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  1. It's just seems to have shut down through summer I think can't fi d any info on it. Just been nosey really it's shame a clubs gone as it was down as a cpsa club too.
  2. Squinting shot

    Clay Shooting Book Recomendations,

    Chris batha is the guy. YouTube him easy to follow. And his book is good. It's a blue book with an orange clay on it.
  3. Squinting shot

    Shotgun certificate

    Shame it's not 10 years would be easier on every one Well done on the screen shot. Shame it is not gonna happen any time soon
  4. Squinting shot

    Shotgun certificate

    Good evening just a quick one Was just doing a questionnaire on www.shootinguk and a question (how long is a shotgun certificate valid for) A 5 years B 10 years C 3 years I went in with A 5 years as that is what mine I valid for and I got the question wrong apparently the correct answer is B 10 years. So I was just wondering if its a mistake by them or I have missed the news on new 10 year licensing.
  5. Squinting shot

    £180 for a recoil pad fitted?

    Seems expensive I only paid £125 for a 2" stock extension in a grain matching wood and a new recoil pad.
  6. Squinting shot

    Grey Squirrel shoots west Yorkshire

    OK thanks for the info will try check it out as I personally don't have Facebook
  7. Squinting shot

    Grey Squirrel shoots west Yorkshire

    Good evening all Was wondering if their was any clubs or how you go about getting permission to shoot grey squirrels here in West Yorkshire or is the main problem further afield. Thought I would ask as I don't seem to be able to find anything on the Web.
  8. Squinting shot

    Twaddle in the paper

    http://www.theargus.co.uk/ wanting to make licencing legal for ownership of air weapons. What is the country coming to.
  9. Squinting shot


    Only down side is clay clubs don't usually like anything over 28gram. It's probably down to cost and demand why you don't see the 3" 7.5 cartridges. I will stick with two and three quarters. Rio target load fibre wads 28gram 8s seem to be good for sporting layouts.
  10. Squinting shot

    ear muffs

    Deben ear defenders around 20 quid do the job and are slimline so don't look or feel bulky. Cut the sound out been using mine 4 years all weather's had no problem. Good luck.
  11. Squinting shot

    Crosman No 1 Pump .22

    You take the side plate off carefully as the internal workings like to pop out. The pressure tube and the barrel are just floating on a location pin the brass valve slides out of the front where the pump part is u need to tap out the pin that holds the forend on and ease the pump arm out. If u find a set of internals for the valve plus let me know I replaced the pump cup and one rings on my 2200. That used to be able to knock crows and magpies out of trees now it's week and only fit for paper targets. Good luck
  12. Squinting shot

    Best way to cut a tyre

    Never use a angle grinder on a tyre the disc can explode in ur face. Either a hand saw for metal or a jigsaw with a multipurpose blade in. I cut some motorcycle tyres up and had no problem. I watched a hospital program that had a guy who's face had been sliced off with a shattered disc from an angle grinder he was converting tyres into horse drinkers and the rubber grabbed the disc and shattered it.
  13. Squinting shot

    3/4 and Full

    Good going I had a change from 1/4-1/2 to full and 3/4 for a mess about with some 9 shot and didn't do that bad on the sporting not tried it with 7.5 shot might have a play again.
  14. Squinting shot

    Easy Hit Shotgun sight

    Yes they do work if your doing the clays then a short red one is what you want it's what I have and it doesn't catch your eye as much as the longer ones. You will need a few shoots to get into looking at the clays while having the sight in your Peripheral vision. I use it as I find it easier when shooting with 2 eyes open. Other than that check gun fit gun mount is probably more important unless you shoot gun up ready. Not sure about lessons I learned myself and still learning now. As the instructor can only teach you how to hold the gun in a safe way as lead is seen different to us all. Plus I know 2 people who are having lessons for over a year at coniston and I have to say I think it's money down the pan as they are no better than when they started. Probably like driving lessons some are good others take the pxxs. Good luck
  15. Squinting shot

    National pigeon pest control

    From what I can gather from the last time I asked this question. Is it is mostly North Yorkshire and the East Coast way. And there is a lot of mixed views on if it's a rip off or not. I didn't plunge into a subscription as I live too far away and only have Sundays to shoot. All the best