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  1. Do a one off two day stint with a pigeon guide, the cost will come back in saved cartridge costs and you can pick his/her brains relentlessly.
  2. bavarianbrit


    All are made from Egyptian waxed cotton seems one supplier for all the companies in UK.
  3. The Sheriffs office in Kent cannot even find the jerk after the judgement was made against him, seems to have done a bunk, Northdown Windows in the Ramsgate area so watch him.
  4. I have a Westley single ca.1850 8 bore.
  5. At Humber Ltd cars prototype shop in Coventry in the 1960"s there were spindle blades embedded in the brickwork right up to their full depth, never forgot that one. Hate them.
  6. Saw two of them over St Margarets Bay near Dover wheeling & rolling yesterday. Prickly arm hairs that was indelible sound too just like the Reach for the sky film.
  7. bavarianbrit

    Be Safe

    Watched a modded **** small car with a big exhaust weave left to right while over/undertaking on the M1 Monday a total wayne ker.
  8. I thought the post was about Boris. It will be too hot to sit in a hide today IMO. I did make up a tripod affair 3 sticks with burlap sacking as camo last year so that I could sit down low in the middle of a field of unharvested grain but the sun will stop that one for the next few days.
  9. Copy the pics using Microsoft snipping tool & save them as a jpg this reduces the file size a lot.
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