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  1. Shooting probably is more accessible now than ever before. As long as days continue to be sold, there is no issue with supply and demand. When keepers can’t fill shoot days they drop the price. I would like to see a large return to more walked up and rough shooting but can’t ever see it happening. Most people who aren’t loaded having access into country sports on big shoots is through beating.
  2. I receiced a magazine off BASC the other day, think it went straight into the recycling. All the magazine's these days have just become glorified adverts, the articles are just any nonsence they can scrape together to fill a page, with about 75% if the magazine devoted to adverts and sales ****!
  3. Lloyd90

    Job advice

    This is just my view Paul, but in the current climate, where there is potential chaos upcoming in the job market (isn't Furlough STILL going until 30th Sept?), and a lot of uncertainty ahead (we could face another lockdown over Winter), I would take the secure job all day long, especially one with a very good boss, you lets you go off hunting and fishing at such short notice. There is still a lot of uncertainty in future with every sector as we see what will happen to companies moving forward, will they be viable without Furlough, will huge firms providing Offices collapse? I think the next few years will be very interesting, although potentially very difficult for some.
  4. You have more processing power these days in the palm of your hand than people could have ever imagined 20 years ago. 30 years ago if you told people about iPhones today they’d think you were mad. The ability to speak to anyone anywhere in the world at anytime, connectivity, accessibility, it has truly revolutionised the world. Exciting to see what things will be like in 20-30 years time.
  5. Do / Did you have a contract? If so what does it say? What communication have you had so far? Option wise: Send a letter before claim, and then small claims court? It’s not worth getting solicitor involved as it’ll probably cost more than you get back. Also you could post about the guy online and see if he has done similar to others, I imagine once his reputation starts getting dented he may reply to your messages trying to sort it out.
  6. Handsome dog hope you've got on well
  7. Well I’m not clear what we’re allowed to talk about on your thread? 🤷‍♂️ Apparently my likening the situation to a Hunter finishing a dear had no relevance to this thread … I can see Henry however has almost the exact same experience with killing his fish. Walkedup also echo’s my thoughts, the lead up to the death is far more relevant than the stunning or not stunning. Although neither of them mentioned labelling meat either … how come they didn’t get told their posts were irrelevant? 😭😭😭
  8. It’s not done them much good, Conservatives are about 80 seats in majority and Labour are a laughing stock at present.
  9. If you can find an X-trail for that money they are pretty good. If you want Petrol I would look hard at a Jimny.
  10. Is that how it works in an abattoir? A bunch of blokes chasing a cow around a big open space trying to corner them before slitting their throats? (Obviously I am joking!). As I understand it, the cows walk through a production line, can only walk in a straight line, get their throat cut and then get tipped upside down.
  11. I could understand that argument if that stunning happened before going into the slaughter house, but doesn’t it happen literally just before they cut the throat? So they still experience the same long queue, are still aware of what is going on etc? (Sorry if I have misunderstood).
  12. I have always found it odd the amount of outrage at Halal meat from people who hunt and fish. First deer I ever shot was hit and dropped on the spot, we went over after a short wait it was unfortunately still alive, took out the knife and cut the throat and it was dead in seconds, very efficient quick death. I have seen a lot of lads who will go out and hunt game with running dogs, happily fish and kill them, and shoot game birds and deer, but condemn Halal meat. I do genuinely have to scratch my head and ask, is all the fuss because it’s for Muslims? I don’t believe that everyone who is against Halal meat is anti-Muslim, but I’d bet money it’s the reason for some people’s dislike of it!
  13. I’ve got a full set (plus some) of Teague’s. PM what ones you are after and we can discuss 👍🏻
  14. Double your budget unless your looking for something in a bad way.
  15. I’m not missing anything as I’ve lived on the bread line during it all growing up (with both parents who worked pretty much 7 days a week) and never had a helping hand off the Government or anyone else. I have had to be on benefits (job seekers) after a medical condition totally shattered my plans to join the RAF and serve, and I couldn’t find anything else. In my family area (In Wales) there weren’t loads of jobs, mostly a load of low paid jobs with odd hours here and there, in the end I pieced together 3 different jobs in-order to bring home under £200 a week. After a few years I managed to get a half decent job, but still chose to go back into education, and almost 10 years later I have a degree and a good job / income. There are obvious issues with benefit claimants who see it as a lifestyle. Despite many people shouting similar to yourself, no one has managed to solve the issue yet have they? 🤷‍♂️ If it’s as simple as some on here make out why hasn’t it been sorted? No point blaming liberals or what not, The Tories currently have an 80 seat lead …
  16. You can buy a second hand iPhone of an older model for about £60+. You can buy a pretty good TV for less than £200. A couple pints down the pub and a pack of fags is what? £30 - £50 a week? Yes, those items are perhaps not essential to their survival, but I would guarantee if they didn’t have any sense of normality in their lives they’d most likely be heavily impacted by depression and end up costing us even more, or the real reality is, there would be a much higher crime rate. What should we expect people on benefits to do? There’s a lot of criticism for the current system without offering much alternative. What would you have them do? Sit in a bare flat with 4 blank walls staring at them all day whilst they are only limited to buying bare essentials for survival? Sounds pretty bleak. The current system IMO is pretty much a formal of social control, they are given just enough to have a taste of normality, enough to be able to watch TV so they can join in with the rest of society about what happened on Love Island last night, so they can smoke fags (which cuts down their life expectancy) and have a couple pints to dull their minds. Look at parts of America or Africa where they don’t have any benefits, armed home invasions, car jackings and all sorts. The current system should undoubtedly be replaced with a system that rewards people into work, and makes it better off for them to work, currently if someone who is struggling would be on even worse money if they got a job it is a joke, but you can hardly blame them in that situation. If my employer asked me to have a new job where I do significantly more for less money I know what I would tell them!
  17. https://www.viovet.co.uk/Seresto-Flea-Collar-For-Dogs-Over-8kg/c45673/ Not cheap but very good 👍🏻
  18. If only we could all achieve such heights of achievement … 👀
  19. He’s a lot better than the last lot, if he can’t bring back some votes from the mid ground then I can only see the hard left of Labour saying ‘told you so’ and Labour going even further left.
  20. Sounds like a good keeper! I believe part of beauty of proper rough shooting, is that you have to train your dog properly (or at least half train it) so that you can keep it within the range of shot. Plenty of dogs on shoots that are well out of range of shot (basically out of control), whilst the owners proclaim what great working dogs they are. A well train decent cross breed is better than a pure bred dog that’s not been trained and allowed to run riot!
  21. Hope your enjoying your new arrival Steve mate 👍🏻
  22. First dibs on what? The money has been cashed out. Equity release however can be quite dodgy some of the companies are very dodgy. Also not many people know when they are going to have a sudden fall or decline and need to go into a home, so someone can cash it in, and then the money runs out. Some people equity release and then give the money to family. If someone equity releases after they have care needs to avoid paying care fees then the LA can take then to court for deprivation of assets and they / the family could be forced to repay the money or the LA could refuse to pay for their care (although unlikely). The best thing you could do is good sound financial planning, and plans for what care you want as you get older and more unable to meet your own needs. The vast majority of people I came across had no plans and then were rushing about in a time of crisis when it was all too late.
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