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  1. Well done Adam.....nothing like a new gun..
  2. ASE Ultra s moderator in very good condition £266 when new I'm looking for £150 .. M14 thread (14mm) FACE TO FACE WITH SLOT.. More pics available..
  3. now thats some thing to treasure......
  4. i will stick to me .22lr 4.99 for 50 shots
  5. and suprisingly light in the hand for about 20 seconds..
  6. so this morning i popped to my local RFD to price up a new moderater for 223 and the guy was just unpacking a delivery he was having a struggle with the last box so i offered a hand.... Barret 50cal brand new just out the box....
  7. im just looking for a real basic set up as i dont load a great deal....thanks for the heads up....
  8. im after a lee breach lock challenger press i dont do a great deal of reloading ..its a single action thats all i need....and to add any thing concidered..
  9. is there a left hand version or does the left hand gun run the same assembley as a right hand gun... https://www.brownells.co.uk/ACTION-BAR-ASSEMBLY-REMINGTON-1100-767000350
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