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  1. This was n't at Catton, but I agree the picking up team there are also good guys. I am with a small syndicate that have three 80 bird days and we enjoy the day with them all beaters the lot and share our elevensies too. Still a great shoot and a great Keeper.
  2. Yes, I don't know how many young birds have fledged from ours which is mixed with a varigated ivy. It is covering a couple of old stables and I just let it do it's thing. Trim a bit occasionally if it starts to hang across the doors or suddenly appears indoors.
  3. Two super looking dogs Dougy, your a lucky guy. Have fun between you, that is what it is all about. Saw a chap picking up last week and he had three black labs and a brown spaniel. At the end of the drive he let them free and I just watched in amazement. At the just one short word from him all three stopped dead and looked he then just pointed and all three spread out and worked the area indicated and this was at in excess of 100yrds. No shouting and yelling, one picked a bird and returned without a recall of any kind. Impresive. The little spaniel just did it's own thing but never went out of the labs work area. A team.
  4. Virginia Creeper as above and I believe there are a few different varieties now. Very invasive and requires controlling every year unless you want your spoutings and tiles ripped off. It is spectacular.
  5. Many Estates are now refusing to put on less than 150 birds and I agree it gets expensive. Richard Gray at Affordable Days has come across this problem but he has worked hard and found a few sensible priced days. OK, I fully apprciate it cost as much to hire beaters for 80 to 100 bird days as for 150 bird, but some estates manage to do it. Had a superb day at Catton estate last week, 8 guns fully driven partridge £320 based on 80 birds ... we shot 90 and saw a lot of birds and had to be a bit picky.
  6. Punch in 'Affordable Days'.... Richard Gray has a few guns on days throughout this season and I have shot with his operation for four years now and he works very hard to see you have a good time. I am shooting with him this next week at Grimsthorpe on a small day. He is on Guns on Pegs as well. All of his areas are in Linconshire so easy access from London and there are one or two overnight spots I can recommend.
  7. We don't have a closed situation for hunting deer here as our buck / doe, species seasons all overlap so somewhere you can shoot a deer all year round, added to that we have six species and non of them are in short supply. Actually getting to shoot a deer in almost all cases unless you own your own land or have a friendly land owner who lets you control the deer free of charge, you will have to pay a fee to a guide or rent your own area individually or as a syndicate. The two which have facinated all of my American friends who have visited have been the muntjac and the chinese water deer. Hope you have a good time and bring back some venison.
  8. also very good advice. You can actually purchase adjustable gauges for this but the way I have done it over the years seems to work for me. The trick is just putting enough pressure on the seating di to ease the bullet in a 'smidgen' note prehistoric archaic measurement and as soon as I have an unmarked bullet that does it for me. If you want to get seriously anal about it then log on to The Shooters Forum and ask the same question.
  9. Walker570

    Heads up !!!

    Just had a call supposedly from Amazon about my account ... press button one for our expert team. Needless to say I didn't and I am pretty sure all you guys on here wouldn't anyway BUT a lot of you have elderly parents, aunts uncles etc., so if you believe they may be influenced let them know and advise accordingly.
  10. Load a blank with the bullet you are using. Paint the bullet with a permanent marker pen and carefully feed the cartridge into the chamber, carefully extract and examine. If the bullet has 'land' marks then ease it back a small bit until you are not seeing marks. Obviously re coat the bullet at each insertion. This will sit the bullet just off the lands which is a good safe length. I have been loading this way for 40-45yrs and it seems to work and things keep falling over dead. I reload for six different calibres from 17 upto 375.
  11. Walker570


    I do believe the Turks have made a bad mistake from what is coming out of Washington at this moment. Pity we can't build A WALL around the whole lot and let them wipe each other out.
  12. Sob Sob !!! Haven't shot one for over a week now. Maybe in the morning. Just checked and it is over two weeks !!
  13. Amazed by how much people will pay just for a watch. I have a Timex Expedition I purchased in 1990 in Macey's store for $15. Apart from batteries and a couple of new straps then this watch has not lost time and has been on my wrist at all times other than when I sleep or wash. A few times it has been fully immersed when I have been fishing or managing the river. Just amazing value and still looks tidy.
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