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  1. Is it about the wad then? I thought plastics were able to rip up on the moderator, but probably miss heard that one. I'll have to contact Sadlery and Gunroom again and see what they say.
  2. I've got a single barrel Pedretti. Fixed choke
  3. Hi, so, luckily I've had a really good year, work wise, sad that lots of others haven't, but its meant very little shooting, or time on PW etc. I managed to get out on a new perm the other week and due to the proximity of buildings, horses and a road, I was glad of my moderated 20 bore. Then reading this months Sporting Shooter, the subject of phasing out lead in 2025 was discussed again, and I was wondering how this will affect all Hushpower users. I have spoken to the makers of these guns in the past and was told not to use steel in mine, as it is a full choke barrel. Does anyone know if th
  4. Sounds like a tempting spot, clover and nearby woods, perfect. Best of luck with your shoot. Let us know how it goes and what kit you use. Most of my shoot has gone into grass this year, a new experience for me.
  5. Barley is not mine unfortunately. Think I may only be able to use tall floaters and shells balanced on top if not too windy.
  6. Cool. The particular field I'm watching was hit hard some months back, but recovered very well and in some places is a good 6 feet tall. There are some good size tram lines through it and a nice line of trees on one edge. As all the sewn crop of wheat is well out of the ground after the rain and sun, there's not much else around so I'll keep a close eye on things. Theres also a really good field of barely (not mine) next to the osr, which is well in ear, so that may help pull them to the area as it ripens.
  7. Roughly how long after losing the bright yellow flowers does OSR attract pigeons. Very little on my perms at this time, hoping for some action on a nearby OSR field whilst lock down continues and my work is slow. Cheers. Hope you're all staying safe and sane
  8. I had an email from my MP saying I could pest control shoot to protect crops. We had similar numbers on drilled wheat, typically I was working, one guy got over 150 birds one day, talk about hot barrels. By the time I could get out a couple days later, most were gone, I got 6 in 3 hours. Always too late for the party. Cant wait to retire.
  9. ,.I'm sure this has been done to death, but in this months Sporting Shooter, it was put forward that one should see the rib of the gun going away from you "like a gradual ski jump". My semi auto fits so that all I see is the bead, apparently this is where the fit is "flat" and as i tend to have the bird in view, so possibly a little above the line of sight, I figure I'm shooting low. If I were to still shoot this way, ie bird in sight, but add a little height to the comb, so that I see a bit of rib, therefore lifting the point of aim slightly, does this seem feasible? My outings can be a bit
  10. My MP said pest control can continue as long as social distancing is adhered to and limited travel. My workshop is in the middle of my perms, so I'm all but there anyway. Got this in an email ie writing. May vary from person to person so can't say this would be ok for everyone
  11. Well done. Bit of self isolation in the field
  12. They've been drilling by me today and pigeons were on it whilst the tractor was still working in the same field
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