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  1. I only shoot using air rifles, but take a great interest in all aspects of shooting and, as I said on your previous thread, this must be so thrilling and exciting and enjoyable, while doing a 'job' of sorts 😁 I think if I used shotguns, I'd prefer this to 'banging away' at feathered pests [although I prefer eating pigeon than rabbit] 😊 Well done and thanks for posting again 👍
  2. Hahaha, that was my first thought 😅 That's a brilliant idea Roadkill, hopefully you'll keep this thread updated with all your catches ?
  3. I think your best option would be to find a suitable auctioneers closest to you that specialises in militaria. Or even a militaria forum ? You should get some good advice from either. I once used a specialist auction house to sell a gunners caliper,,,, was advised a value of £150-£200. It sold for just over £800, returning £720 ish to me 😊 I did investigate the origins of the item before trying to sell it, and a few military stools at antique fairs either didn't know what it was, or offered £50 to take it off my hands,,,, yeah right 🤔😅 Good luck, and as said, looks an inter
  4. Thank you for sharing your sadness,,,, deepest condolences, and RIP Andrew.
  5. JKD

    Six Nations 2021

    Disappointed with England's performance re the ill discipline, contributing to easy penalty points against them in quick succession. We [England] played well in a few instances, and fought back to 24-24, but the lack of games for a few players showed, IMHO 🙄 Hey ho,,,, life goes on 😊
  6. JKD

    Six Nations 2021

    That last few minutes of England's play was very good.
  7. JKD

    Six Nations 2021

    Even the commentators are laughing at the farcical decisions the 'ref' is making. Lets hope the second half EVERYONE improves in their game 😏
  8. JKD

    Six Nations 2021

    That's exactly what I was just going to say,,,, him and the TMO are being very biased against the English,,,, IMO 🤔 The rugby isn't great,,,, too many penalties and a bit scrappy, but the frenchman isn't helping with his poor decisions 😕
  9. Thanks for digging that out, enjoyed it muchly 😃👍
  10. I was only jesting re the bread 😊 Take your time over this 'labour of love', nothing gets done well if rushed 👍 It's great to see the effort going into all these ovens 🙂
  11. Sorry about that 😕 I'm sure it's more to do with density and solidity, and using the correct cement 🙂 Any air pockets or layered materials [ie limestone etc] the intense heat will find the weakness. When you've successfully cooked some bread, send me a loaf 😉😀
  12. JKD

    Avairy panels

    Wouldn't cost too much to make up what you need from scratch TBH 😉 If you were offered something you'd probably have to alter it to suit anyway 🤔
  13. JKD

    Pointing problem

    Well I'm glad you said that, and I sincerely hope that they do a better job,,,, or a suitable refund 👍 Good luck 😉
  14. JKD

    Pointing problem

    As above, it definitely looks like frost damage, but,,,, The pointing to the stonework looks like a smear over the bedding mortar. This can be an OK method, if the over-pointing is at least 20-25mm deep. Better to neaten up the bed joint as a finished pointed article. The paving, well,,,, it looks like a dry sharp sand mix [possibly a ready-to-use brush in type like EASY Joint?] has been used, and brushed in and then not compacted with a trowel or pointing tool. A dry mix will just let water in and the frost gets in and,,,, 😏 Pointing to any paving should be wet enough to use bu
  15. It's the stuff they use on some of the TV garden make-over programmes,,,, very fine gravel specific for this sort of application. I'm guessing weeds will grow in it quite easily 😏 Can look nice though.
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