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  1. Very well and we will be down there regularly trying to assist as much as possible πŸ‘
  2. I'm looking for 1, maybe 2 of these if anyone has them knocking around or can point me in the direction of where to buy?
  3. Spoken with The Gorse, our friend is heading down first thing, I'll be following on later.
  4. Spoke with our mutual friend and I've PMd the gouse πŸ‘
  5. Ah, apologies, I best get mine in before it hits the magic number...
  6. Morning, Hope you are well, it certainly seemed a very capable vehicle when I've seen it in action and makes the perfect shoot vehicle. I highly recommended getting a price from Motorway, a friend of ours sold their car on there for Β£3000 more than what they valued it at, they actually offer you a reserve price, sell it to the trade in their auction to the highest bidder, no questions asked. You just have to fill in a form, take the picture they ask and voila. GLWS either way, and look after yourself. Cheers, J.
  7. Very sad to see this news @WalkedUp, Luther was a great dog and I witnessed some fantastic retrieves in the relatively short time I knew you both. I was only thinking of Luther and yourself the other day when thinking back to the seasons gone.
  8. Thanks, quite a bit more than I was planning on spending as I only need 20 decoys πŸ‘
  9. Having recently been bitten by the decoy bug, I'm looking for a full setup, based around Cheshire/Shropshire/North Wales. Please feel free to PM me or post here what you have available and I'll respond as quickly as possible. Thanks πŸ‘
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