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  1. Check what they have been having before delivery and try to copy this for the first bag or two then we used to go straight on to wheat.
  2. apparently they are very good eating
  3. David Hockney eat your heart out
  4. I have a number of different scopes with all sorts of dots and markings. I basicall ignore the instructions and shoot at ranges I know I will be using the rifle and record the dots/markings I might require. Simplifies things no end.
  5. I personally use an Airmax on both my 22RF and 17HMR but your request is so limited it is difficult to see what you require. I have an old original tasco which will do exactly what you might need on a 22RF BUT if your looking for all singing all dancing scope then it will not fill the bill. The squirrel will still fall over dead though if you do your job. We really do need much more information as 22RF shooting can get pretty complicated.
  6. 100% The smell is really strong and nasty. No one as mentioned the fact that the calming voice on the recording is from Boris, that has been brushed under the carpet. I think the one big mistake he has made is not to just come out in the interview and say " Yes, i spilled some red wine on the settee and rightly she was not amused. I tried to quietly say sorry but she was really mad about it." End of story, but no one of his advisers and she is said to be one of his advisors, told him to act stum.
  7. How are we averaging out this year? Doing better or should we try harder? I know at the moment I'm on a high at 6.28 per week which if continued would give me over 300 come the year end but cannot see that continuing even with some new locals coming on song.
  8. Walker570

    Fruit tree ID

    You will fond out when they ripen as the stone will come away like a plum. If it doesn''t then just a straight forward damson ...still pretty good when super ripe with some vodka added The size at the moment is very similar to my damazeans. A good full size damazean will be close to 1 1/2 inch long.
  9. Walker570

    Fruit tree ID

    Yes, damson. How large are the fruits now ? Difficult to tell from the photos. The reason I ask is I have what my grandmother called a damazean. It is larger than a normal damson and the stone comes away like a plum. The photo does resemble those on my own tree. If it is one of those you are very lucky and look after it because the fruit is superb, can be frozen for winter pies and also great to pick the really ripe ones and squash them in a sweet jar and pour a couple of litres of vodka over and a double handful of soft brown sugar.
  10. Brilliant, wish we had some reds down here but not in my lifetime I'm afraid if ever.
  11. Hands up those of you/us who have never had a stand up row. For heavens sake get a life, just shows the guy is normal. Yes, says it all when the news media they turn to is The Guardian. I bet they have had the recording equipment set up for weeks. The cartoon in The Telegraph today says it all, worth buying the paper for.
  12. Dn't even get me onto these #######y joggers with ear plugs in and all dressed in black
  13. Common sense was never a strong point in the Home Office.
  14. I forget who it was now who said, " People say you can't buy happiness but they forgot little puppies " so true.
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