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  1. Looks like Liz Truss is about to complete a very good trade deal with New Zealand which should result in NZ wines being cheaper as we would not have to charge an import tax which would normally be passed to the EU. Look forward to it, they make some very drinkable wine.
  2. I would assume the second RFD was classed as acting as an 'agent' of the first. Paperwork went through and dit not touch the sides so the FLO appeared quite happy. I suppose not to disimilar to the wholesaler passing on a gun to a retailer then on to the customer and as long as the transaction is registered correctly I cannot see the problem and obviously niether could the FLO.
  3. If that is for real then an incredible picture. It is just that photos can be manipulated in so many ways these days.
  4. No relative.. but Walkers also make some nice pies and you buy a whole pie not one with a bit of rolled meat in a pastry case with 3/4 inch of empty space in between.
  5. Will never forget the hillside moving down in the South Island, must have been a couple of hundred. Do you use them. There used to be a competition in the South Island I believe for the best bag taken within so many hours.
  6. You will be lucky as they disappear almost as fast as they are made. I also have a reputation for game pies. It really is not rocket science and hot crust pastry is so easy to make. Then the innards are to your palate. Much easier now than when my grandmother used to form the hotcrust up the sides of a jar then fill. Now I use a springform and it makes it so much eaiser.
  7. Just stick a few bulbs in a quiet corner of the flower bed and they will grow into a nice cluster. Easy peasy. Take them out of the pot as they will die.
  8. Those I make myself probably.
  9. On the nail. I have my grandfathers old BSA Side by side and take it out occasionally and compared to my 410 it does kick a bit even though the stock has been altered to my fit. The fact you are used to very light recoil and the stock may not be perfect could be a major reason. Plenty of light shooting 12 gauge shells out there some listed above.
  10. Recovered quite a few high performace cars in my time, a few Elans and at least one Alpha if my old memory serves me. We drove Jags at the time so no need to put the foot to the floor for a thrill. As said the big stupidity is they had to tell everyone through the media. The ban does seem a bit harsh and maybe there where other issues not being reported. In my time you would have been going to work in a helmet and boots from that day on, walking the beat but of course that is not an option these days.
  11. Just purchased a shotgun from down south and had it shipped to my local RFD for 'appraisal' prior to buying. Gun arrived in short order , I appraised it and that RFD filled in my certificate, charging me a small fee for handling. Original RFD had my Bank Card details and the deal was done. Very smooth transaction. I was certainly not going to let go of my SGC, that's for sure.
  12. Have not seen it but did see young Blackmore had won. She is a great lass and a great pity if the media etc messed it all up for her. She has never asked for any quarter to be given and will ride alongside anyone. Brave girl and nice with it. Brilliant rider.
  13. Walker570


    Just had another threatening letter and didn't bother to open it. Straight in the bin. Nationally I wonder just how much money has been wasted on these threatening letters? Must be millions. Still it ain't their money is it, like any left wing organisation.
  14. youtube...The Seated Gun Seems a very nice chap and shoots driven birds on some testing drives sitting in a wheel chair. It is very good to see the overall sport of shooting accomodating shooters with disabilities. Paralympics a good example.
  15. Do you really believe ANYTHING CNN spouts ?
  16. Looks superb. Just waiting a while for things to warm up before firing up ours. Have you tried fish.... thought to do a whole salmon or a large trout.
  17. Butcher Bird. Never ever seen one although a deer stalking guide many moons ago, showed me a bush with stuff hanging on it and said that was the work of a Butcher Bird
  18. Never had a problem both with my reloads and factory. Having done a lot of shooting with pumpers both for fun and serious stuff(410 and 12 gauge), technique is certainly a major point. As said I did find reloaded red cases, Hull in particular did stick occasionally in my Yildiz. Pity because Hull High Pheasant are one of the best 410 game cartridges made in my view. I did try a few new Lylevale 3 inch last season and they worked very well. I have a slab ordered for this upcoming season or some summer pigeon/crows.
  19. It was the so called 'gaffes' that made the man. As said by Dunks, he did not suffer fools and there will be many detractors who do not know that he fought in the last war and had more guts than many snowflakes today. Shame he didn't make the ton and I suggested to my wife they should defer saying he waas definitely dead until June then say he made it. NOW, that would certainly tickle his sense of humour. My condolences to our Queen.
  20. Good old Opinel takes a lot of beating, particularly the 'Ditchman' Special. I also have a Swiss Army Hunting Tool which is superb and includes a saw b;lade which cuts bone like butter. I have never seen one for sale in the UK and this one was a gift from a Slovenian friend.
  21. Well of course it was quite common to have oil paintings of game hanging 100years ago and painted by some top artoists as well. Will be interested to hear his response. I will bet he will not be able to take a shotgun into class as I did when buidling the gun case. Nobody even blinked back then. I just lodged it with the Woodwork master for security.
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