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  1. Yes, works very well. Started with the recipe listed in the Folkestone Engineering handout and very slightly adjusted till I reached what my gun enjoys. 19.7g of SP3 over powder card and 12mm felt wad(Folkestone) 18.7gram #7s which allows nice tidy crimp. Picked up a tub from Sporting Supplies today so with what I already have, I have enough for summer pigeon shooting and next seasons game.
  2. Walker570

    Air Arms S410 Carbine .177

    also includes two 10 shot mags.
  3. Walker570


    Got one of those as well.
  4. Walker570

    electric crow caller

    No, of course not. We all understood that from the beginning. I use mine to help me practise the correct call sequence with the one I blow.
  5. Walker570

    How Many Pheasant

    Yes correct.
  6. Walker570

    sitty tree question

    Well, I am not going to explain as you have obviously had a very sheltered upbringing. Pour a glass and sit down....... I just have....Morrisons own blend Glen Stag with a little water.
  7. Walker570


    All my scopes are Hawke and two of them Airmax. I use add on NV on them all no problem other than maybe a couple of layers of tape to get a good fit on the camera...one of DaveG's. Only had it a few weeks and three foxes with the 22BR and a couple of rabbits with the 17HMR didn't enjoy the experience one bit. Great scopes at a sensible price and very good back up. Suuggest to get the low mag 2.5 or 3 - that works best and gives you a wide field of view and you can zoom in if necessary.
  8. Walker570

    Golden Eagles

    They just love lamb and don't need mint sauce and to argue any other way just shows how divorced from reality these people are. There is very little of the Welsh landscape which does not have sheep on it and golden eages hunt open ground. RHD has destroyed the rabbit population and by news coming through it is spreading to hares. At this moment I beieve it would be foolish to start a colony, unfair to both sides.
  9. Walker570

    Grand welcome

    Well I have been searching for some Vectan SP3 and a call to a shop...Sporting Supplies at Willenhall... proved fruitful. They were very helpful on the phone and I asked for a pot of SP3 to be put to one side for me. I drove over this morning and got a very friendly welcome. I made various enquiries about other powder and they took the time to search their stocks and records. I asked about lead shot and although they did not have any said they would get me some in as soon as they could and would text me when it arrived. I have no doubt many of you guys in that area know of this shop but I can only state that the 50 miles return trip was well worth while. I will definitely use them again.
  10. Walker570

    sitty tree question

    Well with fat Sarah you would be next to, she would be against surely...might even be a cherry tree
  11. Walker570


    Anyone else on here shoot this crazy brilliant little cartridge. Really still a wildcat as you have to form your own cases from 6mmBR. I have a 22BR barrel on my Thompson/Contender Encore and it is a tack driver. Just acquired some Barnes 50gr TSX and all copper bullet. Shoots exactly to the same point of aim as my normal 55Grain V Max which is handy. Has a great reputation for accuracy in the Bench Rest field in the USA. Some of my favorite powders for it do not appear to now be available, RE 12 being my favorite. I have loaded some with H322 and they are the ones which shoot to the same point of aim and with excellent accuracy so that may be the powder I now use. If you shoot a 22BR you must reload so any experiences would be of interest. Pictured stood alongside a 17 REM for comparison
  12. Walker570

    Remington 1100 Forend Wanted

    I have a stock which isn't pretty but the camo paint could be removed. I had a foreend go on my 16 gauge and brought a full plastic set back from the USA many moons ago.
  13. Yes certainly give him a call or even a text, I find many farmers/game keepers are just bsuy with their handsfull when the phone rings but a beep for a text they can answer later and normally do ... the joy of texts. The response you got was most certainly positive and well worth following up. Make it clear your not a here today gone tomorrow merchant. Fingers crossed it comes good for you.
  14. Walker570

    Game days? How much is justifiable?

    Very little there I cannot agree with Scully BUTwhen the 'game' starts to get to where feathred targets are presented purely to make them almost impossible to kill cleanly....remember...16 to 1 and that probably with very heavy shotloads and guns to match .... I personally will criticise, the same I will criticise anyone who brags about shooting at deer at very long extended ranges when they should learn to hunt/stalk, or persists in taking head shots with a good chance of blowing off a lower jaw for others to tidy up later. Oh, my rifle will put every shot on a 10p pice at 200yrds I hear them say, but does that 10p piece move unexpectedly at all? There comes a point when it is not on I'm afraid.