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  1. Grey squirrels also eat songbird eggs and young fledglings as well as damaging trees. These paras also destroy our native songbirds and also destroy orchards . The pine martin will never make a dent in greys. At least the long established pheasant and partridge provide a good meal and regardless of what the antis say do no noticeable damage to our native wildlife. Of course like the grey tree rat they have entered the protection of the uninformed luvvies in towns and cities and thrived there to spread out into the countryside.
  2. Aliens and as destructive if not more than grey squirrels and red claw crayfish.
  3. Have not seen one yet. Don't drive through call for a coffee
  4. What year would that be...1960ish ? I was office boy at the Mill there then and our Managing Director stocked the lake with trout and there was also a few in the river up stream which I was allowed to fish. The offices where I worked is now an Italian, serving high class food and the mill and it's lorry park converted to housing and flats.
  5. There you go, the PW Massif comes good again.
  6. We purchased a simlar size piece of land 34yrs ago and it was about a 5th of that price. I would say shake hands and enjoy. Believe me there is nothing like have a bit of land which acts as a buffer between you and everybody else. We are very lucky here to have 12 acres , 10 of which are woodland to wander around in and harvest fruit from and it has been a joy during these lock downs. Seems a lot of money now but even in five years time it will not.
  7. Pity it is not a 410 you would have a sale. Lovely looking gun.
  8. Management of a river is a constant battle but most enjoyable. As said I had twelve most enoyable years on my 5 miles and rarely a day went by that I was on it somewhere doing something, from pollarding willows, refurbing bird boxes or removing trailer loads of plastic waste washed down from Coalville, think of something made out of plastic and I can bet i found it in our river. The EA were always very helpful and it was they who instigated the return of grayling by donating three inroductions and now there is a native population again. No, the River Sence from near Heather down to
  9. That'll work. I have also made the same design in metal and incorporated a roof as well. I found the design much easier and safer to get into than a front access nodel where you have turn around to sit down. That model, just walk up the steps and sit back.
  10. A bit far from you but Solware at Tamworth are pretty good with air rifles. Pull them up on google. I know they are shut down at the moment as I need some work done. I purchased my AA S200 from them.
  11. looks like a brace bracket for a trailer chasis or similar.
  12. BUT, the Levels always flooded, that was the relief the rivers had but humans intervened and tried to drain them. I think if my memory serves I learned that the Dutch came over to help drain along the east coat and today a large amount of Lincolnshire is just on or below sea level. I actually shot driven partridges this season on that farm which was photgraphed in all the news, completely surrounded by water up just east of Lincoln. All of that fantastic soil we walked over would have been marsh and bog a few hundred years ago.
  13. As I said on another thread regarding rivers, the human race has only itself to blame, from planting unsuitable crops agjacent to rivers, to building on known flood plains. Work does have to be done on rivers for sure and that stretch looks a bit bare at the moment but will soon return to nature. The big problem is when you do such work you increase the problem downstream. Having the agricultural land either side of a waterway as permanent grass will prevent wash off of silt into the river which then has to be removed. That silt and sludge in the Lugg had to come from somewhere and
  14. That is the first move and even then do the searches as Enfield suggests. You can do that without her knowledge. I was blown away when someone told me they had made enquiries about buidling permision on another persons property without their knowledge on a similar plot.
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