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  1. they use different weight pellets to see if the tool is legal or not over a stringof shots
  2. Thanks for the update I miss going as I enjoyed having a laugh with Phil and Pauline who are very friendly, and the league was good fun.
  3. I shoot in a group and I enjoy having a good day and a laugh with the guys, we don't see each other outside of the shoot so it's always good to see them, as a group we are a more the merrier kind so often pick up lone shooters or beginners and try help out with their shooting. Personally I would let a smaller group shoot through 1st as i have been on the receiving side waiting for large groups to clear off.
  4. Can't believe what I am reading yorkgate gun club run down and littered with cartridges, unbelievable, Phil and Pauline ran a fantastic shoot and the work that went into building the stands and paths to make it easier and cleaner to go shooting, it was a spotless shooting ground. What a shame that the sport and the fun of many a hundred people gas been allowed to be spoilt by a few NEW local residents, the clubs been around alot of years and if people move near a sports ground they should not be allowed to complain and put people out of work by shutting grounds down. Who is running the club now, good luck to all who clay bash it seems like a disappearing sport
  5. Yorkgate in otley is a very good club. Has a good clay setup and the owners are very helpful and friendly has wc and food available.
  6. Looks tricky with the trees nice clear video though is it helping you with your shooting.
  7. Gun won't rea3make a difference you probably just having a right good shoot well done on the score. My best is a 48/50 last summer. Missed 2 on my 1st stand about 4 clays in. Then never missed another clay why I can't do it again I don't know usually my scores are 36 to 40 I shoot at small clubs that are on farms so the setup is always different and muddy. Keep hitting the clays good luck
  8. No every person will get the opportunity to see a pair in a comp. I usually watch the group in front as I shoot a non profit club and it saves clays. If I don't know what's going on I look for the traps see what angle the it's set at and go straight off. Usually do better on the blind pair than when u k ow what's going to happen. Good luck if ur in a comp
  9. Just Cartridges own brand are a good cartridge nice on the shoulder and very good breaking performance in fibre wad no8 anyway. Also give the rio target load a try it's what I have been using for around 3 years now and not had any problems again I only shoot fibre wads no8 order 500/1000 at a time. Good luck
  10. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/military-style-firearms-for-sale-in-british-shops-qcs0v88n7
  11. Exactly doubt weather the person reporting has any idea what the process is. Wouldn't surprise me the new Zealand prime minister seems to be seeking 5mins of fame. So some fools in the UK will want theirs too jump straight onto the legal gun holders. Forget iligal gun culture and knife crime been rife.
  12. Any one els seen the times newspaper article about how you can order shotguns over the Internet in the UK that have 10 shot magazines apparently loopholes mean anyone can have 1. Trying to scare the general population of non shooters. No mention of knife crime or iligal guns.
  13. It's just seems to have shut down through summer I think can't fi d any info on it. Just been nosey really it's shame a clubs gone as it was down as a cpsa club too.
  14. Chris batha is the guy. YouTube him easy to follow. And his book is good. It's a blue book with an orange clay on it.
  15. Shame it's not 10 years would be easier on every one Well done on the screen shot. Shame it is not gonna happen any time soon
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