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    Heart burn

    Where did you read that John? Think I may need to do the same 😞
  2. Apparently their demands now include a redistribution of wealth. Fat chance of that!
  3. What kind of work you using them for? Whats their style? Nice to see
  4. The real problem is the greedy organisers, stands are charged such massive fees to attend they have to charge high prices to make money. If the organisers would let traders on for much less, they would be able to give better deals and better stands would come. These days half the stands are absolute ****.
  5. Despite the extra income? Despite what you might think, local governments have had the money they receive from central government massively cut. There is no extra income, that extra charge is unlikely to put a dent in the amount they will lose from CG. Nobody wants to pay more taxes, but everyone expects to have top class public services. The Tories got absolutely slated when they tried to put charges for home care onto people's houses and make people pay for themselves, they lost loads of support with that idea, yet things like social care are enormously expensive and these days peoples' kids don't want to look after their elderly relatives, they expect the council to provide for their every need, an provide a top class service as well.
  6. Perhaps this thread isn’t the time or place for that discussion... RIP to those lost 😞
  7. They seemed like nice lads but I got fed up of looking at the back of his neck 😂
  8. Same, I’ve got one Brattonsound and one GDK, it’s nicer having just 1 key for the better cabinet but the GDK does the job just fine. Always get a bigger cabinet than you need.
  9. What were the first 3 like? Lol You reckon Sprockers worse than a cocker? The ones I’ve seen / the one my mate has are all dead calm, but no go in them at all.
  10. Looks rubbish! Dont have to charge up my current shotgun and don’t have to worry about it running out. Dunno who the lads in that video are, but they spend most the ‘interview’ or ‘review’ with the camera looking at the back of their heads.
  11. Dream on! It’ll all be betrayed before then. Not a coincidence almost every single labour MP voted it down, they don’t want a deal they want a GE and to remain.
  12. Absolute disgrace!! What do they expect to negotiate now? “Give us a better deal or we ... uh... we won’t leave...”
  13. BBC just stated it looks like MP’s are about to vote for us to leave with no deal 🤔 CLEAR THE CHAMBER! THANK GOD May has told the party not to take No Deal off the table. How you you negotiate if you tell the other side if you don’t get what you want, you’ll stay! Madness!!
  14. Tomorrow MP’s will vote that they won’t allow a No Deal Brexit to happen. The EU will laugh themselves silly, with a negotiation against a country that wants everything, accepts nothing and isn’t willing to walk away. The EU can do whatever they want. Possibility now of a General Election, Corbyn will come out backing remain, the die hard labour supporters will never change their vote to Tory, and he will get in, and then we’ll all be finished!!
  15. Now that will be interesting. I wonder if someone will do a Gina Miller and sue the government if they don’t follow through with it ...
  16. There should be riots. Only 2 if the next one votes to remain. if the 2nd one votes to leave still them I believe at least 3-5 ... depends if they need 3/5 of just call the 3rd a new update decision and ignore the first 2? (not you directly Chris!)
  17. Surely it’s got to be a no deal Brexit now!
  18. God help us if another serious flu hits ... if a cold gets around this easily we’ll all be finished!
  19. Had a cold for going on 12 days now with a horrible cough, phlegm and headaches, had 2 days off work but came back as had a student to teach and didn’t want to let them down. My family had the same in Wales said it took them approx 2-3 weeks to go.
  20. 1) That post was from 2009. 2) Chris Upton has a bad reputation from many dog trainers, his methods are harsh and he seemed to hold himself in very high regard as a trainer, despite not having the awards others do. 3) he is on Facebook.
  21. Part 9: Out with the old guards - cover bashing. Ted turned 10 months this week gone and over the weekend I went back home to my parents to check out a clay ground near them with my BIL who I recently got into shooting. After the clays (terrible, my BIL best me!) I spent the next day taking Ted down Kenfig nature reserve with my old spaniel Jess. Jess is either 8 or 9 now I lose track, she was my first springer, she could hunt well but the combination of my inexperience and my mum and dads love of walking her and the lab and saying how much they enjoyed running off chasing things soon led to her being a pet 🙄. Anyways, the girl can hunt! So I took her with Ted on some ferns and light cover, as he is good on log grass but lacking confidence in thicker stuff. Soon got Jess going in the bracken and Ted trying to keep up, was good experience getting him out. Was also a bit of rabbit scent about but no rabbits that late in the day, Ted even started to enter some light bramble himself when scenting so was a big help This morning the day after I took Ted on a walk and let him run in on a few balls throws, then threw the ball into bramble / long grass mix. Straight in he went like a steam train. Pushed through the cover and got the ball we had 4-5 more spread out and lots of praise and he was wagging his tail and going in on command so seemed happy. Will keep building his confidence and hopefully be a good cover basher for next season.
  22. Is it for a game or sporter model?
  23. Are you doing clays carts George? do you come to Bristol? What’s the delivery cost etc? Thanks Keeping them all for yourself?
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