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Rat catcher mods

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I fitted the long rabbit stopper barrel that added 1 foot lb

And the power adjuster, those two it was on 10.5 ft lbs at room temperature. Which to me was safe on warmer days.


Tried a stronger hammer spring but it was hard to cock and caused issues with the barb that penitraits the capsule. Maybe it was just me...

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Money pits I found out the hard way. You can dress them up but it is what it is.

In the end I could of bought a better air rifle with all the extra cash I threw on my rat catcher.

As above I bought all of the crooked barn stuff power springs etc ---- spent £400 get rid of it and get a proper gun such as a wh cheaper in the long run to modify a rat catcher is a money pit just look at the barrel its rubbish the blueing is rust and its not that accurate you end up with a gun the length of a spear which is not ery good mine sold for £200 not an investment

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