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  1. 30-6

    Trapped squirrel eaten

    Assuming what is taking my trapped rodents is a rat, perhaps I should be using meat as bait rather than peanut butter. In the trap today was a mouse with the kill bar right in the middle of it's head. So as the head could not be moved, something chewed through the neck again and took the whole body. In fact I am going to try that, use some sort of raw meat instead of my usual bait.
  2. 30-6

    Went ahead and done it.

    The 4x4 starts with the second model the essential. Haven't got it yet, only built last week, dealers take orders and then a production run starts when a set figure is reached. I had the 1.6 petrol, gut feeling tells me to stay away from diesel.
  3. 30-6

    Went ahead and done it.

    There are 4 models of the Duster, test drove the top of the range. The one I am getting is the 2nd up in 4x4 in petrol. Can't see a Laureate in the Duster brochure I have. It shows Access, Essential, Comfort and Prestige. These are on a 68 plate. There are a lot of Darcia's vehicles about at the moment, seems to be they are getting very popular.
  4. Well I've had my Jimny from new since 2006, love it, and don't really want to part with it, only 40k on the clock. However, second grandchild due any day, took the plunge after being offered a good part exchange. Will be nice to have a bigger 5 door, with more boot space, still in a 4x4 petrol 1.6 with optional spare wheel, done research and all the rust issues are long gone. So it's being built today and should have it by end January. So, I'll be saying bye Betsy, you served me well, WITH A TEAR IN MY EYE, ( not joking ).
  5. 30-6

    Trapped squirrel eaten

    Had the same again today. Mouse caught in a kness brand rat trap, the force of the trap had caused the body to split open with the innards pushed out, this was not touched, but the head had been removed. The set up was under an upside down small plant trough with a 2 inch hole, weighted down. Only thing that could have got in would have been rat or mouse. I have caught small rats in this particular area so they are my main suspects. But why the head when the guts was available ?
  6. 30-6

    Wage packets

    In the 70's I used to be paid cash in an envelope. Brown paper on one side and transparent paper on the other so you could check coins. In one corner was a small perforated square which was torn off to check the notes. A bloke showed me one day how easy it was to take the notes out. He smeared a small amount of glue on a piece of thin wire and pushed it through the little square and rolled it, wrapping a note onto it and then pulled it out of the envelope.
  7. 30-6

    Trapped squirrel eaten

    Never fancied eating squirrel, and yet when I done a lot of sea fishing a long time ago, I used to eat dogfish, pouting, gurnard, rockling, all stuff others used to say we're rubbish, even ate a spurdog once. Watching the Alaskan programs on the TV, seen them eat some stuff that I don't think I would be able to.
  8. 30-6

    Trapped squirrel eaten

    On my friends farm I noticed a run coming from under a zinc sheeted out building. I stuffed the hole with straw and it was cleared twice. Put a camera up and had a rats head poking out. As it was near a corner I put a fenn on one side and a bodygrip around the corner, ( only just started using the bodygrip). After 3 days had a squirrel in the bodygrip ( I've had 5 in total around the buildings and 15 rats). The traps were in tunnels and then covered more with zinc sheet and small branches to make chicken and dog proof. Nothing had been pulled off or disturbed, but on inspection the squirrels head was gone and it looked like something had been eating down into the body, it was so fresh it was as if I had disturbed whatever it was. So, rat, weasel, stoat or another squirrel ? The skull had been taken is puzzling me, why not just eat the flesh ?
  9. 30-6

    Anyone using bodygrip traps ?

    Regarding the trap sizes. I searched " bodygrip trap setting tips " on YouTube and a result came up stating the model size numbers refer to the killing energy in lbs/sq inch and not any reference to actual sizes in inches.
  10. 30-6

    Anyone using bodygrip traps ?

    For the setting tool, I went to the local builder yard and bought a galvanized length of bar, the type used for bracing joists. Hacksaw, file, small bolt and a bit of shrink tube, 30 minutes later, a setting tool. Edit to add - I found by adding a zip tie ( think they are called that ) on each side of the spring, it prevents the setting tool sliding down when using.
  11. 30-6

    Anyone using bodygrip traps ?

    I got 4, 2 110 and 2 116, the trap dimensions are the same. The only difference I can see is the 116 has a longer spring.
  12. Anyone using these ? What are the sizes in inches or metric of the 110 and the 116, is it worth getting each size, or are they near enough the same ? I am catching around my friends farm with the fenns, but like trying new things. If you had to pick one brand, fenn or bodygrip, which would win, any pros or cons ?
  13. 30-6

    Bodygrip traps

    Is the Magnum trap company I think they were in Southampton still going ? Can't seem to find them on line. Looking to try some 110 and 116 bodygrip traps along with the fenns. Or can anybody suggest a shop selling them at a good price. Cheers in advance.
  14. 30-6

    Duster 2018

    I looked again in the brochure and it says £515 for the first year. Why the first year don't now. Pistol p - I' m guessing the ones you are working are pre - 2018. The one I am interested in is the essential model in 4x4, with a 1.6 petrol available November 2018. Edit to add. There's a 1.5 turbo petrol coming out in 2019.
  15. 30-6

    Duster 2018

    Needing to get a 5 door with new grandchild on the way. Currently drive a jimny and love it. Had a little peak at a darcia duster today, new on a 2018 plate, Essential model in 4x4. Anybody using one of these ? Reviews seem good, if a bit slow, road tax if I got it right is £500 a year. Any opinions appreciated.