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  1. The female Raleigh workers were fair game in the clubs around the Midlands when I was a young buck. They were known as bikes!!!!!!!!!
  2. Thats him, another poor sod, there was a state of emergency in the minds of the police at the time during the 2007 bombings as I remember. I had enough of those in the 70s as my local pub was The Tavern in the Town, Birmingham.
  3. Seriously, its OK for police to shoot people because they perceive a threat She messed up and will have to pay the price, as it should be. What about the chair leg incident in London years ago did the armed response unit pay the price? the poor sod was unarmed.
  4. Here is one located 120 kms north of my house in Germany first link is the map 2nd is the argo, looks cleaner than the ones I have seen in Scotland. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/98673+Eisfeld/@49.7748173,9.7927356,7z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x47a3c0de7041249f:0x4208ec174358fa0!8m2!3d50.4233158!4d10.907593 https://www.autoscout24.de/angebote/others-others-argo-8x8-crayford-westerham-benzin-gruen-13ba2cd8-a786-4f19-b99a-92705e1a1773?&cldtidx=3&cldtsrc=listPage&searchId=61292097&cldtsrc=listPage&searchId=61292097
  5. LOT 7 at Bonhams FYI. A W.J. BOWMAN & SONS (TUXFORD) THREE-STAGE RELOADING PRESS Sold for £ 100 (€ 117) inc. premium Modern Sporting Guns 5 Dec 2012, 14:00 GMT London, Knightsbridge A W.J. BOWMAN & SONS (TUXFORD) THREE-STAGE RELOADING
  6. The Trotters had one for sale on the stall last time I looked.
  7. They often call me BB but my balls are larger
  8. Sadly on March 23, 2020, Colorado became the 22nd U.S. state to abolish the death penalty. Free B&B for life now.
  9. Are you related to the Mellors politician that helped to push the pistol ban through in the UK in 1997?
  10. The Chinese have 50,000 cars on the eastern side of the country doing this now. See 7 minutes into the video.
  11. The rest of Europe has compulsory registration of residents that was brought in by the allies at the end of WW2 and it works very well, but mention this in the land of the free UK and folks get up in arms about it. There is no other way to track the population and illegal immigration. Grow a pair Boris and do something useful.
  12. Was PM not chased off a US TV show he was working on a few years back due to his ranting on all the time about their gun control or lack of, so he then came back over here with his tail between his legs.
  13. The same thing happened with a yank bomb in Munich some years back, it was found next to the bar that I had used when I met the wife there in 1980 as it was surrounded by lots of 8-12 height blocks of flats they decided to deaden it with piles of straw. Off it went and strewed burning straw all over town caused a lot of laughs and damage that one.
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    She's got a face like a bag of chisels.
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