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  1. Just done a Google, a company called South Survey from Lancashire, with some interesting stuff on there.
  2. Konnie, if I got those and he got his hands on them I would never see them again. LOL Silver pigeon 69, yeah they look good, but if made of plastic would probably suffer the same fate as the hazard tape, unless they are available in hard plastic, I will do a Google now and see. Those boxes in the hedge are to check out what mice are in the area.
  3. This would be easy to find, but would a tractor driver notice it ?
  4. Like i've mentioned before, i trap moles on a friends farm to help him out and for a hobby / exercise. I have tried various trap marking systems, but still have not found the perfect set up. I have used cane sticks in the past but these are not ideal. I am using at the moment barbecue skewers with red / white hazard warning tape tied to them, these are great - easy to find and are visible to tractor drivers, but have one BIG fault, they are irresistible to sheep. I try to work around the stock, but this year due to lamb prices being not too good they are late going to market so are still on the farm at the moment. GPS is not an option, and taking into account markers must be easy to carry / visible to tractors / animal proof, does anybody have the ULTIMATE trap marking system ?
  5. Well first try. Friday, nice sunny day predicted after fog, so left it until 11am to warm up a bit. Undecided on the 20g or fac air but settled on the fac air running at 34 lbs. Within 100 yds of the car walking up the lane squirrel feeding on the floor under a chestnut tree, gun is zeroed at 40 yds ( shoot out to 60 ), guessed it to be about 30 yd, easy one, 1 nil to me. Had pre thought in this scenario to try out the call as squirrel was relaxed to observe reaction but got excited. There are no game shoots here to draw them into feeders but little hot spots in the small woods / spinneys. Got to the first , and immediately disturbed one on the floor that ran away from me, no interest in the call. Onto a small wood same thing happened with two disturbed. Further on in the next wood sat on a bank and called blind, there are some big Oak trees here so using a small pair of binoculars spotted one clamped to a branch ranged at 51 yds, but unshootable. Was it already there or did it come in ?, can't honestly say. So on this first outing, caller did not have a proper test. One thing I noticed was caller was quite loud, so needs to be used with kid gloves.
  6. You don't seem to see much about them as you do fox callers ( which we know work ), so I am sceptical. Thought about getting one several times but have never got round to it. However, my apprentice ( my farmer friends 11 yr old ) , has acquired his father's old Webly Vulcan, and has desperately been trying to get near the squirrels. So it is going to be some fun for him ( and me ). Just been playing with it and actually sounds ok.
  7. So, I've after about 5 years thinking about it, bought a squirrel call. Waste of time or no ?
  8. That bloody moggy left me a smelly calling card again and then stuck two fingers ( or claws ) by nicking a mouse trap.
  9. Put a camera up and had a suprise. It cannot be the culprit as no trap tunnels or traps were disturbed, due to the restricted entry points I had employed, but sniffing around was a tom cat who decided to lift his tail and **** over one of my tunnels. I also found his calling card in the shape of a **** nearby. Not the farm cat, so where he came from I don't know. The nearest house is a couple of fields away, so how far does a cat wander on its nocturnal outings ? With his predator scent marking there I suppose rats / mice will now venture elsewhere.
  10. I have the Aldi ones, £72 and more than good enough. I have seen the same ones, different colours badged as an expensive make.
  11. Personally I would not recommend muckboots. Great initially, lovely and warm, but don't last. My pair lasted less than a year with very little use.
  12. I have been finding egg shells attract and seem to be left alone by mice. I started using this after finding 7 egg shells in and around the hole at the base of a tree, near chicken coop. Had 2 in a week in a fenn Mk6, after ensuring the area was chicken, dog and cat proof. Anyone seen a squirrel carrying a chicken egg ?
  13. Yep, probably falling asleep against disco speakers in my youth, working in a manufacturing environment and shooting in the early days when people were ignorant of the damage caused. Can range from a low hum, to a high squeal, to a whoosing sound. The most annoying I find is when you can hear your heartbeat in both ears. The more quiet it is the more you will notice it. They say to have a background noise like a low volume radio. When shotgunning I always use some sort of protection, as I do when zeroing rifles, but when I am out with the .223 or hmr for the odd shot I don't. Do others do the same ?
  14. Assuming what is taking my trapped rodents is a rat, perhaps I should be using meat as bait rather than peanut butter. In the trap today was a mouse with the kill bar right in the middle of it's head. So as the head could not be moved, something chewed through the neck again and took the whole body. In fact I am going to try that, use some sort of raw meat instead of my usual bait.
  15. The 4x4 starts with the second model the essential. Haven't got it yet, only built last week, dealers take orders and then a production run starts when a set figure is reached. I had the 1.6 petrol, gut feeling tells me to stay away from diesel.
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