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  1. I have 25 which I had for decoys in the fridge outside, they are now about 6 weeks dead but everytime I open the fridge they try to run out, (trying to escape in liquid form), must warn the bin men next week, might be safer to freeze them before placing them in the bin .
  2. Yes I got that Tightchoke, just a bit early in the morning for me !!!!!!!!!!!! Can I get a new brain, preferably one not as OLD as mine
  3. Never posted in Wanted but dont see any reason you should have a problem, other than being new
  4. Anyway its a bad time to be looking , BASC put out a notice with regard to unnecessary travel under the present lock down rules, to go out to shoot, either for pleasure ,sport or vermin control, the police will stop and fine anyone going out to shoot along with the possibility of losing your licence, They did say that if the landowner has a particular problem you may take action, but its advised to contact your local police to notify them of your intention, when and where etc,and you may also need specific written instructions to shoot, if the local police say no then the landowner is over ruled , so be careful out there, just because you are out on your own, and no risk to the public its still not a given that you can assume its ok . I am 72 with slight chest problems, my wife is 69 and pretty healthy but we have been in lock down since 13th March, just hoping the virus misses us and we can get back to some normality, some thinks its ok to ignore the lock down believing its only a danger to us oldies, but the death count is now including some in their 50's and younger, including one young person of 19 or 20 , and healthy people ,not just those with underlying problems, so everyone take care and stay safe, the pigeons will still be there once lock down is over.
  5. I have 2 sets, one made from washing line props which sadly are useless if the ground is hard, the light tubing they use just bends when put under pressure, I have a set from A1 which are pretty good but again in hard ground I struggle to get them in, I started carrying a 2lb hammer and a long chisel to make holes for the poles to go in, when the ground is baked hard. No problem when the ground is soft, but I need something that's reliable all year round, I have thought of making my own with something a lot stronger but the weight may be a problem so its striking a good balance between strength and weight, and of course cost. so any suggestions would be welcome
  6. PRICE REDUCED TO £40, If anyone is interested or would like to make an offer please message me, thanks.
  7. I lived in Spain for some time, the people who keep homing pigeons down there often do bright coloured paint jobs on their birds, I think they used to have competitions for the best decorated birds, but they did look a sight waddling around in such strange coloured coats, maybe a spaniard has moved to the UK to paint our pigeons as well !!!!!
  8. Price is on the listing, Asking £50 post free
  9. Mens HIDEPARK Shooting Vest WaistcoatGreenSize 'S' 38 " ChestCondition is as new ,very light use only. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class Asking price is £50 post free to UK only, payment to paypal or bank transfer please "If you participate in some of the many activities that all contribute to a full enjoyment of country life, then this superb shooting vest will quickly prove to be an essential part of your outdoor wardrobe. Like all of this range, it’s created exclusively for Hidepark customers. It offers a carefully crafted 100% cotton twill outer and is as notably hard-wearing as you would expect. Two large easy access cartridge pockets Two hand warmer pockets Two inside pockets, one open one button fasten Heavy duty front zip Large open Poachers Pocket at back
  10. I think the average shooter is expected to shoot where the landowner needs him or her, one manager I look after panics if 6 pigeons land in one of his fields, which is great for me as I am always busy but not much chance of big bags, I am happy to be out, or on call, to get a few hours with the gun and insure my perm is there when the numbers do build up, my favourite time is from late July through till September, on any stubble field, best last year was two days on pea stubble with a 74 and a 71, but very rare for East Norfolk, normal good bags are between 35 and 50 which thankfully is achievable pretty much all year round, having said that, my average for the last 6 outings on rape has been just 8, which has meant no more for the freezer as I recycle these as fresh decoys every 2 weeks or so, the wife doesn't like the old smelly ones in the fridge , it's in the shed but she uses the clothes dryer and complains that it stinks in there, shame!!🤬
  11. Definitely Polecat, larger member of the ferrets, I used to do a bit of rabbiting with them and they often 'got away' never to be seen again. Just as destructive as the wild mink, as I understand it these are an invasive species and not protected but I may be wrong!!
  12. Well done dad for giving it a fair go, I have problems hitting them in high winds which is all we've had here for weeks, the rape has now been top dressed and is away, birds have lost interest in it so now its back on the road to find them again, saw a few on some grass and clover but still looking.
  13. Hi Paul5tag, The flappers came from either A1 or AA , cant remember as I buy from loads of online sites, chears
  14. My old pinin rotted out around the back suspension and went off to the great car park in the sky, I picked up a 2004 2 door Suzuki vitara off eBay, its fantastic, goes anywhere, very light and skims over muddy fields, never been stuck yet, you might look at the 4 door which is easier with kids but the back seats still drop down flat giving plenty of room for pigeon gear, they are also very reasonably priced with plenty of spares in scrap yards, I love it and will look for another when I have wrecked this one, 👍
  15. We have all ( Im sure ) had blank days, my average at the moment seems to be around 10, its this damn rape, one shot and they are gone for the day, Yesterday I sat from 10.30 until 4.00 and only managed 8, just hope the farmer appreciates my dedication.
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