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  1. If you are able, try the Witham at tattersall bridge ( but not till the 16th June sadly), 12 feet deep, slow moving and full of roach and bream plus some good pike, permanent peg 101 upstream of the bridge used to win most of the matches with a large bream holding place, if you like still water ( closed season ) the gravel pits all around tattersall are great sport, My nephew is a tractor driver on 10.000 acres of brassicas just outside Spalding,, pigeons all over it, I have had one day out there but we missed out on the big numbers but still a good day, no good for me as its 2 hours dri
  2. Yes its Hellebores MANTONATUREGETTY IMAGES Hellebores, also known as Lenten roses, are super low-maintenance plants. Their quiet beauty is best noticed when viewing up close, or try snipping blooms to float in a bowl of water, as their pretty blooms grow downward-facing. Plant Type: Perennial
  3. Spot on my friend, I bought him a motor cycle to renovate and then I couldn't get him out of my shed 😏
  4. I can only hope the birds will re-establish quickly and successfully , I couldn't believe someone would destroy such an important nest site, I hope they catch those responsible and give them what for. They would be better off helping to control the carrion crows killing lambs, and attacking helpless ewes that are lambing. There are a lot more predators taking pheasant and partridge chicks than a few raptors and as far as I am aware the Osprey normally prefers a bit of fish, madness
  5. The peas are through already despite the fields being rock hard, but today we had the first day of showers, no sign of the deluge and gales predicted but lots of gentle drizzle, more forecast for every day this week right up to Sunday with winds increasing so not great for the shooting, but looking good for any new crops coming through,
  6. My crow decoys came with these slots for the leg sections but never seen pigeons with them, I just use the standard full body decoy with a hook ,they have a round peg fitted that plugs into the ground peg fitting on the decoy. sometimes a bit wobbly but they do the job ok
  7. I do all my photo resizing in windows 10, just right click on the photo, select resize, change photo size to pixels, reduce by a substantial amount and click save, it will replace the original photo in your file and it should be small enough now to upload to any online platform, easy 😁
  8. The battery pack was 254781685214, the vest / waistcoat was 174523009670 but I dont think this one is available any more, if you search 'heated vest' you will get plenty of options, 👍
  9. The waistcoat was listed on eBay, my wife bought it as a birthday gift for me, its obviously Chinese but great quality , it was £67 and that was without the battery pack which was an extra £17, again from the bay. there are cheaper ones but this one is very good quality and the electronics work well, there are 3 separate heated panels, shoulders, lower back and stomach, each one is controlled individually by a switch with 3 different heat settings ,from fully charged the battery lasts about 3 to 5 hours depending on the heat settings used , I just use the shoulder panel on full heat, its sti
  10. Lunchtime today, the wife stuck her head outside then quickly retreated back into the house, we were supposed to be going out socialising but the bitter east wind made the air temperature about 3 or 4 degrees, " I'm not going out ,its too cold " she informed me, you may as well go out after the pigeons, "really, do I have to", as I reached for the gun and cartridge bag. I don't need telling twice , that's for sure, so a quick lunch, packed the car and filled the flask and I was off. I have been watching a decent bunch of pigeons building up on some very damaged rape , 4 large fields
  11. Too many of these going on, I get at least one a week on email , text and phone calls, why do people think someone is going to give them something for nothing, in my experience it never happens, don't even think about it, just hit delete , if I don't recognise a number on my phone I just don't answer it, if its important they will ring back.
  12. Well done John, its always an effort to get out at our age but sometimes it can be worth it, I took 10 hard earned birds on Friday evening on the rape at the back of the old skip yard, but the bulk of them were up on the main track near the concrete pad, so I am up there this evening to have another go, most of the rape is in flower with a lot of bald patches all over the fields ,sadly nothing on any of the peas yet, maybe that will change once they show green on top, we will see. Nice write up and keep at it, regards to the wife, hope she didn't have any effects from the jab, we are wai
  13. I know what you mean, I retired 15 years ago from a good job with Anglian Water, well paid and very secure, I look at the work place now and cannot imagine how people get up every day and go to work, even if they are lucky enough to still have a job, the virus and lock down has destroyed communities, families and the companies that employ them all, its ripped the heart out of what used to be one of the best countries in the world to live in, and I have lived and worked in quite a few of them. Even in retirement I still get depressed listening to the news every day, so down beat all the ti
  14. I totally agree Dave, on a really good day I may get into the 70's, several times in the 50's and 60's but to average out over the year I would say at best 25 for a 5 hour session. This time of the year I get ok days on rape, but awful days on any drillings due to the depth of seed and no spill drills used now, I keep going because I like the sport and feel I am at least doing a service for the farm, but if this was fishing I think I would have sold my gear and taken up another sport. Lets hope it picks up when we get into harvest time.
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