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  1. Bet you shoot that with more than 22lr lol
  2. 👍🏻👍🏻 People would be better off if they chilled out a bit. Amazed that people seem to get some sort of pleasant thought when thinking about a cyclist getting into a serious collision. Considering most the country is overweight we’d all be better off getting out the car and getting on the bike 🤣
  3. So what? What would happen? If someone has to pay tax on that £24,000 from one litter, at 20% tax that’s only £4,800. Still leaves them with £19,200 for a litter. Considering average income most will pay 20% tax. That’s without people saying the income was their partners, kids or other relatives.
  4. Easier to avoid mistakes in the first place than try to fix them later. Buy the Drakeshead DVD’s for a good guide on how to do stuff, easier to watch what someone means rather than read it and be sat wondering... Having a kennel for me is a game changer. You can still bring the dog in the house to socialise but avoid a lot of issues with kids, family and guests messing with your dog when not around.
  5. For that price you could abuse the hell out of it on the foreshore and wouldn’t even worry if it needs to be scrapped at some point!! Bargain.
  6. Got a Remington 11/87 Premier Owes me £375 Depends what you class as cheap? I also got a SxS Spanish master, £50 👍🏻 In Bristol.
  7. A quick warming with a hair dryer and I easily pealed the sticker off my Maxus
  8. Don’t know why you had to prove you destroyed the faulty coat 🤣 seems a bit petty of them!
  9. Bloody madness... when a man can’t own a monkey in his own home what on earth is the world coming to?!!!
  10. About to go live - some big plans being rumoured. Rumours about a push to get through the changes to social care ... that idea last time lost May a significant lead and her role as PM! Proposed legislation to stop ex forces members being prosecuted for their role in NI ... good news on that front Lets see what else is on the cards.
  11. How long have you been on anti-depressants? The only issue I can foresee is the Licencing authority not being happy that you didn’t tell them about them when you first started. If I ever needed to take that sort of medication I would be upfront and let them know before hand, to try and nip any concerns in the bud.
  12. Here’s the real test ... are you still stocking them Webber and how much are they now? I just last week watched a video of a bloke who has bought one over in Ireland and he rated it.
  13. Their shotguns seems to be very popular in the USA for upland bird hunting. Not sure I’ve ever seen one in the U.K. ... just had a look and surprised they seem to be ending production of the CZ 527 and 557 rifle ranges 😳... they say big things are coming next year.
  14. Some size on her mate 👍🏻 What was she like?
  15. My mate trains mali's for ring sport I went along recently and got in the bite suit, jesus there's some power on them type of dogs.
  16. kicks smoke 15 inv +exended £45 posted Is the abovee 15 thous (3/8 or light modified) choke?
  17. Got any pictures? Be nice to see her confirmation. See a lot of people posting about their 'big springers' online etc, a fair few of them are just overfed to be blunt. Not many about that are proper big dogs, be nice to see. I saw one at a test last year, the dog was huge, but a bit fat as well, to be fair to smashed ground like a bulldozer. I remember it hit one stick pile and sticks as thick as your leg were flying in all directions.
  18. Wanted - Invector + (Browning Maxus) Kicks High Flyer choke - ideally full or X-full - may consider mod.
  19. Sounds like the pup I’ve got at the moment. He weighed as much as the older dog at 8 months, but is a lot leaner. I think he will be between 22-25kg when fully grown, he will be a big dog with some proper go in him. Some of the older Badgercourt / Rytex names are in pretty much every pedigree you pick up. As you say, prolific stud dogs. Does make me mind boggle though when someone advertises pups and says “Loads of FTCH in pedigree” and they’re all 4-5 generations back and exactly the same as anything else out there.
  20. It’s Rytex your thinking about. The small, flashy, dinky things. Badgercourt were supposedly the bud stocky and heavily marked dogs. Agree with you at the end, can’t see many folk who’d even want to do a 7+ hour hunt. Imagine running a dog for 4+ hours and after that saying “this dog got no stamina” 🤣🤷‍♂️. It’s like running a lurcher on 100+ rabbits a night and saying it’s got no stamina cos it get bit tired after 85 🤣
  21. Result. I picked up an older Brattonsound with the thinner door (which I find a lot better for getting guns in and out) which will take 7 guns. I have offered this cabinet just now to a bloke I know who's put in for his licence, he was looking at paying £120-150+ for a new cabinet, so he is happy with a 5 gun extra deep for £150. Ai I found the same, doors not wide enough and with the big thick door and 5 locking bolts a little awkward to use. I prefer the cheaper cabinets with the two locks and the thinner door. Have offe
  22. What a joy to see a fit dog
  23. Anyone got any idea what the below cabinet is worth second hand? Brattonsound, 5 gun extra deep, top locking box, big thick door with several locking bolts, only needs one key to open. Cheers https://www.safe.co.uk/products/4-5-rifle-vault-premier.html?ACODE=googlebase&gclid=Cj0KCQjwp86EBhD7ARIsAFkgakgLlcMSiOerPYiRhfA0dm30zGLUe-w8Aw5IHKscmMheZ3w0zKgPXMQaAoFrEALw_wcB
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