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  1. ....and you see it chucked in all the hedgerows down our lanes.. by whom? Human beings of course.
  2. Same set up/ammo and have not had any problems similar but purchased my shells twelve months ago. ...Batch no ????? mine says E24U01 on the bottom of the box which I am asuming is a batch number. I have two boxes purchased at the same time and they have the same number. Would be interesting to see if your boxes have the same number. 22RF used to give the same problems and still will. You needed to keep batches separate nd buy in bulk. Had a friend who tipped about five boxes into a leather pouch and then wondered why he kept missing every other shot. Just measured mine one out of each box at random both at 1.355 If I might suggest 3/4 inch on a rabbit at 100 is not going to make his day.
  3. Should have put him in charge of Brexit from the outset..... mind he would have drunk the French wine industry dry during negotiations.
  4. Be interesting to see what the birthrate of this bunch is. We are polluting the world with human beings first and foremost.
  5. Pleased it arrived safely. Look forward to the results and how you get on. Don't be in a hurry ..eay does it. The Lee powder measures mentioned by Stonepark are excellent also. You might find that just under 19g for the shot gives you a tidy crimp, I use 18.7 and the birds do not seem to notice.
  6. Used to walk the hedgerows and yellow hammer nests where ten a penny and in the summer flocks of them in the hundreds would fly up the lane infront of us, now it is a bonus to see one pair. Squiggle birds we called them because of the markings on the eggs. One to keep and a couple to trade at school was all we took. As said, how times have changed.
  7. I have a lot of this stuff and the photo attached is only a very small part. Difficult to list individually. The capes shown would be £10 each but they are quality capes not cheap to buy on the shelf. If enough people show interest in further supplies then I can list them a few at a time. e.g. I have eleven quality bobbin holders, loaded with silk wire etc., which retail at around £25 each. Again £10 will secure plus postage. These are all items collected over 60yrs of tying flies and no longer get used.
  8. Walker570


    Maybe. I will have to put them in the oppropriate section if they are. I only put them there because for some reason I could not get them to load on a pm without doing it.
  9. Well worth the pain, but I agree they are not for humping around. I get tired just carrying mine from the Landie to the blind.
  10. Correct. UTVs have become terribly expensive new and a bit iffy second hand. I like the look of the smaller Honda 50 but for some reason they are not shipping it here .. not amologated or summat. $5000 in the USA and £10, 000 in the UK .... just take the duty off we are expected to collect for the EU .....?? 18% and that makes a big difference to start with but still twice the price it is in the USA (£4000). Too many people skimming it off somewhere.
  11. Brilliant doesn't get close.
  12. I have the HC and am very pleased with it. I shoot the EXACT Heavy Diablo 10.34gr. The heavier pellet works well for me as almost all of my shots are within 15yrds, however knowing the trajectory allows me to take that occasional 30yarder with confidence. The length of the HC is also more manageable in a blind.
  13. Are you old enough to remember the elm trees old'un? No branches on them till you nearly got to the top and only twigs to climb on along with ivy where you found the birds nests. I am amazed i am still here to talk about it, we were crazy back then. Come back down with three or four eggs in your mouth.
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