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  1. Seems a good few of you guys are using some heafty cartridges for the blacks, maybe that's one reason I have little luck on the beggars. Also I shoot mainly pigeons and wear contact lenses, so they can appear closer than they really are. The last time I was on them I got so frustrated, I gave up and came home 😵 I may get some on my main perm shortly as barley is about to be sewn, so will try your suggestions of tighter choke, heavier loads and maybe no lenses.
  2. I got to my chosen field just before 6.00, couldn't drive as close as I'd hoped, but with my newly modified two wheel cart/wheel barrow, I got loaded and trundled the 1/3 of a mile or so down the side of the now thigh high rape, to the bottom of the field where it was still short and had been hit the hardest. I started with 12 shells and six Fuds. The one dead bird from the freezer was not good enough, so no flapper at first and guess who had left his Silosocks back on the truck😵 First bird came and was dispatched so then I had a flapper. The birds arrived in either a huge flock or not at all for sometimes over half an hour. The wind made my kill rate inconsistent to say the least, but two more were eventually dropped (I was using #7.5 in my Franchi semi auto 12) and set up on floaters, working well in the high wind. During a lull, I walked back to the truck and got the Silosocks so then had my rotary out as well. Some decoyed well and others were not interested. I went out with Sophie nearly every time to collect the fallen birds so as to use them as more deeks ( she still tends to remove a lot of feathers before bringing them to me) which meant that pretty soon I had a fairly large pattern, something that seemed to help whilst out the week before with a friend. We stuck it out until nearly mid-day, though in truth the action had dried up much earlier. The tally was eventually 15, a nice little number and as always, it could have should have been more. The converted garden cart, now with integral seat and hide pole mounts, worked well on the rough slightly muddy terrain, even with the weight of the dead birds. Previously with rucksack, I would not have had room or strength for all the deeks, two batteries, rotary and flapper unit, floaters, poles and net, food and drink, cartridges, let alone be able to return with a heavy bundle of my quarry, so a few hours with grinder and welder and odd bits of pipe etc, paid off. I reckon the rape is over for now, far too tall and not near enough bad weather, so what will draw the grey hoards next? My farmer landlord was going to plant beans in the fields around my workshop, but this spate of bad weather has meant he's missed his window of opportunity, so is now planting barley. When newly sewn, it may give me some action but at least it's something to get excited about for summer.
  3. Interesting. I feel too much oil could be, as suggested, a bad thing here and I am guilty of too much love. I'm probably harping back to the days when leaving metal parts un-oiled, meant surface rust, whereas today's guns with superior coatings obviously fare much better. I'll be checking out some YouTube clips so that I can strip them down sufficiently to remove any particles and over oiling. Many thanks guys.
  4. I was just wondering, as so many of us have semi autos, how far down do you strip your guns and how often. Apart from the barrel and rings, to go much further it seems the only way is to knock out pins or undo screws, which I feel is something that can only be done so many times, before said items become worn. I always use a spray gun oil and squirt the bolt, into the firing pin and all moving parts, then wipe off the excess. My guns rarely get filthy or wet and they are pretty much cleaned after every use. Lately I have noticed a slight knochiness on my Franchi Raptor 20 bore, it's not old but wonder if it's something I should be concerned about. It still cycles and performs perfectly, but my mechanical brain is telling me to investigate. Also, why does gun oil smell so strong?
  5. Sorted. My taxi driver mate is doing the airport run for me in exchange for some mechanical work on a project car. Hoping for favourable weather conditions for Saturday, and a few birds to come to my part of the field.
  6. Brings a whole new meaning to beach cleaning. 😷
  7. Crikey this program is so PC. I know it's great to give new presenters a chance but some of them talk like it's bleeding Jackanory and the viewers are all under 12 Taking some cows from the mainland to an island, the girlie presenter announced that the grazing was only accessible at low tide! NO KIDDING SUPER MAN. Would not have guessed that 😵 Glad to see real life programs still exist. Not.....
  8. Good thoughts 😀 Like the style. I have a mate who drives a taxi, could get a deal with him maybe.....
  9. Great I thought! The missus is going away for a few days next weekend, so extra pigeon shooting action is very much on the cards😀 Then she announces I'm taking her to the airport first thing Saturday morning😥 I had already planned in my head to be at a good rape field at first light, now I think it will be about half ten or 11.00 before I'm in position. Really hoping it won't be too late, but fairly certain it will be. As a consolation, I thought I could make a proper day of it on the Sunday, though I don't like shooting on a Sunday and the field is a bit close to houses, so I'm thinking I could be out there at first light and use my single barrel moderated 20 with Hushpower shells. Not ideal being a single shot, plus I'm pretty rubbish with it, but maybe better than nothing. It's still a week away, but I can already feel my excitement building, even bought myself a new flapper, which will be here mid week. Business has been busy of late and to be honest I need to make money, so time out at the weekend will be a rare bonus. I know it may seem I'm a little under the thumb, but we've only been a couple for about 8 years😁and still like spending our non work time, doing things together and she doesn't shoot.
  10. My type of guys; making something for free and a motor to help... Sounds good. Can't make up my mind where to go with this yet. Not much time as I have a rape shoot, a week tomorrow and my chosen position is a good quarter mile down across the field.
  11. Brilliant. Thanks very much.😀
  12. So I'm after advice on wheel barrows and flappers. Anybody got some recommendations on either or both. Now that I have a magnet, with battery, plus all the other parafinalia, the weight has tipped me over the edge of what I can physically carry, and I also feel I want a flapper. I was out with a mate today on rape and I think the extra amount of decoys and more movement, helped bring the birds in better. I had a flapper before, but it broke pretty quickly and was not particularly cheap. A barrow needs a big-ish wheel and be light, I reckon. Cheers in advance.
  13. Sort of know what you're saying here, I've had 3 different Hushers, pump and over under both sold on, only got the Pedretti single left (mainly as a gun safe ornament) had very varied days with them, mostly poor and my confidence went down dramatically. Now getting on well with Franchi Raptor 20 bore semi, nice light easy to use gun. Wished I could have been as good as others on here with Hushpower, useful tool. Nice write up, nice number of birds and just great to be out in the country air, doing what we love. Good on ya.
  14. I know what you mean, so lovely seeing life begin again. Doesn't matter how many years one has seen it before, every new year is special. Not seen many flowers or shoots yet, but many birds are getting that spring fever. When I was young, it was still ok to pick wild flowers, my sister and I knew all the best places for snowdrops, bluebells, daffodils, cowslips and oxslips, even wild iris and a few others. We would always come home with bunches for mum or nan. Simpler times. Sadly gone for good.........
  15. Yep, heard the same and the word is a local church just a mile from my workshop, is one place that is ear marked for "Travelers" I have to say we are worried. Doesn't traveler mean just that?
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