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  1. My mind boggles at the expertise available on this forum. Brilliant.
  2. Walker570


    Certainly looks piggy. No size omparison but could also be horse/donkey...fibrous as well which would lean that way.
  3. Nice one.. Just fitted a dash cam and need to get a chip for it. Becoming as essential these days as rear view mirrors. In fact I might just fit one on the back of my Landy as well.
  4. I had a friend who read The Independant and when I faced him up with the possibility of someone murdering his grand daughter, he still would not accept the death sentence. I think that says it all about people who read those papers.
  5. Our indoor range ..West Midlands Police... had rubber curtains, a sloping heavy armour proof steel back stop angled into about 18 inches of water. I still received a sliver of 357 bullet on the cheek whilst shooting double taps at 7yrds. VENTILLATION VENTILLATION VENTILLATION is the answer for air born contaminants but as Ditchie says it can get pretty cold.
  6. No, they use someonelses field.
  7. I'd almost forgotten what they looked like !!! Saw three today but only on stood still long enough to meet a lump of lead. I spent almost six hours sat on well fed areas and saw almost everyhting else but squirrels. We seem to have done a good job. I've personally taken out 45 and the keeper believes he must have shot 200 in the last two years. One joy of the day was the myriad of small birds, including a whitethroat which I have not seen since childhood. 1391
  8. Thanks I will look him up. Can always learn something new.
  9. Had one :Lancashire based game farm admit to driving our birds up and down the motorway to keep the birds cool with the air conditioning as they had been loaded at 4pm the previous afternoon. Needless to say that was the last time they had our order. Ordered from Walkers at Enville from then on and collected ourselves and they where in the pens within 90 minutes. Never had a bad bird from that day on.
  10. Followed an Audi back up the Fosse yesterday afternoon and it was obvious the driver was on the phone AND referring to paperwork at the same time. All over the road and almost mounted the verge a couple of times. A total menace. I do not answer my mobile whilst driving. It is also always on silent / vibrate, so I know if someone has called but anyone I am in company with doesn't get interrupted by some silly jingle. I can refer to it when convenient. The world seemed to turn quite well back before we had these phones and I am sure still could today. I would support all 'useage of mobiles whilst driving a vehicle being banned, even hands free. The reference to emergency vehicle drivers use is irrelevant as they should be trained accordingly along with their driving skills.
  11. Walker570


    Eventually you will require a Quality Control Taster
  12. Firstly clear all the rubble and rubbish to at least a spade deep, then rotovate to be able to assess the soil structure and remove any bits of rubbish you have missed. If seriously clay which it often is as builders just bury everything under a thin layer of turf, then you might need to have a load of top soil. You don't say how large an area. Once you have a good tilth then level and roll the area firm. You don't say if you need a putting green or a 'working' lawn so choose a seed mix to suit. I have just seeded an area, total 5yrds by 20yrds, with a general purpose hard wearing mix and having done the above, I simply raked the area to loosen the top surface, spread the seed from the purpose made box the seed came in as even as possible... more than less... and then raked it over again and rolled the area. That was two months ago and I now have a thick growth of grass which I am having to cut every ten days with a ride on. You can add a grass/lawn fertiliser if you wish but if the soil is good, then initially you shouldn't need it. See how it grows on. Don't cut it too low the first year 1 1/2 to 2 inches and let it thicken up.
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