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  1. Silver Pigeon identity

    italian date marks these are not part of the serial number ...date stamp will be on the barrels out of sight when the gun is in one piece..
  2. Freelander2

    5 years so far and love it ...
  3. .17 hmr moderators

    this is worth a read .............and the reason i bought the sirocco sm11 its done five years and is still perfect i might even give it a clean http://www.shootinguk.co.uk/shooting/accessories/ten-of-the-best-17hmr-moderators-5434 .
  4. shooting in St Leonards ....2 dead....

    not again.... https://www.sussex.police.uk/news/police-launch-murder-investigation-after-shooting-in-st-leonards/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=SocialSignIn
  5. Hello from sussex

  6. shot gun hard case

    Asking for a mate ...after a break down shot gun hard case like the ones guns come with......local to crawley west sussex if possible..
  7. Hello

    welcome ....
  8. CZ  455 .22 LR

    damn if i had a slot i would have it
  9. Depends on your area some forces / FEO will grant 22 and 17hmr for fox.... mine are granted and just need to keep the shot distances realistic ...
  10. Freelander 2

    should be easy enough to get....euro car parts .... enter reg number it should find the correct details. front or rear ....built in washer jet
  11. Freelander 2

    mine is the face lift version that came in during 2010 sd4 at 190bhp prior to that i beleave the pre face lift is 158 / 160 bhp...as mentioned above check out freel2.com also what parts you after or try landrover for the part numbers...
  12. BSA ultra .177

  13. BSA ultra .177

    hi Steve d......im led to beleave its a 30 shot count i havn't had the rifle long enough to find out myself.....
  14. BSA ultra .177

    £300 picked up..........£320 posted (parcel force 48hr)
  15. BSA ultra .177

    i will be at the game fair at HATFIELD HOUSE on Saturday........i can bring the rifle with me.