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  1. All, thank you for the input. Lots of interesting points, let’s put this to bed until we can do some testing. Ideally on flooded fields during a calm day.
  2. To avoid hassle I would spend a considerable amount of time looking for it before giving up. 15 years ago I found my car key in very long / marsh grass after 2 hours. I could narrow its location down to a 20 acre field but had no choice apart from find it, gun slip etc was in the car. I am confident you will find it once you’ve retraced your steps with sufficient care. The metal detector is likely to make a tedious job much quicker.
  3. Sorry @lancer425 I replied below @wymberley before it had refreshed to show your comment - will take that on board too 👍
  4. No.4 steel isn’t too far behind the lead then, may be able to knock 50 metres off and still leave a safety margin if there is no back wind.
  5. A tad of confusion over the cast I see 🤣
  6. Just curious regarding steel shot, due to its woeful ballistic performance surely the maximum travel distance is reduced? I typically allow 300m for shooting towards boundaries with lead size 5/6/7, any ideas how far the equivalent steel can go?
  7. WalkedUp


    Appendix, surely tonsils? Can’t think of many other anatomical part that comes in pairs and a woman would have taken out?
  8. Asking at the right time is keep too, well done on the permissions. Your shooting buddy owes you a beer 🍺
  9. Unbelievable skill and a beautiful stock. Well done to Old Farrier too for commissioning this work fantastic work, a patron of five craftsmanship.
  10. WalkedUp


    My neighbour and I were taking about this last week as the dog got one in its paw, it came out but he had a bad infection and within 12 hrs of the spike had lost the ability to stand and control of his bladder etc. I have a deep blackthorn that requires a minor operation to remove, but it’s clean. Obviously it’s not urgent and so can wait until another year. He said actually went to hospital with a bad one and was turned away from A&E “it’s a splinter, it will work it’s own way out”... 12 hours later he was admitted by ambulance and needed a skin graft as so much flesh was removed. My wife was admitted with sepsis when our third child was a few days old. The GP offered an ambulance I said, it’s fine I’ll drive, save the resources. She was bounced from department to department and ended up in for weeks on IV antibiotics. She missed Christmas with the two boys older and was thoroughly unhappy. I wrote a letter to the trust underlining their multiple failings compared to NICE guidelines, not to make a complaint but to help them improve quality of care for others. Sepsis is very dangerous.
  11. I’ll have a look at sending the redacted drawings from the planning applications, those drawings are in the public realm anyway. Don’t want to send a link to the website as from that, via Companies House and RIBA/ARB, it is pretty much an open invite for anyone with an axe to grind (e.g. sabs) to know everything about me and all my staff. A planning consultant from Chester that I work with has listed ‘Shooting’ on his personal interests in his company’s website. Slight madness in today’s climate, lots of sabs with lots of time to bury a business.
  12. I probably won’t be able to get permission to post them as they are for private clients, but I have also done multiple garages for Bugatti Verons, and then a personal / display structural glass garage for a Chiron on a turntable. It is sited in his garden opposite his man cave so he can sit and look at it. My client is an absolute car lover, he is relatively wealthy and a great guy, his only love is cars. He has 7 children, when each of them turn 17 they get a free pick of any car they want. His eldest daughter is lovely but chose a metallic pink Range Rover Sport 🙈
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