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  1. "im mainly......"

    Good to have you back, I feel the same about the 'festive season',I think its an age thing but in particular how the 'tat' sold around this time of year just seems to be such poor quality , trimmings that tear as you try to put them up, crackers that dont crack and have some obscure bit of plastic inside, tree lights that fail after a couple of days,etc etc, A friend of mine makes 'blades' of all kinds using old car leaf springs , he goes around farms and scrap yards scrounging old springs , then cuts and forges them into some amazing shapes , (he is a blacksmith by trade), apparently the spring steel in these springs is ideal for getting a good 'edge'.
  2. spaniel hunt command

    When working dogs in the obedience ring the command sit is used as the dog comes to heel and waits another command like heel when setting off at a walking pace, but the command sit stay is used when the handler needs to walk away from the dog in order to turn and call the dog in as if retrieving, these are not something I would use in the hide or when out hunting but if the dog is trained in obedience it can be a useful extra command for example if you wanted to move out of the hide but did not want the dog to follow .but in truth just using 'stay' would have the same result. When doing my training as a dog trainer we were always taught it is not the words you use so much as the tone or pitch of your voice that gets the dogs attention, low and growling for chastising or reinforcing a command and high and excited for praise , I would say though that as most of my early training was done for ring craft , agility and showing we never used whistles so as I progressed into gun dog training I tended to use voice only and only carried a whistle for log distance recall as the sound carried better than a raised voice, as the dog was trained to work within a 30 yard radius it was rarely necessary to even raise my voice, just simple spoken commands were enough to get results.
  3. spaniel hunt command

    All commands should be kept to single syllable words or sounds if possible, ones that are clear and the same every time they are issued, If you are using 'out' to make a retrieve surely the dog has to hunt for the fallen bird so in effect she or he is already hunting for the scent. so it is plausible to just use the same command to send her out to hunt. I trained mine to 'Fetch' for retrieve and 'find' to hunt but it is effectively the same thing, however one thing I did do was train her to look back at me on command, which was calling her name, when she looked up I would indicate with my arm either move left or move right, or reissue 'Find' for her to move further out in front. When I started to train her to hunt I used a long washing line tied to her collar and once she was hunting I could stop her at the max distance I liked her to work but also to move her right or left , so she quickly learned to quarter efficiently, once trained she would automatically search left and right quarters without being asked,and almost always staying within the desired range. The most difficult control was stopping her jumping at birds rising from the ground , an auto response for her but very dangerous if the gun is already coming onto the bird.but thankfully there were no accidents and eventually she became very proficient at flushing birds without responding . This worked very well for me and although I spent 3 years training her (12 months obedience then two more years of fairly intensive gun dog training) there would be times when she would lose concentration or misunderstand a particular command , I never hit her or chastised her, but always rewarded quick and obedient response to command, she was my best friend for many years and was the envy of many shooting companions who often commented on her ability . Its a long time since she died of old age but I still miss her
  4. Seling Guns on PW

    You have to register with Gun watch, list your gun there and it will automatically list on pigeon Watch, Just Google gunwatch
  5. Touch of wind today

    Good shooting old'un, makes a change from setting up hides and decoy patterns, I think until we get some more frosts the birds will stay spread out, I am seeing some improvement in numbers but not the usual large flocks we like to see at this time of year, Looking forward to February when we can get into the pheasant woods for some roost shoots,
  6. Any winter pigeon experts?

    It doesn't matter how much you prepare or what you think you know ,there is always going to be one of those days when nothing goes as planned, I decided to brave the wind yesterday and made my way to a large area of rape with good access on green lanes around the perimeter , my first choice of position was facing into a 30 to 35 mph howler , birds were just hopping over the river and reed beds and dropping into the edge of the field, but no matter how I looked at it, I could not get a decent hide position , so I moved to the other side of the field with the wind at my back, I managed to build a reasonable hide with the fishing brolly and several nets, laid out the pattern with the magnet and 2 bouncers, birds were coming past about 2 feet off the ground and moving well in the high wind, a lot of birds about but not willing to come into the pattern, flaring away just out of range, I moved the magnet and pattern several time but with no improvement, after a few point and hope shots I managed a head on long shot , after almost 2 hours just 1 bird, Out of the corner of my eye I could see birds going to a small wood at the top of the field, so I packed away and moved to the wood for the last hour, standing among the swaying trees with branches falling all around me I took 3 as they came to find respite from the wind, cold and tired I gave up and headed home, but at least the rain held off even though at times it was so dark I could barely see birds approaching, not a great day but at least I got out for some fresh air better than sitting staring out of the window.
  7. Silver pigeon vs browning 525

