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  1. Shells

    Yes and no. I'm well stocked with cartridges at the moment, but in another thread I had it explained how lighter loads can work better (less distortion, improved pattern) and with one of my 20s being full choke and the other 3/4, a 25 gram load could be the way to go, so next time I need to buy cartridges, I'll definitely be trying a low to mid 20s gram 7 shot.
  2. Bonus Flighting Day

    Well done. Sounds like a lot of fun and always good practice. Another reason not to over spend on cartridges. All quiet on the front on my perms, need a few hours like that myself. Good report.
  3. Shells

    Finding a lighter load and smaller pellet size is working better for me. In my 20 gauge a 25 gram 6 shot works better than 28 or 30 gram 5 and in the 12 gauge a 28 gram 7 shot over a 32 gram 6. But then I'm not that good over 30 - 35 yards, so more pellets mean more birds down.
  4. Strange Meeting, Wilfred Owen

    Phew. Powerful words. Let us not forget those awful days. All those poor guys, the animals, the waste of it all. Remember in a poem, watching TV, visiting a grave, just remember so it can never happen again.
  5. Strictly results show

    At least nobody has admitted to liking football or golf 😋😂
  6. 12g side by side local to Essex

    Well done. Hope it works for you. If you want to try a moderated gun, maybe we could meet up and you can have a few shots with one of mine, might help you decide one way or another if you want one.
  7. Bah humbug....

    Good time to chill out, no work to think about for a few days. Being divorced and not being with my son's for the big day is hard every year. Dad and favourite uncle gone, mum in a home with dementia....... crikey it's looking grim already, but me and the good lady will have a nice time, her son and his girlfriend there, dog walking and hopefully a few friends round. Yeah nothing is perfect, it's what you make it. Really miss the boxing day shoot I used to have back in Somerset with my Uncle George, now that was perfect. Oh one last thing, not Christmas related, saw a woodcock this evening, just after dark, flew by my workshop. Cool.
  8. Second lynx dies at Borth zoo.

    Disgraceful set of affairs. And £800 a day! Really. Should have recaptured them both and given better welfare when they did. Yes it does make you wonder why if and when they are reintroduced, the cats won't be considered dangerous then. Will they be tame ones that someone feeds every day and hill walker's can stroke.
  9. Strictly results show

    Just thought what a really nice tribute to the Great War, the opening dance on Strictly was tonight quite moving and the veterans in the audience was nice. Some good moments for Remembrance Sunday on the box. Claudia is a fruit cake 😀. Whole program works well, in a brain out, easy watching sort of pleasant way. Always entertaining.
  10. Moderated shotgun

    No, but a Pedretti single barrel 20 gauge is a great little cheap gun for small areas. Better than Mossy pump in my humble opinion.
  11. Carb overhaul

    Beware Chinese copies. I run a small classic VW garage and the copy carbs are abismal, very unreliable, we won't work on them. One even melted the paint inside the float bowl with our higher ethanol percentage fuel, ( 10 - 12 percent now) begs the question, why paint the thing in the first place. They are built to a price not quality.
  12. 12g side by side local to Essex

    Hi, they take a bit of getting use to. My first was a Mossberg 500 pump, 3 shot 20 gauge Hushpower. Nose heavy, awkward to carry, long for my cabinet, but quiet and showed me the potential of these guns. Sold that and got a Pedretti single barrel 20; great little gun, fully moderated barrel, good range, quiet, much more user friendly. Then I got what I was initially after, an Investerarm over under ( they are in short supply) Weightier, and as the others, shoots a bit low, but good fit, quite well balanced, good range. None are ejection, but no real issue there. Single trigger. With Hushpower cartridges, inaudable at around 100 yards. Does not disturb other birds in the area, great for early morning starts or near houses/animals. Has got me permission that I would not have got with ordinary shotgun. Can use non Hushpower cartridges. Any more questions, feel free to ask.
  13. Enforcer flying pigeon decoys

    Anybody used the Jack Pyle flying decoy with detachable foam wings and tail or the Terminator one off "the bay" ?
  14. Gun for 8 year old

    Plasma rifle in 40 watt range. Oozy 9mm. 12 gauge auto loader. 😚 Sorry, couldn't resist. Blame Terminator 😀
  15. 12g side by side local to Essex

    Hi, I've got an AYA Yeoman I've been thinking of selling. Not used it for years, got 2 semi autos and 2 moderated 20s, so unless zombie apocalypse hits, can't see it getting used. I'm in Leigh on sea. Well in budget?