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  1. I nearly took out plans for my wife and myself. After thought, I told my two boys to cash in our premium bonds. 6k each, so no interest, any more will have to be found via our estate. I hope that we are going to be around for a bit, but I think that would cover it. It's money we saved especially for this and hopefully we won't have to dip into it.
  2. My wife has twice had treatment to break up stones, and two operations. I believe they can be of different make up , she was told not to eat rhubarb or spinach. I about 30 plus years ago was awoke with severe pain, unable to keep still and pacing up and down, vomiting green and yellow bile. Was told it was a kidney stone, but on ultrasound was not found. They reckoned I must have passed it without seeing it.
  3. I got a 2019 plate ( built in Nov 2018 ), manual petrol 1.6 4x4. Had a jimny for over 12 years and loved it. Only changed as grandchildren needed a 5 door. I paid just over £13,000 as I ordered the optional spare wheel. Essential model, white as it is cheaper. Love the 6 gears, you get used to taking off in second. Get average short and long journey 36 plus mpg. Can hit 70 mph on motorway no problems. Bit plasticy, think outer door handles, but overall very happy with it. Haven't really put it off road only farm tracks due to all the lockdown stuff and weather. Would
  4. While just normal, shopping etc, I drive my Duster in eco mode. On a motorway, I switch it off. But I seem to feel the petrol gauge drops quicker on eco than when it's off. Is this due to the shorter driving conditions ? This is on a 1.6 petrol 4wd, driving in 2wd.
  5. Very warm, bit clumpy to wear. Would I buy another pair ? DEFINITELY NOT. The rubber outer started splitting and the inner material wore away. Didn't last a year of very little, light use. Add - these were Muckmasters
  6. Anybody using or has used this mole trap ? Any views, good or bad ? I like trying new / different types.
  7. 30-6

    Cleaning pellets

    I agree, everyone has their own idea of when to clean. This is just an annual clean of all rifles. I have put a pull through, through it, using the straw trick to protect the crown. I was hoping that a cleaning pellet would get anything that the patch could miss. I have only ever cleaned it once before and was curious about trying something different.
  8. If I fired a .22 cleaning pellet, felt I think, through my AA s410 xtra fac, which has a shrouded barrel, would it exit ok ? The barrel ends a couple of inches in. I am concerned the 34 ft/ lbs energy might break up the felt pellet, or it might catch in the shroud. Or will the power just whoosh it out ?
  9. On the .223 I have a DPT moderator, non- magnum .22 option. If zeroing I use over ear protection as a lot of shots are to be expected. If just one or two shots are expected I use Napier 9 ear protection ( shotgun ), which allows a little outside noise to be heard. If I purchased another baffle to add on, would that allow me to dismiss ear protection for one or two shots ? Or would it still not be quiet enough ?
  10. We put cameras in the both lofts and gardens, all showed rat activity. It was discovered the rats were getting in the kitchen extension of the neighbour and then entering the lofts of both houses. It was interesting to know both gardens had recently had work done on them. Between a couple of fenns and snap traps, 7 have been accounted for between both houses. Did adapt a bodygrip upside down with a step on trigger, but nothing in that. Bait was good old peanut butter and hamster mix. No interest showed in chocolate or cat food. Saw the large one climb up the corner of a ver
  11. 30-6

    Pain relief patches

    This is my list of " happy pills" . For arthritis. Targinact twice a day, amytryptilline once a day. Diazepam, tramadol, paracetamol, cream as needed. Anti TNF injection once a week. Oh, plus the Blood Pressure and Stations. Apart from that, I am great. Should be Statins not Stations
  12. Ah, right think I understand. I thought both certificates needed to be written on. I know I read somewhere that the only time you ever need to write on your own certificate is to sign it. Cheers for your advice.
  13. Yes I understand that, but column D on both certs asks for sellers address.
  14. This must have been asked a million times, but bear with me. So if person A sells a shotgun to person B, A fills in B' s and B fills in A' s section 2. But whose address is put in column D ? Does A' s address appear on both certificates
  15. I see a lot happening now, sort of fly tipping, dog walkers picking up their ****, but then hanging the bags anywhere. Even on garden gates.
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