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  1. Reports from my Keeper friend in Lincolnshire says there are still too many although between us we have taken out more than 150 in three months
  2. I remember an old blue rusty Morris van...half tonner. It was fitted with a plywood blanking piece behine the driver so you could not see in but had slots which you could see out of. We used it for observations and there was a hole and piece of pipe to a funnel in one corner for any sudden needs. It was always strategically parked over a drain. One of our crew sat outside a bank one day and a youth jumps in and starts to hot wire it. with four fully armed cars hiding just a shor distance away he didn't get far. What a hoot. The smartest were plain colour 4x4 Ford Sierras complete with fancy new in car cameras. The Boss said if we had to have furry dice hanging from the rear view mirror so be it.
  3. Either we are having an effect on numbers on our areas or we just are not shooting enough. Present figure is 4 a day which is only about 1500 for the year, so need to treble that or more. Keep whacking and stacking and get others into it as well.
  4. Two by my neighbour on my flip top with his new air rifle 67
  5. I have to ask, why now? Why not when she stepped off the plane back into the USA all those years ago? Andrew has just himself to blame but I fear that is not in his nature. Feel deeply for the Queen and others including his daughters. Enough anti Monarchy bullets to fire with the Ginger Whinger without this.
  6. I had visions of a frizzy haired hal naked guy with a bone through his nose reading the heading ...yes know it's spelt differently. I would assume it needs to be a Doctor in the practise where you are registered. Your relative might be able to get your records but so can you. Just ask. I did not fill in any forms, just listed my Surgery address, job done.
  7. Sounds like you need a high seat if you have houses about . I use high seats for handling foxes these days and it works very well with a caller, gives a much greater visual coverage and a solid rest for the shot.
  8. Standard sight height the 17 HMR will kill rabbits out at 180yrds plus BUT in my experience the 17hmr is a close up fox killer 75 yards max to do the job properly so not much better than the 22RF. Although it willhandle small targets out to 200 it is NOT a latge animal humane killer. Yes, you might be lucky but ask yourself is it worht it. Learn to call and pull them in to 50yrds and whack 'em with the 22RF do the job humanely.
  9. Walker570


    I'll tell her . you'll get brownie points.
  10. Walker570


    My part time Forest Ranger does mine
  11. Back like new. Concur with all the comments above.
  12. Dunno but those small trees are ideal for spleacing.
  13. Received my reminder in mid October with a time scale of eight to ten weeks turn around. New tickets arrived todauy after a couple of weeks delay as my original passport phot would not scan for some reason meaning I had to go buy some more and send another in. In the circumstances not bad service.
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    That is good value if they survive. My garden is about as full as it gets and the bulbs are just poking through all over. A Packet of wallfloer seed in the veg garden provided all the other spring requirements.
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