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  1. How they can rear a decent chicken for £5.00 let alone cook and sell it boggles the mind. Our free range chicken for supper tonight was £10-£15 for the meat alone.
  2. In rifle shooting I was told by someone years ago, if you fire 10 rim fire rounds for every centrefire shot you take you will never need to worry about flinching. Not sure the shotgun equivalent is snapcaps but on clays I often shoot the ‘house’ 21gm steel as they are cheap. Certainly seem to be recoil free but I’m young enough and heavy enough that recoil doesn’t matter (yet!).
  3. I stand corrected, at the time I am sure we were told he ran from police once they identified themselves. My memory may be incorrect on this but I feel fairly certain that was the narrative in the aftermath.
  4. Mendez shows that running from the police to a crowded public place is a bad idea.
  5. Very good bag on clover, well done 👍 edit - not clover, just looked at the tone of the picture
  6. The simple question is: do you shoot clays to practice shooting or to get a higher score? I’m in the former and so shoot gun down, which as many others have said is natural shooting. We shoot flushes on clays, so a team of guns poaching from each other and birds coming at random whilst you are trying to break the barrels. For me this is the best, replicates real life and is great fun. No idea where the next clay is coming from so gun has to be down to allow you to move your feet and meet it.
  7. My wife has a fur coat that was her great grandmothers. How much more sustainable can you be?
  8. I went to the pharmacy yesterday to get a new dressing for my burn wound. The pharmacist was European with ESL. She asked: “What size dressing do you need?” Me: “About 3 inches by 3 inches” Pharmacist: *stares blankly at me* Me: “Ok, 75mm by 75mm” Pharmacist: *Continues to look blankly and then checks the computer* ”No, they don’t have any that size. I am sorry Sir, these are only available in 7.5cm by 7.5cm” Me: 🙈
  9. If he had stopped and spoken to the police like a normal human it would never have happened. Failure of intel not failure of the officer who pulled the trigger.
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