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  1. Yep fully road legal, 100k(60 miles) on a full charge which will cover most of what I need to do around home and I will build myself a small trailer once I have it and the measurments so can also take it to shoots with me, behind the Jag. Certainly save the old legs. Silent as well, so can creep about the place. Two reports on youtube by a young farmer with no real problems. Tipping body on the back and can have a winch fitted although I have a couple of 'Come Alongs' which would pull it out of trouble if I was stupid enough to get stuck. Kid with a new toy feeling
  2. Roe liver fresh cut very thin 3/16th ish then dipped in beaten egg and then into porridge oats and fried till the oats are just turning brown, superb. The ots keep the liver off the pan surface so it doesn't get leathery. A shake of pepper and salt in the oats also adds to it. I think it would also work with muntie liver as well.
  3. Walker570

    Why ???

    Yes, that was the main comment that it would need quite a bit of work. No problems , as said back to the drawing board. It is a cracking little rifle and so handy in the truck or in a hide. I will not be getting rid thats for sure.
  4. Put my name down for one of those Quadzilla electric quads. Waiting for a new shipment to arrive end of July. Yes, I know they are only two wheel drive but just have to use common sense. The two reports on youtube where positive. As soon as it arrives I will report.
  5. 1 more to add trying to infiltrate our little wood. Big mistake 2120
  6. Walker570

    Why ???

    No, I do trust these guys at Solware. No fob off. That is what the result of two calls was and they personally had nothing to lose. They could easily have said yes, leav it with us and we can get it up graded but they didn't and I would never have been any wiser. I do appreciate your input Ultrastu as I know you have put a lot of experience in this sort of thing. Sit back , take a deep breath and think about it seems the order of the day. No panic as the 17 hmr will do the job but with a bit more noise.
  7. A bit tragic this morning as my neighbour found a dead green woodpecker on her lawn, not a mark on it. This last few days they have been chattering at each other so whether a fight between two cockbirds or not we will never find out.
  8. Smoked Basa Pea Risotto ???????????????? Now that has put me off completelyūü§£ could be a lot of wastage there.
  9. Walker570

    Why ???

    Well, back to the drawing board. I called in at Solware this morning and they rang around including Rat Works and the outcome was that , yes, possible on the Boxer but not practical, cost too much and the barrel is too short. So as said back to the drawing board. In the next few weeks the length of shots will reduce as the maize silage is used and targets move closer, so pleanty of time in the next few months to decide if I need a new FAC air rifle or not. The HMR is going to have to do in the short term. Many thanks for all your comments
  10. A bit 'suppose this' and suppose that' I'm afraid. Some labour Minister takes a back hander from a Union and it is swept under the carpet.
  11. Good to know your 99.9% normal. I am probably an old grump but buying from my local butcher etc keeps my local shops open. Our high street is now a row of charity shops wherehas you could walk down and choose your produce which was probably locally produced and not flown half way round the world. That produce in the boxes you have no idea of it's providence wherehas even buying my steak from Aldi I know that Ashfield a British firm have produced it. On second thoughts, I AM an old grump, not perfect but seldom wrong.
  12. The best one yet Simon.
  13. Hah Ha! Now someone explains. You do get to choose at a distance but as previously said the result can be disappointing when the food is below standard. No, I still prefer choosing at the shelf then if it is below standard it is my fault. We don't waste any food, it gets tidied up the following day as a fry up, curry or whatever and if in excess it gets frozen for a future meal. I was brought up in the old days when it was almost a crime to waste food. My grandmother had a saying that the only thing we waste from a pig is it's squeal. When my mother would come home with two oranges and she would put aside two eggs for a lady down the road not as lucky as us. So I will not be lectured on wasting food because I prefer to buy it of the shelf or over the counter.
  14. Walker570


    You beat me to it Mice. Spot on. PLUS I am sure there is a lot going on that we do not and need not know about.
  15. Your coming through but your phone is not responding.
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