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  1. Any good quality clear wood preserver should be good for your needs. Tanalised timber [aka 'pressure treated'] usually only gets the surface layers 'treated', so on external structures/cladding/fencing/decking etc I always dip the ends, especially cut ends of any treated timbers in a clear preservative. You can get Tanalised solution to treat the cut ends of timber but it is quite expensive, and in small containers,,,, and surprisingly is blue in colour, but dries 'green' 😉
  2. I've looked into this very topic a few years ago,,,, just for ideas of course 😁 [never got round to building one unfortunately]. There are absolutely loads of plans etc online, or just search for images and build one to what you see 😉 A movable coop is a good idea, to stop an area of the garden wearing out 🙂
  3. With your new skills, after building that shed/log store, you should be able to design and build a chicken coop surely 😏😊👍
  4. Funny you should say that about the fieldfares,,,, I saw a single one the other day and thought it was very odd and I was imagining things 🙂
  5. Hahahaha 😂🤣😂 is there a Robin's nest in there somewhere ? 😃😅 Thank you for injecting some much needed humour on here 👍😆
  6. JKD

    Email problems

    Thanks for the help fellas, much appreciated.
  7. JKD

    Email problems

    After some help and advice from those in the know.... I've been using 3 email addresses for a while,,,, an original Supanet one, a BT one and most recently a Gmail one. The Supanet one came with my original IP and laptop in about 2000. Up until this week, this email address has been active despite not being "with them" for a few years, but only incoming on the laptop, and in and outgoing on my mobile phone. I changed to BT in about 2015, now with EE for the last 2 years,,,, this email address was also active [incoming and outgoing email] until this week. Both usable on my l
  8. JKD

    Antler Stick

    Well it certainly saved a lot of driving around 😁 You take care OB, ATVB 😊
  9. JKD

    Antler Stick

    Picked this up today,,,, a very nice stick which will be very useful for it's intended purpose of "dog walking protection". Thanks Old Boggy, very nice to meet you, and thanks for the freebie bottle opener,,,, which will also be used for its intended purpose 🍺 Cheers 👍
  10. JKD

    Antler Stick

    For the record, I will take this, thanks 😊 Over to PM's for the finer details.
  11. JKD

    Antler Stick

    That's great, many thanks. Just realised I could probably pick it up or meet up and collect ? Don't know where you are exactly, but I'm often up and down the A2/M2 and A299 ? In Whitstable/Herne Bay area tomorrow 🙂
  12. JKD

    Antler Stick

    Hi Old Boggy, I'd be very interested in this if you could cut it down to 42" and put a ferrule on it, for which I'd gladly pay extra for ?
  13. Tantalised wood is great, but still might be best to dip the ends in a clear preservative 👍 I think the vertical shiplap [or t&g] is used more because you probably get less twist along the length. If it was horizontal, imagine how easy the door/gate could twist 😏
  14. The XL £75 are the best design. Hinged with the diagonal bracing going up and away from the hinge 😉 Are you using clear wood preservative on all external timber ? I normally coat the surfaces and dip the ends of all timber that is exposed 👍
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