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  1. Please do explain? Obviously I could post a link to e.g. GL34 but it can’t be that aspect as it would be a bizarre segue.
  2. We agree that all must be sensible and considerate about shooting. We seem to agree about the snobbiness of the article. I am unsure if we agree or disagree about shooting on Sundays, but regardless I think we all see it broadly the same way.
  3. Thanks for the replies. That’s what my mate said at the time too. The dodgy cartridge hit the clay but the second of the pair was obviously not shot.
  4. Wheat is going to be expensive. Lots of bad harvests. Good report 👍
  5. I’ve fired about 200 rounds through my new (old) semi auto. Loving it. One shot today however resulted in a 6” flame (not flash) from the end of the barrel, the next cartridge only half cycled and so prevented the bolt closing. Was very easy to sort. Do you think this is more likely to be a cartridge or gun issue? I’ll wait to see if it happens again.
  6. Glad you have survived any attempt to cull. Hope your health improves.
  7. My wife was training a young Weimaraner bitch in the snow and bitter wind on the moors a decade ago. The bitch always suffered “frost bite” to the ear tips etc so would have Vaseline. It was a group session and between turns she had the pup in an equafleece to stay warm. The ex-army instructor blew his lid and demanded it was removed when spectating. I wasn’t there but my wife was upset nonetheless refused to remove it and so left the class. Fast forward 8 years, I was shooting with the instructor and at the end of the day he put his dogs into equafleeces! Put a flea in his ear about that 🤣 I don’t use fleeces any more due to my own laziness and the thin skinned dog being dead, but I don’t object to other people who do.
  8. I was stopped by North Wales Police last year due to a complaint due to noise of gunfire. They came out, I spoke to them explained my set up in terms of arcs of fire and using the hedge behind me to ensure I wasn’t shooting towards the neighbouring houses. I also explained I was there by request of the land owner but would nonetheless pack up and move to another field if they wanted me to. The officers were great and said don’t move, I was perfectly within the law and acting responsibly so crack on. Spoke to the land owner and he was not concerned, said to continue too.
  9. I used to use Equafleece many years ago, now I take less good care of the dogs.
  10. To make amends.... ta da... https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/403775-any-spare-feather-or-fur/
  11. That is a very generous review of the passage but I cannot disagree with the common sense regarding noise disturbance and winged birds. We all know (and 99% abide by) good shooting practice, and so his argument is relatively pointless. If you honestly can’t see the snobbery in his writing then fair play. The specific reference to Sundays, semi automatic guns and then that the layman may tar driven game shooting with the same brush. Let me be clear, a line of 10 guns firing 800 shots in a single drive is an awful lot louder than a single bloke with a semi auto popping shots at the odd crow in a field. Many big shooting estates shoot 5 days a week in January. My fiend’s estate had a planning enforcement notice issued against it for noise. I don’t shoot that estate often (due to funds) but was able to pitch in with some advice and contacts with which he was able to successfully cancel the enforcement. If anything is going to cause regulation it will be from clay shoots and big game shoots. I for one would join the fight to help any clay or game shoot that was having issues with noise complaints from neighbours. I wouldn’t be writing letters to complain about it myself!
  12. How is your industry’s resilience to recession and CV-19? Line up your next job before you kill this one off is my only advice.
  13. Nowhere near harvest here. The winter barley did so badly that on one farm at least he’s ploughed it in and resown over it. I’ve seen a few fields that look good, one near Formby and one near Puddington but even then pigeon numbers are low.
  14. I turned up at a farm at 6.00am on Thursday. They had the gas gun on already. If you choose to live in the countryside get used to shooting. I have peas surrounding me. Wheat last year, I wasn’t fussed if one of the other guns shot early morning. Near my house. Just being able to hear a gunshot from 300m away is very different to noise disturbance. If our friend the QC wants to move to the city he will be complaining about revellers on Friday evenings and bin collections on Tuesday mornings.
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