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  1. The best most accurate ammo in my gun might be the worst least accurate ammo in your gun. Go buy a box of 3-4 brands of 90-100gr 243 soft points, shoot them at 100-250 yards and compare them for what you want them to do 👍🏻.
  2. My springer is from modern trial lines, he’s just gone over a year old and is just a tiny bit smaller than a bitch lab. He’s got a bit of filling out to do yet but I wouldn’t want him too big. Ive seen some that are very stocky and heavy set but they’re not pretty to watch, it’s like a pig plowing through cover. Rather a dog with brains over brute force.
  3. Lloyd90

    black cocker

    Just found it concerning, there’s more time been put into writing that he could be used as a stud dog than writing what training he’s had / done and what home he would be suited to. Seeing loads of people breeding cockers atm cos they’re fetching silly money.
  4. Lloyd90

    black cocker

    5 years old, barely done any work, not been trained and would make a good stud dog!!! Jesus Christ! 😥 I despair.
  5. Are you mental? If the Tories can’t keep their party in power then Corbyn will burn the country to the ground!!
  6. I believe it’s very unpredictable at times, depends who opens the packages. Can always be an option to go through a regular importer eg Edgar Brothers? Welshwarrior (Daf) off here ordered a stock from the US for me last time. The company sent the wrong stock, and he sorted it all. Fair play to him. Id send him a message.
  7. The people who have to pay for it can’t afford to have kids themselves, or have to struggle by when they do it responsibly.
  8. I like to use the compare app, then phone the top one or two direct and get a better deal 👍🏻👍🏻😂😂 Too lazy to even look into it. Youd be surprised the amount of people leave changing money to the last minute and then have big issues!
  9. How many boxes could you carry?
  10. I don’t blame the individual, most would have done the same. However, I despair of the situation.
  11. A once saw an episode of something like location, location. A still young ish woman (about late 30’s) had been given a council flat about 20 years ago in London. Eventually she bought it with the right to buy at a reduced rate and it was now worth almost £1M. She then sold up and bought a big place out of the city. Good thing she got knocked up eh!
  12. Did you not see in the article? She fell out with her parents because she decided to have a “rebellious phase”.
  13. Take it to a field/ clay ground where you have permission, stick a cart in and see if it works?
  14. Not exactly hard done by, a self-contained flat paid for by benefits. All bills inc. Did you see one of them got in trouble as she was claiming benefits and earning £26,000 a year at the same time!
  15. What was your trick? Stand next to the bucket? Easy fishing 😜😜😂😂😂
  16. My partner and I both work decent jobs, paid for our house, mortgage, cars. We couldn’t afford to have kids atm, it’s damn expensive. People who don’t work can bang out 6 kids and not need to worry about childcare because they’re paid to sit at home all day not working. It reminds me of the movie idiocracy.
  17. A question I asked myself, similar to this countries definition of poverty, have we gone mad with our definition of who is homeless? I think we have, it’s easier for people to scream and shout about how so many poor people are homeless, rather than living in temporary housing. I suppose that just doesn’t sound as dramatic. I read it on this article - https://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/article/51d8c20f-433f-43ee-b43c-5a507f1755c4 Now I hardly think these girls are living the high life. But at 17/18 I certainly wouldn’t have been able to afford to move out of my parents home, and get a flat of my own. Im not saying we shouldn’t support people in difficult circumstances, but I think it’s a cheek to say these people are homeless. They have accommodation paid for, a roof, heating and food, having never properly worked in their lives. I cant really say that I feel for their hardship.
  18. I need to lose some weight anyways 🙈😂
  19. I watched an episode of MeatEater this morning, dove hunting in Virginia. The bloke there reloads his own 16g shells with a progressive press and had a lovely 16g SxS, he said they can be picked up nice and cheap. Looked like some good shooting over the sun flower fields. What are the pros and cons of a 16 Bore vs a 12 or 20 Bore?
  20. Is it a big XL (if you know what I mean?) or tight? I think I will take it please 👍🏻
  21. Apparently you can get 3” 50g AAA Carts 👍🏻 Brace yourself! Lol
  22. They’re milk chocolate, have a tiny amount on them. Wouldn’t worry.
  23. So AAA size is ok, but not bigger.
  24. They didn’t let you know in advance at all? Just randomly turned up at your home?
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