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    BREXIT - merged threads

    Just a shame May won’t step aside for someone who actually wants to leave. Mid she just hanging in there to conduct damage limitation for the EU?
  2. My brother in laws licence has just come through so he will be looking for clay grounds in the South Wales area. I am also in the Bristol area and somewhere that we could both go would be ideal. Currently we have been heading down to Mendip which is a lovely ground, but insist you must use their carts which are like shooting confetti! Any recommendations for ground and possibly even who to see for lessons? Thanks
  3. Lloyd90

    Resource guarding

    My pup started doing it with food, he was worse with my gf and didn’t respond to being sternly told off when’ doing it. We looked it up and it mostly stayed the dog was nervous when you go near thinking your going to take what he has off him, eh his bone or food. Instead of taking things off him, we then started giving him what he wanted and loads of praise so he associated us being there as a positive not a negative. When it was meal times instead of putting his bowl down we would hold it in our hands and whilst he ate it give him lots of praise and stroking. If he had a bone in his bed, when we went up we’d give him a treat or biscuit. He soon learned us coming over meant he gets rewarded and stopped any growling very quickly
  4. Lloyd90

    28 in a 20 bore

    It must happen more often that people think. I do wonder however that say you dropped a 20 into a 12 or 28 into a 20, after closing the gun would you not notice that one barrel does not fire and have a look before blindly sticking another 2 cartridges in and blowing it up?
  5. Lloyd90

    USA Shutdown

    Pretty sure the Berlin Wall kept people apart for a hell of a lot of time ...
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    Teds progress

    Well after Teds first hunting trip the other week I noticed him hunting much better for a few days and could tell he needs to be on game more if he’s going to put the pieces of the jigsaw together! We had another club shoot today although having spoken with the lads I knew hardly anyone would turn up, so after umming and arring all night decided to take him out for the final time this season. Ted has just turned 8 months this week gone so I knew anything we can get on now will likely be our last chance before having the spring and summer off (eg won’t be able to shoot birds etc). I phoned round last minute and found out only 1 other bloke was actually going so gave him a shout and agreed to both walk around together with the dog. Upon arrival we set up and started off up an incline hill in high cover. I’ve forgotten the name of the bloody crop, but it was about 2 foot high and good going, although not too thick, basically lovely cover for working the dog! To start off with the dog wasn’t used to cover so big (we either have short grass or brambles too thick to go into near home) and was going a little bit slow, but as we got halfway up the hill you could see he was hitting scent and started hunting well, another 10 yards up and the other bloke flushed a bird in front and dropped it on his first shot. Ted duly sat to the shot! Result! The other fella walked up to the bird to pick it and as he was a partridge flushes. I’ve been trying to get a partridge for a while to start the dog on cold game but as he was going to pick the bird wasn’t ready and the partridge sailed off the top of the hill into the distant safety 😞 onwards we went. Another 10 yards and the bloke across is getting all the luck. Another cock pheasant comes up and he misses it!! I swing through and hit it myself with my first barrel and down it comes over the top of the hill, going a fair distance away from us. The other bloke commended me for a fine shot (I was quite pleased with it) and I was also quite pleased that the dog had again sat to flush lovely. I walked him over and sent him off down the line the bird had gone. Ted found the drop spot and it appears the bird had travelled onwards, he took the line and worked his way about 15 yards where he duly found the bird. I could see it was still kicking slightly so I whistled for Ted to sit and he did well, I went over and dispatched the bird and threw it out for him and he showed interest but didn’t have the confidence to pick it up fully. In the bag it went and we carried on for a bit before coming to an end on this patch. So far 2 birds flushed, 2 shots fired and 2 down and in the bag!
  7. Lloyd90

    Teds progress

    Out the last two days with Ted just letting him run about do his own thing, hunting much better now looking for scent as we go, getting his nose down and checking in cover as we go along
  8. Lloyd90

    20 bore cartridges

    Ever come near Bristol. 🤔
  9. Lloyd90

    BASC membership hits 155,000

    Hi Debbie, 155,000 full members (I know they aren’t all) paying £78 each is bringing in over £12M a year. Just a rough figure. Will BASC be bringing any legal challenges against Police forces that are blatantly making up the rules and enforcing their own made up laws? I know this is something that members frequently state they want BASC to challenge, and also a reason people often state why they won’t remain a member when it is not pursued. It would appear that there is no shortage of funds for such challenges...
  10. They don't have to realise anything, unless your willing to say to them they'll just carry on with their own self importance. Vote with your feet is the best option.
  11. Lloyd90

    Macron's Great National Debate.

