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    Union Jack

    One of the joys of driving across the USA with the State Flag as well as the Stars and Stripes evident in every town with car sales in particular trying to outdo their next door neighbours with the size of the flag. BUT I have read where even local authorites in the State of Texas of all places have supported complaints from the liberal idiots complaining about even relatively small Stars and Stripes being displayed in a front yard.
  2. We will probably need to do it all in Chinese.
  3. .........and another sneekig into our wood this afternoon 2280
  4. Hoggs I have four or five and wear them alternately throughout the winter and they have so far lasted me about four years. Also look tidy with a tie on a driven day. Not the cheapest but found to be quality.
  5. My old Samsung mobile suddenly developed a big purple patch which started to spread across the screen so nipped into Tesco my provider for a new one. I was due for one anyway. The nice young lady pointed out that my one of a kind phone case would not fit the new phones which where twice as large, thats the first problem because I have a superb leather phone case made by the world famous leather worker Linda, well known on here and I didn't ewant to not use it. However my wife has the same model Samsung so I handed it to her. Back to the subject. I am old enough to remember back in 1987 when I invited a keeper friend from the Lakes to come and have a day or two with us in herefordshire. His friend ...now famous but I believe retired sporting clothing supplier, came with him and produced a modile phone. Battery similar to that we used to use for foxing and on top was a handset similar t that we had back in the sixties. Now the phone offered by this nice young lady at Tesco was twice the size of my little Samsung and after two weeks I am still trying to work out how the thing functions. It keeps trying to help me but in the way I do not wish. I took a few photos and tried to transfer them to my computer records but it insisted there was not any photos on the phone. Are we so pathetically useless these days we cannot make a decision for ourselves ? I suppose ventually I will work my way into it but have had to make a new leather case....I suppose they changed the size to try and sell you a new case because it doesn't come with one...another scam. ....I could go on but rant over....
  6. How did you manage to do that ? Hah! Trying to retain the cartridges rather than eject me thinks. Pleased you had fun because that is what it is all about. I did the 410 day at the West Mids, no intention of winning anything but we had a ball, lots of laughs with friends.
  7. I am a reasonably happy bunny this morning. Shot two more on the golf course (25 off just that one feeder). 2279
  8. That is back when Range Rovers where just that roving ranges and not delivery kiddies to school or visiting the hairdresser or nail store. Even my CSK got dirty often. Gawd, I wish I had not sold that motor, worth a fortune today
  9. Heh don't do that give it to me it can keep mine company. Brilliant little gun.
  10. Many moons ago I and a couple of other traffic officers did a run down on all the road accidents we had been to in the last twelve months and made note of the vehicle colours. Greys, silvers came top of the list wherehas white and yellow came out as the les likely to get involved. You see backi then a large proportion of accidents was a result of vehicles not being seen in time to avoid and maybe the same today, I don't know. When our Chief decided the patrol cars would be a different colour to black we all asked for bright yellow but white was chosen ...OK but take note how bright yellow now shows on almost all emergency vehicles. I believe that appauling coloured Range Rover would also fit the bill as well, maybe fluro yello stripes added.
  11. not qa single tree rat showed itself, so zero, nil, zilch nothing to book in 2273 still
  12. Yep. When in the USA I ALWAYS drove by fancy breakfast places and looked for a shack with a bunch of ranch trucks parked outside. Usually almost always turned out to be a Mom and Pop owned eatery with top notch grub. That is unless calling at Cabelas, Buda, Texas, then it would be the Crackerbarrel next door.
  13. Shuffle is not the word they should be using.....sack is probably better.
  14. Four today, two in Lincolshire and two at home. 2258
  15. Dacia Duster..... I have two friends who have them and they seem to be able to go most places I do with my Landy. Tidy looking little motor and I think they have sorted most problems since the very first models which I actually did an article on for a magazine. Heh! it worked whilst I had it but was very basic. the new up to date models look tidy.
