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  1. Hello, Just a quick question; first time I am having to replace the tyres in my X-trail since buying it. I doubt I need proper off road tyres, my off roading is only doing a few green lanes around the farm shoot, and then driving across a couple of green fields. Currently the car has winter tyres on it, which are the ones with came with. (I believe it was up in Scotland before coming down). I am looking at tyre options on Black Circles. As I said I doubt I need full on off road tyres, with the current winter tyres it had been fine getting about the shoot, I only almost got stuck twice, once in a really muddy gateway and once it slipped a bit on a very wet field until I got moving. So considering ‘normal’ (summer) vs ‘all weather’ tyres… just wondering what the main difference will be. It’s rare we have proper winter weather in Bristol. Do all weather tyres provide any benefit off road at all? Or simply better in the cold on normal road? Also just out of curiosity, Considering that 95%+ of my driving is on road just how much of an impact would off road tyres (such as AT3 for example) have on driving experience and fuel etc? Currently get about 35mpg in the auto X-trail with the winter tyres.
  2. Price drop: £900 for shotgun with Beretta chokes. Also £100’ off price if you want the setup with the Teagues obviously.
  3. @Neil23 Neil this might suit you mate?
  4. The owners need to buy a goldfish and leave dogs for people who actually can meet their needs.
  5. Another good day out yesterday with Ted and @oowee shooting. Off on our rough shooting ground, with Grant's cocker and Ted working for us, pushing up hedge rows, ditches and bramble woods. Started off with Ted flushing a bird in wood which was missed by me. He looked disgusted... on we went pushing some hedges where I missed another bird, and Grant also missed one. Thankfully as we went along things (our shooting started to improve) and Ted flushed a nice cock bird out of thick bramble, whilst out on the retrieve another bird got flushes over Ted's head, which he ignored and came back with the cock bird to deliver to hand. It was a nice bonus to see the extra bird flushed was dropped by Grant and retrieve by his cocker Charlie On to some more hedges and Ted continued with the flushes, sitting to flush and remaining steady to shot each time, we must of had 10+ good contact flushes with him remaining steady and not putting a foot wrong. As we were finishing up we came through one hedgerow where Ted pushed hard into bramble, all I saw was a flash, followed by a brilliant quick shot by Grant. It was a hare, flushed off the dog, and shot. Grant's cocker swiftly delivered it to him, a great feat as the hare was as big as his dog!! As Ted had never picked a fresh shot hare before, I put it out for him and sent him and he also picked it and delivered it to hand, and into the bag it went We pushed up the hedge a bit more but I don't recall us seeing any more game. Over to the car where I swapped dogs and gave the young Arnie a swift run, he managed a good contact flush which Grant dropped with a cracking shot, but needs a bit of work on picking freshly shot game. Progress however is coming along overall a great morning out once again. Barely managed to shoot this land this year as mega busy in work, and in trials and training, but it was brilliant to get out, shoot over my own dog all day without him putting a foot wrong, and without the fuss you get on big shoots with dogs running everywhere out of control and gun lines and beaters etc. Rough shooting with a tidy dog is always going to be the best there is
  6. All good if you know the owners name, address and details to give the Police. I got the impression that the OP didn't have the details of the bloke, therefore it's difficult to report. We have calls in work where someone rings up saying they want to report a concern about a child, don't know the name, don't know the addressm don't have any details like car registration, etc etc. Without details of the person almost nothing we can do. If the OP see's the guy again and somehow gets his details then obviously report it to the Police.
  7. I would also discuss it with the FEO, high lighting your own concern, and what precautions you have taken. Can you give us a bit more info / context? From my own experience working in Mental Health there will be a huge difference from someone accessing low level services for a bit of anxiety etc, vs someone who's being supported by the crisis team following a significant event.
  8. The issue with reporting it, is that nothing has actually happened (although that is a good thing), and unless you have the person's name and address there's not much the Police can log about it. Sounds a bit situation but nothing really surprised me re public and their dog ownership skills anymore to be honest.
  9. We put up 3 on our shoot last year and none were used first year. Mallards laid but looked like magpies raised their nests and got the eggs. Will top up the straw and hopefully they get used this year. The corvids need a serious bashing!!
  10. thank you 🙏🏻 Thank you, good advice 👍🏻 Bracken is a common cover found in many woodland and especially ground for spaniel trials, hence it would be really good to have an area on my ground. Cheers 👍🏻 I was training in a different woodland today that is absolutely full of the below type of grass. Any ideas what it’s called?
  11. Yes I would of thought it was over time but that’s still a good average of 20+ a season. Awesome shooting
  12. Lloyd90

    Quality Sidelock

    AYA 117 🤷‍♂️
  13. What did you pay for that? Thats the exact type of thing I am hoping to pick up 👍🏻
  14. Query and easy one … can you plant bracken (assume you need to spread the spores?) from one area where you have it, to another area of woodland where you don’t have any? thanks 👍🏻
  15. Slow feed bowls I use then find then good 👍🏻 Can also pour a cup of water over the food, I don’t let it soak, slows them down a bit and keeps them well hydrated too.
  16. I wish I had ground with that sort of woodcock numbers 😍
  17. They don’t have anyone decent to rally behind us the issue. He’s the best of a bad bunch. Rushi is the Up and comer, he’s not be tarred by any big scandal yet, but currently they will keep Johnson going until Covid is dying off, as otherwise whoever comes next just gets criticised for more covid nonsense they can’t do a whole lot about. Just like no one wanted to take over half way through sorting Brexit out, no one wants to take over half way through Covid.
  18. If they had anyone decent to replace him with he would be gone. Mogg seems to have the 1922 committee under wraps and Mogg is backing the PM. The party donors however who throw mega money at the party will be nervous about his election prospects, they can’t pull the strings if they can’t win the election. He is hanging on by a string …
  19. Head shots only it seems lol.
  20. Yes, mostly inflated by people buying any dog that could as a pet, the gundog lads didn't drive prices up to that level, it was supply and demand, and the massive demand came from people who wanted a dog now that they were at home the vast majority of the time. That demand has dropped completely now, and there are LOTS of dogs out there available, some people are still trying their luck asking for silly money, others are selling pups at prices similar to what they were before lockdown. Many of the people asking silly money, you may notice, have pups well beyond the age that they should have left.
  21. Price drop to £550 or it stays in the cabinet, and I will just have to keep using it I suppose
  22. What is the LOP please? I think I can see the chambers are 2 1/2", is that correct? thanks
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