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  1. To me that looks like an O/U with a single trigger and straight stock!
  2. It would seem a reasonable justification. It would also just be efficient, you have to spend this weekend locked at home and at some point between now your wife will make you put up the Christmas lights then get cracking. Fortunately we do not have any external decorations for me to mess about with, but have year round lighting anyway.
  3. It really doesn’t bother me about the diversity within adverts. However there are far too many very good looking people in them, makes ugly people like us feel like a minority whereas we are the vast majority.
  4. Sounds like a good shoot. I’ve planted best part of 500 trees over the last few years, mainly native species as whips in hedges etc.
  5. 🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻
  6. Agree, this morning my boys (5,4&1) have helped change a wheel - starting to scrape the barrel of fun activities to find them during lockdown!
  7. The festival of light predates Christianity, a celebration of the darkest day of the year. I can understand this year that during lockdown people want something to do and think about so let them crack on I say. Some of my neighbours have decorations and lights up, not to my taste but if it makes them happy that’s fine by me. The village committee light the trees every year around the common. They also write a flyer to ask people just to choose warm white 3500k lights, not coloured so that the village looks consistent. It makes me laugh, as I do agree with them but at the same time people
  8. Looks a bargain. Shame I’ve got all that kit already.
  9. Thanks for the heads up 👍
  10. Agree, must have been a direct purchase via GunWatch?
  11. Long shot but after getting fed up of jamming my O/U and SA I’m in the market for a magnum SxS for the foreshore, 3”/3.5”chamber. Less movement in the hinge and less likely to foul, less precious as will be a tool. My AyA is only 2.5” chamber so too small for steel goose loads. Double trigger, 12 bore, side by side. Any condition acceptable for stock and blueing. Action needs to be tightish. Happy to spray if needed. LOP not important as I will adjust to my needs. Looking for under £75? Or in dreamland 🤔
  12. The old boy keeper I knew would do it as they only need a few cocks for the hens for next year’s broods and they worry about too high a density of cocks. If there isn’t enough food they wander off and take the hens with them. On the moors the keepers used to rifle old cock grouse on their stands. It was thought that the having too many old birds reduced the brood sizes as they didn’t have enough lead in t’pencil or sommit.
  13. We get a lot of pheasants, hares, mallard, rabbits etc in the garden. It may seem strange as food is food, but to me it seems alien to kill them here rather than enjoy their beauty. If I step the other side of the fence onto the farmland working the dog then it’s another matter. Weird I know but I only kill pests in my garden (squirrels, corvids, the odd rat).
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