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  1. Well done. Bit of self isolation in the field
  2. They've been drilling by me today and pigeons were on it whilst the tractor was still working in the same field
  3. Local MPs office says in theory it's ok to continue with crop protection. It potentially counts as your once a day exercise and in the fields is self isolating.
  4. So is crop protection an essential job making it legal to go in the fields by ones self? We're closing the workshop and the missus wont want me around the house while she works from home.
  5. What with some fields down to grass and now some so wet for so long that the farmer is talking about leaving some to fallow, I'm not hopefully of much shooting this coming season. The best I can hope for is a few days on the one and only rso field and maybe some corvid action when the grass is cut. I've also lost one perm due to a change of farmer that rents said land. On the plus side, the fields have an abundance of birds and animals, especially skylark. One field although more like a marsh, has dozens of these lovely enigmatic song birds, that delight in heading skyward like some tiny, colourful, beautifully tuneful helicopter, hovering like no other, dancing and courting and generally showing off their skills. We have foxes in a bale stack, that is also the favourite viewing platform for buzzards. Meanwhile my trigger finger itches and Soph has nothing more interesting to retrieve than a frizby and the last outing ended up as a major ramble, carrying nearly all my kit, moving 4 times and getting one woody for 4 hours of effort.
  6. We have Arlo at our garage. Very discreet, good size and quality of vision, night or day, can talk through them as well. Notification of any movement (even a cobweb) via our phones.
  7. Just wondering if you relist a gun for sale, should it come back up to the top of the list?
  8. It was one way to control the population 🤔😁 Wasnt there another movie on a similar vain with Micheal York?
  9. I doubt very much that I'd reem and reproof, none of my guns are worth the cost. I could get the machining done easily enough, but the reproof is probably a step to far. I'm just a bit worried if lead disappears, a lot of fixed choke guns could be obsolete, especially anything over 1/2 choke. I must say, being pretty much a pigeon and corvid shooting only, I've not really looked into steel shot much before, but there was an article in this months Sporting Shooter saying lead could disappear in 5 years. I was unaware of the shot size minefield, so some bedtime reading there I think.
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