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  1. A surgeon who continues to operate on a patient, whilst being a defendant in a trial held over zoom... Doctor joins Zoom court hearing while operating on patient - BBC News
  2. Well that sounds like a barrel of laughs! Have you got a full list of your targets? how are you defining 'course'? Do grayling count? what about game fish caught on coarse tackle?? what about mullet?? Brill start for ye; crack on sir, you have the honour of Pigeonwatch at stake!
  3. It's a Long-tailed tit. They're often seen moving through the trees as family groups making tseet-tseet noises at each other. they're basically furry ping-pong balls with tails
  4. chrisjpainter


    Bother. Thanks for the warning; I was intrigued.
  5. It makes sense and to be honest I can't think of any other way round it. Gloucester on paper look a decent side with everyone fit.
  6. ah that's not what you said though. Wanting England to lose against every opposition is very different to it meaning nothing for your own team to demonstrate it's the best in the competition compared to beating one nation. Somewhat small minded surely.
  7. Ah a question for you sir, if I may? Do you think the lack of relegation from the Prem has adversely affected intensity? Now there's nothing to play for, it must have drained a bit of desperation out of the team?
  8. Isn't that...a bit...childish? Trading a Grand Slam for one match? To be so whole-heartedly defined by another nation, it sort of sounds like Wales is nothing without the English...
  9. He had no control of the ball. the ball went forward onto his leg, but the lack of control is key, which is why everyone in the comms box and the pundits in the studio (even Sam Warberton was 50-50) and even the Welsh team, it seemed, thought it was a knock on. When a Welshman doesn't celebrate a try against the English, you've got to think there's something fishy going on... And it definitely doesn't explain the embarrassment of the first try! That said, England's discipline cost them. Wales held theirs so deserved to win.
  10. So England lose. But I wonder what we're going to be talking about... That's right. England ill-discipline Jones needs to sort it and not just blame the ref.
  11. What's this guy doing?! EVERYONE including the Welsh players knew that was a knock on. Everyone in the comms box says it's not a try. Credit to the Welsh for not celebrating.
  12. No I'm not having that from the ref. You can't tell Farrell to 'have a word with [his] players' then say play on when he's having the word and are out of position. Then say to Farrell 'No I talk...I have listened.' and walk away. Referees should have respect, but they should deserve it too.
  13. What was in the sandwich? True and true. But it's been 30 losses in a row now and they've got some really batterings in that time including in the most recent tournaments. Those moments seem a very long time ago Kick, kick, kick. Don't let it go on like this...
  14. I don't know whether I just can't remember how bad they were when they joined, but I can't believe that they're any better these days, given the way they're playing. It's not just skill level, it's that they seem to lack any game nous, something you'd have thought would be coming through if they were truly progressing as a top tier team. Year in, year out they look so naïve. Would Georgia be able to progress any more? I can't see they'd be any worse after 20-odd years of being in the tournament
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