    I went from Beretta 686E , Which I loaned to my son, through, 'Pedretti', 'Remington', 'Hatsan', and back to another Beretta (urika 2, 391A) The 686E is now back in the cabinet alongside the 391A, My choice 100%, The 686E gives me Clays, Pheasants (game days) and performes like a new gun even though its over 15 years old, The 391A gives me pigeons , rabbits ,crows, (general vermin shooting) where that 3rd cartridge often makes all the difference. Quality always wins in the end,
  8. Oxfordshire pigeon shooting

    Hi, this should be in 'shooting wanted' I expect one of those in charge will move it for you soon, Ask the wildfowlers if they have any pigeon shooting permission, which often comes along with the wildfowling land, I did and got back into pigeons, several years ago thanks to my wildfowling club and a couple of friends who took me out I began to build up a group of contacts, since then I have met some very good local landowners who see me out on their land after ducks and geese and as a consequence have given me permission to continue pigeons shooting throughout the year, Its a good way to show you are trustworthy and willing to turn out in most weathers to keep the pigeons off the crops. Another plus is the wildfowlers organise BASC membership which includes full insurance, with a small discount for being a group rather than an individual,
  9. Hello from the Southeast

    Welcome to PW, hope you enjoy the ravings of men and women mad about guns, hunting, fishing, dogs and 4 x 4's, where else would you go for such fantastic content,
  10. Feral control

    Hey, don't give my missus any ideas, she will be off out with my Beretta and I will be doing the washing and cooking, seriously though, my wife loves fishing and we have some great days out on the broads after the big bream shoals and occasional Tench, but she draws the line at shooting stuff, which is OK, it wouldn't do for us to spend every waking minute together 'would it ' Life is great when you have common interests, not so good when she gets bigger and better fish than me
  11. Any winter pigeon experts?

    Good point gingercat, There are some great woods but full of pheasants at the moment , have to wait till February for access, but there are two small woods where I have seen pigeons during the daytime, might be worth a go , maybe with a few decoys on the edge of the wood and a couple of lofters in the trees, you've got me thinking now, not my usual thing, I like open ground with large decoy patterns but this time of year I am willing to try anything, especially if I can get out of the wind , I have never used my fishing brolly so much , not even when I used to fish a lot.But wait I have just been looking at the weather forecast for next week, 9 degrees in the daytime with sun and light winds, woop-e-doo look out pigeons, I may even take my sun glasses just in case.
  12. Any winter pigeon experts?

    Out again yesterday, same old problems, pigeons were on the rape when I arrived but soon departed to pastures of rape elsewhere, first four to return took one look at the magnet and did a disappearing act, so as usual I took it in, stuck out 3 floaters and a flapper and managed to get 5 before I froze solid, I could barely move when I cleared up after only 2 hours and had to sit in the car with heaters full on for half an hour to thaw out, I must be raving mad, just looking at the maps to plan the next outing, maybe tomorrow !!!
  13. Any winter pigeon experts?

    I can't find anyone who wants to shoot the same days as I do, mostly mid week but I do use flags when the birds are settling all over the field, that usually gets them moving until they find my decoys.
  14. Any winter pigeon experts?

    Just a lot of time out shooting them, they do act differently on different days but the most noticeable one was on tallish rape when a large pattern had them floating over but not committing, I gradually moved the decoys closer together until they ended up just inches from each other, the result was startling, the birds were trying to land shoulder to shoulder with decoys , my son and I shared the hide and had a respectable 52 before the cold got to us. Magnets are a strange beast, with hypa flaps on board they come in for a look but possibly the noise puts them off but on other days especially with young birds I have had them try to land on the spinning arms, mad or what. I have had great success with dead birds on board and would thoroughly recommend a magnet for most decoying, but on new seeded ground or very short crop I find the flappers a better bet. As I said its personal choice and and experience that makes the difference. many of my friends prefer full bodied decoys but I only use shells with sillosock covers fitted, just my choice and a lot lighter and easier to carry when stacked, Also most of my experience has been gained shooting around lincolnshire and norfolk where there have been very few pigeons to go at, possibly when there are very large flocks they are more likely to compete with each other to get the best feeding place, so less likely to be nervous of different equipment, small numbers seem to take more time to commit, maybe this makes them more picky when it comes to dropping in over decoys, who knows?
  15. A bit demoralised.

    I have problems just swapping between standard guns, 5 in 4 years has caused me many problems but the up side is im getting much better at setting up the guns to my preference, as to the hushpower, I never used it enough for it to affect my normal shooting. Still John you don't need to worry, your old blunderbuss will still be going strong well after you have given up the pigeons for your warm fireside, an old gun is a bit like an old dog, you know you can rely on it but dont know how much longer it will keep going.fingers crossed-long enough !!!!! LOL