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Found 12 results

  1. please advise where or if a reference book exists to help me understand pigeon grade, trap grade and grade 5
  2. You can now vote for your favourite Clay Shooting Ground here - http://www.clay-shooting.com/nfsg/ Hazel Bank Shooting Ground in North Yorkshire gets my vote!!! I only tend to stick to the local grounds though, does anybody have some good local grounds that are worth a slightly longer drive to visit in the North or Midlands?
  3. Purpose built clay pigeon trap trailer. Fits inside the back of an estate car £100.00 Oxford area. This listing is for the trailer only.
  4. Just in case anyone hasn't heard nelson clay ground has closed.... Real shame to see it go but I think the ground operator had lost his fight, not sure what will happen but I think most will move to SW2000 but a real shame to loose such a longstanding ground that started many Welsh internationals on their trap shooting career.
  5. Hi. A friend down the road has a den at bottom of his garden. He has asked me to move (deal with them) for him. Too near to population to shoot (Neighbours either side and fire station at bottom). Has any one got a cage trap I could borrow near Rainham Essex? I have a camera up to see how many in the den.
  6. Gun Digest Book of Trap and Skeet Shooting by Chris Christian (Paperback, 1997) Very good to good condition, very little wear and tear, some light tanning to the edges of the pages which is normal for these books £12.25 Posted
  7. Went to see my folks at the weekend and managed to slip out Sunday morning for a couple of rounds of DTL at the Bridgnorth and district gun club just of the A454 between Bridgnorth and Wolverhampton. Its a bit tricky to find but they do put out signs on a shoot day, its not far from the Fox pub http://www.finepubs.co.uk/thefoxatshipley/findus.aspx just up rudge lane from the pub and left up a track (track isnt tarmac but easy driving in a normal car no need for a 4x4 at least in dry weather! I've only shot at the cross gun club in the area really (sporting non reg) so to find a reg trap ground 25 min up the road was great! So they kick off around 11 but go on till the afternoon (great as you can shoot at cross, strict times till 12:00 IIRC then head off up the road for some afternoon trap!) entries for the reg shoots stops at 2:30 I shot 50 reg which was a complete bargain at £7 per 25, There is a club house doing drinks and food although i didnt buy any it did smell good! Had a chat to few regulars and Ron the chairman while they got set up. So i booked in first and was then joined by a couple of DTL virgins, and a couple of regulars made up the 5. So we headed out for the first 25 (ref was a real character and the scorer was good fun too) I didn't shoot too badly (for me) nice birds and my first time shooting DTL from an open layout. Second line not so good (dropped first and last bird!) I had plans with the family so had to shoot and run (shame i fancied another round or 2). They also have ABT and sporttrap type set up and can do "have a go" if required. Anyway for any midlands people i recommend you take a visit family friendly ground and a couple of garden centres nearby if shooting isn't their thing
  8. Looking for a clay pigeon trap, preferably seated and not too expensive as its only going to be used once a year. Obviously needs to be in good working order. Cheers Paul
  9. As some of you may know i have been looking for a trap gun as i have been trying to shoot a bit of trap (DTL). Being a left handed shooter with limited budget it wasnt an easy task. They are out there and at the "right" money but fewer and further between than the more common Righthanded equivalent. So after months of either being just too slow "we sold that yesterday sir" or not having enough money i was getting really fed up. Thanks to the power of PW a had a PM from a member who had a bought a gun thinking it was straight as he was Right handed. but thought it may just be left handed (very straight stock to be fair) he sent me some pictures and we agreed to meet a shooting ground near me. The gun is very straight but has left hand palm swell (something my sporter does not have) so i tried the gun shot a line of DTL badly but it worked as described, was straight and in decent condition for 20 year old trap gun! So after a bit of negotiation we struck a deal and I celebrated by shooting another round of trap badly! I have since shot better with it, almost equalling my appalling PB twice! So anyway, thanks to everyone who helped I am now the proud owner of Miroku 3800 32" Trap gun Fixed choke at I think the original Full and 3/4 with some decent timber for a grade 1! Here are some pics I don't intend on doing much to the 3800 except a new recoil pad (the original one is pretty well used) It's going to be an isis pad not sure if its going to be a green or X-pad and pondering the adjustable one what do you think?
  10. A worthy cause to donate to. http://crowdfunding.clay-shooting.com/campaigns/dsg-paralympic-olympic-trap-demonstration-suhl-germany-and-test-event-rimini-italy-2014/
  11. Following Reload's genrerous offer to take me out for roe stalking and pigeon shooting in exchange for my Larsen trap, we meet up at his place in Dorset, yesterday morning at 6am, as agreed a day before. Loaded all my gear into his truck, and after a 30 minutes drive we arrived at the farm, had a quick briefing and we started to stalk in one of the most beautiful countryside landscape i ever seen in England. We begin our stalk to the edge of some woods on the top of a hill, and worked our way through the other side. We could see loads of fresh slots but no deer around. Nevertheless, being out in the woods first time in the morning was very enjoyable and Reload is a great guy and a great company. Not being able to see any deer around, Reload decided we should stalk around a rape field, along the hedgerows, as sometimes the deers are sitting beteween the hedgerows and the rape which is very tall and offer great cover. We start going down the hill along the hedgerows and scanning the field on our left as well, but not deer to be seen. We walked around 3 quarters of the field rape and started to get relaxed when all of the sudden a pair of roes hoped in front of us at about 50 yards and looking nervous towards us... Reload confirmed one of them is a buck and without wasting any other second, looked through the scope and indeed it was. The buck was partially obscured by the rape, but i could clearly see the head, neck, and part of the shoulder. Took aim a bit under the shoulder and behind and pulled the trigger. The .243 found its way to the heart and after an adrenaline fuelled jump we found the buck dead in rape, 15 yds away, following a thick trail of blood. Many thanks to Reload for the opportunity, he is a top guy and he done everything to ensure i'll get my buck.
  12. Hi There, I have an Acorn Clay Trap for sale. It has hardly been used and is in good condition. It was purchased brand new a few years ago but i haven't really used it much. This device can be operated with just one person and has a long cable for triggering clays. I also have 500 standard sized clays that will throw in aswell. I have included some pictures, please excuse the quality and lack of professionalism. I am looking for £260 ONO. Any questions please ask. Thanks
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