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  1. Talking to a farmer, he asked if I had any suggestions to monitor in real time a field of sheep. I looked at spypoint trail cams but they only give about 30 ish yards range. So does anyone know of a CCTV type set up running off batteries that would cover a field and relay to a smartphone ? Reason behind this is last year he lost 9 sheep to dog attacks and wants some sort of warning or evidence if a recurrence happens. I have assured him that if such a setup exists someone from PW will know.
  2. Seem to be reading a lot in the shooting mags about dry firing with an empty chamber can improve technique with rifle shooting, so why do they advocate using snap caps for a shotgun ?
  3. Haven't shot or seen many rabbits for over a year. Then this year a couple have appeared on a local farm that I know well. Being concerned as they are in his silage bales as well as on the fields the farmer has declared war. Couple of traps in the bales for mainly the smaller ones ( which I have to beat his cat to get whole ) and rifle for selective bigger ones in the adjacent fields. Back to the main point, just had slow cooker rabbit off the bone, beans and potatoes from the garden ( given to me ) all of which were breathing / growing two days ago, knob of butter on top with black pepper.
  4. When I got some body grip traps a while back, I made tunnels for floor and tree mounted use. Have had some squirrel on the floor ones, and recently my farmer friend was seeing squirrels 20 yds from his front door in his recycling bags. Set one up about 6 feet up a nearby tree, vertical. Put some peanut butter on the trigger and had a squirrel within days. Yesterday went over and had a mouse. How the bars managed to get it surprised me. How are other pw " trappers " getting on with bodygrips ?
  5. I know you need a mains and a telephone socket for a cordless phone base station, but does this base station need to plugged into a primary ( first ) telephone socket, or can it go anywhere in the line ?
  6. Can I use a paint pad on lining paper ? We've had lining paper on a rough plastered landing / stairs for several years. We want to go from a terracotta to white. Cut in with a brush and finished with a roller. I knew I would need two coats, but after the second coat, the old colour has gone but the finish is patchy, the brush / roller seems to be putting on different amounts of paint. Will a pad even it up for me if I go all over again ? The paint is valspar matt emulsion, dries quick so it is like trying to put on tarmac.
  7. 30-6

    Growing lettuce

    Well I had a brain wave. Read that fertiliser is best into the roots, so invented a " close cropping lettuce special irrigation tool " ( patent pending ). A funnel jammed into a short length of 10mm plastic pipe. Wiggle said pipe between close cropping lettuce and tip in irrigation solution of choice. Sorted. Bet Ditchman hasn't made one.
  8. Don't they pivot forwards / backwards if only 2 legs are grounded ?
  9. 30-6

    Growing lettuce

    I am growing a couple of containers of veg with my 4 year old granddaughter. Beans, carrots, strawberries and lettuce. The lettuce are the ones that you pick a leaf off and it re-grows and are various coloured leaves. Question is, I dilute phostrogen as a fertiliser, and the lettuce are very close together. Can I just water over the leaves and wash before eating ? Or should I avoid getting any fertiliser onto the leaves ?
  10. When using quad sticks how are the legs arranged ? Are the legs separate on the ground, like 2 bipods, or are they joined at the bottom so the 4 legs touch the ground at the same time in pairs or are they joined at the bottom, but one slightly higher than the other, so only 2 out of the 4 actually are grounded ?
  11. 30-6

    Trapline Mole traps

    Just in case you are getting some. There are two sizes, the size you need is the larger for the European mole, apparently the US moles are smaller. A tip I can give you if you do use them is :- they have to be set at an angle to try to dissuade the mole from going underneath. I found them easier to set in heavy type soil where you can wiggle them in to get stuck. I did used to put a cocktail stick in the rear loop to help hold them in place as the mole entered, the stick would then snap as the trap triggered. Better now though I find is to open up the gape of a fencing staple and push this down over the spring. It doesn't interfere with the operation of the trap and stops the trap going backwards if it is not tight in the soil. Have you tried the NO-MOLS or PUTANGE ? Caught a few in these on three holers, and also find them good if placed facing the last fresh molehill where the mole is extending his runs and there is a run going to a dead end.So you have last fresh molehill - short run - dead end. Like I just mentioned, put in the short run facing the molehill so when he comes along to continue, he'll walk straight into the trap. Looking at them you would think there is not enough room for the mole to enter, but they do. Just thought, you may already be using these. If so, not trying to preach just trying to be helpful.
  12. 30-6

    Trapline Mole traps

    Just to let you know, I have 4 of them.Would not buy them again Bought them as I like trying different traps and my nephew brought them over from America. You can get them in this country now. They are fiddly to set, get tangled in each other if stored together and one has broken, and quite expensive. If like me you like trying different traps give them a go, I have caught in them but I would as mentioned above not buy anymore.
  13. How many of you use the stop / start feature on modern cars ? I find myself de-activating it.
  14. I am trying another marker now. I have zip clipped and heat shrink tubed hard plastic plant markers onto kebab sticks, in the hope that sheep leave them alone, a lot of them are going to market next week. Thanks for all the input. A lot of good ideas for future use.
  15. I see a couple of requests from collectors for shotgun cartridges. Would they prefer them fired or unfired or is there no preference ? If unfired and not able to do a face to face and physically inspect their certificate, how would they legally be able to send through post ? Would it be acceptable to see a photocopy of their certificate and send them through the post or would it have to be RFD to RFD ?
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