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  1. 30-6

    BKL mounts problem

    I have just e-mailed the RFD shop I had them from and BKL in America. I suggested that would it be possible they are "faulty " or could they have been used and are "second hand". Let's see what each says.
  2. 30-6

    BKL mounts problem

    Had them from an online RFD. If you look on the BKL website, the leaflet that came with the mounts is shown on there, under the 500 series. There is an explanation to increase the width, but not to decrease, it is done by what they term the spreader hole. I have read since posting this query, that they are machined from a solid block with a purpose made weak spot, that will give to accommodate different widths. However, I still am not comfortable forcing screws to lose 2 mm.
  3. Bought a pair of BKL 566 risers 11mm dovetail to 20mm picatinny, to put NV on an AA s200. In the instruction leaflet it states if too tight remove clamping screw, fit into the threaded hole on the mount and tighten so as to widen the width. However, the gun dovetail is 11mm and the mount dovetail is 13 mm, the exact opposite. So, am I expected to decrease this 2 mm by really tightening the clamping screws ? The mount is machined from one solid piece, so would it give or snap ? Never come across anything like this before, and it seems odd that it tells you how to widen but not decrease the width. Surely for a well known and respected item it should fit in the first place anyway.
  4. 30-6

    That was scary

    Just writing on my tablet in the airgunning section and the automated prediction thingy threw up " Ditchy ". Where did that come from ? Wasn't writing about him or moles or nothing.
  5. Yeah with normal 30mm high on the photon all is well on the s200. Don't want to go back to single loading, ditching the 10 shot. The photon sits in the cupboard and needs more use.
  6. Yeah, what it is I have a photon on a quick detach offset picatinny rail which I use on another rifle, so rather than having to keep taking it on and off, and fit high mounts like on the s200 dayscope, am trying to source a riser rail to suit the 10 shot magazine. I can find some but they are very close to what I need for clearance. I am on shielding until 16th August so cannot get to local shop. I am thinking somebody else must have overcome this problem and has the answer.
  7. Top of barrel to centre of scope tube will be about 2 1/2 inches. At present with day scope fitted it is 1 3/4 inches
  8. Can anyone suggest, or tell me what they have if they've done it as below. 11mm to picatinny riser rail, for an AA s200 with a 10 shot magazine fitted. I reckon taking into account the two small domed screws which are on top of the magazine, the rail will have to give at least 18 mm clearance. I have a photon with an extended picatinny rail for eye relief used on another rifle, and want to be able to use it on the s200. I have looked at so many from various makes I am confusing myself. Cheers
  9. Used to work with a woman who flaked out in high temperature, we used to refer to her as horizontal Hazel.
  10. As title, what is the size of a mk 2, can't seem to find out in any reviews or on web. Looking to put picitanny adapter for NV photon. Cheers
  11. 30-6

    Wasp sting

    Years, a long time ago, I was fishing on Llangorse lake with my brother in law in a boat, had a can of coke open placed beside me, went to have a drink and got a wasp in my mouth but it never stung me. We used to as kids leave a bit of jam in the bottom of the jar, and have competitions who had the most next day when they got stuck. Was telling my brother about the 6 stings, his last job before retiring was council pest controller, he said he was stung 35 times at the same time. Went a bit queasy but carried on working. He is 73 this year and never been in hospital. He used to carry with him as part of his kit a piece of 2 X 2 inch shaped to his specifications which he called his " persuader " , on one job I remember him telling me he had a call for a rat in a domestic bedroom, which had gone in a draw full of clothes, the woman was petrified, he said don't worry I will go and get my persuader, she asked what his persuader was and when he came back said this persuades them to come out. Never been stung by a bee, can you react to a bee if your ok with wasp, or are they similar what they inject in you ?
  12. Just looking on the Hornady web site at .223 ammo, and could not see 40g v max listed anymore. Have they discontinued this in .223
  13. 30-6

    Wasp sting

    In my in laws garden today and disturbed a wasp nest. Had me 6 times, even went through gloves and jeans.
  14. Sink holes are one of my greatest fears.
  15. Don't know why, but while perusing this very interesting thread, " Simple Simon " flashed through my head. I reckon if PW had a thread of the year award like the soaps award, this would definitely win. I think he doesn't want to harm it as he's grown too fond of it or them. You are going to miss it when it's gone, you'll be bored to tears.
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