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  1. Eddie Hearn on Twitter: "Just at hospital in Dallas. Saunders stayed in overnight. Suffered multiple fractures to orbital area and will undergo surgery this afternoon." That could be Saunders done. One fracture's bad enough, but multiple fractures around the face and eye area? That might well be his goose cooked
  2. isn't 'don't get your face broken' kind of rule one of boxing though? I feel avoiding that is going to make life a lot easier
  3. Yes indeed. I don't like supporting non British fighters against Brits, but BJS makes it a lot easier! He gave Dubois such a kicking for dropping to his knee and getting the count out after Joyce broke his eye socket, so to see him quit on his stool for what sounds like it could be a similar injury is sweet poetic justice. And yeah...I'd love to see GGG get in the ring with Saunders; they'd have to scrape him off the canvas piece by piece
  4. A BSA owner by the look of the magazine he left behind
  5. It seems PigeonWatch has more power than it realises! The government is looking to include a ban on prosecutions for British soldiers for actions done during the troubles. Troubles: Anger at proposed 'ban' on prosecutions - BBC News
  6. I love a grey wagtail, they're so smart. Bright yellow and grey feels like a weird combination, but they pull it off so well. In other news, I saw my first ever Whiskered Tern today. There's a very obliging bird down at Abbotsbury Swannery right now. If you haven't seen one, forget any excitement you may have over the name (I see no whiskers) and concentrate on a very elegant, dainty bird skimming low over marshes suddenly swooping down onto invertebrates on the floor, plucking them up with their bills and moving on without landing. A charming if badly named bird. Four species in o
  7. This has been bubbling along in the background for sometime. Joe McCann was killed in 1972 after resisting arrest. The two soldiers don't deny they shot him, but they claimed they acted lawfully. They've been formally acquitted after the prosecutions case collapsed Joe McCann: Trial of two soldiers collapses - BBC News McCann was part of the official IRA. He was killed in April 1972, but the evidence relied heavily on testimonies given in 2010 Historical Enquiries Team, but that evidence was ruled inadmissible
  8. Yeah I'd heard this was in the pipeline. I think they'd had backup sites lined up anyway in case storms felled the nest, so with any luck their quick intervention will get the birds back and settled. Now to install some sentry guns and a crocodile in at the base to protect it.
  9. Which version? the 1967 one or the 2002 one with Damien Lewis? I've not seen the former, but the latter's very good indeed. It certainly ended better than the Line of Duty nonsense we had to endure yesterday!
  10. Bloodlands. I agree that was superb. Ironically, it's the same writer.
  11. Well that was a ruinous mess of a shambles.
  12. I missed my first really big bird of the year today. A pair of black winged stilts spent yesterday 15 minutes away from my house, but I only caught up with birdy news in the evening. I was on the reedbeds at 6am, but alas, they appear to have flown. But if you're anywhere between here and Seart Marshes in North Somerset, then keep your eyes and ears open. I'm wondering whether this pair is the one that bred on Steart last year and they stopped off at Lodmoor for a bite to eat before heading up north.
  13. Ordinarily, I'd agree. But I can absolutely see Nesbit being a complete Line of Duty lover and would love nothing more than yanking the chain of his fellow fans by appearing only as a face and a corpse, just to watch the internet explode. I know I'd do it if I was in his position...
  14. I REALLY hope it's not Hastings. It would be a stupid and illogical direction to take it in. I'd take just about anyone being H over him - including hearing 'Staying Alive' being played as a figure in shadow approaches, claiming to be H, before entering the light from a single street light, revealing it's none other than Jim Moriarty from Sherlock. The only one who would actually make sense (now the Police and Crime Commissioner is out of the picture, unless that's a bluff?) is Osborne. Fun fact. Those long interviews that they do are all filmed in one take. They mess up, they start
  15. Well...I have a new laptop, which actually works and is spot on. But Dell are an abomination when it comes to customer services! Getting rid of the one they broke has been an absolute nightmare. People promise to pick it up, they don't. they promise to call, they don't. I finally have a pick up time of this afternoon. And a delivery time, which is odd as I've not ordered anything! Nightmare
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