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  1. lakeside1000

    Seeing big numbers on rape

    I ventured out on Monday last to a small field of beet tops, took 30 on a very blustery wind but those that came in were in larger groups of 20 or 30 birds, the colder weather seems to have turned them onto the rape as well, a couple of rape fields on one of my perms had around 300 birds on them the other day, I walked them off and sat watching but they didn't come back while I was there. There are a lot of birds still in the trees collecting holly berries and whats left of the hawthorn, I just need the weather to pick up a bit before I go out again as these days I am definitely a fair weather shooter, preferring the warm fireside and a mug of tea to sitting in a howling gale at near zero temperatures, Yesterday I dropped off a large bottle of whisky to the farm manager and had a chat about the 2019 crop plantings, they have seeded more rape than usual this year which sounds good but a lot is in small fields and well spread out so we are out after Christmas on a tour to find it all, the estate rents large areas of land each year and it is a real problem keeping up with the locations, much of it is under game shoot control until February but once they finish its a full time job trying to keep the pigeons off, not a bad job for an old codger like me, 😀
  2. Hi all, I am looking for a decent swivel shooting seat with adjustable height, but on a limited budget so cant afford Idleback , pehaps you have a used Bergara in the shed , will pay postage etc, PM if anything possible, thanks.
  3. lakeside1000

    old wheat stubble

    I think what they are saying Mossy, is walk them off the field first, then get settled and wait for them to come back, that way when you do take a shot you only scare the ones in the immediate area, the rest would not know where the sound came from and possibly return in smaller numbers looking for the main bunch. Its something I do every time I find a large number in one place, it doesn't always work but its better than putting the fear of god up them and watching them disappear over the horizon.
  4. lakeside1000

    Pink numbers building

    Well done John, I should be out again Thursday for a walk around or maybe some pigeon decoying, Car booting today we saw hundreds of pinks around Acle and down towards Potter, should be plenty for the wildfowlers to go at, I have a few dozen rabbits to clear which will keep me busy if there are no birds about, anyway, nice little bag for the freezer, keep it up
  5. lakeside1000

    canabis oil

    I have had two major operations to remove a ruptured disc between L4 and L5, after a couple of years on pain killers I weened myself off them, just resorting to Ibuprofen when things got really bad, then in 2011 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, after a spell of radiation in Adenbrooks I had a massive reaction to the radiation and had 10 operations to remedy radiation burns in my bladder and bowl, which still bleeds every day, the specialist told me only 1 in 10,000 has this reaction,tough luck , all the pills in the world would not help and I was left to suffer in silence for years, While staying in Spain and at a party for a friends birthday I met an american who had trained in the preparation and use of both CBD and THC in the states, he gave me a course of capsules for free to try them, In Spain most substances are readily available in most bars but you don't know what your taking so I had not been interested in trying it before this, I could not believe the changes that occurred in a very short time, I slept like a baby, had more energy through the day, far less pain , but most notable was the gradual return to some sort of normality in everyday life, just a general feeling of well being, even more surprising was the times I did not have any capsules left and while waiting for another delivery I didn't feel any worse, there seemed to be a more permanent improvement without constant reliance on them. I did try some THC but found it too strong for everyday use, although it was pretty good stuff for pain control, but as it is still illegal to use it I decided to stick to CBD, as time passed I have been able to reduce the dosage and now manage without using it at all, Im not cured and still have bad days but it made permanent improvements to my health and life I would not go so far as to say it would suit everyone and it may not be a cure all, but surely if just a few are helped by its use, it should be available to all, at least there would be some control on its content, I know what I used was the very best quality and strength, the real problem in the UK is that the huge drug manufacturers do not want this on the market, because its a natural plant based oil, they would not be able to control its production and therefore would not make the huge profits from its use, but what do I know,
  6. lakeside1000

    12 gauge screw on moderator for my beretta urika

    Thanks for all your help and advice Ultrastu, My gunsmith checked with Beretta , they do a basic extended for 40 pounds, but he occasionally has 2nd hand one for 25, It will be just pot luck if he has one in stock to suit, I am just waiting now for a call back, fingers crossed. If not I wont wait as I would like to get this sorted A.S.A.P.
  7. lakeside1000

