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  1. Good stuff but now also highly illegal. Crazy people, we had more wildlife back in the 50s than they have now.
  2. You know the old saying....Better late than never
  3. Letter in the Telegraph today came up with a great idea. Everyone attending the doo at Westminster to take along their own bells and all ring them at 12 midnight. Even better everyone celbrating whereever find a bell and ring it as a few million bells ringing throught the country should be awesome.
  4. Good move, excellent rifle. I have shot a friends and impressed .... almost as good as my AA S200 Look forward to seing lots of pictures of bushy tails hanging over it.
  5. My old choccy lab would pull a roe along but that deer is at least twice the weight although floating, still magnificent.
  6. Brandishing a rifle.... pop him and save the country a lot of money.
  7. 14stone in 1962 and am now just short of 15 stone, 6ft plus and closing on 80yrs at too fast a pace. I am a chocoholic, eat when I feel hungry BUT I get off my backside and from daybreak till 10.30 at night I am on the go doing something. I do not eat garbage food, just good quality stuff, home cooked. I look at 30 somethings wobbling down my local high street, twice my weight and dread to think of the cost to the NHS in the future and they are in the majority.
  8. Brilliant. Is that a golden or newfoundland ?
  9. Well that puts a stop on cymag then , even if you could get it.
  10. Can you still buy carbide ? My grandfather used to use it for blowing out rats. You have to be careful as I remember him blowing a chicken pen to bits on one occasion. Put a bit too much down the hole. Back then a few still had carbide lamps on their bikes. For those who haven't a clue what I am on about, if you add a little water to carbide it will probuce and inflamable and if confined an explosive gas. I think putting a propane tube down the hole has replaced it these days and that can be pretty spectacular.
  11. Oh for the return of Hebden Tweed. They made me one 40yrs ago and included sufficient material in the seams to have them let out when needed.....thank goodness.... You can rarely buy a good tweed suit cheap but a properly made one will last you a lifetime.
  12. Love it in Sweden where you often find your lined out on the public highway as woods are driven towards you. I was doing such when the school bus went by and the kids where all waving and cheering. I didn't get a shot on that drive but my neighbouring gun shot a moose as it crossed the road into the field behind us. No one as much as blinked. Had a seat set on a bank above a main road covering the woodland edge on the other side of the road and any shot presented would be across the road. Different world.
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