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  1. That knife is a malkberry Skinner made be Stuart Mitchell and the father of the current Stuart Mitchell whose mother is also a famous knife maker Pat Mitchell The knife was made in the 1970s using steel from 1897 hence the date Do you have the sheath
  2. Set up with pigeon..no take for an hour and a half......... Exchanged pigeon for crow 18 in an hour so will go crow. Did notice that clover is small so will monitor and may get pigeons feeding soon
  3. Yes plenty fly over, and lots land on barn roof...and lots of jackdaws morning and evening I have had bags 30 -40 when grass sown and clover coming up just wondering about when it's just been cut will give it a go after work for a few hours Thanks
  4. Farmer has just cut silage grass the fields are now short just cut last night got me wondering Hasanyone ever had any luck decoying for Pigeon after the grass fields for silage have been cut. Are you best putting out crow decoys and only going for the covids which seem to flock down after the cut Or Does Pigeon decoys work on the cut grass fields Or a mixture of the two with pigeon decoys in a flock then crows about 30 yards apart. With hide in center Or should you never mix decoys
  5. Hi I will have no2 the gun lugga Pm to follow
  6. What number on the bay as can't see it
  7. Stay safe to all And let's get some bumper bags in the autumn
  8. Agree with para 1 the farmer is a key worker, as a person who has a permission on the farmers land to walk around and do a bit of vermin control I would say I am am not. Agree with para 2 --+this is what needs stopping..if it's not necessary do not leave the house, if I stay away from farm for 3 months will it really affect the farmers crop..not really As BASC have said “It is important that those involved in work that keeps our countryside functioning through this challenging time are still able to undertake essential work such as ensuring food production. In many instances, this cannot take place without associated pest control and wildlife management. But this must only be undertaken where absolutely necessary and in line with the latest government advice. Para 3..... some are using this as an excuse to carry out para 2 and are therefore not carrying out the government s advice... By driving 10 miles to have a nice stroll out for an afternoons shoot is not playing the game in this current climate. By having a nice day out shooting in the country side when you should be working at home is not fair to the employer who is paying you is not playing the game. This is a national emergency it's not a game... my day today consists of staying at home may even clean my guns and line the safe with a yoga mat...one of those will do jobs..that I now have time to do... then at 15:50 I will here the statistics for the day on BBC1 and hope there is a little bit of improvement knowing that I like the vast majority rather than the selfish few have done my bit
  9. What part of what Boris said do some not understand Stay at home ..protect the NHS ..save lives And Essential travel only And only go out for a minimum time The death rate is rising it will get worse before it gets better over 1000 up to now, could go over 20000 plus if persons don't stay at homr It only takes a person to do this non- essential work or bend the rules more by saying swinging a gun around in a field is once a day fitness, Imagine protecting those crops by driving 10 miles to you permission..you then Need to fill the car. You catch the virus from a pump or the garage counter. Take it home pass it to there kids ..who passed it on to an elderly reletive they should not be visiting. The reletive then takes up a critical care bed. That person dies but just before they did . They panicked pulling off a nurses PPE who then had to be off work..the person was a specialist ITU ventilator nurse...she is missed on the unit as all the other staff have to cover her shifts. The person after not attending his loved ones funeral..to many wanted to go restricted attendance..then thinks what was the root cause... It dawns on him ...and we wonder how this deadly virus spreads.. I think I will do what Boris says.
  10. Farmer was well happy to see me last weekend there was trespassers all over trying to see the new lambs A few loud bangs later they left Farmer had signs out no right of way due to virus it was just ignored As the farmer said if he or his family catch it who looks after the farm.. I was speaking to him 10 yards away It's worrying times Hopefully people will do what Boris says..stay at home
  11. The person on the BBC has just had a question and answer session he said There is no problem with using your car to go somewhere for a walk . If there is only you why not stay all day If there is others then the risk is high so minimum time or even go back home as other persons are all risk He also said don't go fishing as you don't know who sat in the spot before and it will cause risk It's all about distancing.. and by not distancing it will cause death he said Daniel Sanford the home affairs person gave the session. Good advice he used sense with his answers
  12. What constitutes home Is it your house or house and garden and drive can you tend to your garden or wash your car or sit in your garden or do you have to be housebound
  13. Yes but Boris has said it is acceptable to go out for fitness once a day to run, walk or cycle. My permission is 1 mile away my nearest park that is still open is 5 each is a car drive..both provide a walk for fitness On one there will be only me.on the other there will be 100s all 6 feet apart with dogs.. Which is the safer
  14. The new restrictions inform the following:- One form of exercise a day Boris said"You should not be meeting friends. If your friends ask you to meet, you should say No." But he said going to the park for a run, walk, or cycle - alone or with members of your household - was acceptable. Is it reasonable to drive to a permission walk around for fitness and carry/ use a gun then get back in car and go back in the house after your one hour stroll. I am not on about setting up decoys,floaters flappers and the works for a days shooting
  15. Hi all Boris has finally stopped masses of people with his stay at home You should only leave the house to get food, pharmacy look after relatives and of course once a day for fitness. If you leave for other reasons or go out in groups you can get a fine.. My questions are Is Shooting pigeon , rabbit and vermin classed as fitness It's not classed as work as we don't get paid and not directly employed by the farmer. Permission giver etc Also is it safe going out in pairs or would you need to go alone I know the answers but thought I would put the question up for general debate during these hard times and stay safe
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