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  1. lakeside1000

    Sitty Trees?

    I know one shooter who has a couple of the long thin collapsible tent rods which he creates a loop top over the back of his hide, then lays and clips the nets over the top, gives a little shade as well as cover, I do find the 4 pole set up a bit restricted, especially as it creates a very square hide shape which is not so natural in nature, I have as many as eight poles but usually just use 5 or 6 to create a more rounded shape, or put the fishing brolly up behind me then set out the poles in front to make up the same rounded shape to imitate a large bush or weed patch, I also carry several nets in different colours to try to match any foliage nearby, or use branches to break up the shapes, Funny thing is I once met a new shooter out on some rape fields, he just had a small pop up hide tent which was almost purple in colour, and just 6 plastic decoys but the birds were coming in to his decoys without any hesitation, it does make me wonder why I carry all this gear, funny old game!!
  2. lakeside1000

    Cartridge choice

    Hey Motty, I would be interested what you use especially in the clay type cartridges as I know you do a lot of pigeon control ,is there a favourite you would recommend at better prices than the now expensive pigeon range of 6's.
  3. lakeside1000

    pigeon floaters

    I make my own out of the top section of sea fishing rods preferably around 5 to 6 feet and cut to a point at the thick end, strip off the eyes, paint in camo, slip on the wing spreaders from ebay at around 8 pounds a pair, yes they have those awful crocodile clips on but I remove them and refit better quality ones using a good 2 pack adhesive, sets like concrete and never comes off again, I like these as they fold down and are easier to get in the car, with a large dead bird on board the weight makes them move well in the wind , I did buy one of the extending ones but find the rod too week to extend very far as a gust of wind will flip the bird on to its back but I still use it in light wind conditions, I do like to look around for home made alternatives to the shop bought expensive gear everyone seems to go for plus I enjoy the challenge .
  4. lakeside1000

    Cartridge choice

    Marshman gave me a box to try of the 7.5 28 gm gamebore, I have always used 30 gm 6's started with eley grand prix in the 60's and 70's , over the years I have tried almost everything but kept coming back to similar cartridges and most recently sticking with clear pigeon despite the horrendous cost of 248 pounds per thousand at the last purchase, so a bit sceptical about these clay loads, anyway I took the box out to a favourite spot of mine, to my surprise I took 19 birds with 24 shots using these cartridges, 2 around 50 yards, a couple of high birds as well, and the rest in normal range over the decoy pattern at around 25 to 35 yards, very impressed and it looks like I will be switching to these once my present supply of 6's is exhausted. So one convert here for sure, anyone like me stuck in the past might want to give these new gamebore cartridges a try, they pack a fair wallop and certainly did not disappoint.
  5. lakeside1000

    DECOY spring pegs,metal pegs etc approx 50 to clear

    Sorry, gone to Strongman, many thanks
  6. Hi all, just cleaning out the shed, found approx 30 plastic rigid and spring top pegs and 20 metal spring pegs for half shell decoys, they have all been very well used ,if you want them just cover postage and packing , probably about 4.00 pounds. pm me with address etc, payment through paypal, if possible.
  7. I know a couple of guys who shoot north norfolk way, they wont even consider coming unless they can rely on getting 100 plus birds, the way my perms have been lately they would be lucky to get a 10 bird day, I considered offering my services to nick but its a little too far, I regularly run down to Wymondham to the gunsmiths for cartridges etc but the wife would draw the line if I started travelling the extra miles to shoot, especially as I am out 2 or 3 time a week now, but I could certainly do with a few more birds to go at. you never know if the buyers put the price of pigeons back up it might be worth while doing a few more miles, but at 10p a bird and them picking through to just take the fat and mature birds its an expensive day out with petrol, cartridges and next to no return. perhaps thats why locals are not jumping at the chance, when you have to eat or dump all the birds you shoot.
  8. lakeside1000

    Sitty Trees?

    Dont feel you have to set up against the tree trunk, move out 20 yards and set up a small hide with a partial roof, try to make it look like a bush growing, you will be surprised how little notice the pigeons take as long as you are out of sight and keep still until the shot is 'on', I often set up out in the middle of rape fields with my fishing brolly covered in nets, birds will come down 15 yards out to decoys without giving the hide a second glance, its not necessary to 'hide' under trees or in hedges, Have a look on Youtube at Andy crow and other regular pigeon shooters who like to get out away from the taller trees or where there is no cover to take birds as they come overhead, always works well for me.
  9. lakeside1000

    Hi from norfolk

    Hi Marc, welcome to PW, from another Norfolk man, hope you enjoy the forum and all the free information the members provide.
  10. lakeside1000

    cant speed up magnet

    Its not as slow as mine, the motor runs flat out and the arms just drift back and forth in the wind, sadly stripped the gearbox last week , although when it was running well it did around 50 RPM which worked really well for bringing in the curious, the old one I have now runs much slower and is definitely not as good a draw. but it works and as my old mum used to say 'beggars can't be choosers' ?
  11. lakeside1000

    Help anyone, Magnet motor total failure

    VERY INTERESTING, I too have a defunct drill in the shed, battery gave out last year and its 12 volt, guess what I'm doing tomorrow
  12. lakeside1000

    Help anyone, Magnet motor total failure

    Lots of motors similar on the bay but nothing to replace this one, most are only 4 or 6 mm shaft size, this one is much heavier quality, I did contact A1, AA and UK shoot warehouse but got no help, still looking.
  13. ALL GOOSE DECOYS NOW SOLD-MANY THANKS FOR ALL THE INTEREST I also have 2 goose callers , not expensive ones but the one I used worked very well, 1 lohman gold series and 1 unnamed, I used the callers on a few occasions in my first season and took 12 pinks and 2 greylags using them, they really work a treat. they are all in very clean good condition. I will post anywhere in the UK at cost I also have a good crow caller if anyone needs one 3 callers cost approx 45.00 the lot.one with the thinner mouth piece is for crows, the other two are goose I would hope to get 25.00 for the 3 callers, I will split if you want just one, prefer to sell as a job lot, postage for the lot will be about ,
  14. Hi All, yesterday on a visit to some wheat stubble my lightweight magnet motor failed (again) for the 3rd time. First two times it was just motor mount's coming loose then ripping out all together but this time the reduction gearbox has had a catastrophic failure, gears have stripped (only plastic) and I cannot locate a replacement for it, I have tried the usual places like AA and A1 plus shoot warehouse and done a net search but no good, I was hoping to just fit a new motor as I cannot afford another magnet, photos attached if anyone has any ideas Resizing the photos has reduced the detail, the shaft is 23mm long x 8mm diameter with a locating pin hole at the end, the details on the label reads LX-36 A545012050-139, dc 12v , 35 rpm, there is a chinese .com but its almost unreadable, legible part reads leixingm***.com (I think) Motor/gearbox is 95mm long without the shaft and 35mm diameter Thank you for your time, Alan
  15. lakeside1000

    Using satellite images

    I do exactly the same as Old Boggy, I print off the map of a permission using Google earth, then get the weather forcast with particular attention to the wind direction, then I can see on the map where the best areas for setting up would be before I actually drive out, then its fingers crossed the birds are still there !!!?