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  1. Walker570

    Untrained terrier

    Do not believe I can't tell some other persons child off or chide a bad dog. The reaction is something to see as niether has ever been told NO!!
  2. Walker570

    GREY SQUIRREL KILLS list your 2018 kills HERE

    #2 Move hide....well put the pop up at the other end of the ride IF the wind is in the SW, cuss I would want to be ok for another muntie if one turned up ...or when one turned up that is, as four crossed very close to the far feeder.. Need a good hard frost to harden up the ground so I can get around there with the Landie..could do it now but it would make a real mess.
  3. Walker570

    Untrained terrier

    All dogs can be trained to a point....their point!! I had a retired farmer who did a bit of keepering for us and he had a rough haired longish legged Jack Russell...those who are old enough to know him...his name was Whisky. That dog was astonishing in that he would kill rats with glee and then retrieve a huge cock pheasant without so much as a mark, held by the root of the wing. Work hedgerows like a spaniel. His owner would put one front foot through his collar to slow him down if he got too busy. He said that is how they ran their sheep dog puppies early on in their training. I'm told they are not too different to children.
  4. Walker570

    GREY SQUIRREL KILLS list your 2018 kills HERE

    9 today on the pheasant feeders whilst I intended waitng for a muntie..as it was one tasty young buck turned up before the tree rats..job done the steady flow...frustrated that more on a feeders 250yrds away a bit too far for the 22RF. May have a surprise next week! 2127
  5. Walker570

    17 hmr

    If your looking to kill rabbits to eat ..eg head shot...then buy a FAC air rifle and learn to stalk. If like me your expected to kill vermin be it rabbits, squirrels , magpies, crows on the deck then the 17HMR is the tool. I leave my carcases for the ever increasing numbers of buzzards and red kites..whilst they are stuffing themselves with one of those they will hopefully leave the game birds alone. The 17 HMR also opens them up ready.
  6. Walker570

    17 hmr

    Any bullet will rico given the right surface angle/surface etc etc BUT the 17 HMR has probably the best record. I don't think Gary mentioned foxes and I agree, not a choice. I am a great fan of the 17 HMR, it is so surgical out to 150-200yrds ...cost? ...how much is a packet of fags these days and a pint of beer ? Due to it's accuracy very few rounds are wasted once you have it zeroed in and that depends on what you are using it for it will do the job on small verminous things, fur or feather. I have a 22RF for mainly those jobs where I want as near silent conditions as possible .... I haven't worked out yet how to silence the THWOCK!!! as the bullet arrives .... to day on the squirrels on pheasant feeders and able to tidy up nine without the pheasants being concerned and quiet enough that a nice tasty young muntie buck made an offer I couldn't refuse. (just happened I had the 22 Bench Rest with me as well). You will enjoy the 17HMR.
  7. Walker570

    Home made bits

    Let him have his Meccanno set though. Joking apart ...always wondered how they did those 'cages'.
  8. Walker570

    How many Corvids are killed in 2018

    Another jay this morning. 1742
  9. Walker570

    GREY SQUIRREL KILLS list your 2018 kills HERE

    Just one this morning...all that came to the feeder. Can't blame them it was blowing a gale and COLD!!! 2113
  10. Walker570

    squirrel control

    They are unvelievably tough and as I have said before, glad they don't grow to lab size. Out this morning , high wind and cold but had one come to the flip top, saw one other but it vanished up a tree and never came back down. Had a bonus jay. This afternoon I have set up a new hide and pheasant feeder in a small copse set between two large oak woods. Looks like good tree rat country. Will let it sit for a few days and then have an early morning visit. As can be seen the copse is made up of very large old oaks surrounded by holly. The hide is tucked in on the left of the photo giving me a 15yrds shot to the feeder..
  11. Walker570

    tea light holder/ table centrepiece

    What can I say...not enough superlatives.
  12. Walker570

    Brexit? This is much more important.

    Yep, buy proper honey in jars and from your local supplier if you can.
  13. Walker570

    GREY SQUIRREL KILLS list your 2018 kills HERE

    and 2 more this afternoon on a feeder/copse I thought I had cleared....they keep coming. 2110
  14. Walker570

    101 woes

    Never bother...never had a problem. I see the most awful driving every day with weapons(cars) and they don't have to ring in to say they are out attempting to kill someone why on earth should I. In my time in the job we knew who would be shooting anyway and probably be in the next field The police have got far better things to try to do and believe me their(those on the front line) hands are tied before they start.
  15. Walker570

    It's an ill wind.

    Every cloud has a silver lining....IF you look for it. Just a minute or two ago talking to one of my farmers who also enjoys shooting pigeons and he said he had an hour on birds returning but they where travelling with the wind (30mph or a bit faster) he said they where supersonic and would not reveal his averages.