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  1. Open to reasonable offers.
  2. You're very welcome Tel, glad to help out 😉
  3. This should be in the jokes section,,,, but in reality it doesn't even belong in there 😒
  4. Picked up by telbert earlier this evening. Thanks for the interest.
  5. THIS ITEM IS FREE, £00000, GRATIS.... This is not used any more due to upgrading to a more comprehensive saw. It works fine and has had a clean, but is in well used condition, model number etc can be seen in the pictures. This is pick up only, or you organise shipping,,,, or could deliver/meet up in SE London, A2/M2/M20 corridor in Kent and possibilities for into Essex via colleagues.
  6. I'm now selling my Elu flip over saw [as seen in off topic]. It's in good condition but requires a service, which I don't want to undertake and can't find anyone local to me who can service it either. It's an Elu D-65510 with 250mm blade and 230v [240v]. It works and cuts well but as said, needs a service and thorough deep clean. The angle of cut mechanism [pulling knob] is stuck, but it is only gummed up with sawdust. The power lead [flex] needs replacing. Comes with 4no legs, guide, blade guard, dust diverter and angle attachment. I'm asking for £250, which I think i
  7. Like strimmer_13 says, it's got to be a trader. There's been numerous ads for the last few days, all the same seller based in Wellingborough. He's probably getting some info mixed up with so many guns for sale 🤔
  8. I agree,,,, it's the initial payout that puts people off buying anything made of GORE-TEX. I'm guessing that some buy goretex thinking it's something else 🤭 I do have a coat that has GORE-TEX lining, and a pair of boots containing some as well. Both are excellent 👍 So what us GORE-TEX fans are saying is,,,, if can afford it, buy it 😊
  9. And two for your hands 🙅‍♂️🤦‍♂️ 🤭
  10. You're right Dave re the cost.... Real GORE-TEX is really expensive. My golf over-trousers were around £180 about 12 years ago, [they've gone up a lot since then] but bought them in a sale so cost much less, about £110 if I recall. GORE-TEX jackets are a luxury item for sure. At the end of the day there are so many options 🤭
  11. I've said this before in the distant past.... Goretex isn't GORE-TEX (trademark). GORE-TEX is 100% waterproof and breathable. I've worn golf over-trousers made of GORE-TEX while fishing, sitting for hours in the rain. Legs felt cold and damp, but took the over-trousers off after the session and I was bone dry. Still wear them under certain camo trousers when raining or just need an extra layer. I don't know what Goretex is made of as a material, but it ain't waterproof,,,, HTH 😉
  12. The size of those gaps,,,, how did you manage to hit the wire ? 🤔🤭
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