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  1. Anyone know where I can buy a set of lofting poles, my old carbon carp pole has just snapped again, its had so many repairs its more gaffa tape than anything else, anything reasonably light to carry , I did consider some drain rods but they are heavy and a bit too bendy, any ideas appreciated, just dont have a bundle of cash for the 60 quid a set style, thanks
  2. I was so fed up just watching the rain come down I decided to take a drive around some of my perms just to see if the pigeons had started to move onto the rape, problem was most of the land was so waterlogged not even my trusty Suzuki in 4 wheel drive could cope with the mud, After an hour and a half I was pretty fed up so I decided to head home , on the way I passed a newly sewn field which had around 500 crows and pigeons on it, I stopped to watch them for a minute when the farmer walked up alongside the car, 'efin crows' he mumbled and turned to look at me, I opened the window and he proceeded to tell me he had been chasing them off for days but no let up, they kept coming back, I explained I was out checking my perms for somewhere to shoot and introduced myself, he knew the estate manager I already worked for so he suggested I come back tomorrow and give him a days shooting, he then suggested I might like to do all the vermin control on the farm as he had been let down by the last two who promised to do some shooting and not turned up , so tomorrow morning I will have a go, and see how much damage I can do, nice to be asked for a change, even better he has some good solid tracks I can get to most of the land without sinking up to my boot tops, should make for an interesting day out😁.
  3. Well written, thanks for that, and for reminding me, I have just one location where there has always been birds on the hawthorn berries and I had completely forgotten about them, so needless to say where I will be on Monday at least its worth a look, I usually do the same, walk and shoot the hedge first before setting up, still a lot of birds in the old stubble as well around here but better left until mid afternoon as they seem to like it as a last top up before roosting.
  4. Of course your right JDog, I don't really take people out to get something in return, just like I don't charge anyone for shooting lessons or help with pigeon decoying, I really like helping others , its just annoying when some people make promises never intending to honour them, Its a strange thing with shooting, particularly killing anything, finding anyone with a like mind who has time to share your interests is very difficult, I have good friends who fish, go boating and so on but none of them relish the idea of watching things die, and you at least need to like the person your shooting with otherwise its anything but a laugh.
  5. Most people I shoot with get a good laugh watching me miss !!! My wife insists I have a phone with me at all times, not just shooting, I think she just wants to check up on me in case I'm up to no good, these days just the thought of getting up to no good makes me exhausted!!
  6. Last summer I counted 22 all together in some cherry trees on a local estate, I went for a shooting session today down the marsh and counted 8 or 9 together but they are so wary I couldn't get near them, I watch them flying in across the field only to veer away as soon as they see decoys, how do they know they are only decoys, they are just too clever by half, I reckon I have only managed to shoot 2 in the last year, give me pigeons anytime
  7. Finding a permission is 50% luck and 50% determination, as for finding a decent fair minded person to shoot with you will be lucky to find one, When I started again after a long lay off I was lucky and found some good shoot perms, feeling I needed a shoot buddy I asked on here, I had 3 or 4 replies, 2 I took out on 2 occasions and the other 2 I never heard from them again, the 2 that went out with me never returned the favour and also were never heard from again, Now I have several thousand acres of decent shooting and still shoot alone, at nearly 72 my biggest concern is if I should fall or be taken ill it would be some time before anyone would find me, I have considered giving up and going back to my fishing as the wife loves a day out and a bit of fishing, but she draws the line at vermin bashing. My mate marsh man shoots with me when he can but like me hes knocking on a bit and we are both so busy with other things its difficult to find time when we can both shoot at the same time, So far I have taught 4 people to shoot clay's and 2 of them took up pigeon bashing as well but don't live close enough to spend much time with, one is a tractor driver on a huge Lincolnshire farm with plenty of birds, he keeps asking me to go over but hes 2 hours drive away. Anyway good luck finding a shoot buddy, hope it works out.
  8. A couple of years ago I had decided to shoot a favourite spot in a small wood where I usually get a few birds, it was early september and a very nice sunny day, the fields were covered in new baled straw and the air was full of pigeons, I drove to the spot where i wanted to set up and dumped my gear, hid the car and spent half an hour getting everything just right, I settled into the hide when I heard a banging sound close to my left side, I got out of the hide to be face by a white haired old lady with two saucepans , banging them together and shouting 'murderer ' at me at the top of her voice, for a woman of probably late seventies she had amazing strength and determination, banging her saucepans continually for some time, I asked her to go away , very politely, but she refused and told me to f off, After some time she eventually got fed up and moved away towards some nearby houses, I settled back into the hide ready for the next flock of birds to descend when I was again disturbed, this time by 3 trucks towing trailers and about 8 or 9 men who started loading the bales, moving slowly around the field and leaving and returning for more loads of bales. I still had not fired a shot and decided to pack up and go home, the woman apparently saw me clearing away and had phoned the police who met me at the farm gate in two squad cars , fully armed and looking very aggressive, I was encouraged to get out of my van with hands in full view, both I and my van were searched and all my papers checked, both for the van and my gun, having failed to find any fault they questioned me in depth, what,why,where etc, then gave my van a full inspection, brakes, tyres lights, everything , but again failed to find anything at which time they told me in future to phone the local police station when I intended to visit again and inform them I was there after pigeons, grudgingly they then let me go, they had held me there for almost 1.1/2 hours , some days are just not meant to be, that one was best forgotten , I have not been back to that spot since and dont intend to ever return, I related my experience to the land owner a few weeks later but he only saw the funny side , but he did give me a better area to shoot in the future, so it ended well.
