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  1. Perhaps integrate the panels around the vertical shaft (being silly) as a Munich company are now doing on a car bodywork not BMW its a startup company.
  2. So you work 50+ years and your entitlement gets taken by an amateur government away due to whatever. Perhaps the younger uns could consider not having to have flat screens in every room and a top range motor outside their terraced houses before robbing those that set up this feel good society. Did I rant dear?
  3. I was told cold that winter days make more power than summer days. Discuss :- or are there any professionals on here with real input?
  4. The Danes are proposing at this time that the women migrants after 3 years in country get off their fats and do a 37 hr job. Seems to be Syrian/Turkish/Iraqis.
  5. If you had an ID issued to every legal citizen of the UK then the illegals could not feed off of the system. I know it grates a lot of folk but WW2 had them as I had heard. Otherwise Boris could just use the 350 million per week he has saved by leaving the EU to fund the madness.
  6. Only 2.5 years of working in the USA on permy staff gives me a $284 per month pension. Boris beat that.
  7. Was she muslin or cotton?
  8. For sale Size 8 / 43 German handmade leather & felt lined warm winter boots. Ideal for high seat work not worn for a few years, in very good condition
  9. Standing in Time Square late pm on Nov 4 2004 (the US election) at the CNN studio watching the CCN drivel through the big windows with extra monitors outside and Larry King inside, he was so small on his stool. The inside CNN cameramen would pan the windows to show the crowd outside then one of the crowd did a flash to the window (overcoat and nowt else) the crowd roared as we saw it on the monitors but due to the time shift in broadcasting live which never is really live it was never screened. Nov 22 1963 at my mums birthday celebration, I was 13 till the news hit.
  10. The phone will prove from where they have been???
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