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  1. Great shooting, plenty of birds to go at, I had a single shot hush .410 which I used the magnum cartridges through, it was light and easy to use, very accurate but so restrictive having only one shot so I sold it , the pump looks good, but I think I will stick to my 12 bore, bit more range and knock down power, just need a few more birds .
  2. Hi John, had a short session on the marsh rape by the river yesterday, still a bit soft on the headlands but got in ok with the 4 x 4, shot from 2 till 4.30 with 10 picked and quite a few in the air, just not decoying confidently. I have 2 brand new flappers from Nighthawk which worked a treat bringing in some nice birds from some distance out. lost a couple down in the river, otherwise a lovely sunny afternoon , as you say its starting to pick up , with the drying out and the rape starting to grow again it will be hopefully getting busier , funny thing was, there are normally around 2 to 3 hu
  3. I started with a fishing box bolted to a luggage trolley, this was ok but was a bit flimsy , so I rebuilt it with a stronger frame, 2 wheel barrow wheels and a swivel seat on top of the box, worked well for the time I used it but old age got the better of me, so I bought a Suzuki 4x4 Vitara 2 door, lots of room in the back with the seats down for my huge amount of gear, the estate I shoot on has green lane and headlands around much of the land, so I can now drive to almost all the places where I can shoot, even in the winter through the mud, if I get too cold I can sit in the car for a quick w
  4. My missus always say's I am like a bull in a china shop, no patience so probably why they get all ripped up as I cannot be bothered trying to unhook them. Im sure they are good value for the money, I have collected a huge bag full of nets over the years, obviously I have my favourites, but even the rough ones get some use, I even glued one to the outside of my fishing brolly so now it looks like a big bush when I put it up and I don't need to cover it separately .
  5. A good offer but I prefer either 4 or 5 metre nets to make a good wrap around hide. I did have one of the black lined stealth nets but it got ripped up in brambles, the inner mesh seemed very susceptible to any snags and would tear very easily. Now I just double up on side nets with a single over the top if I'm after crows.
  6. We all have our own theories , mine is along the same lines, food and habitat are pretty stable right across the country, with large areas in cereal and lots of berries and acorns etc, To me the critical thing is the weather, I live right on the east coast, in summer we have a warm dry climate, wide open space and an abundance of arable cereal land and low growing willow and hazel style woods, ideal for nesting sites, But come late autumn and through the winter the winds come predominantly from the east or north east, with the winter cold and wind chill the pigeons disappear late No
  7. Hi, Ant.mass, thats very similar but at that price I think its beyond my budget, many thanks Hi Steve, yes I did see the lifting pole you mentioned, cant imagine carrying that out to the field, quite a novel idea though, Not seen any thing on face book, maybe I can put something of the pole onto a standard flapper if I can work out the mechanics, The bird only need to rise around 12 inches while flapping to create the effect.. thanks
  8. Hi all, I watched a youtube video with Andy Crow shooting pigeons , he had a flapper that rises and falls and looked quite useful, has anyone on PW used one or does anyone know where I can purchase one to try out, I already have 2 standard flappers , just looking for something different, thanks šŸ‘
  9. I only take 3 full bodied flock coated decoys for lofting, they provide just enough draw to bring in any curious birds , with around 20 either dead birds or shells out on the ground it normally does the job very well. Full bodied are bulky to carry, and for lofting, the hook mounts and lofting poles are added weight , ok if you can drive to the tree, but not so if you have a long walk.
  10. Hi dead eye, we all get those days , nothing seems to go right but it can only get better, If I'm out on my own I like to set as many flags out as I can to try to keep them from settling, if they keep moving there's at least a chance they will come my way. My main rape area is around 5 fields with a huge surface area , all in one block, so its pot luck if they come to my end of the land, they obviously have their favourite areas which are easy to find from the damage, but once disturbed they often clear off for the rest of the day. I had a hushpower moderator fitted to my 12 gauge Berett
  11. I shoot all around Norfolk, I never meet many under 50 out shooting, I have tried to bring youngsters into the sport including clay's and vermin control, they are interested at first but soon get fed up and move on to something else, Both my sons would come out with me when they were just teenagers, the oldest is now 51 and has been keen all his life even became very competitive for a while on the clays, but since a move to the USA he now only gets out a couple of time a year when he visits us in the UK. The younger son now 45 very quickly decided he didn't want to shoot , he now
  12. Welcome indeed, let us know where you are and how you get on šŸ˜„šŸ‘
  13. These are a couple of my projects, the large boat I bought sunk, 45 ft x 12 ft, stripped and refitted stem to stern, including engine and drive overhaul, (2006) spent Ā£18000 total and sold it for Ā£32000, the camper in the background was an Adria Duett bought new in France , cost new Ā£22000, lasted 17 years with 2 minor refits, but sold last year completely rusted out with 300,000 km on the clock. We just bought the other boat last month, 37 ft x 12 ft Bounty, so once lock down and the bad weather is over we will be starting on her, not a full refit just a good tidy up ready for the summer
  14. Keep the insulation but maybe cut slots to run pipes and cables, just where they are needed. shame to take out all that expensive insulation just to have to replace it later.
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