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  1. bavarianbrit

    How did you get your username?

    Spent a long time working in Germany then I went over to live there when the grandkids came along near Munich in 2002. BB
  2. bavarianbrit

    Das Boot

    All the participents in WWII are dead or almost dead but strangely only the modern German citizen is being pilloried for being nazi. And of course we won the war alone etc brexit bla bla. Please get over it and let"s all move on into that glowing independent post March future. Martin
  3. bavarianbrit

    River fly fishing book

    Now sold & posted.
  4. bavarianbrit

    River fly fishing book

    River fly fishing book by Peter Lapsley. In 99% condition from a non smoking home. £2 plus postage. BB
  5. bavarianbrit

    Pigeon shooting equipment for sale

    I have a pair of spare arms with my magnet down in Dover. BB
  6. bavarianbrit

    TomTom Sat Nav help

    I bought a garmin over there for $100 10 years ago still use it when there. BB
  7. bavarianbrit

    BREXIT - merged threads

    They had a plant in Ontario.
  8. bavarianbrit

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Honda, Britain's fifth largest car producer, will announce the closure of its Wiltshire plant tomorrow according to Sky News. The Swindon Honda branch employs 3,500 workers and is currently the firm's only factory inside the EU BB
  9. bavarianbrit

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    Jan 2015 she called her father to say she was in ISIL-held territory, she said: "I'm in Islamic State and I'm not coming back."
  10. bavarianbrit

    Pigeon Shooting £1000 per gun per day

    Armed trespass then? BB
  11. bavarianbrit

    A1 tall camo bucket seats

    Very true but there goes the SGC on the trip back home. Ahh!!!
  12. bavarianbrit

    Land Rover to move to Slovakia

    Worked on that project too, them that know at Audi says it will take them 10 years to duplicate the quality of the old Q5 from Ingolstadt. Build a new factory 70 kms from the city of Puebla in the middle of nowhere, due to the Mex government spreading work opportunities around the country = bumkins building suv"s. BB
  13. bavarianbrit

    A1 tall camo bucket seats

    I use a German 20 bottle beer crate light & stiff.
  14. bavarianbrit

    Nissan announcement and Government collusion

    Qashqai is just for the school run? Female drivers seem to prefer being higher = feeling safer which the auto companies are well aware of.
  15. bavarianbrit

    Land Rover to move to Slovakia

    Once spent some time with a supplier inside the Solihull plant. I walked the defender line as I was a fan of them. Was very shocked by the *******/blinding of the workers against the managers, they were throwing them together (vehicles) with not much care zero pride and I have 50 years in the business so do know what I am about. No wonder they are moving the new one away to Slovakia. Solihull was like the 1971 Chrysler Ryton plant before Peugeot took it on. Oh BTW Skoda"s are in Mlada Bolasav except the VW up variant that comes from VW Bratislava"s assembly line. BB