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  1. Just as a opportunity for discussion and debate, of what you have shot what’s every one's favourite sporting quarry? Mine are: 1. Pink footed geese (called in) 2. Canada Geese 3. Woodpigeon 4. Greylag geese 5. Fox 6: Teal 7. Woodcock 8. Hare 9. Pheasant 10. Partridge 11. Widgeon 12. Mallard 13. Squirrel 14. Jay 15. Magpie 16. Rabbit 17. Carrion crow 18. Snipe 19. Jackdaw 20. Collared Dove 21. Rat
  2. That’s a great write up, well done Ted.
  3. Click on the three dots top right
  4. The Beretta store didn’t have the correct thicker ones in the right shape for my SV-10 stock and so I bought a cheap adjustable one from Amazon for £17 inc P&P as a temporary fix. It was delivered within 12 hours and I’ve kept it on her for over 2 years now. The SV-10 pad is now mounted on my A300 via a flat-to-concave spacer to replace the thin plastic one and give correct LOP. When I have spare cash I will eventually have a proper pad ground and fitted to the SV-10 so it’s less ugly.
  5. Old Boggy, I believe he will not be reducing the video but splicing ShotKam footage from the gun mounted camera with overall footage from a static GoPro video camera that shows the wider set up and birds approaching. Which I am excited to see.
  6. OP - Until there is further guidance or a test case in truth no one knows for sure. People have strong opinions both ways but the only thing I know is that someone who is certain on this cannot be right. In a scenario where you are decoying and shoot a pigeon that is flighting over the permission A to B, if it has never caused damage on your permission on your beans and is full of wheat is that now against the law? How would this be policed? Conversely a scenario where you shoot pigeons in your back garden, knowing that they will no doubt be feeding on crops somewhere else, is this now legal u
  7. This, I always do it. If dogs get too far away (past my invisible line) I will hide in a hedge. You can see on their little faces they think they are lost and bomb. Certainly when working HPRs quartering 100m each side over Moor it is the dog’s responsibility to know where you are and work relative to you. My old boy is very deaf and mostly blind now (he’s over 10) and so you can see him struggle to recognise me in a line if we have turned etc but the recall whistle is just a location beacon to help the dog find you.
  8. I always do this with my arms holding an imaginary gun when diving or walking. It must look like I have Tourette’s, even during site meetings if i am up on scaffold and see a lovely crosser I will subtly follow it with my eyes to the kill spot. People sometimes notice but never ask questions. I only realised how much I do it as when my youngest son was about 16 months old on our early morning dog walks he would lean out of the sling and follow the wood pigeons with his outstretched arm and the squeak a tiny “pow” then look at me as if to ask ‘Did I hit it daddy?!’, I’m a biased judge but
  9. Yes, peep peep peep on the whistle is the signal that dinner is being served.
  10. Is it a flat or curved end to the stock?
  11. Easy to do with any video editing software. We use Macs for work and hence iMovie, comes preinstalled and is great to use.
  12. My mate @worrall26has just fixed an old magnet up with a new motor. He changed the mount as it was originally an in-line motor but switched it to side mounted. Hopefully he will be able to advise.
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