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Homeloaders near Norwich

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***collection agreed this Sunday so consider gone, thank you***


My father passed away nearly 4 years and I have Been clearing out my shed during lockdown 

I am not sure if any interest or they are of any good I have come across the following which I have no use for

large pilot brief case full of shotgun loading data

5 tubs of lead shot

3 part tins of powder

i have no idea if these have any value but I’d love them to find a home

i guess I have to put a price so £50 but I’ll be guided either way !!!

 Thank you for reading this Michael 

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Hi Michael

Firstly, condolences for your Father, even though it was a few years ago.

Secondly, the powder as been opened and stored a long time, might not be usable?

Thirdly, what size and weight of lead shot plus make of the powder too.

Thank you 


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On 24/09/2020 at 21:04, Ferretlurcher1970 said:

Yes please

Just noticed gone, if not collected dont forget me Please

If there is 8 bore loading data could you let me have a copy

I have the original small book by "Mac someone" on 8 bore reloading but they are selling for £150 now, crazy.


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