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Choosing a pup.

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when choosing a pup what do you look for, myself if im choosing a lurcher pup the first thing i look at is the feet if the dogs got nice compact (cats paw) feet you now that you are not going to loose a lot of hunting due to knockups. A lurcher puts a lot of strain on his feet as he turns if his feet are splayed there is no support when he turns and the result is broken toes. Next i look for temprement i dont like agresive pups one that will hold his own fine one wich is openly agressive is a liability,these are the type of dogs that would rather fight than work. Next i look at coat a good strong coat wether long or short haired is essential, and last i look for colour because its the least importent part of the dog as long as the dog works dosn't matter what colour it is.

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Whenever I have bought a gundog, I always insist on seeing the dam at least and the sire, if possible.

I have always had bitches and they will tend to favour the dam in size, proportion and temprament.

A good working pedigree, also impresses me.


I accept that with "performance" dogs, like lurchers, terriers etc. there are other physical characteristics that you would look for.

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There is a school of thought among some breeders etc that pups benefit from remaining with their mothers for as long as possible.  I'd look for a dog that has stayed with its mum for 9 weeks +.  The pups mother will instill manners and good conduct into the dog that most handlers never could.  i have a Border Collie that 'nested' until 11 weeks and she's fab.  Very well mannered and 'bidable'.  She is well switched on very easy to command - I won't say control!!


Admittedly, Borders aren'treally for game etc , she is training to be a disaster search dog - earthquakes and the like.  Having said that she is very steady when I'm out with the gun and will push out birds etc and not dash off after them!  I think a lot of her mannerisms were from extended time with her mum.   :sick:


Oh yes, and she's pretty too :sick:  :love:

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