  9. I used to shoot around Melton Mowbrey on the Leicester Nott's border in the early seventies, I don't remember ever getting paid for a feral, we used to get 40 p for woodies and 5 p for grey squirrel tails, I also once got 3.50 for a full red fox pelt just freshly taken off the carcass .but that was a one off as I didn't normally shoot anything bigger than a hare, almost all my pigeon,rabbit,hare and all game would be bought up by locals who knew me and would buy out of the boot of my car, never had to gut pluck or skin anything, they couldn't get enough, but that's all gone now, I cannot sell rabbits , hares or game birds, no one wants them, just pigeons to the game dealer for 15 p each, and he picks them over rejecting any small birds. At the rate of kills to cartridges my per bird cost is around 42p, then add electric for the freezers and petrol to take them to the dealer and this pastime of ours starts to get a bit expensive for anyone keen enough to become a serious vermin control volunteer. I dont include equipment costs as most of this can be recouped by selling it on once you have had enough. which for me may be sooner rather than later.
  10. So my oldest son, now in his late 40's and a very keen shooter flew in from his home in California for 3 days on his way to Bulgaria on business, I had already spoken to the estate manager about where and when we could get a few birds, but he was most concerned about one area where hundreds of ferals had been accumulating. The weather forecast was dire, high winds and heavy showers , so Friday , with a late change of venue we headed down to a large marsh where several hundred feral pigeons have been feeding on old pea fields that had already been harrowed in, We arrived around 11.00 am and set up on a field edge with a reed bed behind us as our only wind break, stuck out a few dead birds ( wood pigeons ) and within minutes the ferals were coming in by the dozen, we had a slab of cheap 6's and proceeded to knock them down, they kept coming all day and only the odd heavy shower seemed to put them off, we cleared the woodies away and set up around 20 ferals as decoys, we kept going until around 4 pm when a huge black storm cloud was seen approaching and we had to do a very quick clear up and get off the marsh, Our total was 108 ferals, which we checked carefully and did not find a single leg ring on any bird which confirmed my suspicions these are birds breading in the huge industrial area on the edge of town, plus 2 woodies and 2 carrion crows, we shot around 210 cartridges which for me was a bit low on the hit rate but considering my lad only shoots 2 or 3 times a year it was a fair score. Saturday was a day of rest and a chance to clean out the car and my gear, I also had to nip to the gun shop for a few more cartridges. Sunday after lunch we headed out to a wheat stubble field on another of my perms, I had two visits to this site in the last 3 weeks with a 30 and a 61 , all wood pigeons but quite a few young birds, weather again was high winds and a chance of heavy showers so we took the fishing brolly with us, good judgement on my part. Set up was in the end of a small wood with a large oak sitting tree just to our left, about twenty full bodied decoys and 4 crow decoys, I had two hypa flap's out on the down wind edge of the pattern and in the first hour we had only a few shots with 4 birds picked, I noticed several birds turn away before reaching the pattern so I nipped out and retrieved these two, the change was amazing and instant, with no movement in the pattern at all , no magnet, no flappers etc, the birds started coming in like dive bombers, many coming down from several hundred feet up and also sliding in at ground level across the stubble, We started with only 125 cartridges and a few odd 7.5's left over from my last clay outing , we shot from 12.30 until around 3.30, when the constant showers had increased to a drenching downpour, we actually ran out of cartridges but not before we had 52 pigeons and 9 crows picked.which seemed to equal our hit rate for the Friday session, leaving us only to clear away in the rain . All the gear stayed in the car overnight as it was too wet to sort it, so today I spent a couple of hours cleaning out the car and drying off all my gear, all the woodies now in the freezer ,crows in the fridge for the next outing and a visit to the tip to get rid of the ferals as nobody seems to want them for any useful reason. At least one more visit to the feral feeding grounds is on the cards as we didn't even make a dent in the numbers, but cartridge costs just on the ferals was around 50 quid and another 30 ish for the Sunday so it looks like I will be on bread and water for some time to come, but what a weekend,
  11. My wife has Facebook and I have pigeon watch, I shoot pigeons and my wife doesn't , enough said A1 , get a grip.
  12. The browning made 580 plus fees, too rich for me though I would have liked it, very nice gun
  13. AYA side by side's 3 to be exact in lovely condition, all inspected and in good usable states, went for 80 quid each, lesser makes were making 50 quid, no one wants SBS's anymore when you can get a decent under over for 150. Just one problem, dead people dont spend money !!!
  14. One of our local auction houses had a large gun , ammo and equipment sale yesterday, around 150 rifles , shotguns and air weapons, plus cartridges, clothing and other equipment, over 300 lots, I have been looking for another 3 shot semi 12 gauge for a while and picked up an as new Webley & Scott 810, it has the black plastic stock ( would have preferred wood ) but other than that it was pristine condition with chokes and key, just 250 pounds plus 50 quid in fees and vat. Also grabbed 12 'fud' crow decoys, guns in general were very low prices and there were some real bargains, particularly in under over shotguns and pcp air rifles, but cartridges were more expensive than I can buy in the local gun shop, strange how some people get the auction fever and cant stop bidding, I was chatting to one buyer after the auction spent 480 pounds on some old small lots of 12 gauge cartridges, most of which he didn't need or want but just thought it would be easier than going to the gun shop
  15. Similar story around here, I had 61 off some wheat stubble on Thursday and at least 1/3 of them were this years birds, some were full grown with white neck bars but the majority of the youngsters were small , but still pigeons and still eating farmers crops so sad but necessary. I did avoid shooting several that got in under the radar close enough for me to identify them as young and small so a few left to grow on for another day, but they may not be so lucky next time they venture in over my decoys.
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