    I hope it's the end of him.
  12. Lloyd90


    Anyone had a go at it? I think I might like to have a go with some simple birds like rooks or crows 🤔
  13. Lloyd90

    Teds progress

    Try spitting on the dummy. It adds scent.
  14. Lloyd90

    Teds progress

    Thank you lads, AS said I agree, bit too much too soon it seems. Only second time out as trying to get him on to scent. We shall not be out again shooting until next season, when he will be approaching 18 months. Over the summer we are off to see some trainers to get some tips of how we are doing and get the intro to the next steps right
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    God he’s good. I imagine mine would look more like a squirrel having an epileptic fit.
  16. Lloyd90

    FIrst time fac holders

    If he has good reason to own a centrefire then he has the legal right to do so, as long as he is not a disqualified person. Mind your own business.
  17. Lloyd90

    Teds progress

    Part 4: A bird in a sock is better than two in a bush. Following in from yesterday I now have a mid size hen bird and decided this could be alright for some cold game intro. I asked my GF for a pair of old tights. She asked what for and I told her dog training... I said if you put the tights on apparently the dog listens to you better 😂😂 anyways, after cutting a leg off the tights and dropping the hen bird in, we set off to the local walking spot and hid in a bit of wooded area away from other dog walkers. I had a rabbit skin tennis ball, a dummy with pheasant wings and the bird in the sock. I hunted Ted through the cover and he stayed nice and close to me, once he got going he was getting his nose down well. We were on a semi steep incline at this point and I stopped him and threw the ball down the hill, down he went and brought it straight back. I then threw out the dummy with the wings on, out twice and straight back twice. As soon as he got back I threw the pheasant in the tights and sent him before he had time to think. Down he went gave it a quick prod and fiddled with it trying to get his grip. Lots of encouragement ensued and within seconds he had picked it up and was on his way back!!!! Well we did the pheasant in the tight again with no problems, so I rolled the tight back to expose the tail and feet. Out again and a bit longer sniffing at the tail but once again he grabbed the body and brought it back Well, trying out luck I removed the tights, threw the bird out and off he went. He fiddled with it for a bit but soon grasped the body and back he came bird in mouth woohoo!!!! We did one more and put the bird away, and I just gave lots of praise. I do think that the bird was still a tiny bit too big for him at present to get a good grip, so will revert back to the plan of sourcing either a feral pigeon or partridge. But the dog will pick birds and he will bring them back to hand The seed has been set!
  18. Lloyd90


    Anyone have a crack at it? Seen some interesting pieces and wondered what it would be like to have a go 🤔 Fancy trying a crow or something similar.
  19. Lloyd90

    any demand

    You don’t need paper cases if people pick up their empty carts. What they should have however is a way to send them back to the suppliers so they can be reloaded again.
  20. Lloyd90

    Teds progress

    I hope he doesn’t take 2 years to get trained Grant. I have heard lots of people saying similar however that something just clicks about that age. All part of the journey mate, just got to correct it and work on steadiness over the summer and get him in rabbit pen won’t be out again this season. Also as he was quite sticky and not hitting the cover much I was considering taking him in the pen and giving him a chase to give him more go, so it might be that this gives him a shift up I was looking for... or he’ll just p off whenever he wants self employed we shall soon see....
  21. Lloyd90

    Teds progress

    Hiya mate When on a marked retrieve we have been working on Ted keeping his eyes firmly fixed on the drop site. This is because I hope to at least run him in an amateur (novice) trial as I would love to do so for the experience (not sure how realistic that is though). Some of the tips I got off the field trial lads are, on a simple marked retrieve, where the bird flushes, gets dropped easily, you want the dog straight out and back. If you train the dog to look at you before being sent for a retrieve, then he takes his eyes off the mark / fall site, and can lose the spot, especially if the bird has fallen into cover. This could be the difference between winning the trial or not even placing, as on a simple retrieve the dog needs to be straight out to the drop site, pick it and straight back at speed. Hope this makes sense
  22. Lloyd90

