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  1. getthegat

    ff6 flapper

    Coming in late here with a slightly different question, is this the flapper that lifts up as well as flapping?
  2. getthegat

    Bad handling of guns on television

    I was watching a John Wayne movie (I do love those old westerns) and was amazed how his six shooter fired at least 14 shots without reloading 😁
  3. getthegat

    New Years Honours,

    I never understood why people get awards for doing their job, or as said earlier, living the dream. I've busted my butt all my life fixing peoples motor's, will I get an award? Yeah I won't be holding my breath on that one. Awards for those that do great charity work, tirelessly helping others, then that's very different, but sports people, actors, fashion models...... what the f.......is that all about.
  4. getthegat


    One of my customers posted the sign outside said pub, on Facebook. I had to resist due to customer relations, but thought about saying I was unable to visit the pub or time to comment as I was out pigeon shooting. Vegans or religion or what ever, I have no problem with peoples views, it's when they start forcing it on others, especially in a possibly violent manner, that it becomes offensive and intolerable. As humans we are meat eaters and as long as the animals that are produced for us, have as good a life and death, as possible, then that's what is important.
  5. Eldest son and girlfriend coming for lunch time feast. They're very happy and getting their first house together in march. Shooting has to wait until later in the week. Boxing Day back in Somerset years ago was always a big one, out all day, anything was fair game, used to walk miles. Great memories.
  6. getthegat

    Shooting highlights

    So first off, very Happy Christmas to all you PW members, hope you all have a great one. I know it's not the end of the year yet, but I was wondering what highlights out in the fields you guys have had in the past year. I'm sure some of you dead eyes will be making us lesser mortals jealous and say it was getting my third 100 of the month over milky barley 😂 but I think for me it would be my young rescue Pointador bringing back her first pigeon, a near blind retrieval in a ditch under a hedge, I was ecstatic 🤗 And a morning when I took my late Uncle George's old battered welded Franchi semi auto that he left me in his will, out for a few bangs and dropped 12 out of 13 shots. He was on my shoulder that day for sure and Soph continues to improve her retrieval skills and loves a few hours on pigeons, just like the rest of us.
  7. getthegat


    Was talking to a farm manager this morning, he said their sugar beet harvest this year was excellent and they got good money for it. Apparently it's good for the clay soil, breaks it up a d helps for the next crop, which is wheat for next year.
  8. getthegat

    Escape to the Chateau

    Happy. That's it. How many people these days can sincerely add that word to their every day life. It's not your five minute multi million deal for being able to sing or twang a guitar, type of show and if that's what floats your boat then great, but I do feel sometimes a simple happy family unit for some reason takes a knocking. Maybe it's envy, or just cynical, I don't know, but I think their love for each other, the family and their life, comes through strong.
  9. getthegat

    Escape to the Chateau

    Anyone else watching this series? Brilliant. Whacky. Innovative. Family values. Hard working couple. Recycling of just about anything. The weddings look so good, so warm, so individual, so friendly. We love it. What a life their kids are having. They shop local and employ local people, so are bringing revenue into the surrounding area, instead of there being a delapidated wonderful old building that would otherwise be empty and deteriorating as the years go by. They have brought the chateau back to life and are superb custodians. Wholesome, I think is the word that sums it up.
  10. getthegat

    Seeing big numbers on rape

    Carrying on with the thing about bangers, whilst walking the dog this morning, I watch a hundred or so pigeons feeding on rape, on Salvation Army land, next to a nature reserve, with public walks and railway lines. Needless to say, there would be no chance of gaining permission to shoot there. The field had two bangers positioned about 180 yards apart and each time the banger's went off, the birds lifted a few feet, then settled back down unperturbed. The crop is just about trashed and as Iscanned the field I imagined setting up there, even without the afore mentioned restrictions, there were no trees, no hedges, no bushes, just a small river one side, train track the other and two cleared shallow ditches either end. It would be challenging. It showed that banger's don't always work and farmers need us.
  11. getthegat

    A first for me

    Wow that is commitment. And risk taking, what with not knowing up front how much it was going to cost. But, it's another classic saved from the scrap heap. Hope you have improving luck with it.
  12. getthegat

    Them blackens. Noooooooo!

    Felt like I was there, good write up and exactly like my last attempt at the Blacks. They can be very frustrating to say the least. Looking so slow that my dog could hit them, then you miss. I hate the damn things. Give me woodies any time. I had a couple hours on Monday in the wind and the woodies were so fast........I managed 2 out of 4 shots, but on a less windy day would have had at least double the amount of shots, just couldn't get the gun shouldered quick enough.
  13. getthegat

    A first for me

    Many years ago I went out to get a fresh bird to feed my ferret and crept up along a hedge, with blacks in the field over the other side. There were loads on the ground and being a hard up teen-ager, I wanted my one shot to count. I took my chance and after scrabbling through the hedge for the pickup, found 7 lying in the stubble. Not as good as 2 out of the sky probably, but memorable all the same. As for how many cartridges fired, we all have poor ratio days, they can be demoralising, but what is there to beat a few hours in the country, with fresh air, a gun in hand, pitting your whit's against a very challenging advisory.
  14. getthegat

    Fruit of the oak

    Still on the hawe trees and bushes around me, but they are very fickle, lots of trees to choose from, so a couple of shots and their gone. Waiting to see what some hard frosts and possible snow might bring (I'm sure we'll have snow after that long hot summer) as I have winter rape and vetch etc growing on my biggest perm. Not got any decent oaks or woods unfortunately, so no roost shoots either.
  15. getthegat

    The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs,Coen Brothers Movie.

    Only seen a couple of bits so far; weird, but intriguing to see where it goes. Our rubbish Internet keeps dying though 😥