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  1. Walker570

    LED Rifle Mounted Lamp

    Yes easy.
  2. Walker570

    Ditch is at it "again"

    Excellent job. My Landie is a coat of many colours anyway with a ####y big red stag painted on the side ...wonder it hasn't been shot at by now.... and blends in anyway, but that cover is first class and I don't see the need for embelishment.
  3. Walker570

    Scopes - what makes one better ?

    The name on it of course, didn't you know that?
  4. Walker570

    LED Rifle Mounted Lamp

    I have a Clulite on one of mine but it doesn't come with a red filter. I put a red filter on it but it cut the light down considerably.
  5. Walker570

    West Mercia and Warwickshire Police

    I joined the original Warwickshire, then it became Warwicks and Coventry, when the City Police got absorbed, then with the formation of larger force areas the West Midlands force was formed and took away part of Warwickshire and Coventry City. I stayed in that part of the West Midlands force which was taken over. For many years we were known as the West Muddleland Force as officers where wearing their original uniforms, albeit with new badges and numbers for some, but different headgear. Things did not get any better until Geoffrey Deere arrived as Chief Constable and he pulled the force back into some sort of shape. Prior to that some of us looked back at the now very small Warwickshire force and wished we had stayed put.
  6. Walker570

    Red Stag

    100% you are only using the technology now available as it was in 1900 and using your ability to 'see' a picture in your mind. You can be lucky some times though as well.
  7. Walker570


  8. Walker570

    Absolutely Unbelievable

    Cabrito ...Hmmmmmmm!!! Yes I agree they are very good eating. We used to have a few goat backstraps marinated and smoked by the local meat wholesalers in Llano Texas when hunting there. Sliced thin with a glass or two, brings back fond memories. Heh! Try it with roe/muntjac backstraps, superb. People spend their money as they see fit and good old Anne, always controversial, she knows that books her for the next wage earner, who can blame her if their are such stupid people about.
  9. Walker570

    Waste of tax payers money Eugenie wedding petition

    I bet the shops in Windsor did a roaring trade and look forward to the next one.
  10. Walker570

    Waste of tax payers money Eugenie wedding petition

    100% I thought the wedding was excellent and I wish them every happiness. Our Queen and the Duke have been stalwarts through all sorts of traumas and far better than any President even President Trump. The thought of president Blair gives me the heebie geebies..that the likes of Corbyn could be elected such...UGGGHHHH!!! cannot even contemplate it It just shows what a thoughtfull person the Queen is when she declined to go into the Chapel by the front entrance and slipped in via a side entrance as she said she did not want to overshadow the day for the young couple.
  11. Try John at Folkestone Engineering, he has cards and fibre wads. 500 overshot cards should come just on 1st Class post they weigh almost nothing. I have just had over powder and felt wads and he didn't sting me for postage and a nice guy to boot. Oops didn't see Seadogs contribution, just backs up my experience with FE. In fact I will have a look as I think I may have a few overshot cards you can have. I'll be back and if so, pm me an address. Yep, probably about 200plus and I will never use them.
  12. Walker570

    squirrel control

    At this moment I don't seem to have any trouble getting them to come in it would appear but aniseed has always been a puller for a number of species and I am sure tree rats will respond. This wet weather has slowed me down a bit but the next two weeks should see some action as reports from keepers suggest they are on the pheasant feeders. Got one playing peek a boo from the neighbours walnut tree at the moment. Nips out into my wood to bury nuts and then screams back. Even if it stood still I don't have a shot , no background and twenty sheep in the field behind the first hedge and some expensive brood mares beyond that. It will make just one mistake.
  13. Walker570


    Heh! now come on toe the line you two.
  14. Walker570

    Red Stag

    I thought that top stag had a drop tine but I can now see it is half a tree. Great photos. Used to run a photography club way back in the 70s and these days just us a simple camera but what do you experts think, is the facilities available today to 'adjust' pictures digitally cheating? Heh! I am not knocking it, it makes some of my pictures look brilliant where you would struggle to see what was there.
  15. Walker570

    Brit shot dead in hunting accident, France

    We are pretty lucky here in the UK although I have seen/witnessed a few dangerous shots in my time. This unfortunate person just happened to ride through a line of guns and was shot by a young man reported as 22yrs old. He is very likely spending a few years in a French prison as he has been charged with aggravated manslaughter.