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  1. I didn't watch it, as I was out fishing, but apparently SA looked like they tired? If that's the case, it'll be interesting to see how this series progresses, because some of the players in this Lions squad have got serious fuel tanks in them. Roll on the next one...
  2. Brutal eh? Great win for Carapaz, but once again the British race had an inevitable twist to it...Geraint Thomas crashed! It's amazing he's had the success he has, given the regularity with which he hits the tarmac.
  3. Chris Yates still is. Although I don't think he'll ever actually die, more just be subsumed into nature, with his voice becoming a ghostly commentary of some idyllic dew pond of the west.
  4. chrisjpainter

    Bird ID.

    Time of year says otherwise. Jack snipe presence: Source: Wetland Bird Survey 2019/20, printed on BTO website Backed up by the RSPB's species description: Source: RSPB Website Obviously it's not cast iron, but it's hugely in favour of common snipe, given that that's a year round bird and the jack's a winter migrant.
  5. Yeah I think Van Aert deserves the plaudits. Top three riders for the tour for me. Pogocar's just been an unstoppable force, Cav's resurgence puts him up there too, but Van Aert's all round stage winning has been sensational, particularly that solo ride in the final days
  6. Yes indeed. Just one stage too many. Still, he's proved he's still got the firepower. Come next year as long as he's still in decent shape, he'll be a shoe-in for the team for the next year's TdF. Then he'll have a whole tour to bag one. I hope they do find a way to get fans back safely. A security cordon on the Champs Elise is the one place on the tour they don't need it! Up in the mountains or the rural roads where people are forever shoving banners out in front of riders (or er...throwing urine), maybe. But in Paris? It feels unnecessary
  7. chrisjpainter

    Bird ID.

    Did it bounce? Jacks are forever bouncing up and down, but I agree with a common snipe diagnosis. It looks pretty large for a jack and its posture is more upright, more typical of the common than the Jack
  8. It's finally begun! Already we've had one big upset as USA were beaten 3-0 in the women's football by Sweden. Team GB started with an acceptable 2-0 over Chile. But the big news for the shooting world is Amber Hill is out with a positive Covid test. All this talk of athletes being secure? It turns out they're not so secure after all. I'm amazed it's still going ahead, especially as Japan can't recoup losses with ticket sales and tourism trade anyway as it's all behind closed doors. Madness, but then the world is very mad these days. Anyone got anything they're particularly looking forward to?
  9. 15km to go, breakaway still has 20 seconds. I hope that disappears, so Cav gets his shot...
  10. Cunk: So who was Ron? Expert on 19th Century poets: Is there a Ron? Cunk: Yeah, the one who wrote all those poems and signed them Byron
  11. A shed load of plastics in good condition. Sizes range from tiny drop shot grubs up to about 4" for some of the larger pieces and the 90 SG Jerkster Roach. Box included 24lb wire trace Texas/Carolina weights 2 drop shot rigs on winder with three weights big assortment of jigs from 3g up to 25g but most between 3 and 10g, various hook sizes £35 Happy to post, but P&P is extra, otherwise pickup from Dorchester, Dorset area
  12. The patio is pretty misshapen...
  13. Oh great. So if I dig it out, I'm going to be haunted by a dead cat? Well that'll liven up the evenings.
  14. Since moving in a year or so ago, we've just been treading water with the garden, but today all that changed and I assaulted it from every flank. It's now looking ordered and much healthier. I also discovered a rockery. Now my understanding of rockeries is limited, but I'd always assumed one should make them in a place that gets plenty of sun, with nothing that can shade it and with good open space. This one's facing north, initially under a well established Syringa and then further covered by an oak tree - with a blackthorn hedge further protecting it from the sun for good measure. When I discovered it, it was just full of Campanula, which I'm guessing wasn't meant to be there. It looks carefully built, so can anyone hazard a guess as to what might have been intended to be in there, given its shady, sun deprived location?
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