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  1. Should be a few bits on here about my flip top feeders. If not pm me an address and I will send you some details how to make one. Pity your so far away or you could have one to try as I always have a few lying about. Flip tops are good. Little birds can come feed and act as decoys. The squirrels soon learn to lift the lid and then sit on the porch so to speak eating the feed giving a nice steady hold on the head. I have had a hen pheasant learn to lift the lid and a few woodmice amazingly(on camera) but in the main the food is primarily there for tree rats. Was that the tree rat or his danglies?
  2. I have travelled to a number of dufferent places around the world with firearms/rifles and the first port of call would be the Cyprus office and find out if your welcome. I'm assuming not the Turkey sector???? Poland back in the early 90s was all paper and officialdom but have everyhting for the Polish customs and you sailed in. Back then they even counted the rounds in AND OUT. America pre 9/11 was a dream, just sailed in no problems other than the desk officers wanted to know where and what you would be hunting and talk hunting. Had one woman who played about and voiced her opinions on hunting and guns. Mentioned that to my host who was a pilot with the Border Authorities and next day she didn't have a job to go to. After 9/11 just a bit more business like but not obstructive. Used EasyJet many times into Slovenia and excellent service. Obviously security at Gatwick etc but still no big problem as long as you turn up with time to spare. Use a good case for the gun. End of the day, contact the country your going to, dot the i's and cross the t's and notify Easyjet when you book your flight. Should not be a problem. Ammunition in a separate container. I always used a proper ammo box but a client once turned up with shells in the normal cardboard boxes and flew through they never blinked at Gatwick. Had one problem at Heathrow when flying to Sweden when he saw a knife in the gun box. Always put our hunting knives in there, safe and secure. The British Airlines pilot was present and we put all of our knives in a cardboard box and he took them on the plane as personal items and they arrived in Stockholm but the rifles didn't. Have a good trip. If your struggling for a proper air worthy box let me know as I have a few I could let you have for a few quid.
  3. As much as I agree with Rewulf I have a low level £350 thermal and I could pick my pal out 250yrds away sat up his high seat BUT don't expect to see small stuff much more than 20 yrds or so. Cows in the stock yard glow at 75yrds and the engines on the ,machines in the yard glow at 100yrds. I'm as tight as a..... so not likely to lash out the sums required for better performance when a Fox or similar bino at £100-120 will show me what I want to see out to 300.. Basically spend what you can afford and like almost everyhting you get performance for £s.
  4. Simple , then don't go and don't take your dog. It's a big world out there .
  5. One this morning, young prenant female couldn't resist the smell of those peanuts in the cage trap. 1355
  6. I had a visit yesterday from one of our more eminnent members and I showed him around our wood explaing that we considered it squirrel free. Now, I am not sure if his visit was above board. I think he snook one in down his trousers letting it out at the bottom when i wasn,t looking because what did my wife find this morning? Yes a young pregnant female, so not happy with just one he snook in breeding stock🐿️🐿️🐿️🐿️ Always good to see you anyway Ken. **** law prevails.
  7. With RHD you tend to get a partial return and then it seems to run through again. Apparently it doesn't always kill the youngsters, they survive.
  8. Back in the 50s my grandfather would snare 20-30 on a Friday evening and they would be gutted and then hung in the milk delivery van next morning to cover orders for the weekend / Sunday lunch from customers. I followed him around the field with a hazel stick across my shoulders to help carry them home.
  9. Come off it....they are all politicians. Couldn't lie straight in bed. BUT we all vote for them don't we, never looking at the true person ..... I've voted Labour/Tory/Liberal all my life attitude.
  10. Don't think my farmer friend would agree with you there seeing the large half moons of bare ground along one hedgerow in a wheat field. Unfortunately it is smack in the middle of a village almost surrounded by houses and very difficult to shoot. Ferrets and nets would work. Numbers go up and down in my own ground at home and probably the resident buzzards thin them out a bit. They don't cause me a probelm so I leave them alone.
  11. Well it happened last time through greed. I had fellow officers who changed houses every two years. They would visit a new housing project and put a deposit down and when the two year tax period on their present home was up they moved and did the same again and prices went up and up and up. Our home trebled in price in four years, then suddenly dropped below what we had initially paid for it. As said some folk are lucky and we were.
  12. Walker570

    Lead ban

    Yes, we do not want to get like California where the Game Wardens carry magnets.
  13. Yep some are lucky some are not. We had a lucky spell and sold our house two months before house prices crashed. It took the young builder 10 years to be able to sell it on after he had done some work on it.
  14. Certainly not the numbers around my patch that there was. I'm on 50 this year so far and 89 this date last year. Mind that is what it is all about. Certainly a big increase in small birds, nuthatch in particular and no damage to any of the twenty odd nest boxes I have up.
  15. I like him. He knows his subject and is entertaining to watch.
  16. You chaps are so lucky down that east coast. Hope they push inland a bit like the bramblings we saw here this year.
  17. I have three separate 'scopes..scope attachments with IR. I have a cheap thermal which is ok out to 100yrds. I have used thermal binos costing £4000. Now for that money I can buy 40 Fox or similar spotting bonos with IR which I can see out to 250 -300yrds. OK maybe they will last me 18 months but that is 40 times 18 months for the thermal. Yes, thermal is great but until it comes down to sensible prices then I will use what I have. I also have a Wraith which once sighted in is excellent at sensible ranges.
  18. Walker570

    Lead ban

    Do you seriously suggest their will be a whole army of clip board carrying 'Thought Police' roaming the country checking if my air rifle has a lead pellet or not ?
  19. As above. If the gun fits reasonably well then look at the bird not all the silly gimmicks up the barrel.
  20. Walker570

    Lead ban

    No problem for me. I shoot a 410 mostly and will continue to do so using bismuth which in my experience you cannot tell the difference and niether can the partridge, pheasant etc. they still fall out of the sky if I do my bit. Apologies did not see any reference to airrifles. Alternatives are coming available and yes I shoot a fair amount but have some two and a half thousand pellets in stock which will have to be used up first.
  21. Walker570

    BT to EE

    Beat me to it.............................. it is still a very good OLD saying.
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