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    Thanks IPS, I looked on eBay but not on Amazon, I will carry on searching,
  2. Since the end of the game season I have been getting some fair results on various rape fields around the area, Last Monday I managed a respectable 25 but did put in a long day for them, So Friday I decided to return to a nearby field that had been hit by some decent numbers recently, arrived around 11 am and set up, sky was blue, sun was warm and pigeons were absent without leave, some one must have told them I was coming as they had all done a disappearing act , by 4.00 pm I had had enough, 0 shots fired, 0 birds , just one box of cakes and a flask of coffee downed. It is my first 'blank' outing for some time, in fact I cannot remember the last time I didn't even have a shot at something. What is worse is the pigeons didn't show at all, not even on the horizon going somewhere else. It will be a while before I go out again unless I can locate where they are feeding, funny old game this.
  3. Lofting poles

    Even worse is they see each other without any problem but try spotting one from the ground that's landed, all you get is a stiff neck and frustration.
  4. decoying

    Hi , welcome to PW, lots of info on here but if you have access to Utube watch some of the very good items on pigeon shooting , lots of info on decoys, patterns equipment etc, best of luck

    Hi all, anyone got a dozen old pigeon decoy shells they don't need, I cant afford new ones ( mrs has closed her purse ) but I am willing to pay something and cover postage , does not matter if paint is bad, I have a dozen sillo-sock covers someone bought me but nothing to put them on, thanks for looking.
  6. Old Tom at it again.

    I hope someone offers to take me out when I can no longer manage on my own, I would really miss the sport, I am very lucky so far as the farmer allows me to drive anywhere on the farm as long as I dont go through crops, very handy when carting a ton of gear with a very bad back, so well done Motty, keep it up, How can you put a value on a good friend,
  7. Lofting poles

    I have an old 8 mtr carbon carp pole matched up to the top section of an extending landing net handle, I use the standard branch hook weighted mounts and have adapted the plastic handle from a paint roller, which screws into the landing net handle end fitting , it acts like a narrow funnel which I slide over the weighted section to lift up and bring down the decoys which works well in calm weather but can be a bit frustrating trying to remove lofters in anything above a stiff breeze, I dont use them that often but when there are only a few birds about I think it helps pull them in to range, The pole and end fitting weighs less then a kilo, so not too bad to carry, my decoys are 3 flocked full bodied birds which look very realistic once up in the branches , I usually try to find a dead branch or open branch to put them on so they are in full view from all angles.
  8. New permission crop

    Spend some time watching for any hot spots or good flight lines, any drilling can bring a few in but for me the rape is still very active at the moment, and even when it gets some growth on you can shoot any bald patches which are stunted due to previous pigeon damage, Mid summer can be good on standing crop where wind has flattened wheat and barley, pigeons and crows love those flattened areas The real sport will come at harvest time, usually barley, then rape stubble and wheat, for me its the best time of the year, warm dry, even possibly sunny, by the end of summer the pigeons are well spaced out and a good day will result in a steady trickle of birds all day, right up to late evening before they go to roost, Just remember to keep the land owner in the loop, asking him or her if there are any problem areas will show you mean business and I always like to let the farm manager know when I have had a good day, so he knows im doing whats expected .
  9. Refresh old decs

    I used to repaint my decoys and they looked really bad afterwards, so I bought the sillosock covers and tried them, they work out at £2 each but last really well, I put all mine through the washing machine every once in a while and apart from all the pellet holes they look as good as new every time, I always 'touch up' the neck rings with ultra violet as the sillosock's are already treated with it on the white areas, they also fill out in the wind and turn half shells into full bodied decoys once inflated, I have never been tempted to try anything else and if I buy in more shells I just buy more covers for them, they look and work great. just need a few more pigeons to move into my permissions so I can really benefit from them.
  10. Glad To See The End Of March .

    I know what you mean Marsh Man, I was a couple of miles up the road and had the same miserable day, but on reflection the last two weeks have been quite good for me, more luck than judgement but I managed to get amongst them several times with the best day at 45 and most in double figures, but it seems to be getting harder to fool them at the moment, so many birds just fly past at unshootable distance and dont even give the decoys a second glance, now the top dressing is on the rape the plants are away, you can almost see it grow, with centre stalks up around 12 inches already on the less damaged areas, they look quite strange with no leaves but these thick centre stalks, at least once its away it should concentrate the birds into the more damaged areas, perhaps that will help, the estate manager is going to give me a list of all this years pea fields soon so I will be out scouting to find some likely spots, I dont do well on peas normally but I have to show willing and enthusiasm , perhaps this year will be different. lets hope so.
  11. Bank Holiday Double Ton

