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  1. Therein lies the problem, he was not insured, and the court has now just ruined his life, he will have to go bankrupt to clear the debt, then he will be marked for life never able to have a business , Whats worse is the court has now set the precedent for all cyclists, next thing you know people will be falling in front of cyclists wherever they think they can get a claim, insurers will clean up selling insurance to cyclists and the innocent will once again pay the price, what a ******* **** world we live in. and it just keeps getting worse
  2. Thanks for the heads up Steve, give me some bed time reading
  3. Marsh man, I will let you know once I decide what to do with them, I can only get another 20 in the freezers and I will be ram full, so I may have a few fresh for you if I cant empty the freezers soon. will phone you as and when,
  4. Scrap the totally biased BBC, they are so one sided on all political reporting they make me puke, they pay themselves huge wages and bonuses, then penalise the viewers by overcharging for licences, scraping free licences for the oldies ( of which I am nearly one myself ) . I hardly ever watch any or their programs, but have to pay full fees, Netflix, Now TV and even UTUBE have much more interesting and informative programming .
  5. Did just that Woods, they didn't really want any this time of the year (out of season ?), but would take them at 15 pence so not great, they pay higher prices from September onwards, Looks like I will have to bag them up and take them to the tip, God I hate waste, Anyone in the Norwich / Great Yarmouth area want some free pigeons let me know !!!
  6. Thats the one I was after, thanks fella's I will ring them today
  7. My local game dealer- Bambridge in Norfolk- are only offering 10 pence for frozen pigeon, it would cost me more in petrol to take them in, with no return on time and cartridges. I heard of a dealer near Southwold in Suffolk who was paying decent money, can anyone give me a name or phone number for them or know of any other buyers for lead shot frozen pigeon in the Norfolk or Suffolk area I have around 300 with both freezers full so urgent I find an outlet for them, any help appreciated.
  8. I have been out shooting pigeons under the new licence since it was issued and am satisfied that I am compliant with the requirements of the new licence, but in the last week or two I have twice been stopped and asked why I am shooting pigeons when the licence has been revoked, I have taken to carrying a printed copy of the new licence in my bag to make it easier to explain the new requirements, Both of the challenges came from 'part time ' pigeon shooters who seemed completely unaware of the situation as was a police officer in his patrol car who stopped me for a chat as I arrived at one of my permissions,unaware of the developments over the last 3 weeks, The press has been severely lacking in correct and detailed information and on line information although easily accessible to me is obviously not reaching everyone , particularly those with little or no computer knowledge or access. All this has added to this feeling of total confusion and frustration over what we can and cannot do legally to control pest species, I watched the enquiry video from start to finish and am now of the opinion that this confusion will not be clarified any time soon, A very interesting video and thank you for the link , but this will drag on for some time to come. So at least for the time being, the rooks magpies jays and jackdaws will have it all their own way and there is not a thing we can do about it. Still at least I am keeping some of the pigeons out of the pea fields which is much appreciated by those who expect me to do just that.
  9. Ahem Guys , flight line shooting and roost shooting are not encouraged under the new licence as you need to show the pigeons were destroying a crop or intending to , not easy when they are just flying over or sitting in a tree. Plus you need to show you have taken all reasonable steps to move them on or discourage them from sitting in your trees, just ask Natural England and Mr Packham if you need more guidance.
  10. They are all on the neighbours land and he doesn't shoot so no free firewood there. I did wonder if he would let me climb up into the top branches and fix some flags, the wife thinks it might be a bit too risky as I might damage a tree !!!!
  11. I am absolutely exhausted, been out 3 times on 400 acres of peas, its taken me an hour each time to put out the flags, run about scaring off the pigeons and then another hour clearing away after I have finished firing shots into the air to scare incoming pigeons, The birds just sit in the trees laughing at me, and as soon as I pack up they hit the pea's anyway, its not that much different from what I was doing before except I did manage to bag a few pigeons, now I am too exhausted to bother putting out decoys as I would feel bad anyway if I accidentally hit a passing pigeon whilst firing all those warning shots. Now all I have to figure out is what to plant in all the bald patches in the pea fields !!!!!!!!
  12. OMG !!!!!!! What a read, so this is what they come up with after consultation with shooting lobby's, apart from the 'sitting in a chair in the middle of the field, try that and see what the farmer has to say about crop damage!! the best laugh is 'play a recording of a wood pigeon's alarm call' holy **** this is what we have to deal with, there is no hope now of getting back to a reasonable and sensible licence, as far as I can tell this new licence is now in force and runs until December this year , at which point they will issue another or not as they see fit.
  13. Since the responsibility for writing the licence has passed to the government department of Mr Gove, I would assume that the issue of the individual as well as the general licence will also pass to this new controlling authority, I have not heard of anyone getting an individual yet although several farms and individuals I know have applied. They are now gathering evidence and testimony on the use of lethal force for the pest birds which is predicted to take until the 15th May to complete, then it will take them some time to examine this evidence and make some decision, after that its a simple task of writing the new licence, getting it into force and making us all aware of its implications and only then will we be legally allowed to continue shooting . Time to spend doing the decorating or working in the garden.😪 I STAND CORRECTED- A NEW PIGEON GENERAL LICENCE WAS ISSUED BY NE ON FRIDAY NIGHT, GO TO BASC OR NE WEBSITE FOR A COPY AND A GOOD LAUGH.
  14. Non of us are accepting 'it', we are being represented by the most powerful shooting and conservation groups in the country who we pay fees to for just this purpose, I don't keep a dog and bark myself, read the letter put forward to the NE prior to this handover by the BASC, which will go forward as evidence and proof of feelings amongst members, this letter is full of specific facts and figure and spells out exactly all our thoughts, unless you have actual specific proof which would help in Mr Gove and his associates coming to the right conclusion and issuing new GL's , If you can furnish photographic or written evidence of pest damage and the need to control then by all means email them now,
  15. If you are sifting emails looking for genuine evidence of the need for pest control, how many people will it take and how long will it take to read several thousand emails, the government department looking into this will view this as a pain in the butt to have to pull staff away from other work to sort out this mess caused by NE, the actual evidence and fact will be 'watered down' by the excessive numbers of emails, yes we could all send in our thoughts and if we had any, actual evidence, but the groups who represent us can do a much better job , and they will ask us, the members if they need any specifics,
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