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  1. Love Hondas but the price here is over the top. The 520 would be my choice but you can count that in £s against the dollar and add some. Had a Honda 400 for many years and stupidly sold it. I just like the silent approach with the electric machines. You can keeny meeny sneak around.
  2. Sad to say just two today. They had other food on their minds. 1920
  3. Almost failed on both. Squirrels where in the wheat and the munties did not show(most unusual) of course a fallow stepped out and posed for ages. GRRRRRRRRR!!!!! Last year the squirrels took to nipping across the tracks into the wheat before it was harvested and this year is obviously the same. The wheat is almost hard so very attractive. Tyhe good news is my friend was trimming hedges on the gold course I was hoping to get on and told the head green keeper it was a shame he had ignored my approach. The keeper was take aback and said he was sorry he had totally forgotten about it could he have my phone number. My friend deisturbed at least 18 tree rats as he was trimming hedges for them so hpe yet for me to get my numbers back up.
  4. Yes, I have looked at the lot I think and no doubt the Can-Am is in the Rolls Royce category. There is a big jump price wise from seven and a half up to 10-11 or more. Any of those dogs which had a run round our wood ? They where so good travelling all that way. I have to look at the Hi Sun and find a price. That is selective 2-4 and comes road legal. Soon will be bite the bullet time and make a decision.
  5. Unusual name Harbour..is he related to Roy?
  6. Yep, we often went straight to the golf course coming off nights. Round of golf by 10 oclock and then you hit the pillow. Guys now doing 4 on 4 off 12hr shifts and was planned just before I retired. That must be great for a shooting man. Lincolnshire in the morning with all rides mown and some pheasant feeders with food so hoping for a good day.
  7. 5 magpies 2 carrion crows and five jackdaws in the dairy farm feed lot in the last week. 2453
  8. I don't think clay shooting was mentioned so anything smaller than #7s is irelevant. " a walk around the ground near my home and teach the lass to shoot " I think. OK a few clays to get her using the gun and then out rough shooting. Sevens more than adequate as using common sense the clays would be easy peasy so the lass could break most of them. Most important.
  9. I second that ... Olympic Gold for sure. I'm down about 40 odd over last year. On 151 at the moment so could do better. The early months not being able to travel to Lincolshire cut the numbers. but have one or two new positions set up to try which hopefully will catch up. Bare in mind I have every hour of every day available if I wished which makes a big difference to you chaps who have to go to work.
  10. Spoken to five people who went and non had a good word.
  11. Yep. Just gave a chap some muntie and he said he was going to curry it. I almost took it back.
  12. The sixteen is in my view the cream of shotguns for 'juist walking around' or shoting driven days. I have a 100 year old Army & Navy and it is a joy to shoot. Having said that I now shoot 410 almost exclusively so I would also consider a 28, particularly if the young lass is as you saylightly built. Both will do the job if she can. Shooting a 410 for the last six years, averaging 20 days a season on driven birds has proved to me just how effective these small calibres can be BUT they do need a bit of skill, they are not a beginners gauge BUT I have learned over many years that if you teach a lady to shoot she will be very good at it. OK I flounder on... 16 gauge and find one she feels she can handle. Range/li;;ing power. Inside forty yards if it is in the pattern it will kill no problem and if she is learning to shoot then she will need to be well within that range for her first few birds.
  13. Thanks Jonty. I really just need four wheels to ease the pain of having to walk. I am pretty mobile for 80 plus but walking more than 400yrds starts to get unpleasant. They give a range within the local farms I shoot on which would also be handy. I also saw a comment that a full charge overnight cost a £ but I would be happy with £4 as just running the Landie to and from one of my farms cost me £7 even on LPG. I also like the size because I can fit it in to my secure garagingWhereas one or to of the laternatives are just too big. My wife joins me on almost all of our driven days so a side by side would be perfect.
  14. Yes, they are not normally happy bunnies if wounded. However, a hard hit wild pig can run a long way before dropping and show little sign of being hit. This one was hit with the 375JDJ through the ribs/lungs but still ran over 100yrds in a large circle before keeling over. Fortunately a very good blood trail through the prickly pear and meqsuite.
  15. Sounds like you will soon have a lot more. Easy to assume a miss on wild boar. Out in Texas I used a 375JDJ (necked down 444Marlin case) which would bite at both ends and have had some very large boars hit through the motor room, run 100yrds before going down. Yearlings are very good eating.
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