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  1. Yeah, I do intend checking it out. I don't think it's correct. We are encouraged to eat what we shoot where possible, so would be a bit contradictory to then penalize a member.
  2. While watching a pest control clip on you tube, the guy was rambling on about various topics. One thing he commented on was insurance. He stated if a business is a member, it must be declared so appropriate fee can go paid. OK, understand that. He then went on to say that if a private membership is taken up, any pest control carried out is covered unless for gain or reward. He then goes on to say if you take home any rabbit / pigeon from your day out this is classed as gain or reward, so basically nullifies any cover should you need to make a claim. Is this correct ?
  3. If the price cap relates to the maximum price for units used and daily standing charge for medium usage with an average size family, and given as an annual figure, what is this cap in pence for the units and standing charge ? I have looked and can find no figures.
  4. When I was 11 years old, 1969, the postmaster in our local post office used to give me 1 shilling (5p) to deliver telegrams for him.
  5. Yes, by the looks it, Anna Lily is correct. Thank you all.
  6. Anyone on here know a bit about moorcroft ? When a friends mother passed away several years ago I was given a lamp which I still use as a gesture to remember her. It turns out to be Moorcroft, which I expect he is unaware of. I would like to find out if there is any value to it and if so offer it back to him, which I feel is the correct thing do. I have done some searches online for the pattern and signature to no avail. It has several markings on the base, with a signature of DJS or DJ5 and a 98. I would guess it's classed as a floral design. Cheers in advance.
  7. What I do also is rub the apple on the tree like a cheese grater type action, this creates a scent trail but not a visible sighting that could attract birds.
  8. I can see from your pic that you have adapted that trigger, but do you use any traps as they come ? The trigger seems to move a short distance before firing the trap. Edit to add - Do you use tunnels so the trap can be set off both ways, or do you only use a blind set up entering from one direction only ?
  9. When using fenn 4 or 6 for squirrels the kill bar catches around neck for a quick result. But with the bodygrip 110 or 116, the design / size of the trap the kill bar catches around mid body, so I guess that is why it's called a bodygrip trap. So, will this mid body strike area give a quick death , bearing in mind the force of a bodygrip ? I am thinking of attaching a short length of pliable wire to the trigger so kill bar strikes a fraction earlier.
  10. While trying to catch the squirrels going into my friends outbuildings, fenns and bodygrip, traps not gone off bait gone and mice droppings in the tunnels. Even in woods 6 foot up a tree they'd find it, mice seem to be everywhere. I tried small bird seed by the handful to distract them and keep them busy to no avail. What I found helps is big size bait, currently using apple cut into quarters or carrots, which seems to be working for now.
  11. I might have given the wrong impression. When I said I could see a heat mirage, I meant as I looked across the field towards target due to being very hot day, and not coming off barrel / moderator.
  12. Silverfox 1 - the barrel is free floated, and the fore end is very stiff. Sauer do very good composite stocks. How does putting a cover on a moderator help keep it cool ? Wouldn't a cover keep heat in ?
  13. It was more the silencer than the barrel, but I appreciate what you are saying and realize it is not to be done.
  14. I had the same op as you Steve, in 2017, was told 6 weeks to heal and up to 3 years to really settle. It seemed to settle although not 100 % , but it now seems to be going backwards. I find sitting, especially driving where a belt is being pulled into you stomach gives pain / discomfort, even wearing a belt with trousers is bad, so much so I whenever possible wear braces. Right on the scar, it seems to feel if the mesh is playing up inside.
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