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  1. lakeside1000

    Using satellite images

    I do exactly the same as Old Boggy, I print off the map of a permission using Google earth, then get the weather forcast with particular attention to the wind direction, then I can see on the map where the best areas for setting up would be before I actually drive out, then its fingers crossed the birds are still there !!!🤗
  2. lakeside1000

    Are there any reports of mackerel around Norfolk

    Many thanks, if anyone hears of catches please let me know.
  3. I would like to try some beach fishing for mackerel on the Norfolk coast but have no idea where to go, has anyone caught or heard of anyone catching off the beach or piers, Im just north of Great yarmouth but anywhere within reason, Just waiting for the combines to start so I can get on the pigeons but love a bit of fishing when I get the chance.
  4. lakeside1000

    new remote control

    Hi, dont know about the original controller but I fitted these to my flappers and magnet, they are very reliable, have good range , cope with the motor load no problem and are easy to connect as they just go in the cable between battery and unit, correct polarity is essential as they only work if connected the right way round, One receiver is on / off the other is just a pulse so just press and hold for on and release the button to stop. ( I dont use this one but I can see where it might be useful, You can phone shoot warehouse for help on the original controller replacement, they are very helpful , I buy bits from them and just phone if there is a problem, Best of luck. This is the hand control and switching unit I have , paste this link into your browser , but its an american site, but you may be able to find a similar one in the uk, Only things you need to know are 12 volt dc only and around 15 amp switching so it dosn't overheat. hope this helps, http://clickandlights.com/12v-remote-switch-12v-ouput/ Or ; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-DC-2CH-ON-OFF-LONG-RANGE-REMOTE-CONTROL-SWITCH-RM102P/400749690606?epid=656892385&hash=item5d4e8afeee:g:gasAAOSwcUBYUtWV
  5. After several outings to local pea fields with dire results you can imagine my lack of enthusiasm when the farmer called to say he was away for a few days so he needed me to spend some time on the peas in case the pigeons turned up, Not wanting to get the wrong side of my best permission manager I duly loaded the car just after lunch on Wednesday and headed up to the largest of the half dozen pea fields now just showing white flowers, no one else in sight and a strong easterly blowing straight down the field, at the highest point and at the easterly end of the field is a row of large oaks and to my astonishment it was alive with birds moving in and out of the peas. I loaded up my trolley and headed up to a large oak which stands on a dogleg about 1/3 of the way down the far side of the field, under a small sicamor tree was an old hide opening used previously by someone with good all round views and some shade from the very bright sunshine. I was set and ready by 3.00 with 20 shells , one dead bird on the floater and two more on the magnet, immediately birds started to show interest, coming head on into the pattern and giving me some of the best mid range targets I have had for some time, I had just modified the butt pad extension on my Beretta 391A to give me a slightly longer stock with better mount as I had been shooting high and struggling to correct the gun mount, and it worked a treat, the first 3 birds were hit square in centre pattern, the 4th was a high downwind shot and I missed by a country mile, failing to swing with the bird I shot behind and cursed my old stiff back which no longer moves freely in any direction, From then on I limited myself to slightly more realistic shots in front and out to the sides but ignored most overheads and long range stuff, this seemed to work well , selecting better shots my hit rate was running around 5 out of every 6 , as the numbers built up I replaced all the shells with dead birds on either long rods or cradles. I had previously had many doubles but only once had a treble and that was years ago with an old Remington skeet gun , but there in front of me were at least 10 birds , low and over the decoys, two shots took 2 down in the centre of the decoy pattern and the rest scattered, but for some strange reason one bird circled out and headed for a large oak to my left, as it crossed the corner of the pattern I fired my last cartridge and hit it dead centre, If I could have I would have done a little dance, but I contented myself with a smug grin and reloaded.3 with 3, magic. By 6.30 it had slowed down but I stuck it out for a few more birds and it payed off, around 7.00 back they came, coming in down wind from a small wooded area and turning over the decoys to take a slow drift over the pattern, making some very nice targets, I cleared away at 8.00, and counted up, 36 picked with a few lost through the trees into some tall weedy ground ( 6 foot thistles and brambles, no thank you ) and a couple more into a wheat field where I did not want to trample crops, so I think around 43 down , not a massive score but compared to the one's and two's I have been getting quite an improvement. at least the farm manager will be pleased I made the effort.
  6. lakeside1000

    Help needed to contact the Game Agency, Norwich.

