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  1. Maybe you could set up the deeks on Kingsdown beach and get a few there?😉
  2. Roll on, roll on the 5th of November (my sisters birthday) when we may all be surprised.
  3. They tape the seams so that must be the stuff to use if you can find it.
  4. Well thanks, do get well soon. I do not want to stress your health. I guess we will move in and have it done after covid passes.
  5. No damp issues there, it was a laid onto a new suspended floor of t&g OSB sheets with an underlay on top. The youtube video was posted by a claimed flooring expert company. I am slagging off the workmen as after their two attempts to lay it and then 6 years of having tenants in this house with no carpeting/mats on it and with the movement of the boards as I see it how can it be anything other than bad workmanship? I will get a tool made up (a small angle iron piece with rebar welded to it) so I can drop the angle into the gap and tap it along to close the gaps up then cut a
  6. What is this? It makes the site almost unreadable IMO.
  7. I bought very expensive oak engineered flooring to have laid in my house 6 years ago, the first layer ********, 2nd layer did almost the same ****. Now the boards have slid along to show gaps 5mm on the short ends. Need it all lifted and laid by an experienced layer, seems according to youtube that they should have been pva glued in the grooves and both the ***** did not do that. Seems you cannot get good help today but there are hundreds of white van chancers out there. Rant over.
  8. My heat plate has a patina of heat/rust and still works now 18 years on and I am still happy with it.
  9. Happy to go to £50. Regards.
  10. Good for the farmer to use to hold his silage sheets down.
  11. I called them 02 and was advised to forward the text to 7726 which is their scam hotline.
  12. Are they the alloy ones? Where are you located?
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