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We had a call on Tuesday morning that the birds were hitting the peas very hard, now we have three fields of peas on this farm which are small in size but are close to each other which causes us a problem that they are also close to houses and roads so you have to be selective in the way that you shoot them. I arrived first and chose the smallest field as I could see a good number of birds dropping in a corner of the field after they had followed a tree line into the field. The problem being is that on three sides of the field I had a busy road,houses and a public footpath which recently became a Farm and Nature walk with lots of people with young children. Now the Farmer just says " Shoot the ******* never mind them"!!!

I set up with a magnet and two flappers near the corner of the field shooting into a game wood the problem I had was that the birds were dropping into my decoys from behind a Large esablished Oak tree, so I had a very limited swing before I was shooting at the foot path. I was set up for 11,00 and the birds started to fly in. I then had an audience from the foot path with people watching me shoot which is not a good thing.

DB phoned me and said he was set up on one of the other fields and every one of my shots sent him birds as high crossers and he was shooting two and threes. my shooting tended to be one shot then the other shot was too dangerous.

It was hot and I was lucky as the hedge I was in allowed me to string up a carp sack and cool the shot birds with the cooling breeze.

We packed up at 17.00 as it went dead I picked up fortynine and the total for the day was one hundred and eight. I laid them out in the garage under two fans for two hours then loaded them into the freezers.

I text a picture to the Farmer and he was very happy with the result


Friday and Today have been too hot to shoot as we have the heat but no wind.




My 49 Pigeons

Combines total 108 Pigeons

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