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  1. I'm more interested that it became a semi to an auto. How quickly does this automatic shotgun pump out 3? "good condition for age" - awkwardly and disappointingly describes me also. Edit: His previous ad: 28 inch 6 extended multicokes plus 1 super extended multichoke (cost £80),in excellent working order good condition for 30 year old gun £425.00 Doesn't give location mind.
  2. Ooo fab, thanks! This is for a 12g shotgun rather than air rifle, but thankyou for the advice
  3. Aye, that it does. Humble pie answer is now "find a cheap one on guntrader and do an RFD transfer" Item Search Results (guntrader.uk) Loads for under 200 notes even taking into account an RFD transfer fee.
  4. Fiiiiiine (good spot) Lamberts of Ringwood gun list powered by Guntrader.co.uk. 40 miles. £240 which is circa 200. ish. 😁
  5. Learnt all I needed to know from 3 hours on the Island Absorb everything, fact check, and try not to be too cynical. Not doing too bad of a blag job for someone that's shot less than 6 months eh lol I'm more like the old smell you can't get rid of Oh, bought my first actual red cartridges today. Feel proper grown up
  6. Rich, Welcome to the forum. Have you tried a google of the local gun shops? TGS in Botley is less than 50 miles. Hatsan Arms Escort 12 gauge Shotgun | Second Hand Guns for Sale | guntrader
  7. Primarily I am after a 3d print file for a 12G semi auto safety flag. Just a simple U shape one would be great but open to what someone else may have On the topic of 3d printing, I am not sure if anything else practicable could be printed (and certainly not a firearm!), I doubt it would work for anything like snap caps etc. Just looking for some 3d printing love for anything creative or useful
  8. I'd love one of these, that price is a bit too rich for me. I can honestly say the video footage is amazing with this little bird, and has some funky cool features for doing automated manoeuvres so you can stand and enjoy it doing its thing. Definitely a great drone. I believe the laws changed Dec 1st and you need to be aware of restrictions to this listed device as it's over the 500g threshold. This means no filming within 50m of uninvolved people, which removes a LOT of filming chances. This is up to you as to if you obey. I believe they were looking to licence people also, but don't know the current situation. But, I say that just so a buyer is aware and there's plenty of opportunity to enjoy this device. It is an AMAZING device, fantastic video, and an awful lot of fun to fly with really high quality stabilisation. I am not knocking the device! Ace, I'd only offer you a much lower price, hopefully someone else will see this great deal and get it bought
  9. No, you can give access to your NHS app/records I believe as a delegate, so you are in essence providing access to your own records so it'll be ready in 3 days. To be fair it's quite lucrative. You don't have to get your records yourself as you're thinking! I didn't say Medcert offered 10%. But on their homepage they say: "Are you a member of a shooting organisation? Don’t forget your discount code at checkout." and also "If you are a member of a shooting organisation you may be able to benefit from a discount that they have negotiated with us - check your membership magazine or organisation's website for details."
  10. Medicert could take a lot longer than a month, as a surgery has a month to produce. Then there's the turnaround time. Whilst I am not endorsing the other place, if they turn around in 3 days then you just save a lot of time even if it seems money for old rope. If the books open and it's first come first served after being closed for 2 months, I know I'd rather have my request in ASAP rather than a month down the road. It's worth noting that shotgunmedicals gives a £10 discount to BASC and CPSA members, and Medicert also state they may offer a discount with your shooting association. It'd be interesting if anyone knows of a Medicert discount via a club or association (without providing the discount code for fairness).
  11. 10 seconds in, Hull is literally on the screen. His shooting buddy is wearing a hull vest, 14 seconds in they show the box, then again discuss this specific cart (that they've shot most of this year), and 1:44 in they show the pretty Hull box again. Then discuss the cart at 4:10. If he's not sponsored or heavily discounted I'd be surprised. I am guessing he was sponsored for 2021, will be interesting to see if he changes this year. One of my local grounds only let you shoot what they sell, so I have a load of CompX. They're not an FBlu, but they shoot fair but are a bit thumpy and dirty compared to some other similarly priced. I'm trying some Lyalvale English Sporters tomorrow. Fingers crossed on those red bad boys. As a new shooter, I'll take any advantage! I am just surprised he's advised 21g. BUT then I just re-watched and the site has a 21g limit, which is where I mis-interpreted first time! But he does say nothing wrong with them, which if you're on the target he's right. I am guessing 21g is quieter than 28g?
  12. His recent video pushed the Hull compX 21g, and was pushing the angle of ‘you don’t need 28g, and 21g is perfect’ and it felt too sales pitchy rather than potentially his genuine opinion. I know they’re never honest about negatives of guns and I know he’s getting sponsored in cartridges, I’m just surprised he was pressing down the 21g is great route. Im not sure of the Hull angle if there is one to press down the 21g route for promotion, maybe a higher profit margin? Or maybe Johnny’s genuine opinion is 21g is better than 28g on clays.
  13. I'd say that is the most sensible and sane information I've read on this thread. I felt that coming from your heart, and is the best advice this thread has given. +1.
  14. To be fair I really enjoy Spitfire in Hampshire, but last time we had over 20 no birds out of our 120 card. I did tell them about that and what stands didn't fire, and they offered to top up the card. Not the best, but I can't expect any more. I shot a comp today at Owls Lodge which was going well til a small injury. In my shooting and waiting I probably saw 600-800 clays, and genuinely only 3 no birds. Thanks to Richard and the team for making an enjoyable day, and the site minus high footfall areas (I was competitor 117 and was there 25 mins into the comp, and plenty more behind!) and yet the ground still looked good. Sometimes the extra pennies pays for a better site. Sometimes..... not.
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