    No Jail for Moderate Crime Convictions

    I think the point was that places like the Netherlands and Scandinavia actually do rehabilitate their offenders. Despite us claiming we focus on rehabilitation, with prisons understaffed and under resourced there isn’t really any on offer, hence we don’t see any of the positive results!! It costs a big amount of investment to properly rehabilitate people and give them other legitimate options in life. I once worked with a youngish lad, father died suddenly before the young lad could even walk, mother hit the drink hard. Young lad never taken to school, never shows support, ended up barely able to read and write. Drug dealers and gang members seek out these CHILDREN, much like the grooming gangs in Rochedale etc seek out vulnerable girls, these gangs seek out these lads, they “help them out”, pay them good money and start them off delivering unknown packages, and next thing selling drugs for them. These children are out there making hundreds of pounds a day, when they couldn’t even get a legitimate job in KFC because they can’t add up small change or read ... how are you going to tell them to straighten up and fly straight?! Your living on a different planet than what some of these people experience.
  23. Lloyd90

    Teds progress

    Reflecting on the situation, I wonder if Ted assosiated the shots with just assuming the bird was hit... and thought the command to carry on was me sending him out to find that bird ... Either way he did ignore the stop so was placed back to the spot!
  24. Lloyd90

    Teds progress

    Part 3: the walk back. After a stern telling off, I popped Ted on the lead and as he had a good run out we were heading back to the car now to call it a day. I walked Ted on the lead for about 5 minutes and we came to the large field of cover we had come down to get to the hedgerows. I walked him through the field about halfway and the other bloke was about 30 yards to our left hoping for a second bird for himself. After 5 mins I let Ted of the lead and he hunted well, staying nice and close to me (probably because there wasn’t much scent about). Once again the other bloke flushed a bird (at this point I was thinking he’s a better flusher than the dog!!!) and he dropped it going away behind him. Ted sat to the shot well, but then he was off!! He ran round thinking that bird coming down was for him!! I blew the stop and shouted at him and he carried on for a few yards, but then stopped and decided to come back halfway😐 despite this I still got out to him and frog marched him back to his original spot and blew the whistle whilst giving a verbal scolding. This was a bit of a 50/50 situation for me, as I’ve been waiting to see when the penny would drop that when a shot is fired after a flush, there is potentially a bird down to go fetch! I’m glad he appears to have clocked this, just need to get him into the mindset that it’s there to go get when I say so!!! Despite this however, the bloke then had difficulty finding the bird in the heavy cover, and once given the command to get out Ted worked the area well and helped him find it, putting our 4th bird into the bag, which we would have almost certainly have lost without him After this we walked a few more yards to the end of the field and popped the lead on and walked the road back to the car for the end of the day. Overall he had helped to flush a few birds well, gone into some thick cover with enthusiasm and found a few birds that may otherwise have been lost. He may have put 2+2 together and clocked that a shot after a flush can = a bird down to go get and he mostly stayed in range. Once again we go away with issues high lighted to work on! Pulling ahead when hot on scent is one, and this is something I have expected to happen at some point. I just think of this as part of the journey with most hunting dogs. Working on retrieving game is again another. He almost picked a bird today so is getting better, I also now have a small hen bird that I can put into a stocking to start him off on. The chase across the field, well I have to look back and laugh. I have again been waiting for something like this to happen. I can only look on it as a positive and think that he is showing enthusiasm for getting the birds 😂 however I will be aware of this in future and keep a tight ship. Plans for the summer are once it warms up to get out doing a bit of water work, and get into a rabbit pen. I have spoken with Geoff Shore as well as other trainers and will likely go to some I know and trust for guidance over the next few months. As Ted is quite a sticky dog who I am trying to build his confidence I am hoping those flushes and even the chase will bring on his excitement for game and speed him up a bit. Time will tell. I will try to keep this thread update with our progress as we go You commented too soon 😂 I think you just have to get into the right mindset mate! If you think it’s all going to be perfect first time out you must be a bit mad. Although trying to set the dog up to never fail and do everything right first time is something I have tried hard to do, I was expecting the wheels to fall off a some point. The dog has to do things wrong at times, so you can correct it and show them what you actually want them to do! I was watched Dave Lissetts DVD last night and in the rabbit pen his dog pegs a rabbit, he puts the dog back and gives it a small telling off, but says it’s just the dog showing enthusiasm in what your trying to train it. Two steps forward and one step back 😂