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but it has calculated that based on the 4.0 cm vital zone radius.

you will need a much smaller target area for an air rifle.

Just read your question again.

look up maximum point blank range and that should explain all you need.

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12mm is the answer .

So half an inch high at the apogee 

For a kill zone of 1 inch This should reduce your far zero to around 33 - 35 yds .depending on scope hight and pellet .Your pbr will also reduce to around 39 yds  

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Chairgun is easier in this respect. Also being able to add your near and far speeds for calibration of the app.

Strelock has proven more accurate at range. 

Arron it's not quite as Ultrastu states. If you look at the bit it brackets it states kill zone diameter, mine is set to 25.4 cm.

Here's mine, I zero at 27m bit the recommended 30 so my mpbr is around 37m



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Figgy your image above is for a bullpup (scope hight of around 2.7 inch ) and a .22 pellet .

Not really the same as arrons .177 tx .200hc with probably a scope hight of 1.7 inch .

Though i did make 1 mistake arrons strelok calc .was in meters (which i didnt spot ) i replicated his info in cg. But used yards .so my values were 9 % out .

But to be fair to my self my first part of the post was done by memory .the second part , i confirmed it (near as ) with cg. 

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Ultrastu I know what your saying about bullpup, but that don't change your kill zone size in cm. 

If you input as you say 1.2cm strelock will take that as your kill zone. Unless it's doubling the inputted killzone.

Stu I use both strelock and chairgun, my stating strelock being more accurate wasn't a dig at your post only my own findings.

I also shoot a .177 Daystate with a mtc mambalite at iirc 1.75 inch scope height. 

The strelock and chairgun apps with exact same data input give different range tables not by a lot. This is why I stated I find strelock pro more accurate. The table was more what I saw in shooting down range.

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