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  2. I hate mornings, it was just the same when I used to fish , now im retired I only go afternoons until they go to roost in the summer and in winter I try to shoot from 11.00 am until 3 ish. Yesterday I was set up by 2 but the afternoon was very slow, with only 9 picked by 5.30, the farm manager suggested I try on another part of the farm where he had seen a lot of movement in the late afternoons, I move and set up with a very basic hide and just 15 dead bird decoys, the birds came well to the decoys right up until 7 pm when they finally went to roost, I ended with 21 picked so well worth the move.Not a big bag but certainly an improvement on the last week trying to dodge the storms and high winds.
  3. I try to judge average range, if they are closer,for instance when they are decoying well, say 30 to 40 yards its a slightly better spread with 1/4, but when there are a lot of high birds and ones staying out on the edge of the pattern over 45 yards I like the extra dense pattern of 1/2, it makes short range a bit harder to hit and damage to the bird is increased but I have a hushpower sound moderator fitted to my extended 1/2 choke which is nicer to use, no ear defenders necessary, so I try to use that as much as possible. I made the mistake of buying ( some time ago) a Remington 3 shot with a skeet barrel, I could not believe the amount of birds out at 30 yards plus that just shook their tales and flew off, I quickly sold it and bought my Beretta Urika 2 with interchangeable chokes, never looked back and never use less than a 1/4 choke.
  4. Hi John, I got out yesterday afternoon but the estate had only just started on the barley so I couldn't shoot over the combine, I went back to the pea stubble in the next village and managed to find some nice cool shade in a light breeze and picked 19 with 2 more lost, shot from 3.00 till 7.30 and it was a very pleasant afternoon. even E W came down for a look and we had a chat , he thanked us for doing a great job at keeping the birds out of the peas, The barley is being cut as we speak on the large area between the woods where we shot a week or two back, so chance of some good numbers on there and the tractor driver tells me that whole area is going down to rape this year, it will take some doing to keep the pigeons out of that lot, Having a few days off now as we have company but hopefully will be out again very soon, dont forget your factor 50, 😎
  5. Well done for getting out in the heat, 14 is a fair bag, I prefer not to count empties as it just frustrates me, worse is ripping off 3 at one bird only to watch it fly away, thankfully not too often. I got out about 3.00 yesterday, went to where the barley was supposed to be combined but they were running late and had only just started, so I had to abort and went onto a very dry cut pea stubble where there had been a few birds, the first 2 hours was very slow in the bright sunshine , many birds just flying past at great speed, I managed to bring down 7 but was frustrated non were coming to the decoys, (about 18 dead birds plus the magnet), I reset the pattern a couple of times and around 5.30 it started to pay off with the odd bird committing straight into the pattern, as the evening went on it got busier and by 7.30 I had 19 picked with a couple lost, (sadly no dog to find them ), The main landowner turned up for a look around and thanked me for putting in the hours, reckoned he had the best pea harvest for years thanks to a couple of us keeping the pigeons off, nice to be appreciated, I started on 1/2 choke with the birds being a bit standoffish, but as they started to commit I swapped to a 1/4 choke and that helped hit the close up ones a bit more often. got through about 28-30 cartridges for 21 down so not so bad. As I was packing away I had a huge flock of lapwings come in and also around 15 grey lag geese , mostly young birds obviously after the left over peas which are still growing in small patches all over the field , nice to see a bit more variety of wild life instead of just pigeons and crows.
  6. Hi Marsh man, pleased you had a better day, it was not so good on the laid barley, I think its got a bit too hard for them, most birds just passed by going somewhere else , I got a call from the estate manager at 5.00 telling me they were cutting peas in the next village, so this morning ( in the rain ) I went for a look see, a bit slippery on the surface with all the green veg laying about but the pigeons are finding it already, 50 or so on the power lines and about the same on the ground, so once the rain stops I will be over there giving them grief, but in the meantime I am just watching the rain dribble down the windows, Combine starts on the barley Monday weather permitting so just checking my cartridge reserve, since last week when I ran out of cartridges at 6.00 pm with 74 picked and swarms of birds coming in I intend to keep a reserve in the car wherever possible, especially as I am still looking for that elusive first 100 in one session, A second visit to the same spot a week later only produced 39 so I missed my chance there, someone kick my butt.😪😪
  7. I have one patch of rape where the birds are sitting on top of the stems and picking off the pods, I have not seen this before this year, I often see them knocking down the wheat to get at the heads but these are just perching on top to pull at the seed pods, crafty blighters, trouble is they are way out in the crop and even if they were shot they would fall where it would be impossible to reach them, just trying to spot their flight line in and out of the field , try to catch them before they get into the crop,better when its just stubble, wont be long now!!!
