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  1. I bought a 1/2 litre bottle of white UV paint from eBay, I repaint the white on the decoy necks and wing bars every few months with it and birds come in and land within inches of them, does not work as well as fresh dead birds but always a good fall back if dead ones are in short supply. I only use fresh dead as I believe the UV in the feathers fade once they have been dead for a few days, One thing to be aware of is, if there is any light reflection from the decoys that will cause them to veer away , I get the same reaction when the sun reflects off my glasses , If its a bright sunny day dead birds work far better, but if its cloudy and overcast the plastics work almost as well. As for the glasses unfortunately I cannot see with out them so I now find on sunny days wearing a wide brimmed hat and keeping my head down works ok,
  2. Two possible answers, if the growth was soft and squidgy it may have been a Lipoma, these grow quickly and can be quite large but seldom fatal, unless the rabbit is hit by some fast moving foreign object like lead, The other is indeed a cancerous growth very similar to those found in dogs and cats, cancers are normally hard when squeezed and can be fatal, unless the rabbit in question is already lead, sorry I mean dead. Either way the animal is not suffering now, and you probably did the right thing in disposing of it. πŸ‘πŸ˜
  3. My wife had huge problem with ticks on her horses, she just covers the ticks in Vaseline ,it cuts off the air supply and suffocates them, they just drop off after a very short time , I was in hospital in France for a minor operation, I found a tick in my belly button, the nurse almost had a melt down and ended up rushing me down to a treatment room in the A & E, where a doctor , with 4 student doctors looking on, filled my belly button with surgical spirit then using tweezers carefully removed the now dead tick, they studied it under a microscope to ensure there were no parts missing (presumably still in my stomach) after which they declared me tick free, it was only later I discovered the huge dangers of contracting Lime's disease from a tick bite ,which can be fatal, so their efforts were much appreciated. Just one of the many blood sucking, flesh eating creatures on this planet , lovely jubbly.
  4. I had a call Monday from the farm , pea fields being cut and would be ready Tuesday for some shooting, so I arrived early afternoon, quite a few birds already there but well spread out, with a mix of shells and full bodied decoys plus around a dozen old dead birds I set up and had a steady afternoon until the rain and high winds put a stop to the sport, picked just 20 but well worth the visit, hope to get back again before the stubble gets too old and dry,
  5. Had a ride out to Lowestoft yesterday for a village garage sale's, the pea viner's were cutting in several fields along the way so there may be some pigeon action on the stubbles this week, fingers crossed πŸ‘
  6. +1 ,I have 2 , one is a gel pack battery the other normal lead acid, both from golf carts, via a local car boot sale, one was a fiver, the other I got the cart as well all in for a tenner, the cart I sold on eBay for Β£20, can't be bad, they are both still going strong after a lot of use and recharges, probably had them getting on 5 years now,
  7. I have a pair of Hypa-flaps which I mount up on tall poles above the crop, as long as there is a good breeze, add in a couple of floaters and stick all my decoys up on extension poles to get them above the flattened crop which can still be a foot off the ground, I have two magnets but rarely use them now as I cannot carry them and two batteries as well as all the other gear. If there is no wind I have a flapper mounted on a 3 foot pole which will run all day on a small 7 amp battery, we have just started on the laid barley but its mainly crows , no sign yet of pigeons in any numbers.πŸ‘
  8. You poor weak person, what example are you setting others, see it buy it, dear oh dear, this is exactly the reason my wife will not allow me anywhere near the local gun auctions, last time I just went to 'look' and came home with a brand new Webley & Scott 810, 3 shot semi in black resin stock, multi choke etc., paid Β£250 including commission, Me really happy-Wife not so much, there is another one in September but if she finds out she will lock me up for the day πŸ˜β›”
  9. I have the Hushpower sound moderator fitted to my Beretta 391, Ureka 2, it was threaded onto an extended 1/2 choke with enough wall thickness to take the extra threading, so it can be easily removed and the gun returned to standard chokes. I use it in areas near housing or main roads , it reduces the bang to a subsonic level and removes the need for ear defenders , but it is not silent and still has a fairly loud retort. Disadvantage for me is the added weight on the barrel end making fast manoeuvres a bit more clumsy, also the diameter of the modulator makes the top rib redundant as a sighting aid, and sighting becomes more instinctive , it took some getting used to but eventually my hit rate returned to normal percentages, The other thing to remember is not to use plastic wads, which get shredded as they pass through the moderator resulting in small fragments falling back down the barrel and jamming the the gun completely, something I found out to my cost as I had to manage a full strip and clean while sitting in the hide , watching birds land and leave from the decoy pattern. (very frustrating) So I think it was well worth it to access more shooting land but a slight disadvantage in other ways.
  10. I had a call from the main farm on Tuesday, over 1000 crows in a large area of laid barley, there were a few pigeons among them but not enough to get excited about, I stayed for a couple of hours but could not get the crows to come in to decoys, managed only 8 when the rain came down , I called it a day and will be back as soon as it dries out a little. One real problem is access, normally not a problem, but the headlands have not been cut, the nettles and grass are up over the bonnet height on the 4x4, and walking was impossible. I could only get within 200 yards of the worst hit area, and nowhere near any good flight lines. The peas are still attracting a lot of pigeons with some clearings holding around 50 to 80 birds, access here is much better so I think I will stay on the peas for another week or so and hope the farm gets the headlands cut , if that happens there could be some interesting times to look forward to on these areas of barley, fingers crossed..
  11. Well done JDog, the peas are making a small but regular addition to pigeon bags almost everywhere they are grown , we don't have the large numbers of birds here in Norfolk but plenty of peas for them to get into, My average is steadily rising over the last couple of weeks, bags now of around 12 to 15 , could be better but I never complain , any way it always means there are a few for next time. πŸ‘
  12. Well done again, it seems to be the norm at the moment, Every time I go up to the pea fields I put 50 or so up but they don't come back, Friday I started at 3 pm with just a bunch of half shells in a bald corner under 3 big oaks, It was almost an hour before a few came back, but then they came in one's and two's until I gave up at 7.30 with 11 picked and 1 lost for 18 shots, pleased with a few of the harder shots but still a slow evening, Farm manager came to see me as I cleared away and seemed pleased, as the peas are now all in flower with a lot of small pods I need to switch to another crop as they dont like lead in the pea pods when processing, he mentioned some laid barley starting to get a few birds on so out tomorrow for a look, fingers crossed.πŸ‘
  13. Do we know if they were legally here and are they covid free, Very welcome and a sight to see, It always amazes me how something that looks so frail can travel thousands of mile over all terrains and oceans and arrive safe and well, My garden is always full of life and it gives me great joy to feed and watch them, even though many of them are Woodpigeons , Rooks and Jackdaws. none of them do any damage in the garden and all are very welcome. (as long as they stay out of my strawberries) My wife spotted a small brown bird with black freckles yesterday ,not a normal visitor, possibly a Bunting but I didn't see it so was not able to identify, but we get so many varieties , my favourite are the small bunches of Goldfinch . One I do miss which was my all time favourite was the male Bullfinch, I have not seen one since the 70's or earlier when I lived in Wiltshire. Many thanks for the heads up John, quite a sight. πŸ˜πŸ‘
  14. Two campsites near my house , whenever they are empty of campers, are full of pigeons, the grass is kept very short and the ground is soft and sandy, the pigeons spend hours just wandering around picking up small seeds and greens, sadly they wont let me on for a bit of sport, ah well !!πŸ˜‚
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