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  1. Yes, totally useless other than inside sheds where you don't want to damage the roof material. Stick with the 410 it will surprise you with IT's capabilities if yours come up to scratch. Very rarely shoot any other gauge these days.
  2. My memory is kinda hazy but I believe a similar incident happened here in the UK, back about 40years ago because every member of our force had to go through a days restraint techniue training. The one particular wrist/thumb hold would have a grown man on his knees asking for mercy. I know, having seen my partner reduce a very large man to tears when he gibbed at getting into our patrol car nice and peacefully. Non of our training involved six or eight coppers jumping on a potential prisoner like it was a rugby scrum as seen on the finals of the youtube car chases. The one thing we di
  3. I do not think he was going to get a truly free and honest trial with all the pressure from interest groups , politicians etc etc, and it will likely go on and on with appeals. I do not think it would have been different with Trump in charge because I think he would keep his fingers well out of it and leave it to the courts It is getting very scary in the cities of the US and I have a friend in Texas who says he will no longer drive into Austin without a 45 on the seat alongside him. He was born and lived in the City but says he is now glad to not be living there with crime and drugs
  4. On one of my farms the owner came across a very young leveret in a hoof mark in a field. He said it would just about fit in double hands, so was very young. He saw what he assumed was the female in the next field. This wa early March. I thought this was a bit early.
  5. I gave them a full breakdown as to how I would go about it. With just one flip top adjacent to the machinery buildings, no wandering around and air rifle only. I calculated I could have reduced the tree rat population in the whole golf course from that spot with some tasty refreshments for the tree rats. Their loss.
  6. Tidy .I had an introduction to a golf course a few weeks ago but it came to nothing. I think someone of the committeee where fluffy lovers.
  7. Yep no problem until you move in my experience. There are no ground rules to shooting woodpigeon.
  8. Is there a prize?? I have two horse chestunuts from a red flowered variety growing at this moment and hoping they will be the same. I have a couple of sweet chestnut trees but never seem to have any nuts of a reasonable size, all as big as an anorexic pea. Not that I need any more trees to plant as the wood is overflowing.
  9. mmmm??? The first just might be sweet chesnut the second pretty certain hazel.
  10. one young male this morning which must have just arrived as the food had not been touched for 10 days 1018
  11. My bet is he called him worse than that before hand and he was rarely wrong. I look forward to seeing him booked on the next flight out to his luvvie friends in LA.
  12. Who's running Foremark these days ? I was a member of the Foremark Fly Club and fished it almost weekly but reservoir fishing did not reall give me the same enjoyment as fishing dries on a small stream. It is a very pleasant small water and almost always came up with a few fish.
  13. Modern world I'm afraid with everything you need in the stores. I remember my mother coning back from Altons the general store in Tamworth, " Mum! Mum!! I managed to get a half pound of currants for the Christmas cake". That's all she could get on the ration allowance back then. Just purchased some baggetts from our local shop. Checked the label and shock horror they are made in France and shipped here. Don't we have any British bakers these days and why France. Will not be buying anymore of those.
  14. We used to sell 20-25 in the skin from our milk van every Friday without fail. That was back in the late 40s and early 50s. All snared.
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