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  1. Walker570

    16 bore cartridges

    I have an Army & Navy Box Lock 16 gauge made circa 1900. Originally black powder damascus barrels which I had nitro proofed. Had the stock measured and made for me and it fits like a glove. I have always wondered why the 16 never became the chosen one as they are a delight to shoot and will handle everything a 12 gauge will in standard game cartridges and certainly those built on the correct sized action are light in the hand. I have become a bit of a 410 nutter, but at least a couple of days a year I take the 16 for a day out.
  2. Walker570

    New man cave

    Two Jack Russells never returned
  3. Walker570

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Well for sure the efforts of our present political 'elite' has been seriously laughable. I look forward to the 100 mile tailbacks at the French and Dutch borders and then see what the people who live in the rest of the EU and actually work for a living think. As Nigel once said in the EU Parliament, the majority in there have never done a proper job in their lives ... like ticks on the population.
  4. Walker570

    Torch recomendation,

    I purchased a double pack of head torches from my local tool shop for just a few pounds and I had never had a head torch before. They are so useful...hands free, making gralloching a deer or simply setting the code on a gate lock a breeze. If your looking for such a light source then have a look at a head torch. I also have a Clulite which is mounted on my 22BR for foxing. Incredible performance from such a small unit and also has a dim setting. On full power I can clearly see a fox out to 100yrds. OK not cheap but a quality piece of kit. Apologies hit the wrong photo initially.
  5. Walker570

    Cutting Hazel Sticks.

    Does a fair job on ash as well.
  6. Walker570

    Pump for PCP or is tank my only option

    Plenty of good second hand PCPs in gun shops, particularly those specialising in air. The list by Ultrastu just about covers what you need and I also agree with comments on CO2 they really are just 'play things' when any of those listed will do the job in spades.
  7. Walker570

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Brilliant news this morning. NIGEL IS BACK !!!! Nigel Farage has finally decided to return to front line politics to travel the country explaining to the electorate just what a double dealing bunch we have down in Westminster. Just pipped me to it SE
  8. Walker570

    Eastbourne Airborne

  9. Walker570

    Rubbish Rant

    I shoot a fair number of driven days a season and it is rare to see cartridge cases on a stand but if I do I always clean them up. Normally it is only one or two trodden in the ground. I shoot a 410 and use green coloured cases so very difficult if standing in a field of rape, so I always catch the ejected shell/s and put them in my pocket. The annoying thing is that doing so and keeping the countryside tidy is so easy but youngsters are not taught to respect their country these days. Coming back through the Shopping Centre just down out from Syston, Leics., a few weeks ago I was stationary in traffic and there was a young lad..10 ..11yrs walking behind his mother drinking from a polystyrene cup. He tipped it back and then threw it into the bushes alongside the footpath. I gave him a piece of my mind in no uncertain terms and he looked at me in dismay as did his mother....he just did not know what he had done was wrong and apparently niether did his mother ....what chance ????
  10. Walker570

    16g Eley VIP Game 28g fibre wads

    I have had this happen with 410 shells as well from Eley and also RCs. Some of the RCs almost half the shell case went up the spout. I had a check on the pattern plate and could find no disruption of the pattern to speak of. I contacted Just Cartridges where I purchased the RCs from, who said they would notify the makers. Heard nothing. My 410 reloads do burn the edges of the cases, both fibre and plastic wadding but again it does not appear to effect the performace.
  11. Walker570

    Pump for PCP or is tank my only option

    I have a Mk1 AA S200 and it requires a180 fill/top up. I use a pump and it takes me a minute at the most with the pump. Never fired more than two mags(20) shots, so if that is about your limit then go for a pump. Advice is, use your upper body weight for the last few pounds as this makes the job much easier. I'm within two weeks of being in my 78th year and do not find the operation of the pump difficult at all. I have been very happy with my second hand purchase of the AA S200. It has seen the demise of a lot of barn pigeons, magpies and tree rats out to 40yrds since purchase. Took a while to find a pellet it liked but I think this is the nature of air rifles from what I read.
  12. Walker570

    First double for a while

    Nice !!
  13. Walker570

    Corbyn, the Clown that keeps on giving

    ......and also slept with Diane Abbott....suggesting his judgement is flawed ???????? You have experience of the experience by any chance ??????? Hmmmmmmmm????
  14. Walker570

    The Nationals

    A bit adrift from shooting but still well worth a visit if you want to see artistry with a tractor and plough. the Nationals will be held courtesy of Corbett Farms, Austrey, Warwickshire, just of the M42/A42 junction with the A444. Two day affair 13th/14th October.