  16. Been a few years now but flying out of Gatwick to Slovenia with Easy Jet was a piece of cake....IF... you had all the papers and the rifle/s where in proper flight safe boxes which ours where. Yes, it takes about ten minutes for them to check each rifle and then all done and they arrived in Slovenia, safe and sound. Then you had to have them checked through the Slovenian Police which again proved no problem IF your paperwork was correct etc. Now I have flown with British Airways and they lost our rifles although the pompous idiot doing the Xray check played up becaue our hunting knives where alsi n the rifle cases. I suppose his ear and nose rings where rubbing that morning. Fair doos the BA pilot took charge and personally tansferred the knives for us which arrtived on our flight but we had to go back to Stockolm to pick up the rifles from another flight once BA had found them. Easy Jet on numerous trips to Slovenia have been 100% just let them know in advance you will be checking in and GET TO THE DESK EARLY.
  17. Well not many have shot two squirrels in two locations 70 miles apart on the same day. Done it today but admit one was sat waiting in a live catch cage. Left home at 5am and arrived over at the estate in Lincolnshire at 6.30 on the dot. Got sat up in the passenger seat of the Landy set at an angle on the feed ride to the release pen and poured myself a mug of coffee. At exactly 07.15 No1 appears and starts to feed from the tray feeder. I was using my Browning 22RF so did not go for a head shot. Soon as I could see a good sideways on the chest area. I eased the trigger off. Whock!! No 1. Almost and hour later and numerous caramel biscuits and three more mugs of coffee and No2 came out and cautiously looked at it's pal, only to join him on the deck. The apart from numerous pheasants, one mad rabbit and the Game Keeper nothing else happend. I drove across the estate and on every track squirrels ran ahead but non where feeding anywhere. My Forest Ranger rang to say we had one in a live catch in our wood. At 13.00 I decided nothing was going to happen in Lincolnshire until all the outlyin pheasant feeders had been filled so i drove back home and straight down into our wood. Snook into the cabin overlooking the trap, could see said trapped squirrel and gave it ten minutes to see if a mate turned up as one had been reported. No, nothing moved , so shot the trapped big old momma and left her out for the night crew and moved up to another cabin overlooking the walnut tree and con nut tree where there had been activity reported that morning. BONK!!!!!!!!!!!! something the size of a golf ball hit the roof. and I was just thinking that sounded like a walnut being dropped when a scratching and sound of feet on the roof had me rigid. This went on for about 15 mins and then it all went quiet. Now the poplar trees run across from this cabin and the first one is just as small step for a tree rat. I scanned both infront and behind and was about to pack up when aid tree rat appeared from my right, 20yrds away. It paused long enough to receive a lump of lead from my Browning but just to show how tough these little brute sre it bounced and ran 20yrds before expiring. Another big fat momma squirrel. So that was two in Lincolnshire and two in West leicestershire on the same day. That is 21 in 15 days out of a small ten acre wood we normally consider squirrel free. I am sure there will be more sneeking in. The problem is we have such a host of goodies for them.
  18. Have to agree with the last two comments. I went to the first event at Weston Park 59---60 ---61 I cannot remember maybe a year earlier. I know I had passed my driving test and my Mum had finished the milk round so I borrowed the Ford 5cwt van. The entrance was the gate on the eastern end as you come along the A5 and all the tents and set ups where dotted all over the place. I had broken the bail arm on an Intrepid reel and two weeks after talking with their rep on their stand I received a new one free gratis through the post. THAT was a real adventure in those days. Up the old A5 from Atherstone, no dual carriageways. Been to quite a few since and had stands on one or two but I wouldn't waste my time today. It is not just field sports, agriculture has gone the same way with the Royal no longer on and all agricultural demos being specif. The National Ploughing Match is a survivor I think, but that is not what it was.
  19. I do not have any sort of problems with my local shop. In fact it is so well stocked I have to be very very carefull I do not get persuaded to spend more than I intended. Also all through the pandemic they have managed to deal and handle any request, erecting an outside service area for collections.
  20. Missed you, where have you been? I do believe they are some if not THE best yet. I have only seen this little creature a couple of times and that was 65-70yrs ago when corn had cornflowers and poppies and we placed them in stooks, so brilliant to realise they are still around.
  21. Two this morning on a new flip top in the farm yard. 2259
  22. Perhaps e mail the BDS and they will clear this up for you.
  23. as is suggested or brake cleaner on some kitchen towel. Both evaporate quickly.
  24. Errrrrrrrr????????????????? I shot another today ....errrr ??????? now 5 plus 1 is 6 so I am just guessing....errrr ?????? I think??????? that makes... 2256
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