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  1. It’s a beautifully English image isn’t it, the painting is by Ashley R. Boon.
  2. Yes, think I will put them in the ‘keep’ pile and put a shelf up in the gunroom. Reminds me of starting out when I would decoy woodies with an old army net a few dead birds and be content if I got a single shot! Bately’s ‘Modern’ was still before electronics had been introduced into our sport 😂
  3. Just sorting out and charity shopping all of our old clutter from storage. I remember getting these books new out when I was a young lad, 1990s. There wasn’t really the Internet as we know it now, any I didn’t know anyone else who shot so these were all I had to learn from. 25 years later they are still a good read!
  4. Years ago my L322 Range Rover was lightly rear-ended in slow moving traffic during a torrential downpour. I got out to check that the poor woman on her Fiesta was ok. She was pretty shocked so I offered to wait with her whilst someone came to collect her. My Range Rover was barely marked but her car was crumpled. Gave her my details and carried on to my 9am meeting. By the time the meeting finished I had a voice mail from her insurance offering to collect my car for repair and provide a courtesy car. I hadn’t even considered a claim as it was so minor a collision. Car taken away on flat bed from the office car park without any hassle. I was pleased as punch until a tiny Hyundai hatchback turned up in luminous blue. No way would my dogs, 4 Guns and all of our kit fit in the car that weekend for the drive down to shoot. Called her insurance company and explained it wasn’t an acceptable replacement, they said that it was the best I would get. I just replied that was fine, please return my car today and I will arrange the repairs and hire vehicle myself then bill you for the cost. Suddenly they couldn’t be more helpful, if I could wait 2 hours I could have a brand new (3 miles on the clock) top of the range XC90 of the just released new model. It was an absolute dream, I kept it for four weeks and when I got my ‘rubbish old’ Range Rover back it was a worse step down than when the Hyundai had turned up! Wish I had never had the new car, it spoilt me!
  5. Exactly! Photo editor’s mistake, underlines the lack of knowledge or care we are dealing with.
  6. Also, anyone notice the photo editor’s mistake in the article?
  7. Tame duck bag filler drives are a little grim in my opinion. I know it’s shades of grey but I don’t think it does our sport any favours. If you want ducks, my preference is to feed near the pond through the year to encourage wild mallard. Wide circle the pond and slowly approach, shooting only away. Much better sport.
  8. https://metro.co.uk/2020/01/16/dog-walker-watches-cullers-hack-deer-apart-on-national-trust-estate-12057161/ All very bizarre, I have been trying to find the trigger after NT released a Twitter statement earlier this week. The only complaint seems to be that after she started harassing the stalkers and filming them, they filmed her too. She’s also a woman, not sure how this is relevant but she references this in the third person so must be important. There also ‘could have been children‘ which seems to be a go to response when there is no real issue to object to. Anyway, plenty of women stalk and plenty of children who know that meat doesn’t start life in plastic packaging. The estate’s official policy is that the deer are extracted intact so there may be an issue for the stalkers, however we are not privy to any conversations or other agreements that hopefully they had in place.
  9. I was walking the dogs over Christmas and spotted a widgeon in a small marl pit that had clearly been pricked by someone on the marsh in the morning flight. It was in distress so I sent the dogs to pick it up out of the water and bring it back to me for dispatch. Quickly dealt with, my 1 year old had his first lesson in wild game. Doubt he will grow up to be too squeamish!
  10. I too am envious, I never had grandparents or any family who shot but took my dad out as my lamp man when I was 12/13, a rabbit or two squealed as it was a windy night and I was shooting freehand with a heavy spring air rifle (TX200HC) and it traumatised him. He had nightmares that night and never came shooting again.
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