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  1. Can’t rule that out, but it was probably a mile from the nearest building. There are telegraph lines across the field though...
  2. On my run this morning I came across an adult barn owl that was unable to get sufficiently airborne to fly. Every time I was within 45 yards it would take off get 5ft off the ground and either crash into a hedge or coast a couple of hundred yards onto the ground. I didn’t want to get too close to it incase it was well but struggling with a large lunch, will keep my eyes open for it tomorrow though.
  3. He won’t let me take a picture until he’s wearing his shooting clothes. He tried to get dressed into them this morning minutes before the school run, which caused chaos as you can imagine 🤣
  4. I’ll add pictures on the weekend 👍
  5. It is my eldest son’s birthday this week. Tonight one of my fellow guns popped over the border with a present that he’s made for him, a beautiful and tiny blackthorn stick topped with sika from our syndicate, walnut gunstock offcut and a .410” brass cartridge head. It’s absolutely lovely and my son is thrilled with it. I will add pictures in the morning as he’s gone to sleep cuddling it. A really generous and thoughtful gift that will be kept for a very long time.
  6. Circa 40 buzzards in one field spotted by the land owner. I’ve seen 20 + in a single field. No major issue on returns. Obviously they take some birds but can’t be helped.
  7. 50% return is very impressive, excellent work and great write up. We need just 6 pheasant to hit 30% return which will be our best season. But we have no neighbouring shoots to trade escapees with. More important to enjoy spending time with the people you shoot with than shoot more birds. Stick do not twist.
  8. I agree with this. The one with Digweed and Crow was over 500 and very entertaining, but that showed professionals at work. It is not the numbers that concerned me, as that is very effective pest control of an invasive species, the reason I posted a comment on the YouTube video a couple of weeks ago was about the standard of shooting as there were very few ‘kills’ compared to the number of ‘hits’ due to extensive gut shots from under-leading the goose or misidentifying the kill zone. I would argue that there is a duty of respect to try to kill in a clean, singular action. After maiming the first 250 of that day surely it would be better to reconsider your shooting, or to edit the video down. Showing lots of geese being badly shot with no apparent dog on hand is not necessarily a positive. I say this as someone who posts pictures or videos of my dogs retrieving runners. But these should be more of the exception rather than the rule, and are shared for their rarity rather than being the run of the mill. The guy who runs the YouTube channel responded to my negative comment in a very professional, courteous manner and demonstrated a considerable experience in pest control. My concerns were somewhat reduced following this. But I would have still cropped the action down to show 95% clean kills, then insisted that any future paying guns are more experienced.
  9. I have never knowingly borrowed a shooting permission. If a landowner says they already have someone on the permission I read that as a girl saying they have a already boyfriend, just a kind way of letting you down gently rather than a suggestion of a quickie.
  10. The rarer they are the harder to detect, and more they need protection. It is difficult to prove the absence of a secretive ground nesting bird such as woodcock. I’ve found them in pretty much every environment: woodland, pasture, marsh, moor, arable edges.
  11. Stolen is a harsh word. If the farmer is that fickle then best of luck to them getting a committed regular, long term pest controller.
  12. Very sensible. Woodcock every time for me if I was ever asked.
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