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  1. Grooming happens in many forms, and Saville started a very long time ago in technology terms. I think any help to showcase grooming and warning signs isn't necessarily bad. Even if it helps just 1 child, that is a result. It depends how it is documented that may be tasteless. May all the survivors take peace that others may not suffer the same, rather than continuing pain from seeing it. Survivors, not victims. (nice definition of the above, which is how I intended it to be: Both terms have their place and serve different purposes. Although victim is a legal definition necessary within the criminal justice system, survivor can be used as a term of empowerment to convey that a person has started the healing process and may have gained a sense of peace in their life.)
  2. THANKYOU for giving reasons why each one is used Such a waste as you'll only use it once in your lifetime. Love the figure of 8 double for rock climbing!
  3. It's funny as that may be in inconvenience for you. But, your transport manager and ultimately your business owners (IF the trucks are up to spec and no defects) will LOVE you being stopped by the police if there are no defects. Every interraction gets reported back to the traffic commissioner who has ultimate power over the haulage business, and TMs need to be of good standing. Every stop with zero issue will lower your companys risk score, and that is a really good thing for renewing licences, changing site licences including adding more vehicles and what not. A pain for the driver, but amazing if you are legit for your back office. TMs do not want to upset the TC!
  4. Evening! What's the difference between low perfornance and high performance steel cartridges? Also on my gamebore steel carts, the box says you can't reload them. Is there a reason for this? :)
  5. To be fair, your cousin has bought the buckfast and haggis, why not make an event of it Airports struggle with skis sometimes. I can only imagine the hassle with guns!
  6. I wanted to shoot for decades and saw no avenue in. Lack of research or drive didn't mean it wasn't a dream to do it. One day I thought I WILL do this and googled, and found a taster session, then went from there. But, it surely can't be me.... but for a lifetime I was *too scared* to go into a gun shop. It's where old men smoke pipes and outsiders don't wear tweed so will be chased out, right?!? (I can't be the only one with this insane fear?) Things I now know: Learning to shoot isn't cheap (£75-80, sometimes with clays on top) Gun shops are incredibly welcoming and eternally patient with new shooters Most experienced shooters will happily talk about their gun or answer questions, IF they're not on the stand. USE the local knowledge from experience PigeonWatch is the best gun forum (ok, ok. Where's my free merch?!) Shooting can be.... cheap or expensive. I have arranged with someone from here (thanks chap!) to go shooting soon to a posh venue, 40p a clay. We could hit another local, and pay 28.8p but for a less polished club house (but just as fun shooting). A brand new gun for £599, or £100,000+. A second hand gun for..... £5. It may be rubbish but it will fire. TGS did a nice vid from a bargain basement gun. Clothes? Cheap baseball cap and £7 safety goggles from screwfix, and you're kitted. £100 for 5 years licence is cheaper than my SUP riverways unpowered river licence. Then there's you guys and dolls. So much help if people just asked, I wish I came here years ago, or the equivolent thereof. Shooting isn't cheap if you do it often. I calculate roughly 60p for cart and clay, 100 shots for £60. I spend more on a night out, and I have no hangover from shooting. On to the OP..... There's a local shoot that is free for kids, that needs to be seen elsewhere. When kiddo shoots with mummy or daddy, it's a new addict potentially. Even if they charged 10p a clay, costs are covered as the parent will still go back. Loyalty goes a long way. I do think more county/country fairs should do shooting stalls, get a real vibe. "Pow pow" draws a crowd, and make it cost neutral and you could hook a barrage of future customers.
  7. The drugwipe systems do not give a measurement, only if there is a positive indication of cannabis. It requires blood or urine for analysis from a lab. Don't forget that in policing terms, the officer needs "reasonable suspicion", usually from their FIT/drug identification course. Their eyes, their speech, their mannerisms and what not. It is easy to spot someone who is intoxicated on cannabis.
  8. Gordon, for the sake of balance, I have seen lives ruined by alcohol also. Or prescribed pain relief, especially opioids. With regards to the OP, I can imagine all the positives that could be given, but I'd be happy with the equivolent of "drunk in charge" offence being created, or "posession of a firearm whilst over the prescribed limit" of drunk/drug etc. They shouldn't mix, and if someone is struggling handling a gun due to poor health, I'd question the overall safety with or without CBD, or anything containing delta 9 THC.
  9. Tonka, it is very much this way in Hampshire also. I am biting my tongue, not chasing, and holding off and trying to find someone to shoot with. I wonder if and when the backlog will ever catch up.....
  10. Remember when you are feeling better, it's because of the drugs. Don't stop taking them unless your GP says so. I know it's obvious, but it's so often ignored. Congrats on the right steps
  11. Sorry, I need to make a correction to my statement. Whilst you have your safe word for your training, you MUST teach him range safety. Stop still means stop. Any "normal" stop word should mean unmount, break the barrels, and maybe as a discipline always remove carts. Teach all normal range rules. The safe word is more for your "training" til he "graduates". The side note is that if he becomes a family friend and he gets himself into a state of not coping, you can actually use that word in emergencies to help him stop and reset with you. This is NOT to be misused, but may mean if he's getting himself into trouble, you can help. Some amazing advice above from everyone! So much autie/special love. ❤️❤️❤️
  12. I have special needs children, and I can't say how happy your post made me that you're trying, and trying to learn what to do. Special needs kids are very very easy to deal with. See what THEIR rulebook is on how to learn, and cater to that. Be honest and clear, and have a safe word for "stop". One that they know means stop, but is a magic shooting word! This way it's a special word that they know means "danger, safety issue, freeze" or similar. Explain, let them be a sponge. It's obvious he's receptive to everything you've said so far, you already have crossed the impossible hurdle of trust and listening. Look into a few things like some kids if you say "look at me when I talk to you" may mean they look at you intensely, but aren't actually listening. Don't be put off with bad eye contact etc. Bonding over fixed rules. Remember if you say "you only carry the gun like this" don't be surprised with a potentially sarcastic sounding "you can't carry it over your shoulder". So sometimes if you are talking about carrying, go through "allowed" and "never". It really does sound like you're doing everything great. You are allowed to make a mistake, just have a safety word as an absolute. Practice with it but explain you will practice, and REWARD with good praise for when they do it right. Just make sure it's not a common word at a shooting ground! Something like 'watermelons' so it can't be confused. You really are doing great. Kudos and respect.
  13. Same for webuyanycar, PPI check, or even credit score. Can't have been that keen if no effort mind.....
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