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  1. Do my bit as I shoot as many magpies & Jays that I can. PREPARE FOR INCOMING!!!!!!
  2. A 6 year old unit in a 3 bed house just had to have it replaced due to not being economic to repair = £1800. New **** aint made worth tuppence.
  3. bavarianbrit

    Elon Musk

    He seemed a nice enough guy when I worked at Tesla in 2014 but what do I know there must be a lot more to it imo. Calling people out (peds) is not on either in my book.
  4. Google PMD, broad Lane, Coventry. My sister worked there for 20 years and they were a top precious metals plating firm.
  5. Time to bring in ccw permits for trained civilians imo. Dream on!!!!
  6. What a cant remark, there are many poor pensioners out there. I did 2.5 years in the US system and get paid $276 a month from there. Compare that to to the shameful amount the UK pretend government gives out to the elderly.
  7. Time to develop a drone with a bag under it.
  8. I have one in large and have only worn it once (up Everest) joke!! really only was one afternoon on geese in Brandenburg / Germany, I never use it as we have no geese in my area. In the USA they pay around $450 for them.
  9. Supposed to be able to convert .303 cases to do the job.
  10. I was in Roswell new Mexico last week and Homeland Security agency had opened a training centre in Artesia New Mexico and I was told that they are using 1 million rounds per week just in training their agents in the centre. 5.56 up to .5 bmg.
  11. I once knew a teacher with shipwrecked sailor syndrome. He was found clinging to the bottom of an upturned buoy. I did not know him in the biblical sense.
  12. Are you based anywhere near Walhalla? I used to have a building plot there but plans do change (cannot get logterm residency for retiree status) so sold it. Always wondered what UK in Florida expat"s do to get around the 6 month stay limit.
  13. Ref IT I agree their web pages are often dismal. There has been a tv programme for kids "der sendung mit der maus" for donkeys years on german tv showing how things are made from pencils to planes so it appears to stimulate an interest in engineering. Here is a link. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=der+sendung+mit+der+maus
  14. Yup quiet confidence seems right people seem to know that get qualified + you will be rewarded but you are expected to deliver. Less of an entitlement culture IMO.
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