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8 minutes ago, Mr_Nobody said:

I suspected it was, can't always tell though. :)

I do quite like the looks of the Alfa Romeo 4C although Clarkson's review of it didn't make it seem much of a fun day to day drive.

The Alfa I'd really want is the 8c but with only 500 of them made I'm definitely waiting for that lottery win.


I do like both the 8 and 4c, think the 4c uses the same engine that was in my 159. I did take a new Giulia diesel out for a test drive, it was ok but didn't have that magic feel if I'm honest. 

Derailed the OP's thread completely here so I do apologise 😂

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3 hours ago, Farmboy91 said:

Which makes the whole NCD pretty pointless.



Jealousy is a fickle mistress....

I can hand on heart say I never had one issue with the reliability of that car. I was told it was Alfa's own 1750cc engine and designed by the bloke who done the 5 series.

I'd have another in a heartbeat.


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