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  1. I'd think that quite a few members on here were probably still in junior school when this particular discussion fizzled out 🤔😅 16 year old thread dug up,,,, is this a record 🤣
  2. Well I tried the WD40 some more and it's done the job nicely. Still some minor marks remaining, but only visible up close. So thanks for the help guys 👍
  3. JKD


    I've definitely seen more insects too this year, in the whole South East area. Lots more bug-splatter on my windscreen. Wasps have been showing only recently too, but not in the numbers usually seen at this time of year,,,, that bit is great 😊
  4. To be honest, the only time I've seen that mentioned is on here,,,, odd that 🤔🤣 And once again, a thread veers of course via Norfolk 🙄 😂 Cheers for the help and humour 👍
  5. Tried the mayonnaise on one area and it actually worked, to an extent,,,, tasted nice too. 😊 Tried WD40 on the bit the mayonnaise didn't work on, and it cleared it but,,,, didn't taste nice 😳😅 Also tried the WD40 on the badly affected oven tray door front. This also worked to a point, but there are some stubborn cross grain [brushed stainless steel] marks that won't shift. Would warm soapy water clean off the WD40 to stop any potential yellow residue ? All those products/things mixed together would sure make a lethal concoction 😆
  6. Thanks for the info and help fellas, much appreciated. Tried the cooking oil method,,,, takes away some stickiness but steel remains blemished/tarnished. I'll try other ideas ASAP. Luckily I can test on the sides which are only slightly affected. It's the front oven tray door at the bottom which is most affected,,,, in fact it's dreadful 🙄
  7. Hi guys n gals,,,, just installed a new stainless steel cooker and on peeling the protective plastic film from certain areas, some of the 'adhesive' has remained in ghastly streaks and patches. I've tried cleaning it off with a stainless steel cleaner and warm soapy water with no success, so can anyone recommend a method/product to do this ? TIA
  8. That's awful !!! But hey,,,, it's not my wall 😣
  9. Oven looks great and like it's getting some regular use 😊 Pizza looks absolutely spot on,,,, simple but delicious 😋
  10. JKD

    What are these ?

    Some good and helpful replies, cheers,,,, and some comical ones too, which were actually quite funny 👍😂 Didn't come into my thoughts they could be Scottish 'soldiers', and help from a museum advice welcome also 😉
  11. JKD

    What are these ?

    Can anyone shed any light on what these figures represent, or their possible age ? Found them beneath a screeded hearth in my [late Victorian] terrace house. I've found things in the same place in other properties and assumed they were good luck charms. These aren't anything to do with good luck, I'm sure. They appear to be made of lead, and there are traces of red 'paint' on some. The detail on the better conditioned ones is quite good. The 'swords', front and back, are actually 3D and part of the figures. The missing heads would have had a small peg beneath to insert into a small hole in the figures. There are only these 5 so far [until I break out the rest of the hearth at a later date, so there could be more] and they were grouped together, beside a broken [green glass] bottle, all the pieces of which were placed carefully together along with a perfectly spherical stone/musket ball. Any help identifying them will be great, as long as it doesn't involve 'ginger',,,, oh, I've said that word now 😏😅
  12. I only know them [in the south east] as 'brunch', 'lunch' or sometimes 'dinner' 😋
  13. Google is our friend 😊 Amazing how many types of parasitic wasps there are 😳
  14. ..... And several inflatables....
  15. JKD


    Well done Shaun4860 for getting rid 👍 That was spoiling my morning's reading 🙄😂
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