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  1. I have done in the past, and recently an old old picture,,,, all of legal quarry shot in a legal ethical way. But this isn't about posting pictures of things we have shot, it's about shooting the odd pheasant on the ground in a garden, something even I could do, as many [and a few partridge] visit my GF's garden being released from a local shoot. I don't 😉 And I was commenting on ClemFandango's reply, please read it as it was meant, and stop trying to twist things around to suit you 👍
  2. Re the 'dirty deed', I think you are misunderstanding the connotation 🙄 As for your other sentence, got no bother about that at all,,,, fill ya boots [not literally of course 😂]. I agree, but don't include me in your "we" 😉
  3. Yup I agree. Also very damaging to certain plants and fruit crops. In great numbers the noise pollution is incredible 😯 My first close up experience of them was watching a pair chucking out very young starlings from an old woodpecker's nest,,,, very brutal and eye opening at the time, in c1975 😒
  4. In my eyes they are more damaging than the grey squirrel. But they are way more difficult to shoot than the squizzers 😒
  5. But you don't HAVE to do that either,,,, 🤔 Why not just leave them alone in your gardens, or do the 'dirty deed' and don't tell everybody on t'internet 👋
  6. Yup, quite often it's the complete opposite of what you'd expect,,,, sort of enforced/deliberate. To me they're all actors earning a crust.
  7. If you were to watch any 'live broadcast' independent TV channels you would see what you haven't seen for years 😉 It's very noticeably more ethnic these days 👍
  8. Just guessing,,,, Your Method May Vary ? 🤷‍♂️
  9. Just thought I'd post some old pictures to get a bit of a different colour onto the forum 😊 These were from a small area on an exclusive permission I had back in the winter of 2010/11. Could only access the area [fishing lakes] while it was very cold and icy, and the lakes were frozen and unfishable, or when the area was closed for maintenance work. The parakeets were dropping in from their journey to,,,, who knows 😏 The squirrels were in plentiful supply, and their population replenished itself regularly. I think I shot about 24 in about 4/5 weeks, then the thaw came so the shooting
  10. As above, unfortunately,,,, or is it fortunately 🤔 If you or I were to be incarcerated, for whatever reason, we would also be able to get the same treatment,,,, I think it's called ooman rytes ?! So accept it and get on with your life 😏
  11. Hi bruno, I was going to relate a tale, or two, about this exact issue,,,, police dog and "owner/handler". Now you posted this, it gave me a nudge.... My GF has an ex Met police dog handler as an immediate neighbour. Been [early] retired from the force and moved in with the divorced actual neighbour about 10 years ago. Adjoined cottage had a soppy golden retriever pet [bitch] dog. Mr ex policeman had 3 German Shepherds, one of which was a perfect villains "friend", if you know what I mean 😳 Somehow, despite trying, they crossed paths,,,, the poor dog was so badly mauled it nearly died. Ve
  12. Won with the final kick of the game,,,, very close and well contested. Looking forward to to the men's game shortly 😁
  13. Hi M, those figures obviously highlight the necessity for continued movement of products and produce. Are those numbers for just that day or a timescale leading up to that day ? And,,,, is that for incoming, outgoing or both ? And do I detect some cynicism at the end of your post ? 🤔🤭 Also, on a personal note, hope that the reason for your trip is successful and without issues 😉👍 C
  14. Hi Farmboy91, don't want to put down or trump anyone's offers, but if you ever need any "starter" tackle, I've got plenty I'd be glad to pass on to you if and when you need some. Everything but a rod and landing net handle,,,, as mine are probably too long for a youngster to use. Apart from those, everything else you're likely to need 😉 Just message me on here 🙂 Also, try contacting your local clubs, as some offer assisted days to help youngsters into the sport. No harm in asking 👍
  15. Many thanks for your insight and information regarding that area. I personally do know the lay of the land in that area, and visit infrequently as I said, but don't remember ever seeing any buzzards. But I bow to your more local knowledge,,,, and agree with your sentiments.
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