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  1. In brass, ally, steel ????? Right up Ditchies street.
  2. It would be a total no brainer if they did not take the factory in France as it is apparently already set up to produce a large vehicle and needs very little fettling to get it up and running. The Welsh site is having to be built from the ground up which has to be far more expensive. The avg price is said to be £50,000 so I do see them being common place around our country lanes and farm drives any time yet. Like the Classic Range Rover the Defender is no more and the few that remain in the hands of enthusiasts will remind us just how they where way ahead of their time and still great motors that could and can still do the business.
  3. Yep, no nicotine stains, no tattoos, no giant TV screen, no mortgage etc etc etc., and try to live of the land where we can. Bsically we treat our days shooting as our holiday. Works out at around £100 a week. I see some customers in my local village store cough up £20 or more just for some fags. You spends your pennies how you wish.
  4. Yep, brilliant, just checked on the icon above my screen and it has blocked five already on here.
  5. Beautiful job Simon, just needs a moleskin pouch.
  6. Walker570

    European bison

    I wonder who is going to catch them up and check for TB ? They will initially be in a fenced area but after a time the fence will be removed. I know there is a herd up in the north eastern part of Poland in a huge forest the name of which I cannot say never mind spell. Best of luck to Kents farming community.
  7. No truer word was spoken. They have a vested interest as have Civil Servants to squeeze the lemon dry. I sense Barnier is mumbling a bit but probably due to his chewing his lip. Then we have a Tory MP with a French name giving him solace.
  8. They will drive you crazy. Sometimes I am about to pull sticks and they suddenly pour in. Last trip to Lincolshire exact same. I pulled in and set up on a feeder which I normally have double figures on my first visit of the year. Sat for two hours, nothing. Went to check another feeder which I had recently filled after cucking out a blue tits nest. One showed and died. Then nothing. Went back to the roiginal at 10.30a and within minutes of setting up they poured in. The main time to be there is at first light four about thee hours and then late afternoon NORMALLY but come to the conclusion they ain't normal. Better look this afternoon.
  9. Different for sure but here in the UK I gralloch my kills out in the field. It makes them lighter to handle and I like to hang my beast for a few days skin on, split top to bottom and splayed open. Used to take all the game back to the ranch when in Texas and then the carcases would be taken out to a dump area for the coyotes, foxes and buzzards to clean off.
  10. As above but without the food supplies. Just sat in the highseat and up turns No1 that was right on 6am five more came and fell by 07.45 then I had to upsticks and meet the farmer who was going to load a serious big maple tree trunk on my trailer for me and some smaller oak he had just cleared from a gateway. I am certain there are more there for another morning. Six to add then... 1244
  11. I have a box of 95...was a 100 of those type thanks. Few less in the next few weeks as I have a roof extension to put on my log store
  12. Sorry I don't have any 6mm bullets to spare or I would help you out. IF you can source some then try the Barnes TTSX all copper with a plastic tip. I now shoot them in three calibres and they perform exceptionally well. They are devastating in my 22 BR so I would assume they would perform well in a 243Win.
  13. Not me, I was beyond his abilities but the result I saw was amazing.
  14. MOA tree rats head, could not be better.
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