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  1. JKD

    Amber Hill

    Agree entirely,,,, and I find it very sad to say that 😐 I will be watching as much as I can, but expectations are low !
  2. Really sorry to hear your sad news 😟 I was following this and hoping things would turn out well,,,, RIP Rio
  3. I see the ad has been edited now ? But it's still a thumb hole stock, not a sporter 🤔
  4. Been keeping an eye on this thread as I'll be fitting a new alarm soon, so yes, I concur with Steve_b 👍
  5. Here is a used but in reasonable condition ERBAUER 240v multi-tool. Comes with 4 cutting blades, a scraper, a sanding block, blade adaptor, allen key, storage box and carry bag/case. Asking £20 plus postage of your choice.
  6. I've got an ERBAUER 110v reciprocating saw that needs a good home. It is used, but in reasonable condition and comes with 4 new blades, allen key [attached to cable] and a carry case/bag, as in picture. Asking £20 plus postage of your choice.
  7. Yeah I know,,,, sorry for any confusion. I was just adding to your reply to kswh, with a bit of wry humour 👍😁
  8. While you're there you can also ask why it's advertised as a HW100 'S' when it clearly isn't !?
  9. My ethos was always go for something [tool wise] slightly better than you think you need. Buy cheap, buy twice 🤔 Out of the two in your options, I'd go for the Dewalt 👍 Actually I'd get a Bosch, but that's just my personal choice 😁
  10. The advice I'm going to say is to pop along to this lake and speak to any pike anglers there, as I'm sure they'll offer specific advice on tackle and fishing for that actual lake. Also ask at your local tackle shop,,,, that should be a mine of advice and help for your requirements. My personal needs for pike fishing was to get away with the lightest tackle possible, only use barbless or micro-barb [small 10/12's] hooks on supple wire traces [used to make my own] and be versatile/mobile during any sessions after old Esox 😊 Good luck 😉
  11. Yeah, pick on me, despite me replying to and agreeing to others who posted before me,,,, can you not even work that out 🤔🙄
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