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Glasses ?


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??? I did have this problem....but I now shoot so meny pigeons

that the heat from my smoking barrels dries the rain as soon as it falls :P  :( .........Hmmmmmmm


After a while the rain runs off leaving a set amount on the lenses and I seem to just get used to it, I find I am unable to pick birds out when they are far off without my glasses on.......getting old :=)

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Anyone who wears prescription spectacles all the time knows that one good thing is, that you eventually forget you are wearing them.


When I,m shooting and I get rain on mine, any attempts to wipe them dry only smears the glass, I then become "aware" of them.

This then becomes a distraction and affects my shooting.


Does anyone use any sprays or other special stuff to keep the water off ?

Do they work ?

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