    Thanks John, thats a ******, means I will have the long drive down to Bainbridges which I was hoping to avoid , especially as I dont need any more cartridges yet. By the way I have done 2 late evening sessions on the peas at pit bottom field in flegg, total kill is now 3, I went home last night via the tower field and there was about 50 birds on the hedge line between the barley and the peas, might give it a go on friday.
  7. lakeside1000

    Camper vans and motor homes

    I started with my first camper in Spain 1997,I swapped a Ford Orion left hand drive for it, a 1992 VW combi diesel with just a bed and sink, we had such fantastic trips all over Spain and France fishing lakes and rivers, We were hooked, excuse the pun, so we bought a 3 year old 1998 pilot 7 berth for 22,000 euros in France, thinking the family would like to join us for trips, no chance, so after just 18 months we traded it in for a brand new 2003 Adria Duet 2 berth based on a Fiat Ducato van, it was 23,000 euros brand new straight off the lorry from the factory, it was the best thing I ever bought, It has now done 280,000 kilometres all driven by me, still on the original Engine, gearbox, clutch and exhaust, The interior is now getting a little tired, some small areas of rust blisters along the sills, but it starts first time , drives like a dream and has been all over Europe on extended fishing trips, I cannot imagine life without it. We can decide today to take a trip, by tonight its packed and in less than a few hours we are on the tunnel train into Europe, no booking, no hotels total freedom.It has also been our main vehicle since purchase, used for every conceivable job carrying building supplies, house move contents, car boot loads, and family outings ( legal to carry up to 6 for great days out ), Its been off road as my shooting vehicle up until I dropped it into a muddy ditch last year, when my wife agreed to buy me a 4x4 to avoid any further embarrassment, Insurance and road tax are bearable, fuel economy is amazing , it has the 2.8 JTD engine with a performance chip which I installed over 10 years ago, I get around 30 mpg on a run and it still climbs long motorway hills in 5th gear. I can recommend camper vans to anyone who likes the freedom to just go, just don't buy a huge american one unless you are prepared for high fuel bills and almost every overnight stop to be on some camp site , we usually do 3 nights wild camping then one in a site to refill water and empty the loo, I would love to trade up to a much newer one but now retired I don't have the money, especially as they are now around 45,000 pounds here in the UK, much better deals available in Belgium or France but mainly left hand drive only, as I used mine initially in Europe the left hand drive was ideal, I am so used to it now I don't even notice the difference when I drive around the UK . Wild camping in Europe is perfectly legal and as long as you are careful about the area you should be ok, here in the uk we have never been moved on or bothered, we often park along the coast , port areas are great and we always enjoy a bit of fishing in the evenings off the rocks, wild camping throughout the uk is not illegal but you have to respect peoples private land and do not cause an obstruction , as our camper is a van conversion we can also use almost any car park where there is no height restriction, the only real difference between the rest of Europe and the UK is the motorway rest areas, in Europe you can stay as long as you like and use all the facilities for free, here in the UK they will charge you for overnight stays, but if you need to stop for some rest whats a few quid and you get to use all the facilities as well.
  8. Game Agency Norfolk - Game Dealer in Norwich NR13 5HD Does anyone on here know this company, I have been trying to contact them for a while but they don't answer the phones, and when I leave a message they do not reply, my freezers are full and I need to get rid of my pigeons so I can continue to store birds, some one told me they were still operating , I don't want to drive out there only to find them closed but the next nearest for me is over an hours drive, any info will help, much appreciate your help
  9. lakeside1000

    What a week , that was ( sorry I meant 'still is' )

    The clutch was great since I bought it about 8 months ago, but it went really stiff very quickly, the garage said it was the release bearing seized onto the shaft it should slide on, not a common fault but more likely if you do a lot of off road in dry dusty conditions, the only way to tell if the clutch is wearing low is when you lift the pedal, how far it moves from the floor before it 'bites' , the lower down it bites, the more worn the clutch, but it may get to a point where the clutch begins to slip , so the engine is revving but the car is not moving , once you get to this point its a new clutch and the sooner the better, if you drive too much on a slipping clutch the flywheel will be damaged and that could double the price of the work to fix it. But if the car drives ok, goes in and out of gear without crunching or refusing to engage the gear then just keep driving, nothing to worry about.
  10. So two weeks ago coming off the rape field the clutch on my Suzuki Vitara suddenly got very tight , difficult to push down, and I was having real problems getting 1st and reverse, Of course I ignored it hoping it would get better on its own ,(I put this attitude down to 20 years working as a mechanic on every make of car , but never wanting to fix my own even when it was barely running ) I managed to get out on the Friday , first visit to a newly drilled pea field but after over 2 hours came away with just 2 , The clutch finally became unusable so it was down to the garage , yes I know, new clutch, new exhaust, why not its only my pension and cartridge money, what the hell lets do it, so now down to my little Fiat Ducato camper van and much to my wife's disapproval I paid a second visit to the peas, this time coming away with 3, that's a 50% increase and I only had 3 shots, so a 100% knock down rate, blinkin marvellous. Anyway last weekend I decided to give it a rest for a while at least until I got the Vitara back, so I have spent a week cleaning and repairing my gear and restocking my eBay shop with loads of goodies in the hope I can sell a few bits to pay for the clutch, so today Saturday I had not heard from the garage so I phoned them, "oooooh sorry mate, no, big problems, couldn't get the gearbox out as the bolts were seized, then got the wrong exhaust, then me mate was off so couldn't lift the gearbox back in on my own and of course its a bank holiday weekend aint it, so at least next Tuesday before we can get back on it, ( that will be almost 2 weeks since I took it in,) Meanwhile the peas are growing, the birds are feeding (I hope ) and my garage bill is mounting, I believe its now up around 500 quid, and it will be the middle of next week before I can get out again, I did have a cruise by the pea fields yesterday and they are up about 1 to 2 inches and showing plenty of green, but still not too many birds in sight, its about time my luck changed for the better. Hang on, the heating oil delivery has just arrived and he wants 266 quid for 500 litres, don't get any easier does it. .
  11. lakeside1000

