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  1. Boris was born in the USA so he can legally run for POTUS after he has ruined the UK.
  2. I have an old workmate so treated by no1, when he remarried he told her his income was quite low and he salted it away in another place then when no2 left she thought he was too poor to rob, that was in Detroit.
  3. Here"s a link. https://www.bestpracticeguides.org.uk/
  4. The ****** will be trying to get a gps on it now.
  5. I lived down the road from her in Paris for 6 months in 1989 never met her though. RIP.
  6. bavarianbrit


    It is located on a grotty corner so has no real inspiration to Dovers population imo and I do have a 2nd home there.
  7. Cons = High ground rent, the site owner can ask you to remove the unit when it ages a bit and nowhere else will have you so buying secondhand on site is a risk. I was in one with a girlfriend in 1988 and 5 units away one burnt to the ground with nobody being aware and the old girl died in it. Badly insulated usually so winters can be hard. Pros = usually a lot of older quieter residents. Often located in nice unaffordable areas. To me they are overpriced for what they are.
  8. bavarianbrit


    Not always wanted.
  9. We will save money on giving her face masks though.
  10. Just a heads up, I have one that I altered for driven boar shooting with a shorter barrel & lightpoint sight Docter II. The cases eject very briskly and every case shows a goodly dent at the neck.
  11. My grandfather worked through WW1 at that plant then he died in 1919 supposedly from the environmental conditions that he worked in there body was sent back to Newry for burial. Small world.
  12. Jack"s game is now over. RIP.
  13. They gave her a good send off today. Well pleased to see the projection onto Dover"s cliff"s.
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