mini projects all over the place once you have one. There's endless scope to modify stuff when the tides or weather aren't playing ball!
  9. It is. the flag is sized to be a little bit bigger than the Railblaza one you can buy. The pole is an old fishing rod (so two piece for convenience) and it's got a camera mount on it for my action camera. The flag is made out of an old emergency bivvy bag that's been cut to shape
  10. Go for the standard one. I have that and it's a lovely gun. I don't get to use it as much as I'd like, but every time I do it's a joy to use.
  11. Second hand is definitely the way to go if you're patient. I got my current one (Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3) off gumtree and had to travel a wee bit to get it, but it was exactly what I was after. 14ft, ruddered up and came with paddle, fish finder, drysuit, trolley, anchor trolley, rocket tubes and pfd all included for £600. As it happened I didn't need any of that stuff, so just sold the rest and just kept the yak, but it was a great deal for the right boat. a couple of other things to think about are your weight and what kind of stability you're looking to get. Ones with good primary stability are great for beginners as they give a very stable feel on flat water and are easy to be in when you're learning the ropes. The downside is they're slower through the water. Good secondary stability makes it feel a little more tippy at first and is unsettling for new kayakers. It takes a while to get used to them, but they're a lot faster through the water and more stable if it gets a bit choppy. Give yourself a good margin below a kayak's state max carrying weight. If you're a heavy chap/chappess, then get something that has a higher capacity, as that will help you feel a bit more stable! For your first few trips, try not to over-complicate things! Don't fish, just paddle and get used to your boat and how it rides. Then gradually work your way into fishing from it. A world of headaches and tangles is waiting for you and you won't appreciate what they are until you have met them, so meet them gradually - not in one big horrid mess of paddle leashes, rod leashes, hooks embedded in your pfd, a stuck anchor and nowhere to put the third rod whilst you unhook the fish on the first and remove the hook from the PFD that's on the second! Henry D is bang on the money with the through-scupper trolleys. I think they must force the plastic to twist in ways it's not supposed to and that cracks it, but underneath, so you don't see it until you're out in the water and are no longer paddling a kayak but a submarine... The kit list for a yak fisher can be pretty endless, but get the safety stuff nailed first - or you might end up being one of those idiots we all moan about on Saving Lives at Sea, when the RNLI come out to rescue you but really just want to hit you with something unforgiving Oh and definitely join http://anglersafloat.proboards.com/ Here's my rig...
  12. I have found one that's already got £450 off it, but it's online, so I can't try it out first! The frame is the right size for me (I'm 5'9/10 and it's a 52, but it should fit), it's just I want to see whether it's worth getting first. It's got a shimano 105 groupset as opposed to the Soras on my current bike, and mechanical discs as opposed to hydraulics.
  13. I'm after a new bike. I'm thinking of going down the cyclocross route as I want something that'll be a little more road like in feel when on the road, but my partner's pretty nervous on the road and prefers the easy trails you get in National parks. The thing is I'm a bit of a novice as to what to look for, in particular the groupsets. My current bike (Specialized Sirrus Elite) has Soras and they feel a bit clunky, but I'm not sure where to look beyond that? 105? Ultegra? what's the difference between 105 R7000 and 105 5800?? What are the next stages up? looking to spend up to a max of £1000 but really, preferably lower than that. Any advice from anyone would be much appreciated
  14. Shouldn't be too hard. There's probably some loon who wants to shove it on the top of an air rifle It's a great scope, so someone will have it!
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