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Found 11 results

  1. Complete set of decoying kit at a bargain price, everything you need less gun and cartridges, Collection only from Ludlow, Shropshire, I will not post. To go as a job lot - I will not split. This kit is well used with some items showing wear and tear, but is serviceable and will give many more years of use. Happy for purchaser to examine all items before sale. £185 ONO. Advertised elsewhere. I x Jack Pyke cammo decoy bag (small hole on side, doesn't affect use) 4 x telescopic hide poles 5 x hide nets various, with some holes and tears from use but serviceable 1 x heavy duty magnet with speed control dimmer switch and remote lead. No battery, but can be demo'd working with car battery on collection. 2 x Silosocks Hypa-flapper decoys. Well used and a bit tatty, but entirely serviceable. Come with spare wing rods. 30 shell decoys. 26 x flocked 4 x unflocked. C/W a mix of plastic wobble pegs and spring steel pegs. 3 full bodied sitter decoys (a bit tatty). I x foam winged full decoy for use on floater. 3 x floater poles. Various wing spreaders. Net bag for carrying shot birds.
  2. What’s everyone’s thoughts on Nick Taits new invention ? Had my FF6 for a few years now and absolutely love it, incredible pulling power on the right day. Wonder how good the Big-G would be
  3. Hi all, I'll be looking for a rotary kit in the next week or so but unfortunately know very little about the different models available. I want the lightest, most compact kit i can get with the best deeks ( i'm guessing that's what we all want). Is there one stand alone product that can fill these requirements or is it a better idea to cherry pick the best bits from different suppliers , if that's possible to do? Can you mix and match kit from 2/3 suppliers ? TIA.
  4. Morning , I have a pinewood pigeon magnet that is about 15 years old and think the motor has come to the end of its life , has anybody on here replaced there motor in one and if so where did you get it from? Thanks in advance. James.b
  5. Hi guys just wondering where do people locate their magnets and flappers in a horseshoe pattern. If using both together and using them separately. Cheers Rory.
  6. Hi guys I’m new to Pigeonwatch! I have read the forum plenty of times for tips and trusted opinions on our beloved sport. It’s been big help over the years!! I need some help with my recently purchased "aa decoys Rotary". I want to change the speed setting up a notch, I know it has a higher setting but don’t know how to change it up. Has anyone got any advice on this at all if so I would greatly appreciate your knowledge! And advice. Cheers guys Rory.
  7. Bought this off here about a year ago with good intentions to get out there, but simply haven’t had the time or opportunity to use it. Taking up space in the shed so thought I’d see if someone else can put it to good use. I’m not 100% sure of all terminology but hope the descriptions and pictures make sense Prefer not to split, collection only due to size / weight Norwich area, looking for £150 ono. Pigeon Magnet / rotary (sorry don’t know the make) New 12v 12Ah battery Battery Charger Remote switch with speed setting (about 4-5 different speeds) Camo Speed controller – needs new fuse, (I haven’t tested it but can see the fuse has blown) 4 Hide poles (Only one has a foot peg – it’s how I got them). Bouncer Pole with V end with croc clips (I think that’s what it’s called) 1 x flocked Wings out decoy, (a bit tatty in places) 1 x flocked spinning wings decoy (a little tatty in places) 5 full bodied plastic decoys 6 half shell plastic decoys 10 plastic pegs 12 plastic pegs with spring wobble tops Advantage Timber ghost style net approx. 10 x 4 ft Stealth Style camo net approx. 12 x 5 ft, (black netting with camo material strips). Fold up stool Canvas & Leather cartridge bag (I think its 100 shell size). Kit Bucket with foam pad to make seat Kit Bag to keep it all in Cheers Mark Hopefully this will link to a slideshow of several pics, with 1 showing below: Pictures http://s897.photobucket.com/user/M_Simkin/slideshow/
  8. **Update** This has to be a complete score for a new shooter! I am selling my Beretta A400 Xplor Action (28" with Kick-Off) on GunWatch - http://www.gunwatch.co.uk/guns/10406-Beretta-A400-Xplor-Action-Kick-Off-for-sale The gun, Slip, 2 Slings, ammo belt, 500+ rounds of ammo, + all the kit listed below for £1500 (I must be nuts!) Plus - If this goes in one lump I will then offer a Brattonsound Sentinel (SL7+) 6-7 gun safe with lockable internal ammo compartment for an additional £150 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The 'lot' below can be sold separately to the gun deal listed above. This has everything you will need to get pigeon whooping. Everything is in great condition. The job lot - £350 Severely restricted capability for picture uploading, so ping me a message and I will email them over to you. 1 x Ameristep Brickhouse Blind (With Carry Bag) - (Easily big enough for 2 large lads). 1 x Ameristep HD APG Cammo Foldable Chair. 2 x 7ft x (bloody long) HD APG Cammo Nets for Hide Building. 1 x large square HD APG Cammo Net for Hide Top. 7 x Good Quality Hide Poles (don't ask what happened to pole no. 8) 1 x Large Green Kit Bag for Cammo Nets etc. + Pole Slots on Outside. 1 x Pigeon Magnet . 2 x Silo - Flappers for Magnet. 1 x Battery for Magnet. 12 x Silo-Sock Decoys 1 x Cammo Holdall for Magnet & Decoys
  9. Hi there, i am looking at investing in some new equipment, specifically a magnet and flapper, but would you suggest that both were required and if so what sort of set up, is it easy to attach a flapper and can anyone recommend a website with any good deals. Many Thanks
  10. pro type pigeon magnet used twice excellent condition £50 pounds,pm me for more info collection from sutton ely cambs,cheers
  11. Just ordered a uk shootwarehouse ultimate pigeon magnet package 3 hope it's good quality stuff managed to save twenty quid due to being pigeon watch member. Anybody use one of these if so would you rate them
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