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  1. Where are you from? I have a slot for this and would have it rather than scrapped.
  2. Sounds like a decent few hours. We set up yesterday then packed up for one bird to have a walkabout, a few corvids and rabbits later called it before lunch.
  3. My father’s ex-business partner was found not guilty at a trial for killing a motorcyclist. Anyone who had ever been in a car with him (me included) knew he was almost certainly guilty. The most narcissistic, dangerous and selfish driver I have ever known. His only speed limit was ‘as fast as he could physically go’. He used to ‘drive differently with his son in the car’, pointed out that when he’s driving like a **** other people still have children in their cars.
  4. Depends how you define intelligence, biddablity is generally used but is so narrow. Dalmatians, beagles, hounds etc were not bred to be biddable, but they are intelligent in other ways. Try teaching a wolf to play dead, or argue it is not intelligent.
  5. Best of luck with it all, we are all rooting for you 👍
  6. One of the few I knew straight away, our heraldic plant.
  7. Thanks @Bigstep
  8. I said this to my wife as a young woman driver hadn’t dropped from national speed limit to 30 flying through our little village, past the school, nursery, playground and common. I feigned to pull out to make her cover her brake but she didn’t even notice and flew past. Was eating an apple. Probably a vegan 🤣
  9. Still nice to be out. Did you get any of the foxes? That would be jackpot for me!
  10. The woodpeckers take peanuts from the feeder and put them into this nook they’ve made to make into peanut butter. Not ideal for the oak but entertaining to watch. They slot them in, then drill them repeatedly.
  11. My mum had two strokes 9 years ago. After 2/3years I thought she was on a downhill slope. It was impossible to talk to her properly. However 6 years on and she’s now as bright and sharp as ever before... I am no expert but I have seen first hand the brain takes a long time to recover.
  12. My wife once bought me a pheasant call...🙈
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