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  1. Scam all day long..same as the royal mail one stating that you have to pay 2 pounds 99 for a parcel that was short in postage. Also HSBC stating someone was login into my account...which is really strange as I haven't got a HSBC account. If in doubt of any email...Google it to see if it's a scam or contact your bank or whatever company direct on their helpline and they will tell you if it is a scam.
  2. Hi there I am looking to get a new forend nut as mine has seized and no longer ratchets when tightened. If anyone can tell me where to get hold of one or if there is a fix for it. I would be grateful. It's a cammo one Thanks
  3. Always great to see a new member .....pop down to the shooting school in ayreshire when you get your licence and have a wee try of the guns they have in stock...I was down last weekend and they have a good stock in at the moment
  4. Just bought flocked crow decoys off them...brilliant decoys worked a treat....fast delivery as well.
  5. Vitorinox fishing knife is what I carry..I have had same knife for nearly 30 years, keeps a great edge and has numerous tools ...brilliant t piece of kit for not much money.
  6. In scotland they will call you to see if you are in a specific area and don't turn up...just my experience in laarkshire area
  7. I am not saying to anyone that they need to contact the police..but there is enough folk trying to stop us shooting without all the folk out and about in the countryside who never see anyone shooting. I hace observed literally hundreds of members of the public when usually I see a handfull if I am lucky during a weekends shoot. It is my experience that I am sometimes better to contact police to keep myself right and not have police turning up and questioning both myself and the famer. I did not at any time say...you must contact police by law...there's enough antis out there without fellow sh
  8. All you should need for area is farm name and postcode and contact umber for farmer and yourself. if you dont know post code google it or look at it on Google maps and that wil show you nearby roads .I keep all details in my certificate wallet and take photo of details and if you forget anything you always have it on your phone and you can either write it down or view photo if you can work out how to do it on phone...! The police will contact either you or farmer if anyone phones about gunshots in your area.
  9. Hi there I shoot in scotland as well, In these times where everyone has dusted off their Christmas bikes and just about every other person is either jogging about the countryside or ar on horse, it is better to phone 101 and ask for an incident to be raised as the people around in the countryside just now who may have never saw or heard someone shooting would contact police and probably state there was an armed madman running about the countryside with a "MACHINE GUN" . Police scotland would then send armed police or a helicopter in the first instance to attend and find out whereabouts you are
  10. Meant to say if you are on soft ground just flatten a few cans and put them under the feet which stops them sinking into the ground...preferably beer cans...lol
  11. Sorry I didn't reply...key worker and working shifts..I have used one for a few years and found them a great piece of kit...hope you find it as good as I have as they are cheap to replace if you have a fat **** I have found. Keep safe and good sport when lock down finishes...πŸ”’πŸ”’πŸ”’
  12. I use 4 xtendable washing line poles from B and M ...1pound 50 each...just take plastic plug out the bottom and put in aluminium rod which you can cut and shape with simple tools..put in a couple of pop rivets to hold the spike in...cheap and easily replaceable if they get damaged or need replaced
  13. I use a seat that drum players use when playing the drums..collapsable and adjustable and light, eBay for around 20 quid...
  14. Shot these cartridges numerous times and prefer these to any other pigeon cartridge...pity I can only pick them up at ayrshire shooting school. I buy the 30 gramme nu,be 5 ..absolutely fantastic cartridge....
  15. I have imp cyl...mod...imp mod... and full also all the stuff for adjusting stock...and don't have the escort anymore..
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