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  1. Yes, 35% on a do it yourself shoot is not bad, but a drop to 10% suddenly leads me to think there is so outside influence ..... two legged vermin ? next door providing better food etc? Perhaps purchasing thw wrong strain of bird because we had a similar problem when we purchased some blue backed birds but the following year went back to the good old English black necks (official names escape me) It was as bad as releasing grey partridge if not worse. A drop of that percentage needs examining closely.
  2. Walked up you need to beware thw wriggly sticks🤣
  3. That's what puts me off but pleased you are having a great time. Obviously the evenings beverage is having an effect by the angle of your phots
  4. Yep, looked at one of those but not good reviews. I think I am going to try and build the golf cart into a garden truck. It is purely for weeding and carrying the necessary tools. That will cost me just a few hours work and I have a plastic 25ltr drum I can cut for the container. Yes, seen and used one of those. Great for recovering deer etc but as said just a bit over the mark for what I need.
  5. Good idea. I can lift the barrow no ptoblem but pushing it takes it's toll on the old legs and hip.
  6. Correct and that is why for 410s in particular I suggest checking various chokes AND shells on a pattern plate .... some old wall paper on a piece of ply works fine. I also put a thck piece of cardboard under the paper to see what penetration I get. A normal days driven will produce birds from 25 to 45yrds, a walked up day shots will more likelybe 20-25yrds on average so checking your guns pattern at 30-35yrds will give you confidence the gun is capable and it is then up to you. Just bear in mind that a 30 inch pattern at 35yrds will only give you about an 18 inch pattern at 20yrds maybe a bit less..
  7. Great photos etc. I have only seen one and that was disturbed from a pheasant cover. Fantastic bird
  8. Thanks all....I'm not looking for a heavy duty job as it will likely only have to move a bag of compost at most 25k/50lbs. I have an elctric driven golf trolley in the garage which is no longer used and thinking to convert that. I have a special orange friend, my Kubota 7001 tractor with front end loader to do the heavy stuff but it can't get in and out of flower beds etc when weeding or planting. Will keep looking and listening though.
  9. Back in the 70s we did some checks pon various loads in our issue pumpers at short range... round about eh 7trds mentioned as does not matter and we found that even a load of #7s at that range had a very similar effect on pig carcases as did rifled slug, in fact once the hit was made the shot destroyed far more tissue. This was with normal game cartridges with plaswads. The one benfit was rgar once out at longer ranges the shot becam,e less lethal but the rifle slug kep on going. Take it from me I would not have liked to be one of those pigs.
  10. Yes but judging the birds I have cleaned this year from my days out on driven birds that must be the distance some idiots are shooting them at..
  11. Just finding pushing a wheelbarrow around our large garden etc a pain looked at the very limited offers on the web. Anyone on here have any knowledge views etc??
  12. Yes, because they are 'pretty' of course folks think they are harmless. I saw that video and amazing just how many there are. We will have a similar problem here with the green hook bills, in fact they where a problem 20yrs or more ago in the fruit orchards of Kent.
  13. Amazing, I shot a squirrel yesterday. To be fair my access for tree rat eradication has been curtailed due to this ####!!##!!### hip problem, restricting me to just two and now one flip top. 07.15 on the dot it came down and sat nicely on the flip top lid, then fell off rather abruptly. I sat for another hour but no further movement, 1084
  14. ......purchased a new toilet seat last week, one of those adorned with the fantastic 'cartoons' by the late Bryn Parry. I went to assemble and fit it but could not find two essential pieces. The box etc was about to be incinerated and the two missing pieces where 'hidden' in slots in the polystyrene packing. I missed them and felt that others may do the same so thought I would mention it. Every time I go into our smallest room now a fenale voice in the distance shouts 'cock over' as the seat has the Veteran Pheasant on the lid and seat. Brilliant. Brynn will be sorely missed by all in the countryside as his drawings have brought so much fun. I was unaware he also was the instigator of Help fot Heroes.
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