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  1. bavarianbrit

    Testing Bullet proof glass 1952

    We went on a works visit to Triplex glass in 1968 from college and their foreman put a hawker hunter windscreen on two planks on the floor and told us to try to break it, well after 15x 18 year olds did a police motorcycle team lookalike show there was a loud crack!!!!!
  2. bavarianbrit


    I would take the dies if £20 posted.
  3. bavarianbrit

    12 gauge screw on moderator for my beretta urika

    They charged me £280 to add one onto a single barrel 12g Webley.
  4. bavarianbrit

    Saw a lot in Normandy today

    Am visiting D Day area and was surprised by how many were about. East Kent was dire this summer.
  5. bavarianbrit

    Yukon photon end cap

    I used a plastic tube of the correct occular diameter and glued on the end of it a plastic disc with a half inch hole in the middle to improve the depth of field focussing. Cost me zero£££££££ Martin
  6. bavarianbrit

    SOLD Hornady SST 6.5 Cal 140 grain

    Would go to £32. Cheers
  7. bavarianbrit

    Light & durable

    I am retired now and you are so wrong, you will never have enough time there is so much fun stuff to get into.
  8. bavarianbrit

    Greylag 10 gauge

    I have had a Greylag that was opened up to 8G by Elderkins since 1996 and was proofed as 8G in those good old days. So far shot just one goose with it but the reloading with Remington plastic cases was fun to do. Heavy old beast though it soaks up the recoil well.
  9. Seeing very little around Dover.
  10. bavarianbrit


    Florida is tilted by heavy hispanic immigration in a similar way to California is so doe"s not represent the rest of the USA. I have worked 8 years over the last 35 years there plus lots of visits to pals I had made and have watched the changes happen just like in london. Blame Boeing for making world travel easier.
  11. bavarianbrit

    AK47 or a car

    No way. I had a Moskvitch van in the mid 70s and this is almost the same shape. I worked at Tesla 2014 and there is a ways to go yet for the ruskies to be able catch up with them.
  12. bavarianbrit

    .357 humane dispatch revolver

    Hi Daz, They go for nothing here in Germany. How are the pigeons in East Kent now? I will be there next week. Regards Martin
  13. bavarianbrit

    24 gauge magtech brass

    I have 8 boxes of new cases (200x) that I could bring up to the game fair or deliver either in the Coventry or Dover areas. I am driving over from Germany on this wed afternoon so would need to know asap whether to pack them in car or not. Martin
  14. bavarianbrit

    Pulsar forward DFA 75

    I would be interested in the 42mm adaptor only if it was the aluminium one. Martin
  15. bavarianbrit

    Yukon Photon 5x42

    Where are you located? Martin