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  1. I rarely shoot roost areas as I have a real problem staying focused on the bird , I see branches but loose sight of the bird before getting a shot off, reaction time for me is slow and the fact that the bird appears overhead without warning puts me in panic mode to take the shot. By the time I pull the trigger I am shooting branches off the trees or just an empty sky, My son who is in his 40's can hit them all day long but at 72 I am way too slow, and the more I miss the worse it gets with sheer frustration. I much prefer open farm land with wide clear views, giving me plenty of tim
  2. Thanks for a good account, nice to see someone seeing birds, I have had 3 very poor outings on land that is normally busy with birds here in Norfolk, so bad in fact I decided to give it a rest for a couple of weeks , concentrating instead on cleaning and repairing my gear, managed to rebuild a flapper with a new motor as well ready for when the birds return, well here's hoping anyway,👍
  3. In the last 3 weeks I have only been out 3 times as work and family are taking up time, but today , a nice bright sunny November day I headed out to one of my favourite spots, most days there are a few hundred birds around with plenty of crows to fill the quiet times. Today was very different, I put up around 30 pigeons off some very patchy rape, set up with around 25 dead bird decoys and a couple of floaters, in 4-1/2 hours from 11.00 until 3.30 I only saw around 30 birds in the air, not a single one decoyed in, but I managed to get 3 high overhead passing birds plus one very old carrio
  4. Hi, My wife was a veterinary nurse , we used to breed ESS and Salukis, the ESS were prone to phantom pregnancy's especially the younger bitches, if you give her Epsom salts it will dry up the milk production, but yes it is fairly common in some breeds mainly in the younger dogs. A real pain if you are paying big bucks for stud dogs , once we found a good stud we tended to go back to the same dog,
  5. There were probably a few wild fowlers very pleased to have a few geese fly over after being disturbed from a safe area, the problem we have is the geese get down on a safe area like this and wont move all day, if they get disturbed at least they will move around the area giving someone a decent chance of a bag. I have a house in Walcott on the Norfolk coast and last week there were around 2000 pinks down on a stubble field at the back of the house, they were there all day just lifting and circling around before settling again, the noise was unbelievable, needless to say no one shoots the
  6. Hi Marsh man, As you say we are looking at several hundred acres of rape, and most is in one block, in the past I have had some good days on this area and have been keeping an eye on it for a few weeks since they seeded it, I did have a couple of goes and had 19 woodies and 32 ferals on the first go then 12 woodies and 18 ferals on the second, sadly its been rain stop play here for the last 2 to 3 weeks now, mud up to your knees and headlands almost impassable even in the 4x4, but if it begins to dry out a bit running up to christmas it could get quite lively , but there are always a few to ke
  7. For the last 3 years I have had a 2004 Suzuki Vitara sport 16 valve, it replaced a Mitsubishi Pinin which fell apart from rust after just one season, the Suzuki has never let me down, so light it floats over really swampy soft ground, has a very low gear selection which will crawl out of anything, its the 2 door model so with the back seats down flat I get a ton of useless ****, I mean all my valuable decoying equipment in the back with room for the bags of shot birds as well (usually a carrier bag with 3 in ). A seriously good off road light weight vehicle with room for the shopping and wife,
  8. I only shoot fibre wad ammo now as the plastic wads look really unsightly and annoys the hell out of the farm owners, I do however after every session is finished take a nose dive into the nettles and brambles to recover as many as possible of the empties, I do a count up to try to account for every one as I don't want to lose the permission over such a simple thing as picking up empties, perhaps the clay shoots should have someone roaming around checking shooters are clearing up ,I'm sure if they were confronted they would soon fall into line , its like driving down the road following a car t
  9. A quick update, after several attempts to clean and test the action on the Beretta I was still no better off, I cleaned the gas transfer valve which I admit was well coked up, but it still would not eject a single cartridge, I called in at the local ammo supplies and bought a single box of another brand cartridge, went back to the field and fired 2 series of 3 shots, the eject worked perfectly and sent empties flying out to around 6 feet away. A quick reload with the original cartridges and it was back to cartridge case jammed in the chamber, tried again but the same result. S
  10. Following Zapp's advice ( thanks again Zapp ) and a quick visit to youtube for some advice on how to get the gas transfer valve out, I have just gouged out a pile of carbon from around the gas transfer ports in the gas valve housing, I have never had the courage to strip this before but 'Coles gunsmiths ' on youtube have a good -no great- strip down video for this very item, which I followed and had no problems at all, why didn't I do it sooner, anyway, now I need a field test and fingers crossed I may have got to the bottom of the problem, thanks for suggestions what would we do without our P
  11. The gun will fire almost any 3" as well as standard 70mm, but I only shoot pigeons , about 2 to 3 times a week and only use 28 gram 70mm cartridges, admittedly I have swapped brands a couple of times but the one I am on now is one I have used for the last 2 months without any real problems Thanks Zapp, I will take one last stab at it and see what happens, lucky for me I have a spare gun ( my sons ) so wont miss out on my sport while its away.
  12. Hi Zapp, I have not, I have never figured out how to get anything in there to give it a clean, the ports are still open but I cant tell if there is a partial blockage ?
  13. I was told when I bought it to clean the area but not to oil as it attracts carbon build up and can slow the recoil / reload down . As a footnote, when the jam occurs the spend case has been pulled right back to the point of eject but then fails to release the shell, the bolt then starts to move forward again attempting to pick up the reload but still holding the empty, If I pull the bolt back manually the empty fly's out as normal landing 6 feet away.
  14. The forecast was fair, my last visit to the perm revealed several hundred mixed crows, wood pigeons and ferals, so my expectations for a good day out was very high, arriving on the perm the first thing I noticed was almost no movement in the air and only a few birds on the ground. The day before I had just fully stripped and cleaned my Beretta AL 391 Urika 2, cleaned and oiled it, after noticing one or two jams on the previous session. I drove around the headlands checking each field but nothing, so settling on the best option, a newly drilled rape field, I set up the hide with a do
  15. Welcome back, hope you enjoy the forum, 👍
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