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  1. He has an impressively ugly furniture composition. Clearly not accidental.
  2. ... Will pull a man as far as gunpowder can throw him.
  3. I speak to a Welsh police force quite regularly with dual language automated option lists .... glad I’m never in a rush.
  4. 🤣 My brother manages a fishery and is desperate for me to sort his out. I resolutely will not help without a NE license, which he was denied, so he is stuck with throwing rocks at them from afar 🤣
  5. Despite claims of Megan being driven to suicide (which appear to have been much overstated given her apparent continued existence) this interview was no self-immolation, nor was it reckless arson. It was a calculated message from his bride to “burn your boat on the shore”, forcing him to make a irrevocable commitment to life outside of the Royal Family. Good luck to them. Through the prism of the media they both appear vacuous individuals but I have never met either and so cannot justify my comment. I wouldn’t have chosen her as my wife, not because she’s a PITA - I’m used to that, but be
  6. But isn’t it only an Extra Extra Large? 😜
  7. Thanks, just seen this there is a great Lanber I have sent to him in the sales section. £170 just to get some confidence on gun handling etc. I’ll give them a look up. Thanks 👍
  8. Target inflation rate is 2%, if that is achieved the 1% “pay increase” would be a reduction in real world wages. Weasely actions. The government needs to have a cojones to say “We believe nurses are overpaid for what they do, there will always be altruistic people (typically women) who want to care for the dying and sick, regardless of pay. The freemarket economy dictates that we need to pay less not more.”
  9. John is demonstrating that he has attempted to research the issue and solve the problem himself. He has given us valuable background information by simply replying to the relevant thread. This is a good use of the forum. The time police in sales threads or someone answering a question asked years ago I can understand. Someone saying I am aware of X but have a related problem Y is actually just helpful regardless of the age of the thread.
  10. School doesn’t teach you this sadly. Most of the curriculum is useless for life!
  11. Excellent. I suppose I was that boyfriend, I always shot air rifles as a child then had stopped mid teens. Aged 17 I met my wife. She came from a family who hunt so had exposure to it again and haven’t looked back in almost 20 years. Except for the 2004 ban 😡
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