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  1. OK,,,, now you've told us your future plans πŸ‘ Wait until it's dry weather,,,, carefully lift both lead flashings,,,, you can do it in sections and support the lead with timber,,,, dry area beneath with a hot air gun/paint stripper, being careful near the lead,,,, layer lots of lead/gutter sealant to the area,,,, re-dress the lead. That should do the job until your improvements,,,, hope that helps πŸ˜‰ If you look carefully you can see the small i-beams in the concrete slab.
  2. Re the dip,,,, can sort of see what you're describing. Still doesn't look right πŸ€” The two separate lead flashings are basically doing nothing,,,, but 'sucking' water back to the roof/wall junction using capillary action. You can use as much sealant as you like,,,, that sealant is the only thing stopping the ingress. On a 'flat' roof that system will not work. I've seen pitched roofs with the same issue. As it stands, if you take the lead away and seal the 'junction', that will do a temporary fix. TBH, for a proper fix, I would wrap it with a roofing sheet layer,,,, 3 layered mineral felt, rubber, fiberglass. With firring pieces and 18mm ply, and 18mm ply verges to keep things not protruding past the existing roof area.
  3. In the first picture is that an asphalt layer over the concrete slab? Can't really make it out as it is wet. Can't see concrete 'sagging' like that. That big hole/sunken area looks worrying. There is lead flashing and I'm sure there is 'flashband' beneath that from a previous attempt to seal it. I'm sure that the slab would have been cast beneath that external brickwork. Whatever the make up, that needs some attention ASAP!
  4. Another 'rough' sketch.... Is this how things are?
  5. Judging by your picture, the ceiling spans across the beam? If yes, then above that hole are the timber joists for an upstairs room? And you're right, it's a mess! Just watch out for ACM's.... Asbestos Containing Materials. Lots to list, do a Google search if you're unsure πŸ˜‰
  6. I've done a couple of quick sketches to show what I think you're describing, and how it should be. Either make sense to you? Just trying to help as much as possible πŸ‘
  7. I'm sorry, but a lead flashing on a flat concrete roof abutment is basically useless, unless,,,,, The concrete is cast into the wall with an upstand. If it is plain concrete flush with the brickwork, supported by a beam beneath, then there is a separation occurring allowing the ingress of rainwater. A suitable sealant would solve the leak short term. Long term it may need further investigation. Sounds like a design fault to me. Possible to post up pictures of the offending area ?
  8. Brilliant story and outcome,,,, thanks for sharing 😊 And, if I may,,,, "thank you" from Pepper 😁 That's made my day πŸ€—
  9. It's easy to 'tie up' using eyed bolts fixed firmly about 300mm below the soffit /fascia in the brick not the JOINT, or eyed screw bolts through the fascia into the ends of rafters, and a piece of rope through those and through the rungs and tied SECURELY!!! Best option ARE SHIELD EYE ANCHORS from Screwfix. You can leave them in situ in the bricks or just remove the eyed bolt section,,,, very discrete and SAFE πŸ‘ Also, using a ladder stay/stand off, will help πŸ˜‰ ps. If you have lime mortar in the brick joints best to fix to the timber,,,, bricks move quite easily in lime mortar. Once had to replace some bricks that a BT engineer had loosened up by fixing the phone supply cable to a brick using the method described.... When he tightened up the cable it pulled the brick out !!!
  10. Rigid 2 or 3 piece ladder is your best and safest option. And don't forget to tie it up,,,, falls from height are the biggest source of injuries [and worse] !!! There's no thoughts of "I'll be all right, it'll only take a few minutes" πŸ™„ FYI,,,, I work in the building industry carrying out mainly insurance repairs πŸ‘
  11. DAB, online, freesat 730 [not on free view any more] and there's a brilliant free app πŸ‘ I personally don't listen to much else, superb mix of 'rock' music from the 60's to the here and now 😊 Good luck to Wyatt 🀞
  12. Yeah whatever.... As above,,,, if out in the rain take some practice shots. Airgun ranges aren't affected by the rain, if they are you might as well stay at home πŸ˜‰
  13. DOH!!! This is the airgun section πŸ€” It all depends on how hard it's raining and the distance you are shooting. I've shot in steady quite heavy rain but only up to about 30yds, and just aimed at the normal aim points. This was after pigeons and squirrels. Light rain, just crack on πŸ˜‰
  14. 😏 The OP's song was released 5 years before this chap was born, so not the same Billie Joe 😳 🀣
  15. JKD

    Very long shot .

    That's not the subject is it ?
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