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  1. I do try to get as much elevation as I can, and to be honest as all my zeroing is done on my friends farm, he is very accommodating and I have the run of the place. We are good friends, and I hold the position of " Senior Vermin Control Officer ", or " Only Vermin Control Officer ". But as you can imagine, stock has more priority than me. I'll run it past him and see if he can think of anything.
  2. We used a steamer to get the wallpaper off. The board was like a grey type of cardboard with a paper outer. So in some places where it got too wet, it started to peel away, then when broke off left like little tufty bits poking out, if that makes sense. The scrapers gouged a bit also. When the gritty stuff was applied, it was then like a coarse sandpaper.
  3. Last time I zeroed my .223 I had a sloping field and behind it a 5 bar metal gate leading into a second field with a steep bank. But one of the bullets somehow must have instead of burying itself into the ground bounced up and left a nice dent in the top bar of the gate. At least it certainly looks like I was the culprit. There is no hole or lead residue, but looks like a dent that could have come from a bullet strike. I did when I had the gun new try a few target rounds but now only use v max. There is no 100 % proof that I done it but I am assuming that I did. I might add that the ground in
  4. My mother in law had internal walls skim plastered. Some of the walls were not brick, but not plaster board either, the builder said a name that I can't remember ( council house built in the 60 ' s ) , that used to be used to keep costs down. When getting the old wallpaper off the boards were gouged a bit, the builder painted them with what looked like a glue with sand in it and plastered over. After leaving to dry, plaster was painted with 50 /50 emulsion and water, prior to one or two top coats of neat emulsion. However, there are some patches on the new plaster that seems darker in col
  5. Steve, ask her what's the name of the ship in the film " mutiny on the bounty ". My mother in law didn't know as she hasn't seen the film.
  6. Just came across a company called Empire Cartridges. From England. Is this a new set up ? Never heard of them before.
  7. When I seen the recoil of the 308 it seemed quite harsh. When I use a 12g shotgun I use as low a load as I can get away with, I have 25g up to 30g. I can automatically bang bang 2 barrels with 30g or 28g load, but I wouldn't fancy it with a 308. But shooting a moving gun as opposed to a static one is easier.
  8. On the other hand, the manufacturer got back to me straight away. I sent them pics as requested, but some of the solutions they suggested was like if we were on a different page to each other. Also, I would have thought that they would have wanted the mounts back for inspection, but no.
  9. Cheshire Gun Room. Am I correct in thinking that if e mail is not delivered for any reason, the sender is notified ? I allowed extra time taking into account Corvid virus problems like less staff available, checked my spam folder but never had any response from them.
  10. I perhaps should have been more clear. What I am asking is a comparison between a 308 rifle load and a 30 gram shotgun load regarding recoil.
  11. I know when roost shooting it involves woods. But when normal decoying is it desirable to be close/ adjacent to a wood ? Is it good that the shot keeps birds in the air or bad that it pushes them out of the area ?
  12. I was watching a you tube clip with a shooter using a 308 rifle. I noticed how much recoil was involved. So, out of interest, what sort of powder charge would be in a standard load of a 30g shotgun cartridge and in a 308 ?
  13. Well, firstly an apology to the people following this post showing interest, for the long time in replying. As mentioned, I told the manufacturer I did not want any more e mail from them as that would not solve my dilemma. The shop purchased from did not answer e mail, and I always thought if an email was not delivered a message would come back to me, so I'm assuming they received mail from me. Between lockdown I have not been in any shops until yesterday, from 17th March to 17th August due to shielding. I think like everybody else together with general life's little problems I got a
  14. The one in Mellors pic I have, but with a green wire frame, the arms are returned by an elastic band. I probably bought it in the late 80' s, via a shooting mag.
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