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  1. BSA-airgunner

    Promos trigger sticks

  2. BSA-airgunner

    anybody got a new model atm 5x20 pro4

    propercartriges (George ) Did you manage to sort your scope...
  3. BSA-airgunner

    Primos gun rest

    Did this sell....
  4. BSA-airgunner

    Free Vintage 22lr ammo

    wow i would like them they would go with my vintage parker hale .22lr ammo box..
  5. BSA-airgunner

    Primos gun rest

    Yes please if not sold..
  6. BSA-airgunner

    anybody got a new model atm 5x20 pro4

    i hear that the latest update for the 4k is ready to down load....
  7. BSA-airgunner

    anybody got a new model atm 5x20 pro4

    i did have the xsight II and i think im right in thinking the basic set up is the same ....update being the most important then run through the zeroing ... not sure on you location but would be happy to go through the set up with you..
  8. BSA-airgunner

    anybody got a new model atm 5x20 pro4

    do you mean ATN 5-20 pro4.....night vision..... as in one of these https://www.atncorp.com/x-sight4k-pro-day-night-rifle-scope-5-20x
  9. BSA-airgunner


    About two weeks back I picked up a cz455 in .22lr and topped it of with a Hawke scope with the subsonic 22 reticule.. zeroed at 50yrds as in the instructions the next marker at 75yrds then 100...this set up has been awesome and I have no problems head shooting bunnies out to 100yrds..
  10. BSA-airgunner

    How many Rabbits are killed in 2018

    12.....22lr = 504
  11. BSA-airgunner


    here's cheap....
  12. BSA-airgunner


    my god no that will hurt something bad if you catch you thumbs...
  13. BSA-airgunner

    CENS Ear plugs

    the passive inserts are less that a tenner each to buy...maybe you need a new set of moulds done.
  14. BSA-airgunner

    Bowman double clay trap