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Dropping the dummy

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Some advice on dummy retrieving please.


Kara (8month old lab bitch) drops the dummy anywhere from 3feet to my feet but will not deliever to hand. Is there a simple cure or is it difficult to train her to bring the dummy to hand. She just loves to retrieve and its her fun thing I do with her after obedience training.




Last night there where guys football training (100 yrds away) where I train her and she was not surprisingly very inqusitive, twive inside 3/4hr she took off and ran over to them ignoring the whistle and here command. She came back after she had a look and a whistle command 10seconds max. The fack that she broke away from me is worring any advice or your thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.


She broke from the stay command while I was 15yards away from her.


Cheers Jonny

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The program that TC sent you to is roughly an 8 week course on average, it really depends on the dog. You will definately have a dog that holds a retrieve at the end of it though.

You can try the followinghave her sit infront of you, bring a dummy up to her mouth. If she reaches for it on her own tell her fetch, as her mouth closes on it. Do not let her drop it on her own, she must hold it until you tell her to leave it. When you take the dummy out of her mouth on command give her a treat and lots of praise. If she co operates with this you should be able to get her to hold her retreives in short order. Once she holds them infront of you on command take 2 or three steps back and have her bring it to you. If she trys to spit it on the way be ready to hold it in her mouth. Again she can not drop it on her terms, she must be given a release command. If this does not work, I stongly recommend that you go into the 8 week "Force Fetch" program.

As for her going to visit the football players last night, that was a great test with distraction.....unfortunately she failed. Go back to training the stay and recall on line with lot, and lots of distractions. Kids playgrounds are great for this.


Dont get dishearted you are going in the correct direction, however it takes time. Like children all dogs learn differantly, take your time, dont pressure her and remember.....keep it fun.


Let me know if you need any help....NTTF

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Cheers NTTF I will try the short version first before the forced fetch.


It was quite funny when she did run over to the footballers as I was 15yards away and she was sitting she looked at me then looked at them then looked at me etc after 30 seconds of this I actually knew what was coming and yes she went 'sod this im away'. The rope will be needed next time out.


She was ok last night (no distractions) but dropped the dummy everytime. Well I only gave her 3 retreives.

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