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Pigeon Guides

Ian Martin

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Welcome Ian.   I dont know about any of the others but I think getting a guide is an expensive way of doing things you may be better trying to get to know some local guys and se if they will take you out, and learn from them, or you could go and buy yourself half a dozen decoys or so and have a go at trial and error. The tips and tricks on here are as good a start as any.

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Hi Ian, I have contacted the BASC and they don,t have a list of Pigeon Guides.


The July Sporting Gun arrived this morning.

There is one advert in there for G.I. Country Sports UK, but no location is mentioned.

The contact numbers are Gary 07980 071192 and Iain 07980 071179.


If you fancy combining your pigeon shooting with a short break, then Martin who posts on this forum guides for both pigeon and wildfowling.

If you check out his posts, you will see his website.


Hopefully, some more info will be forthcoming.


Getting your own shooting is the best idea, as Craigie said.

This isn,t always easy.

Have you spoken to any of the guns where you clay shoot ?

Its suprising how many of them shoot "real" pigeons.

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I Know 1 guide in the Herts area if you want his number e-mail me. But I live in Herts and have no problem with getting land to shoot on, i find it best if you can offer to shoot week days as they may have a number of guys already that only shoot at weekends this way it gets your foot in the door. If you use a guide you are not guaranteed to shoot hundreds of birds in fact you have to book the day in advance so who can tell what the shooting will be like. My advice would be to spend a whole day going round all the farms in your area.

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This months sporting gun has the number of a chap called Jim Albone. I think he lives in Biggleswade and guides round Beds, Cambs and others. His number is07860 919909 and the article states "For more information, or help with controlling pigeon numbers call him" I dont know whether that means harass him with questions but if any one has any particularly awkward pigeons then he might be the man to ask.  8)

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