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  1. Sounds fine to me, but I'm sure the PW 'govt appointed' "stay indoors" squad won't agree 😏 Some people need to realise that everybody's circumstances will not match their own, and that there are probably 100's of variables why some can,,,, some can't,,,, some will and some won't. Isn't it all in the details ? And like some are saying,,,, common sense prevails, but,,,, some aren't giving others the respect that they actually deserve,,,, in my opinion 😉 Now where's that roll of tin foil 😳
  2. Thank you David for keeping us at PW informed with as much up to date info that you can 👍 Please keep this up for those of us that appreciate it. JKD, loyal BASC member.
  3. Hi Peter,,,, I'm on your side by the way,,,, could I please ask if you drove to this session ? You have said 'most' of your shooting is on your family's land,,,, is this very local to you ? It seems most of the complaints towards you are more directed at the driving and 'non essential' travel than the actual shooting ? I have around 100 acres to shoot over. I use airguns only, and my target is 99% rabbits. Just strolling around spooks all the feathered quarry species 😏 I would still be out as much as possible even now, because,,,, All my shoots are connected and I could walk from my girlfriend's property - 3 acres of paddock - to all of my permissions, and crucially, wouldn't see another person, and if I did, all local [very rural] bods know me personally or by sight. Unfortunately she lives 50 miles away from me and I'm self isolating while suffering from a bad chest infection 😞 I would probably get slated for putting up stories about my sessions out - which can be very eventful with the amount of wildlife I encounter 😀 - for being irresponsible, stay indoors, save lives,,,, except I'd be walking from 'home' [girlfriend's place is almost my second home] and the only lives I'd be threatening are the rabbits 😏 Anyway,,,, you keep doing what you think is best, just don't tell anyone on here about it 🙄 unless of course you want to 😉 Good luck and keep safe 👍
  4. JKD

    face masks

    Well done and thank you for your unselfish generosity 👍 A donation to your PayPal account is heading your way. We need more people like you two,,,, cheers 😊
  5. JKD

    BSA Lightning

    That'll be recoil,,,, and 'hold' 👍 Glad to help 😋
  6. It was a question that came up on a news programme 'ask the specialist' slot,,,, "Can I drive to a park to walk my dog. Have a dog that needs lots of exercise, and no park nearby ? “ Answer,,,," Yes of course. If your dog needs a lot of exercise it is perfectly acceptable." Impossible to 'run out with your dog, giving it proper exercise and playing fetch on the streets' anywhere 🤔 Mixed messages and info from too many people. Everyone needs to use common sense, the police and authorities included.
  7. 👍 Except the rabbits of course 😏
  8. Right,,,, in my circumstances, shooting air rifles only, I would go out on my permissions every day while this situation is ongoing. I mainly shoot rabbits, with the odd chance of a pigeon or two, the odd magpie - if I'm stealthy enough - occasionally even the odd crow. My shooting area covers around 100 acres, all on VERY private grounds,,,, now please tell me where that is WRONG ? ,,,,, after I tell you that it's all connected paddocks, crop fields, private estate land and organic veggie farm,,,, and ALL emanating from my girlfriend's 3 acre property which is horse paddock [unfortunately minus any horses] 🤔 ps.... I won't be doing this as I live and work away from that area and am self isolating at the moment 🙄 And if I did, only myself, my GF and landowners would know about it.
  9. Dave-G,,,, I'm not taking sides, but I can see both sides,,,, mostly this is people's opinions and understandings of the new 'advice'. My answer is,,,, try it,,,, see how you feel about it while you're there,,,, then, DON'T TELL ANYONE ON THE INTERNET WHAT YOU'VE BEEN DOING,,,, because you'll upset some, and please others. But really you don't need to inform the world about what you want to do 👍 The Internet is an outlet for some,,,, some believe everything on it, but nobody HAS to post on here and other forums etc, everything they get up to. That's my thoughts on this subject,,,, good luck and keep safe 😉
  10. JKD

    If needs must.

    Point the index finger on the grip, and use the whole length of the blade,,,, both of which will keep the cut straight and keep the slices neat and tidy to drop in that lovely purple toaster,,,, glad to help 👍 😀
  11. Skylark perhaps ?
  12. Great to see the "old beastie" on the mend and eating again 🙂 Tracking back,,,, could he have swallowed something that caused a slight blockage but then passed through ? One of my GF's springers had a penchant for her woollen socks. He ate one which passed through,,,, no real signs of being unwell. Then a couple of years ago he ate another,,,, for a week he didn't eat much,,,, head hanging, tail not up,,,, generally looking poorly, but eating OK. Then one day he started being sick,,,, vomiting. The sock came out in one heave, and he was fine straight away. So might be a good idea to feel him around his stomach/gut area just in case something is still lurking in there. Eating stones is a common occurrence, but I'm sure you know that. Nice looking dog,,,, his mate too 😉
  13. My boss had that done,,,, on his drive,,,, no-one heard a thing. A month later, after replacing the light clusters, the whole vehicle went,,,, 2 trackers on it,,,, 'they' found and ripped out one, not realising there was another. Police found it and 20 others on a 'farm' in Essex, along with 8 Romanians. He was given a new one as a replacement and that went as well. Keep your eyes open and if possible up your security 👍
  14. JKD

    Octopus legs

    If you mean the fishing box accessories, I've got loads going spare. Legs and add-ons. Go to PM's for details.
  15. OK,,,, now you've told us your future plans 👍 Wait until it's dry weather,,,, carefully lift both lead flashings,,,, you can do it in sections and support the lead with timber,,,, dry area beneath with a hot air gun/paint stripper, being careful near the lead,,,, layer lots of lead/gutter sealant to the area,,,, re-dress the lead. That should do the job until your improvements,,,, hope that helps 😉 If you look carefully you can see the small i-beams in the concrete slab.
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