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  1. How about shot / powder chargers in different volumes for old or discontinued shotshell presses as they only need to slide back and forth?
  2. Viessman are a big sponsor of biathlon shooting in Europe so they are a shooter friendly company. BTW I am paying £1800 on all boilers I get fitted to my portfolio.
  3. So you will not be buying any more shotgun cartridges then? as all the components are imported.
  4. I shot a goose there on a clear January day around 2000 and an anti came rushing over in her fleece jacket and asked me "how can you kill a goose on such a wonderful day?" I replied "sorry, can I only shoot them when the weather is bad?"
  5. Discuss. Maybe it is time for the USA to abolish the Presidency as an office and instead rule by a consenting majority from the Senate. Just a thought as they get far too much attention for the good they seem to have done since WW2. I have ordered my foil hat off Amazon but they are sold out.
  6. I was in the same hotel as an Austrian as we were on the same project but from different companies and he told me he was in the Austrian army doing his 18 months national service and they were drafted in as Russians as extras on the Clint Eastwood film Firefox.
  7. Is that a Chevy A body basis?
  8. Filmed in a newly built unused Coventry sewer too. How about semi auto pistols - colt 1911"s uncocked being held to someones head as a threat.
  9. They used to, Sears Craftsman lifetime guarenteed (Sear gone broke?), snap-on etc but I think they have gone down the cheap Chinese route since the 80"s.
  10. bavarianbrit


    I read somewhere there is a mask made of a fine copper net which gets heated on the out breath by body heat to warm the incoming air for the lungs. I have no link though.
  11. Already done this way in Belgium and USA in my experience.
  12. Worked for Tesla in SF and went to Detroit for two weeks then returned with a stopover in LAX, the bar keeper asked me for my ID for a burger with a beer, I was 64 y/o at the time. I did fly off the rag a bit with him. USA, sometimes I do wonder about the education.
  13. Yeah, we have moved in ourselves as our UK bolthole which cannot be used at the moment of course but it is warm and dry and has good neighbours each side. I was texted by the neighbour that the police were there looking for mr old tenant and she told them he was long gone.
  14. Or buy it and leave it empty and pay the council tax and watch it ris in valuee. Tenants can be the worst thing going.
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