  8. I dont have a dog, I do have a really bad memory, so I never go more than 3 down in standing crop before I go looking, most times I mark the drop site well in my mind and can find them ok, but I do lose birds, its not something I like but in heavy tall crop like barley its unavoidable,How I see it , you do your best without trampling crops and those you cant find will go back to nature very quickly either to foxes or flies. The other day with Marsh man , after he had gone home for tea taking the dog with him, I stayed on for another 3 hours, very late for me, finally packing away at 8.30 pm, I managed only 15 picked with 6 lost, 3 in the wood behind me and 3 in the crops, but a very nice afternoon in the sun.
  9. We live in a very rural area in Norfolk, and in the main I have no axe to grind with cyclists, I was once one myself about 60 years ago, my original post was the deplorable waste of money and police time playing nursemaid to only a small group of road racers, who dont pay road tax, dont legally require insurance and seem to have a very aggressive stance when it comes to other motorists trying to pass them , sometimes 4 abreast on narrow single track back lanes, or even busy main roads, 2 hours after witnessing the road race we were on our way home along the A129 from Sprowston to Wroxham, we came up behind dozens of cyclist's out for a sunday ride, they completely ignored the heavy traffic and continued to ride 2, 3 and even 4 abreast without even checking traffic waiting behind them to pass, my wife became so incensed by their disregard for us I was forced to turn off and take a much longer route home to avoid them, no pleasant day out for us, - do we need to say it- single file, stay over on the left, watch traffic coming from behind, acknowledge us when we move well over to pass them so not causing them any anxiety , we all would like to enjoy our days out especially on the picturesque back lanes . room for everyone Im sure !!!!!
  10. We are right on the coast and there is a lot a laid crops, but sadly few pigeons, I think this spot produced because of the oak woods alongside the field which are also a favourite roost for the birds, non of the other laid areas on my perms are showing anywhere near these numbers.
  11. 21 police patrol motorcycles,3 police cars all with blue lights flashing,18 support motorcycles with riders in orange vests,1 county ambulance and an unknown number of local council workers in council vehicles, Sunday morning at 9.00 am on the new Norwich ring road near Sprowston, This is what our rates are spent on, and what were they doing you may ask, Well I will tell you, escorting approximately 50 yes 50 road race cyclists on a Sunday morning jaunt, who in gods name authorised this madness, traffic was at a standstill both side of the roundabout for almost 20 minutes, actual time for the peleton to pass the road block about 15 seconds, With knife crime, drugs, burglaries and who knows what other crime waves we are suffering in Norwich , all on the increase, police say limited funds and staffing problems restrict their response time and efforts, NO RESTRICTION for a bunch of cyclists though, some one should be held to account for this total waste of public and police funds.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. So Wednesday after spending 4 hours in the car looking for birds I narrowed it down to 2 spots, one was some laid wheat but a bit close to nearby houses , the other was a huge area of laid barley that skirts along the side of a large oak wood, Thursday my oldest son from California was on a 3 day visit , a very keen shooter and slightly better shot than me, and looking for some pest control. So permission granted by the estate, we set off midday Thursday to the barley field, A long muddy track through the wood allowed us to park within yards of the desired spot, and on arrival we walked off around 400 birds, it was 2.30 by the time we finished setting up with 25 dead bird decoys, one magnet and three floaters, within minutes they were coming at us from all directions. We both started well dropping birds at all ranges and heights, but the heat and picking up (no dog) soon started to take its toll ,I'm 71 with a bad back and the 'boy' is 49 and also suffers with his back ,we began to get a few missed birds but they kept coming, We had to call it a day at 6.30 as other duties were calling us home, we had 35 picked with only around 4 lost in the wood and long barley. Friday was a mad race around the shops with the wife before getting back home and loading up the car once more, a quick lunch and we were on our way back to the barley, once again on arrival we walked off at least 250 and set up almost exactly as the day before. Once again they came back within minutes of sitting back in the hide, it started very well with plenty of targets but slowed around 4.00 , we thought we may have had the best of them but we were mistaken, around 5.30 they came again , only in small numbers but very constant, around 7.00 I could barely stand up as I was in so much pain from my back, so the 'boy' did the last pick up and cleaned up the decoys, I managed to crawl around in the undergrowth and picked up all the empties and loaded the car, Final tally was another 55 picked with once again around 4 or 5 lost in the wood, the most bizarre loss , as I walked along a track inside the wood heading for a downed bird, a huge fox met me coming the other way with my bird in its mouth, one look at me and he was gone into the undergrowth just leaving a cloud of feathers , I wonder if I can count that one as picked ?, Anyway total for two afternoons work was 89 picked, one to the fox and around 8 lost but down. My son flies back to California today very happy with his little father son visit, It will be a while before we can top this one. The barley will get a rest now for a few days to allow them to build up again before I go back, to check on them, hopefully a few more good days before the combine gets stuck in.
  13. Therein lies the problem, he was not insured, and the court has now just ruined his life, he will have to go bankrupt to clear the debt, then he will be marked for life never able to have a business , Whats worse is the court has now set the precedent for all cyclists, next thing you know people will be falling in front of cyclists wherever they think they can get a claim, insurers will clean up selling insurance to cyclists and the innocent will once again pay the price, what a ******* **** world we live in. and it just keeps getting worse
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