    Mr ditchman , you kept this hobby quite

    I gotta tell you Ditchman, you are one scary dude, If I saw you coming out of my wood shed looking like that I would **** myself and run a mile, I tried metal detecting once, about as exciting as pigeon shooting in Norfolk.
  12. While waiting for the pea drilling to start I decided to have a drive around the rape fields to see if there was any movement, first 2 or 3 locations the rape had grown well and bald patches were few and far between, On the last area, 2 large fields running along the river opposite a small wooded area there were 2 areas attracting attention, one small hole about 30 yards across , so last Monday I set up on the edge of the field with just a dozen decoys and a magnet out in the whole, birds came well for around 3 hours and I managed to pick up 17. Thursday early morning I went again to the same area but this time a larger area of around 2 acres in the corner of the field had been so badly damaged it had virtually no growth and no flower on it, it was a totally different day with cloud, and a cold wind, I had a busy first 2 hours but it went very quiet after 10am but I picked up 19 and was home in time for lunch, so the freezer is slowly filling up and I am still getting some good sport from the rape, however next week we start on the peas , not my favourite crop to shoot over as over the last 3 years birds showed little interest in either the seed or the growing crop, but fingers crossed the birds will find them while I am there to get some sport and finally fill the freezers.(again)
  13. lakeside1000

    A strange year

    Had a call yesterday from the farm manager, peas going in in 3 different locations, can I check them out for any pigeon problems, so around tea time I jumped in the 4 x 4 and set off, 1 st field, seed on the surface with no disturbance in the area but not a bird in sight, 2nd location was the same so on to the last, a 50 acre field with a small wood right in the middle, two tractors still drilling and rolling, as I watched I could see birds in the wood nipping out to the freshly sewn areas , grabbing a few seeds then back into the trees, not huge numbers but looked like they couldn't wait to get started, so Its out with the gear tomorrow and have another look, lets hope there are a few more there to make it worthwhile.
  14. lakeside1000


    I run two turbo flappers and two magnets with approx 30 plastic decoys and 3 bouncers (some call them floaters ) Over the years I have experimented in many different ways with decoys, patterns and battery driven decoys, what I have now allows me to vary my patterns and layout to specific places, crops and pigeon reactions Only time and experience will guide you to the best for your needs but its important not to rule out one thing compared to another until you have tried and tested them I would say the most used parts of my gear are the 3 bouncers, mounted with dead birds , wings clipped out on wing spreaders, at least 50 to 80 yards down wind from the pattern, these act as 'sign posts ' to incoming birds directing them towards the main decoy pattern. Second is at least one magnet mounted again with dead birds which I place out 20 yards upwind away from the decoys, this acts as a focal point for incoming birds, good movement but not directly between the bird and the landing area within the pattern. Finally I start with around my 30 half shells placed in a random pattern but leaving some largish gaps in the centre for birds to home in on. Then as birds are taken I mount them on cradles, beginning at the back of the pattern and removing plastic decoys as I go, by the time I have dropped the first 20 to 25 birds and set them up I have virtually removed all my plastic decoys. I try to set up my hide slightly to one side of the pattern so incoming birds are not looking directly into the hide as they approach, this reduces the amount that flare away just as you are coming up to take the shot. Flappers on timers can be used as well as magnets or instead of them depending on the reaction of birds on approach, if birds seem nervous or move away onto a different line with the magnet spinning in front of them then I find flappers set down among the decoys instead of the magnet(s) gives birds more confidence to come right in. The last thing to consider is range, I place decoy patterns between 25 yards and 40 yards from the hide, with a spread 10 yards out on the upwind side and 30 yards out on the down wind side, this will give you max coverage of approaching birds from down wind and allow you reasonable time to mount track and fire while the bird is over the pattern.Obviously it may be necessary to adjust these distances depending on your position and kill area. Once you begin to get good numbers in the bag these things become second nature and you will only improve results with experience. Not everyone will agree with me, that's ok , but it works for me, I started controlling pigeons when I was 15, working with a very good game keeper in Wiltshire, I am now 70 and I don't look for pigeon shooting any longer, it comes looking for me.best of luck, hope this helps.
  15. Selling my yardmaster 12 x 8 metal shed / workshop. its been up about 4 years, no sign of rust and only minimal damage, the odd dent or small screw hole.light panels in the roof, double sliding doors, full galvanised frame, needs taking apart to move, a good days work, I have all the tools and ladders etc but can only do minimal light work to help ( health problems ) Set on a concrete base, good clean strong shed no rust, fully stripped out and cleaned ready to dismantle. Cost me £529 new , would take no less than £250, making way for a greenhouse to keep the wife in, she said as I have a new shed she wants a new greenhouse. would fit into a medium van when dismantled, largest parts are the side sheets which are 6 ft long x 2 ft wide, colour mid brown with green trim outside and grey inside.