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  1. You should have gotten you and your sons to line up on pegs outside the nick and do a gun salute with both barrels into the air! oh, wait.... maybe not.... I'm glad you had a favourable outcome, and sorry to hear of your medical condition. I hope you get to enjoy your guns for as long as you can! I hope you can get recovery and more family time. All the very best.
  2. I hope you missed a word there I have bought 1 gun direct from them and had a great service, including them sending missing chokes next day. Also bought one via a friend from Avalon and had a no-fuss experience
  3. FPNs and eFPNs admit guilt/liability but is a disposal instead of court. It is not a magistrates conviction, however it is still disclosable on PNC as if it were. That’s to say sp30 disposed of via eFPN is still guilty of sp30, just not via a court conviction. if in doubt, disclose. Disclosure shows integrity and honesty, however I always add in something like ‘this is to the best of my knowledge. Any omission is not a deliberate act, and in some cases added more detail that may not be relevant to ensure transparency’. just give no reason for a withdrawal due to integrity issues (deliberate or otherwise).
  4. The endorseable FPN (eFPN) is a disposal method in lieu of going for prosecution in court. As the officer would have said in the roadside verbal NIP "I am reporting you for the consideration of the question of prosecuting you for the offence of speeding". It is followed not by the "when" caution but "now" caution. "You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention now (rather than when questioned) something you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given as evidence". Of course, you may instead have had a conditional offer if caught by a camera. Regardless, the disposal is an alternative to court, and you had an option to be heard in court.
  5. It's a shame it's not full height or I'd have been interested also
  6. Where in Hampshire please? Just in case TC was interested, if it wasn't far I am going to his neck of the woods tomorrow AM and there til weds
  7. Point 1 - take photo ID like a drivers licence. Your face matches, DOB, and address. Unless you have a Twin, but you'd have that same issue with the paperwork in person! Point 2 - I guess it requires quite lengthy debate to change the law for a modern electronic world, but I'd rather pay an extra tenner each side for a validation and escrow service meaning I keep my licence completely at all times. I doubt the investment in legal time is worth it annoyingly.
  8. I've never quite understood why it didn't go to the sending RFD to help manage, and then get put in the gun box and sealed as they usually do. I'd feel happier knowing it transited with the gun than an A5 or A4 envelope. Or, just an escrow transfer, where the RFDs don't have to sell, but could take full legal ownership to ship but without it being a sale, so no tax/warranty implications, but are "trusted partners" to sign on a certificate.
  9. Wow, far more than I could afford but if that was half that price I'd be tempted. It is indeed beautiful! Good luck with the sale!
  10. agree with social media, but I'd suggest anything said should be in an auditable written fashion due to the nature.
  11. Hey Centrepin, how about the same breakdown for berettas Nice little vid!
  12. Sorry did I post that? If so I apologise. Yes, absolutely lay it down nice and slowly, step away etc. No-one wants an accidental discharge!
  13. All calls to 101 and 999 are recorded, and retained for a specific limit of time. I can assure you that all calls are logged in the Hampshire callcentres, and are either "written off" and not deployed, or triaged. But, every call is logged. It also helps with an audit trail in case someone is always calling about the same thing. I like the idea and the goodwill of this. It won't work, as you holding a rifle with bolt removed is not as safe as you not touching the rifle and 5 paces away. If the local constab training is to get you to lay down your weapon and move away, your request to make safe and remove the bolt will fall on deaf ears as that is not the SOP that they'll be taught. If you're suggesting in non-active shooting situations that maybe a new SOP to make safe and remove the bolt so we can "have a word", then I really like it. I don't think it will happen though.
  14. that may be outdated info. They were banned over 10 years ago by the NHS as they don't give sharps protection. Whether or not that's adhered to is a different thing.
  15. @WalkedUp, I massively respect you for your reflection regardless of what we think. We could discuss the response and tactics til the cows come home but regardless of that it was an interesting read from your point of view. I’ll probably step away from further responses on this thread, so will just say keep safe and good health
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