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  1. When working as a Coroners Officer I had a colleague on the opposite side of the city who told me about a case he had where a chap had fired at a crow in a tree and the 22 bullet had hit and killed a lady sitting having a picnic almost 3/4 mile away. In my view even 22rfs are not for firing into the sky even IF you think it is vertical and will not hurt when it comes down. I have no problem with numbers control whichever way you do it, but at least do it safely.
  2. It will be in full blossom in the next week or so and the bees are working well so we should have a good crop again with lots to spare.
  3. I seem to be feeding a lot of birds under my flip top squirrel feeders and just one hen bird has learned to lift the lid. I have twenty or thrity roosting in my 10 acre wood every night.
  4. Walker570


    Should have some all being well and it should be about October when the first start to fall. You need them fresh off the tree in my view to have best success. Give me a shout end of September and we will fix it up. By the way I don't think walnuts are native but they have been here a long time.
  5. 19g Fiocchi 3 inch 7s will do the job out to 35-40yrds if you do. I load 18.7g of 7s to almost the same load as Fiocchi and had no complaints from the customers. I have shot the 21g loads and honestly could not tell the difference in recoil or performance in my Yilditz. An excellent over the counter load is the Hull High Pheasant certainly equal to the Fiocchi. I probably shoot over a 1000 rounds of 410 over a season....never really counted and shoot 410 exclusively.
  6. Walker570


    Graet success and more grease to your elbow my man. I hope some of those acorns I sent sprouted. I have just given a nice 3ft oak to a farmer friend who is planting it in a favoured spot in memory of his grandfather. Reference walnuts, you do not have to bury them fully, just push them into some damp soil and maybe put a handful of straw or dried grass on top. I have found one or two in the grass of of orchard already putting out a thick white root, I think they put that root down and then the shell splits open and the two'nuts' inside open as the first 'leaves' do they call them coteledons or something like that then the main stem grows from the centre of that. I have about fifteen growing in my wood which have been dropped by crows or magpies and some are now 15ft high. A member up in Derbyshire had some walnuts from me and was succesful in growing some. There's a name for that freezing process ??????????????????
  7. Lovely scent, what you talking about. The tongue is delicious and the eyes will see you through the week. Spread some of that brain on toast...yummy.
  8. I have a Yiditz o/u 410 and also the Mossy pumper with moderator, both have served me well. The Yilditz I use for my driven days and mainly the Mossy for flighting or decoying. All down to what your shooting . If decoying or flighting then the Mossy would be great, they take a bit of getting used to with that big lump up front but after a few shots it becomes second nature. If your taking a few driven days then look at both the Yilditz and also the Lincoln 410 o/u's both a excellent handling guns and of course the 410 is relatively light recoil. A 28 gauge might also be worth looking at.
  9. With a suitable charge it will loosen the innards of any miscrient venturing into Simons garden thats for sure.
  10. been doing my own for over 30yrs. Pretty good job for a first time. Spend the money on a good bottle of red and enjoy.
  11. I spoke with one of my farmers today and he has 135 acres of maize to sow and asked if I was available. I said that I intended in staying put until things cieared up a bit. He understood and said he hoped by the time they come to drill that will be the case and it would be a couple of weeks before the shoots showed and the crows took advantage. Located in two counties. In understod that I was not going to put myself in danger of catching the virus.
  12. Found that in Sandy Creek, Texas and I believe it is just an old cows tooth. Never did feel like throwing it out as it was of those memory days. The pointy piece below is a scraper, they would work a sharp edge on there and then use it to scrape hides clean before stretching and tanning that one is unuual in having a curved side and a straight side. The black object to the right of that is a small meteorite I found down near the Mexican border. Really all of these items are rubbish compared with many I found because I was normally guiding a hunter an if I saw a piece I would give them first chance to pick it up and keep it.
  13. Can't even see the join Plus one of the joys of Landie bonnets you could just unhook them and put them out of the way giving unhindered access to the enging department.
  14. Suggest you do not hold your breath. Thirty odd years ago I was in favour of a National Police Force and still am. I live very close indeed to Four Counties, where the four counties meet up in the same place. Notts, Staffs, Leics and Warwicks and have farms in all those counties I can shoot on, in one or two places where one field is in one county and one in another. Each of those county forces have a Chief Constable who will do his own thing with no National directives as to how he should deal with the situation and I am certain we are bottom of the list in priorities.
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