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  1. My friend has had more rats on his farm this year than ever. None are being seen running around, but there are small, half grown, three quarter and fully grown being caught in fenn and snap traps, from multiple broods. I have had squirrels and rabbits eaten in the traps on previous occasions which we proved to be a cat, which seems to turn up from wherever when it feels like. But now prowls a cannibalistic rat. All rat traps are secured by chain and all in tunnels or covered so they are cat, dog, kid, sheep, cow and horse proof. These traps are checked regularly, but about 1 in 3 catches are eaten, with only skin and tail left. I baited a trap with a dead mouse wired to it, it caught a rat, but rat and mouse were both eaten. I have noticed some pretty large droppings, so is there a monster cannabilistic rat running around ? Will a rat tend to stick with flesh once it has a taste ? I might add, these rats are in congested out buildings, so do not offer shooting.
  2. He's blown it, it's supposed to be a secret.
  3. 30-6

    PayPal question

    I tried to make a payment via PayPal but it was stuck on the processing stage of the process. I back tracked, to cancel the operation as I had not confirmed payment. So started again, but when asked for billing and shipping address ( I am having items delivered to my brother ), I mistakenly put his address in both options, although billing address should be mine. It all went through, and I have received email from company and PayPal as expected. Should something have flagged up to the effect that billing address was wrong ?
  4. Does anyone know of a link to advice on how to tweak a trigger on a fenn scissor mole trap ? Also I think called a Yorkshire trap. I have been given a few but advised to adjust the triggers as they are a bit hard to set off. I have done various phrased searches but to no avail.
  5. 30-6

    Do I need

    I am going to buy a Hills mk5 pump as my dive bottle seems to keep needing a test before I need a re-fill, as I don't use the air rifles often enough. Does the Hill pump come with the correct fittings to use with an Air Arms connector ?, one of the original type where you pull back the spring loaded front to connect male and female.
  6. I once bought long time .410 3 inch BB size shot, from a game fair. Apparently they were an order for South Africa by Eley and surplus stock and being sold off. Gave them to a gamekeeper. Bet they would be a collection item now, never seen any other than those. Sold my o/u .410 to a youngster starting off, regretted it many times.
  7. 30-6

    Corded phone

    I thought that mains would only be needed for answer phone, but after e mailing BT, the phone I had in mind, several things answer phone, caller display etc required mains feed.
  8. 30-6

    Corded phone

    A corded landline is recommended as it will work in a powercut, cordless will not. Mobile phones to me are not reliable, I still use a pay as you go Nokia, use it very little, about £15 or £20 a year.
  9. 30-6

    Corded phone

    I need to change a corded landline. There is no mains plug where it is to go. One with no answer phone is £30 ,one with is £33. So for the sake of £3 I was thinking of getting the answer phone one, just in case I ever move phone at a later date. So with no mains plug available, will the phone ,caller display etc work OK ? I assume all will be OK, just the answer phone bit won't work, which I don't mind. Edit to add. There is a telephone socket where it is to go.
  10. 30-6

    Whats next?????

    I can remember, a while ago, gp telling me to try to call him for a test result " if you can get past the rottweilers " on the desk.
  11. Well in the end a BSA meteor was not available anywhere, he went for a look in SGC, and came away with a Gamo swarm whisper, which came with mounts and scope. Had his first squirrel, so happy 13 year old.
  12. I have an old Tasco Golden Antler TV view scope fixed 4x40 which I believe is set to 100 yds parallax. Would this be suitable for use on a sub 12 ft/ lb .22 PCP ? I want to set up a dedicated ratting shooting rig with a scope mounted lamp, so probably 12 yds ish zero. It's just sitting there doing nothing, and the thick posts of the reticle are easy to see using a low powered red lamp. Or would parallax be an issue ?
  13. We had it in a fenn. Next door neighbour works in a kitchen and they have small buckets which hold ready made pastry which they put in recycling as they are non returnable to supplier, which seems crazy to me. Anyway, mk6 fenn fits perfect when set in bottom and when fired just clears fitted lid. With a zip clip fastened to kill bar and pushed through drilled small hole in side of bucket you can see if trap has gone off easily. Small length of 4 inch drainage pipe fixed into hole cut in side of bucket as an entry point, handful of dry hamster mix food, good go, steps straight onto trigger plate, I did add a bit of wood to trigger plate so trap is activated a little sooner so kill bars catch around chest and not too far back on rat.
  14. 30-6


    Haven't tried it outdoor yet, but played with it in house and the hot rox seem warm enough.
  15. I have an aa s200 sub 12 and an aa s410 xtra in fac. I'm finding that my divers bottle is going out of test between refills, so I have decided to get a Hills hand pump, so that solves that little dilemma. But, I have an urge to treat myself to a break barrel. I've always used .22 so might go .177. Something just to grab as I go out to cover the times when a squirrel jumps out in front of the car as you drive up the farm lane and you think should have brought a gun. After a quick peruse looking at BSA lightening or a HW 99s, any suggestions ? This of course might just be a fad I'm having at the moment because the fat man in a red suit didn't leave me Kylie Minouge or Joanna Page, and I'm still pouting. Am I too old at post 60 for such a desire, the gun I mean, I would have taken a chance on those beautiful ladies.
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