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Quite new to Decoying and have read the books watched videos and read lots of posts on here. Been out half a dozen times this year, best bag 16, and a couple of single figures. Anyway my questions is I watch for flight lines etc, set up and then the sky goes totally cold turkey, no pigeons what so ever!


Am i missing a trick would love to have a day of over 50,


I have a magnet good hide skills etc, just dont see lots of movement.


Ideas please??

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You don’t say what part of the country you are in? From my experience in the South West it’s very difficult to get a bag of above 50 this time of year, the brids just do not want to decoy.


I was out a couple of weekends ago, been watching some OSR fields that had hundreds of birds on. When we arrived we walked 100’s off, set up all our kit and had 4 birds!!!!!!! :no:


If you have some fresh drilling to shoot over you might have better luck, but even then there is no guarantee. Over OSR the tip would be to get movement into your pattern with magnets and flappers etc etc. :hmm:

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