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  1. ....and three more from same location this morning, all young males. 1423
  2. Yes, there are many more pleasures to a day with a gun than just shooting things. The banter and socialising are all part of it, but needs must. A shoot I was a member of used to set up a couple of gas burners in a large shed and did sausage and bacon baps and coffee on arrival. It worked a treat and could be adapted in the present circumstances.
  3. Sounds like common sense prevails. Good to hear. Yes, a pity we can't have breakfast together or lunch or dinner BUT it is far better than the alternative.
  4. ...some pictures of red oak leaves
  5. 4 today.. this morning I went down to collect any walnuts which had come off during the night and saw one tree rat scamper off into the nut trees. I returned to the house and collected the hmr and went back down the orchard and saw another scamper off in the same direction. had just poured a cup of coffeee when one appeared 20yrds away which the 17hmr dealt with. I thought I saw a flick of something in the bush behind and sure enough 10 mins later another comes out and sits up perfect ...WHOP!! ..... the sound 17g of copper and lead makes at 25yrds. Things went quiet for about 15 mins and th
  6. Walker570


    One of the last tickets I issued was for riding on the pavement when a postman came whizzing round the corner and almost collided with me and a local lady walking her dog. No coppers on the streets these days to sort the problem I'm afraid.
  7. Grease to your elbow Simon, this ain't a rehearsal.
  8. Almost to difficult to give you a reasonable answer without seeing the ground. As said it could be anything from a bottle of scotch to almost double figures.
  9. They are all over the place at the moment, ground is thick with acorns here and had a couple swearing at me this morning when I was sat crow shooting but I could not see them in the oak trees. Just wondering if to chop some acorns up to mix with my flip top feed. One of those old runner bean slicers would be good for that. A few weeks and they will be back on the pheasant feeders. Have a lot to make up.
  10. Typical... like the guy out local to here who stubs his toe on a country path through a wood and now threatening a claim against everyone for injuring his toe.
  11. My comments from yesteryear are not random, I cannot say it would not have happened back in my time but it would have been very unlikely. Hopefully someone will take up the challenge and give back our police officers the power to do the job and not pussy foot about so as not hurt anyones feelings. Recently had a comment from a serving officer who said they had become social workers not law officers. Said it all.
  12. Same field and not surprisingly they did not want to play today. Six did fail to head the danger. At least my presence was doing what needed doing and the drillings got protected for a few hours. Not so many showing which is good. Rest it 48hrs and see if any return. 2363
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