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  1. Shout out for rapid.25, cheers Ian for the old springer, very much appreciated. Stay safe mate
  2. LOL mine was £89 and I still cant use it, eye relief is not sufficient for my old eyes.
  3. If you use a rifle scope you will need to bring the pistol close to your face so the end of the scope is only a few inches away from your eye. A pistol scope is designed to be viewed about 16 to 20 inches away.
  4. Weihrauch 2x, nowt wrong with it, but my eyes don't let me focus through it, missus says its fine, so must just be me getting old 🙄
  5. I can't get on with the scope on my Hw45, I'm going to try a red dot.
  6. Only 1 In me garden, but I've only had me hw45 for two weeks 😊
  7. Hey thats brilliant! Thank you very much Ian, if you dont want anything for it other than post I will donate a few quid to a local charity 🙂 Dan
  8. Hello all returning air gun shooter after 40 years, yes I am old lol. Into springers, just got an HW45 pistol to terminate some rats (well aint pigeons just rats with wings??) and a bit of target practise. Will be getting meself an old rusty project springer next, ideally webley tempest or similar, so I can take the ****** to bits without worrying if it dont go back together quite right 🙂 Cheers Dan
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