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  1. getthegat

    Spending money for USA

    Brilliant. That's some good advice and options to look at. Cheers everyone.
  2. getthegat

    Confused . Com Today

    Sounds like he/she could get a job at the BBC
  3. getthegat

    Spending money for USA

    I'm looking to buy cars/camper van/day van/truck etc, older than 1980. I deal with early VWs all the time and have a shipping company to use, I know the rough costs and how it works. It's just knowing which cards to use. For instance if I meet a private buyer with something I like, I would need to be able to get money in his hand immediately to secure a deal. Being able to take out 3 or 500 pounds would not cut it if said purchase was 5000 dollars for instance. I'm not looking to buy a new vehicle, possibly even a non runner, as I can do the work when it gets back to the UK. Lots of people in my business do similar, and I'm hoping to meet contacts to supply me with future vehicles/projects. Thanks for all your help and advice.
  4. getthegat

    Spending money for USA

    I'm going to the USA next January on a business trip and will be looking at possibly buying a vehicle or two whilst there. I've only ever been to Europe before and usually take a bundle of folding and plastic. Any recommendations on the best way to safely carry money with me, to access easily and quickly, to enable me to do private transactions, should I get the opportunity. I'm talking of about 20 K here.
  5. getthegat

    Whats App

    DOH! Better to be safe than sorry
  6. getthegat

    Some very difficult pigeons.

    Wow that sounded like a brilliant challenging few hours.
  7. getthegat

    Whats App

    Off at a tangent; apparently there is a WhatsApp virus out there. It's called martinelli, DO NOT OPEN if it comes your way. It hacks phones and cannot be stopped or fixed. Spread the word.
  8. getthegat

    Winter cover crop

    Ok. A bird is a bird I guess. Semi wild chickens not as challenging as Woodies
  9. getthegat

    Winter cover crop

    My workshop landlord farmer of my main perm has planted a winter cover crop of vetch, oats and a sort of pea, all 3 mixed together. It will grow to about 14" high and be sprayed off around feb march. Anyone know whether I can expect any birds to take an interest? Thanks guys.
  10. getthegat

    Simon Reeves Mediterranean

    I don't know how each of us can make a difference, shopping is such an expense and we are all looking for ways to cut our bills and using individual green groceries or butchers is not always possible or practical. I still don't see why super markets can't use more paper bags and cardboard. You can buy loose veg, but they then provide rolls of plastic bags, why not paper?
  11. getthegat

    Simon Reeves Mediterranean

    Anyone seen this series? Especially tonight, the state of the plastic in the Med. Frightening. Ridiculous. Worrying. This is becoming serious and somehow plastic needs to be changed for other ways of packaging. It's getting into the human food chain, even into our drinking water. The Med is not a third world area. Try and watch on catch up if you've not seen it.
  12. getthegat

    Anyone watching the Grand Prix?

    Saw some of the qualifying. I'm hoping having 2 Red Bulls at the front for a change, may slightly spice it up. Watching later. Not enough of other forms of motor sport action on main TV; rallycross, drag racing, off road, bangers and hotrods, drifting, speedway, grass track, there's so much else going on. World of Sport in the old days on Saturday afternoon, used to show more diversity. Pity to that so many race circuits are being shut down. Formula one is a million miles away for most motor sport enthusiasts. Ballistic money.
  13. getthegat

    In the crop

    Just to challenge myself, I decided to changed to a tighter choke in my Franchi Raptor 20 bore. Picking a position at the edge of a small wood, up a hill on a windy late afternoon, I awaited the roosting woodies. I'd had a couple "off" days which had knocked my confidence with the fairly new gun, but instead of reverting back to old faithful 12 bore, or taking more guaranteed hits, I went for longer targets which in the gusty winds made them faster as well. I stopped over thinking it and went for the Jedi method of feeling the force and being more instinctive. I only had 4 shots but dropped 3 of them cleanly. It taught me the range of the gun ( more than I had thought)and what lead was required. I was taking them at about 50 yards with 4 feet or more lead. A bit of confidence was returned and on plucking the birds,( all oldies not juveniles), ready to eat, all 3 had bulging crops full of red hawe berries with the odd bit of greenery and a few old wheat grains. There are a lot of loaded hawe bushes this year, which makes finding a suitable position to shoot, quite difficult, but hopefully this bit of food info may help some of you find a few shots as autumn kicks in.
  14. getthegat

    Heads up Clint's new movie

    That ever cool dude Mr Clint Eastwood has made a new movie. Jeeezz that guy does not stop working, at 88 years young! Love all his work, right back from the days of Rawhide. All the spaghetti westerns, the Dirty Harry stuff. His dead pan one liner's. Ok so it's not intellectual poetic epic biblical or anything else type movies, but his style, commitment to telling a story, sometimes brain out violence, his fights, shooting scenes, humour....... well like I said, I'm a big fan. His latest offering is called The Mule. YouTube the trailor and see for yourselves. It's out in December. I for one will be splashing my cash at the local movie house.
  15. getthegat

    Shooting wild goats - news story

    Yep, usual "Nanny" state stuff. "Gruff" replies from all the "Billy" no mates out there. Most just "trip trapping" around without a clue. Need to "hoof" off and let the bullets fly. Anyone reading this got a little beard? "goaty" of course. 😂