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  1. My trail cams will cover 60-75yrds in daylight on deer/human size and 25-30yrds night time on such as a fox. Give good clarity BUT on a field of sheep the camera will clock up a couple of thousand pictures in short time as the sheep move about. They will record the evidence. There are a number of systems which will connect to mobiles as well but obviously much more expensive.
  2. I have a multi mincer, grinder, sausage maker and have had no problems. I like the meat fairly coarse and this machine has a blade which just chops it nicely and I springle the flavouring on before I mince and that way it gets ground into the meat. The sausage tube just clips on the front and as long as the skins have been in a soak for a few minutes they walk fine. Big problem is getting the time to do it. I use a 50/50 mix of game meat and belly pork which seems to work ok with some rusk and I use the plain variety and add my own flavourings.
  3. aaaannnnnnd !!! 2 more when I went to check on a flip top at lunch time...a third went scuttering off along the hedge line but will be back by Monday a.m. to taste my special aniseed peanuts. (8 this week) 1737
  4. Just love my 3.9ltr V8 two cherry bombs in a stainles 2 inch exhaust....whoooo it does sound nice and surprises a lot of boy racers when this old scruffie Landie leaves 'em standing at the lights. Heee Heee hee
  5. Walker570


    Yep, sad sad people indeed.
  6. If your gilding it over then god old J&B will hold that no problem. Probably stronger than the original.
  7. Walker570


    I say again many of these so called 'poorest' are fatter than bacon pigs and have a multitude of tattoos costing hundreds if not four figures AND they always seem to have a fag on.
  8. Just one on a new pheasant feeder this morning, only set up 48hrs ago so maybe more to come. 1735
  9. Absolutely. I know of one or two small pubs where a reasonably good meal can be had but far between. Much prefer to have a few friends in and cook a proper meal at home. Brakes deliver ready prepared meals and yes they are just popped in the microwave and a quick spray of sauce or whatever on top to make it look 'hand finished' NOW don't get me on that label..... everyhting has to be 'hand finished' these days, almost as bad as all the fake news from the left wing newspapers this last week or so. Chewing their lips this morning no doubt.
  10. Looks like a landslide for Boris, good result for the SNP and disaster for Labour. So you can all breath again, we will be out or on the way out of the corrupt EU by the end of january. Hip Hip Hurray !!!!
  11. If you can find one and afford one buy a 375. I used one many moons ago in the 70s to load 12 gauge for our force clay team practise and it produced shells equal to any factory.
  12. Gortex was only designed to bend about 500 times before being useless.
  13. The look on the poor dogs face says it all
  14. Due to one of our regular team having to drop out there is a gun available at Catton Estate on the 7th January, 100 bird day planned at £400. Own lunch, Elevensies supplied and possible breakfast arranged if all agree. Tip to Keeper at your discretion. I shoot fairly regularly at Catton and we have always been given a good days sport in some nice countryside. Pheasants and partridge. Anyone interested give me a PM. The rest of the team are also looking for a likely gun to fill the place, so first come first served.
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