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  1. We still have peas not yet cut, some barley looks ready but no sign of the combines so I am still picking small groups out of the wheat , some gaps in the crop are very busy with birds moving in and out all day, rape also looks near ready but again no sign of the combines so its just a waiting game, but I'm sure it will all kick off very soon. Most of the land I shoot over is very close to the Norfolk coast so perhaps the cooler sea air is the reason we always seem to be a bit behind inland crops !!
  2. Absolutely, I had 2 sessions on the wheat last week, with just a magnet and 2 floaters to get above the crop, the birds were trying to land as near to the magnet as possible making some interesting shots trying not to shoot my magnet, there were not a huge number about as it was blowing a gale, but I managed a 17 and a 14 picked with a few lost in the crop as I dont have a dog, but well worth going out.
  3. I use the 1/4 inch diameter fiberglass tent poles, they come in approx 2 ft sections and have the metal sockets already attached so you can use one or more sections as the crop grows, also they fold down easily into a carry bag, I sharpen one end and use a rubber mallet to knock them in, you can tape the decoys on if you like but I modified all my decoys with a single wire mount just under the head which simply slots down inside the hollow tubes, they also swing into wind which gives them some movement.
  4. I did buy a new motor on line from China, it came with a coupling and looked from the picture identical to my flapper motors , but when it arrived it was much bigger, I still have it but have not had time to do anything with it, I would have to completely redesign the flapper so probably wont bother. pull cord seems to be much easier . Thanks Ditchman for the photos, I am doing some drawings now to see if I can reproduce one, 👍
  5. sorry no, didnt see the links but I will watch them now, thanks. Yes- just viewed it, they look great, thanks
  6. Very nice, I must take the camera next time out and get a photo of the 10 or 11 I get for sitting in the hide for 5 hours, bet your all really envious of these Norfolk Hoards, yeh yeh yeh 😂
  7. Hey Ditchman, if you have any design details of them perhaps you could put them up on here, could be useful to those who like pottering in the shed like me 😁
  8. It cannot be long before the viners are starting on the peas, I had to stop shooting over them 2 weeks ago, since then I have had some limited success on the wheat which is still very green but the pigeons are loving it, we have lots of spring barley but as yet I have not found any winter barley with birds on, must get out this week and do some reconnaisance , wont be long till the rape is cut as well, it looks well on but you cant be everywhere at once, that reminds me I must buy some more cartridges, another £220+ (dont tell the wife )😁
  9. Just done a web search for anything similar but nothing, the only one I remember was a cradle with spring loaded arms that were pulled down by a cord from a pulley at the base, and the springs then returned them to the raised position, a friend used to use two at once and had good results, I had two AA decoys turbo flappers and a very flimsy earlier version, the early one was £25 and failed due to rubbish wire frame breaking , both the turbo flappers which cost £45 each are now in the bin as both motors self destructed , I was quoted £30 each unit to refurbish them , so now I just have an old magnet that my good friend Marsh man gave me a replacement motor for, and a home made magnet from an old Ford Escort wiper motor, I just cant afford to keep renewing the expensive gear, I think I may look at developing a pull cord flapper myself, cant be that difficult to design. Anyone got any plans?
  10. Great photo diary of the days results, I rarely take photos as I don't need personal reminders and none of my friends or neighbours are very understanding about the need to do this work, even my own family condemn my actions with the exception of my oldest who often shoots with me when he is in the country, ( he lives in California and is still locked down ) so I tend to shoot alone and only share my successes with the farmer and the missus , she knows I have shot all my life, since I was 8 years old with my catapult up to now with my zimmer frame, and she just goes along with it rather than create any confrontation. Anyway keep up the good work and take some more pics for us, 👍🤗
  11. +1, the most annoying thing similar to this I had was a telescopic bouncer with a worn ferrule which would not tighten up resulting in birds doing knife edge flights as well as totally inverted, only thing I could do was clean the extending section, set it to the (roughly) right height and super glued it down the tube, seems to be holding ok, My gear is generally rubbish anyway, two flappers with burnt out motors, a magnet with a detached arm mount (weld broken) glued up bouncers, paint faded shells, broken and bent hide poles and torn nets, hence the use of dead birds for decoys and making hides from tree branches , still seems to bring in the birds, the only thing any good are my guns, Did I mention I just went for an eye test, result was cataracts in both eyes and my long sight vision failing due to astigmatism in my right eye, £380 for new glasses , no wonder I keep missing the birds, roll on Christmas, I had better start making a list for Santa 😅
  12. Our farm manager stops all shooting over the peas as soon as the first pods are on, he told me if the processors find any pellets on the crop they will reject the whole trailer load, so too risky, but we get back on them as soon as the viners have finished, they are an OK crop for pigeons but I find them a little inconsistent, we have them showing now on the winter barley like Catamong, once they are on the seeds, Rape, barley and wheat the results always pick up, I have found with the peas here that the birds don't trust any movement among the decoys and will flare away if unsure, so I stick out as many dead birds as I can up on long sticks so they show above the crop but no bouncers flappers or magnets, seems to work ok especially as these birds are shot at several times a week while the crop is growing, and due to the limited area of crop its hard to find an area that has not been disturbed, but its a very short season on peas anyway as they grow so fast, Anyway best of luck, 👍
  13. Just stick to basic obedience and off lead behaviour, the gun dog stuff will come (or should come ) naturally when the dog begins to mature, spend as much time as possible on one to one contact even if its only in the garden. but above all keep it fun and rewards when the pup gets it right.
  14. Great photos and write up , many thanks, I live on the Norfolk coast and often used to see kayak fishing of Happisburgh and Walcott but sadly I am a bit too old to have a go, just have to make do with Youtube video's , 👍
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