    12 gauge screw on moderator for my beretta urika

    I have been advised to use sub sonic fibre wad for the safest and best results, my local shop can supply these for just 5 pounds more per slab, ( compared to normal plastic 6's ) which I thought was good value, I think they were Eley . The new moderator from Hushpower is Ideal as you can switch from normal choke to the moderator easily and there is no permanent change to the original barrel. You have to send your own choke to Hushpower for the fitting and its only possible on extended chokes but no disruption to your shooting while you wait for the delivery, just a slight disruption to your bank balance. At the moment I am still trying to locate an extended choke for my Beretta Urika 2, as all my chokes are flush fitting and I particularly wanted a 1/4 choke to use for the mod. So if anyone has a suitable choke they would sell let me know.😁
  8. Took the wife out to a local restaurant today for a slap up lunch, food was great but didn't have room for pudding, the lady wanted a fag so we adjourned to the smokers hut in the restaurant gardens, now I don't smoke so while she added another nail to her coffin lid I was wandering around around among the bushes as you do !!, A movement overhead caused me to look up as around 500 pigeons passed directly over me at around 100 feet up, perfect targets, but I could only watch as they moved away across the neighbouring field. What is really getting my goat is that in the last 5 outings when I have actually had a gun in hand I would say I have only seen a couple of dozen birds in the air , resulting in some of the quietest days shooting I can remember for many years, Ah well at least we had a very pleasant lunch!!!😪
  9. lakeside1000

    12 gauge screw on moderator for my beretta urika

    Was that including the cost of a new extended choke? I spoke to my gunsmith today who is ordering me a new extended choke direct from Beretta, and once it arrives he will send it to Hushpower for the fitting , the choke is 40 quid and Hushpower are advertising the 10" moderator at 160, so by the time my gunsmith adds on his commission it will certainly be heading up towards 250, lets hope its worth the expense !!!😁
  10. lakeside1000

    Nearly Missed Them

    Absolutely fabulous, I had the same thing myself with birds down tight, I missed a bunch on some old stubble but returning after a short time found them and ended with a reasonable 32, just shows that opportunities are not always obvious at first glance. Very nice write up and an inspiration,
  11. lakeside1000

    12 gauge screw on moderator for my beretta urika

    Got it: the old grey matter isn't working so well these days, I didn't realise the S and G room was the same company as Hushpower. So all I need now is an extended Beretta Urika 2 choke tube and 160 big ones, I had better start saving up or ask the missus for an early Christmas present, 😍😁
  12. lakeside1000

    12 gauge screw on moderator for my beretta urika

    So this must be the latest version which replaces the existing choke tube, do you know if the screw in adaptor is actually a modified choke and if so do you get a choice of choke size, I assume its very easy to fit , just unscrew the existing choke and fit the new assembly ???? Can anyone give me a contact for Hushpower, I tried a google search but it just comes up with gun dealers selling hush equipment
  13. lakeside1000

    12 gauge screw on moderator for my beretta urika

    The only problem I can see is that its necessary to cut away the front section of the raised rib on the Beretta Urika 2 so that the mounting sleeve can be slid onto the barrel end, I find this a bit worrying as the gun cost over a grand and I dont want to start attacking it with a hacksaw, once its been modified you cant put it back to original, but on the other hand I dont really want to buy another gun to use as a moderated gun while keeping my Beretta for normal pigeon control.
  14. Hi all, I have been looking at the Hushpower 10 inch 12 gauge moderator, it takes the place of the screw in choke, extends 10 inches , obviously adds weight and upsets the gun balance, but does it work, I have been on Utube where there are only a few vid's which reference this item, I have several perms which I hesitate to shoot due to nearby housing, even though there is no danger of shot fall in their direction I am concerned about the amount of noise and disturbance to people and domestic animals, so I am looking at either fitting a moderator to my Beretta urika 2, or buying a double barrelled 20 gauge with full length moderators pre fitted. So main points are, have you tried or do you use one of the screw on ones, just how much does it reduce sound levels, how does it affect shot pattern and do they have some built in choke restriction. I could ask Hushpower direct but I would be interested in anyones personal experience from PW members. Or indeed do you have a fully moderated 20 gauge and recommend this rather than the 12 gauge modification
  15. lakeside1000

    game dealers norfolk

    Thats a useful contact, I am only 45 miles away from them which is only a little farther than my trip to Bambridge in watton green, pity the frozen price is still low but thats a great price for fresh.