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  1. I will admit I thought it was true initially, but even still would obviously never share it. Why would anyone want to share that and make other people believe that their children had been groomed? An equally sick and stupid world we live in.
  2. I used plywood to get the right length. Works perfectly, shoot with it long enough then get one made out of pretty wood. Or just a thick rubber pad.
  3. Not the first shaved old dog I’ve seen pictures of on the internet 🤣
  4. Please make sure you highlight things that happened to you compared to fake news ...
  5. In that case considering the gross irresponsibility I would pay for any damage to my neighbour’s car and give myself a good telling off. I probably would not see myself fit to own a dog.
  6. Look like bibs in the top picture. What size waist? 26.5” leg be fine with gaiters.
  7. We had 4 little boys out shooting balloons today, one gun, single shot. They loved it and it cost pennies. I could switch to an air rifle from the .410”, but I would need to buy a junior air rifle. They had 3 shots each and were very competitive with each other, even though it was only 10 yards they were arguing over who had the best shot and how many of the bag they each accounted for like a couple of 60 year olds. They also fed the pheasants, pumped water from a stream to fill the IBC and did a bit of dogging in. Compared to most days out with your children that is an incredibly cheap way to spend the day!
  8. Completely agree. I also concur that what I saw was hateful but not hate speech.
  9. If my dog was e.g. worrying livestock I would buy them a drink and pay for any loss they incurred. If my dog had attacked a child or person I would have to consider my future. If my dog had attacked another dog I would pay their vet bills and check that they are ok. If the dog was shot by accident I would expect them to fall on their sword. If someone killed my dog for no reason I would not be best pleased, to say the least. If a vet killed my dog (as has happened previously under anaesthesia) I would expect an explanation of what went wrong and how lessons can be learnt. With zero context it is just impossible to give a sensible answer.
  10. I do my debt recoveries myself in person. It’s amazing how many scouser lads think they are to much of a big man to bother paying for what they have signed for us to do. Find out where he lives and where he works. Turn up where he works first and let him know the next time will be on his door step. Keep calm, if he gets physical be prepared to call the police. Get him to pay on the spot or text (or preferably email) you to confirm that he owes you the money and will pay within 14 days.
  11. My mistake, when I had my eyes and ears tested at Specsavers there was no cost. I did not need any glasses so had nothing to pay, which felt unfair. My wife’s independent optician also tests here eyes for free, but she has contact lenses and so I can see how they cover their costs. I was unaware that Specsavers etc charged for tests. I’ve just been onto their website, it states that they are not running their free eye tests currently. So I assume it must be a recent change. This is separate to the NHS funded eye tests.
  12. You will need your eyes checking again at some future point. Who pays the ophthalmologist’s salary and the overheads for the equipment? If you buy everything off the internet there is no money to support local services.
  13. A two year old girl has died on a pony and disgusting antis are using it as an opportunity to spout their hate. We are against the scum of the earth here, people who have no differentiation between human life and animals. https://metro.co.uk/2021/09/18/yorkshire-girl-2-dies-after-falling-from-pony-during-a-hunt-15279362/ I have such sadness for the little girl and her family.
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