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  1. Been in that situation as a victim, believe me it leaves a lifelong scar that will not heal.
  2. If they had to pick it up perhaps they would be less inclined to dump their mac bags in the street.
  3. My neighbour found a case of them unissued on a building site in germany, there was a small box inside with all the fuses to be inserted on the main unit at point of delivery up at the front, makes sense for shipping them as they would be inert.
  4. Kilometre long pits being filled with live pigs then the earthmovers fill it back up according to my vet pal. Animal welfare?????
  5. They would be rescued by illegals heading to Kingsdown beach sadly.
  6. I never see badgers dead on the roads of germany see lots in the UK though hmm!!!!! Farmer Giles have you any thoughts?
  7. 35 years ago nailing down chipboard (I think) onto the floorboards in an upstairs hall suddenly I smelt gas made a quick call = expensive rip up of all the work done to solder up the pin ***** I had caused in the supply pipe. Lesson learnt.
  8. Perhaps the government will be again forced to supply pest shooters with free cartridges as was in those golden olden days? Kind of a farmers subsidy.
  9. I was working over there in 1981 and went to watch the first shuttle launch. Fast forward to 2014 and I met Musk once in Teslas office in Fremont cal. Quite a visionary type even if you do not agree with his methods he is moving mankind forward, for good or bad????? BB
  10. Finally got it to work, I have the form now so can wipe my bottom after all. Filled out & sent off. Life really is too short. The Mexican cartels have their ways of sorting out business.
  11. I had it after the pistol ban and moved over to germany then watched the ban it all crowd decimate fox hunting (not my thing but different strokes etc) then Brexit now this. UK is going down the pan and jumping ship is the only option IMO. address bar in IE sorry to be thick what is IE? as still not working for me. BB
  12. And it appears you have to buy the Adobe version????? Please correct me if wrong. BB
  13. In Germany they can only be shot after they have migrated south to the med = a stupid hunting law as a sap to the antis. BB
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