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  1. im just looking for a real basic set up as i dont load a great deal....thanks for the heads up....
  2. im after a lee breach lock challenger press i dont do a great deal of reloading ..its a single action thats all i need....and to add any thing concidered..
  3. is there a left hand version or does the left hand gun run the same assembley as a right hand gun... https://www.brownells.co.uk/ACTION-BAR-ASSEMBLY-REMINGTON-1100-767000350
  4. Waterford103 i may have what you need.........
  5. There you go Packham you freak we can all do our bit...Our first fledged Robin this year out this morning for the first time.5 years now we have had Robin's nest in the shed ...fingers crossed little dude the crows and magpies will leave you alone..
  6. i just bought one from Blackwood out doors £354 delivered should have been 399 ....i did use a code " 1080p " ....
  7. try here freel2 forum.... http://www.freel2.com/forum/search.php?search_id=newposts&sid=53fad77ddc064616f1623fc2183c1e82
  8. From first hand experience I can tell you FOD is a probleme at any airport... Here at gatwick I have picked up a dozen items from the odd nut and bolt to push chair wheels and that's this morning..
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