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hatsan escort extreme

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i have a Hatsan escort extreme that is just out of warranty. by 2 months.

it has been perfect for the past 3 years, however over the weekend it decided to throw its dummy out.

it will shoot the first cartridge, cycle the 2nd but when i pull the trigger it just clicks.

inspect the cartridge and there is the slightest strike mark on the case.

i have stripped and cleaned the action. however. this is where i need some help.

1. the piston looks to be stuck in the barrel, although it turns, any ideas how to remove it?

2. i took the trigger group out, and a spring has fell out and what looks like a small cup but i cant see where they go back.


any ideas on how to sort the above?

Cheers :)

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Fix barrel into vice with lead sheet or something and tap out with a brass copper wood dowel.

just had the clicking on second cartridge, ground a bit off sledge, (hammer hitting it) that cocks your hammer and it's working fine.

cup and spring go into recess in under hammer, you will fiddle to line it up but I did it a few times (it gets easier)



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