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6 minutes ago, squirrel shooter said:

Looking for a tube heater to put in the kennel, any recomendations? Thanks in advance. 

Whats your kennel setup like? I would get one on a thermostat with a shield cover if you had to have one, however if your setup allows would take a good look at an infa-red heating lamp as I have heard they will warm the dog up very well and dry them out well, helps with dogs with aches and stiff joints etc. 

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14 minutes ago, squirrel shooter said:

The kennel is a 6x4 shed with 6x4 run attatched to the side of it. An electrician mate of mine is going to run electric into the kennel for me. Just wondered what the best heat tube lamp i could get, what size and watt ect 

Do you have a sleeping box inside that? Or just open shed? 


If not, you'd be far better off enclosing an sleeping box as the area to heat up would be a lot smaller. 

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1 hour ago, dazb1967 said:

I have a tube heater on a thermo in my dog Kennel and as said above, I have a box inside a shed like area and the heater is in the box, Big open space is obviously a lot harder to heat, Its been in his kennel for a few years not but only comes on when its around 0 degrees.


got summit similar wired to a frost thermostat and has a cage over it  in the sleeping box.

think mine was a 60w tube.

door has couple of thick rubber curtains keep wind out.

i know spaniels prob don't need it but it keeps me happy as she's not in the house.




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