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  1. I remember dad have 3 of those, one bored to 410, another to 20 gauge and the other a .22 rifle with prismatic sights. The twenty had no choke, bored straight through, about a 24" barrel, steel but pad, used to kick like a mule and no range.
  2. Blimey! Memories. My uncle gave me one like that when I was about 10, (over 50 years ago!) It seemed like it fired a handful of dust😁. Good luck with the sale.
  3. I've just bought some Hull and Eley 20 gauge shells from J.C. The pattern in my Pedretti moderated is excellent. I'm still in a quandary as to how and what to shoot. Do I need a license? Do my farmers need them as well? What about having to use scarecrows and signs and bangers? 😵
  4. Seems silly, but I've never been to a shooting/gamefare. Maybe this is the year to put that right and it sounds like I need to try some of the gloves. Cheers everyone.
  5. getthegat

    20 gauge carts

    They are just up the road. Bit incapacitated at the moment, but will go and see what they have or can get me.
  6. Snug fit and grip is my priority. Letting water in or sweat out are not too much concern. Cheers for all the feed back.
  7. So I think at this moment, my immediate response is.......Woooo,flippin,whoooooo😀. Going to look at all the legal sides of protection of course, but bring on the happy days. Cheers all.
  8. So no hot weather use then? Just wondering about a pair for summer when hand can get sweaty, as well as hot barrel protection (I wish😵)
  9. getthegat

    20 gauge carts

    Anyone got some 20 gauge shells for sale? #6 #6.5 #7 #7.5 Twenty six to 32 gram. Most considered. Prefer fibre wad. 50 mile radius of Southend, Essex
  10. Just cartridges? Or? What did you buy?
  11. Anyone got or had/use Mac Wet Gloves? What are they like in summer? Too hot? What are they like in winter? Too cold? Good as base layer perhaps? All comments greatly appreciated.
  12. Ever the optimist....I'm sure things will return to normality some day soon. Could now be a good time to stock up on cartridges? How are prices looking?
  13. Back on the pigeon? What? we are legally allowed to shoot them again? I'm so confused, plus being in hospital and then tied up with extra work, I've had little or no time to get my head around it all. Clear advice anyone 😵
  14. Hunting and pest control has been a passion since I was knee high to a grasshopper, the knock on effect if this ruling sticks, will be massive.
  15. Looks like a bit of me as well. Cheers
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