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Frustrating beginning to 2020

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Hi Folks 

So far this winter in my patch, I am averaging about 3 pigeons per outing compared to 25 last year.

I think the beechmast crop is still keeping many birds going, as the OSR in my patch is almost untouched. Whilst out today I was surprised how much heat was in the sun, and unless we have a big freeze farmers are going to be preparing the ground for early drilling ( normally mid March in my patch).

As frustrating as it is at the moment, I have had some of my best bags on spring drilling’s after a disappointing winter.

I have noticed that one of my permissions has direct drilled OSR into stubble which looks really patchy in places and could be perfect for decoying late April when  all other OSR is tall.

Better days to come chaps just keep picking away.


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Not easy knowing what to wear, as carrying gear across a muddy field is hot work, then standing still in a windy hedge is chilly. Birds are on the OSR round me but no traffic,  just a big group that moves off elsewhere and does not return. Been getting anything from 2 - 6 birds each outing,  but better than work

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