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  1. Leaving Radio 2

    Vine just says and asks such stupid questions. Maybe it's his position, but boy can he do verbal diarrhea when he puts his mind to it. Haven't heard yet what Lynne will be doing, other than as Ken Bruce said, lying in til 7.00 o'clock. I know she has a show at the weekend on radio Wales, though I got the feeling she was going to have a more normal life with family. A funny, natural and intelligent lady. All the best.
  2. Leaving Radio 2

    As an avid Radio 2 listener, and yes I know there are some naff programs and presenters on there, but at least you can understand what everyone is saying. Anyway, Lynne Bowles is leaving! I think she's brilliant and so funny, especially when teamed up with Ken Bruce. I for one will miss the whit and banter and the occasional useful traffic info. Best of luck to her for the future.
  3. Poop and rubbish

    Well talk about rapid response! One day of fly tipped rubbish and as I was pulling up to work at about 7.45 this morning, a council truck was driving away with all the junk! Excellent work council guys. Very impressed. Now we just need to catch the dog pooper owner that is not picking be and all will be good in our world. Maybe half a day on the pigeons next week to add a cherry on top.
  4. Poop and rubbish

    Definitely don't get what the council are trying to achieve with not letting certain vehicles take rubbish to the tips. At Leigh I can only go with my work double cab classic VW, between 12 & 4.00 on Sunday. I put our normal waste in black bags at work, then bring it home to go out with the regular collection. There's nothing bad in the bags, so it means it gets to the tip anyway. You can see why many would fly tip. Apparently not all councils are the same and those that allow any vehicle any time, have far less tipping issues.
  5. Poop and rubbish

    So I'm feeling like a bit of a moan today. We have a business in a farm building and every morning I take the dog down the fields for a walk. When we first moved there a couple of locals were doing dog walks on the same fields, but now people are driving to the area, stopping on the road and walking their dogs. What's wrong with that I hear you say? Well it is private land and my landlord farmer is very generous at letting strangers traipes over his land. Very few people it seems are picking up their dogs poop, even after signs have been erected, plus cans and litter are being dropped more and more, with gaps in hedges made and widened for access. This morning some creep had fly tipped a load of old chairs, plastic and general house hold rubbish in one of the gateways. What the hell is wrong with people! Do they not think it is ruining the place they like to walk, let alone being totally disrespectful to the land owner and a danger to animals. The countryside is disappearing fast enough without trashing what we still have. I sometimes wonder what these people's own gardens and houses are like; immaculate most likely as they leave their **** for others to pick up.
  6. The final straw...

    Kim was one of those enemy characters on Startrek wasn't she🤔
  7. Is this rust an MOT fail?

    I'm sure it's less than 12" from structural area these days and just the word sill, usually means fail. Going off at a slight tangent, a no mot requirement for vehicles over 40 years is coming in soon. Personally I think it is ridiculous, all mot points are about yours and other road users safety. It's like those skinflints that pay a mate £80 for a "bent" certificate......why? Do it properly or don't drive it.
  8. neoprene pigeon decoys

    Got any pictures or links?
  9. Best and worst equipment purchases

    Love my Franchi Affinity to😀 Got a couple of nice camo nets and 3 decoys for around 40 years! Worst has to be a flapper, rarely worked properly, has now died.
  10. FOC Cartridges 28gm #7 or 7.5

    Sad to read about your predicament man. Don't know what I'd do if it happened to me, I'm self employed as well. It's not as "cushy" as some think. If you ever want an hour on clays or real pigeons, I can lend you a gun and a few shells fox. Best of luck.
  11. Hushpower and steel

    I'd send an email to Saddlery and Gunroom's just to check, but fairly certain they will say you should not put steel through it.
  12. A Friendly Warning.

    Had a very similar experience. Bought my son a days shooting a couple years back. We sat all day with 2 shots each and they were in the next county (long impossible shots?) Anyway,....... at one point our guide phoned us and said his dad had driven by and our magnet was too slow. It made no difference as there were no bleedin pigeons to see it any way. I gave the bloke the benefit of the doubt as he promised another free day........ I'm still waiting. Pigeons can be very fickle and I'm sure there are good guides and companies offering excellent shooting experiences, pick carefully and get past customers reviews.
  13. No pigeons today-Snow what I mean

    Took the dog out twice today. Morning was nice in the sun, no wind, didn't even realize it was minus 6degrees. There were a few pigeons flying around and even some on last year's linseed that has reseeded and come up in amongst the wheat. Not worth getting the gun and deeks out, they're far too fickle. Snow was a good 4 to 6 inches near Hockley in Essex. Looks like more coming tonight and what melted, will freeze I'm sure. Heating is working well, but just to be sure I'm staying near the thermostat 😁🤗
  14. Horse riding and testicles

    Is it age? You know everything drops and goes south as age kicks in😂
  15. New boots

    So my now not so new Go Outdoors boots had a good test today, an hour or two walking in ankle deep snow, plus one leg falling down a hole up to my knee and both feet were totally warm and dry. The car was reading minus 6 degrees, so I'm well happy with them still. Comfy from the off. Wear them every day, driving, walking the dog, mud and puddles, shooting and now snow.