    A very nice result for two cold and at times wet days, I got blown off the field on Thursday after just 2 hours and only 8 birds picked, so I would like to order some warm dry weather with light winds please, then perhaps I will venture out again to try my luck, we still have a lot of birds in the air but they are still tightly bunched and a bit nervous especially after the first shot or two, but I think they will be splitting up soon once breading gets going which should help , fingers crossed.
  12. A long day at the office

    Hi Jdog, no we are about 200 yards from the back of the dunes, about a mile north of the worst hit bit, sad thing is one of our dearest friends lived right in the middle of the bad bit but the other side of a small tarmac lane, all the houses opposite her have now gone and the dunes have collapsed right back to the edge of the road, she had sold her house for £120,000 and was making plans to move away, the buyer has now pulled out and her house isn't worth much at all now as the road is the only thing between her house and the sea. She was so worried it would go as well she moved out and wont come back, so she's lost everything, but the government still wont do a damn thing about the erosion, just ignore all pleas and requests for help, all it needs are some stone barriers along a few miles of beach but as its a privately owned stretch of coast they say its not their responsibility to help . I nearly bought one of the cottages last year that has now gone into the sea , so a wise decision on our part not to risk it, the locals reckoned it would be at least 10 years before it was at risk, no one knows how fast it will erode now , it seems to go a bit faster every time we get a high tide and a strong easterly wind. at this rate we may be looking for a new home sooner than we would like.
  13. A long day at the office

    After the last two weeks of some very satisfying outings on a large area of rape I decided to try out another some miles away that had been seeing a lot of pigeon damage recently, In the last two weeks or 4 outings I have had a 30, a 17, a 45 and a 20 which I consider good at this time of year over rape. Anyway up at 6 am and a 12 mile drive I arrived at the remote field around 7.30 ( had to stop for breakfast) to find it covered in pigeons, in the centre of the field is an old WW2 bomb crater which makes a good hide point with 360 degree view, so I set up and waited, all the birds had departed for pastures new but I expected them to return, waiting continued for about 2 hours with only one bird showing interest but not getting within range, the north wind had picked up and was decidedly chilly, so I cleared up and made my way down to a large wood on the edge of the field, set up again using a big old oak tree trunk as shelter, and waited, one bird skirting along the edge of the wood came too close and at last one shot and one bird down, then I waited but it was not to be, in the distance I could see large numbers of birds rising and falling over other areas but they did not come back. In frustration I decided to knock it on the head and have an early finish, by now it was nearly 2.30 and cold as hell, my back was killing me as I staggered around collecting my gear and tossing it in the car, the route home took me past the productive rape fields I had decided to give a rest to but I had to take a quick look , so I drove down the lane to the first gateway and there they were, hundreds and hundreds of them swirling around in the afternoon sun, well I had to have a go didn't I? I drove up to the wood on the top of the hill, hid the car and set up in a nice sheltered spot under some big ivy bushes, almost immediately I had two birds in the pattern, I missed both, a bit over anxious i think, so a nice cup of hot coffee and a couple of ibuprofen for the old knackered back and I was ready, with only about 1.1/2 hours left before roost I managed to knock down another 12 with one absolutely amazing shot, 65 yards out and moving down wind I got a head shot on it and had to walk over 100 yards out to pick it up, the rest were fairly standard over the decoys but very satisfying after such a terrible start so 12 birds for 16 cartridges by 5.30 the sky was quiet and I once again packed the car and headed home. not a day for the record books but at least it ended better than it had started, just goes to show perseverance pays !!
  14. Pest control

    +1 on that , not the best way to ask for shooting rights, I think you missed a couple, squirrels , collared doves and Egyptian geese, oh and I think the only gull not protected is actually the lesser black backed, not the slightly larger black backed, but as I only shoot pigeons I may be wrong there, still good luck anyway, hope you find somewhere, it can be very frustrating when all doors close against you, its all in the way you ask !!!
  15. Very strong wind

    I got out Wednesday on the downwind side of a small wood, wind was about 15 mph but as birds ducked in behind the trees they were coming in very well to my decoys, picked 37 in just under 4 hours with another 5 lost in the undergrowth, wind got stronger into the afternoon so I packed in as the birds were going past like missiles. went out this afternoon for a walk through the woods , hundreds of birds in the trees but couldn't get near them as they used the wind to shoot off at all angles, set a few decoys but the wind was gusting up around 25 mph , probably more as it was bringing down dead wood all around me, managed 7 picked but almost impossible to match their speed especially as they twisted and turned past the decoys, but it was nice to get out, just the odd snow flurry but the chill on the wind must have been minus zero as all the puddles were freezing over , had to call it a day when my fingers turned blue and I couldn't get the cartridges into the gun. They say Wednesday will be nice so that will be my next session fingers crossed once I've thawed them out..