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  1. 30+ years living off the royal trough the wake up call will be rough. Get a mortgage for the cottage?
  2. Oh happy days. You forgot to mention the frost on the inside of the bedroom window for months on end and the outside toilet was frozen plus either your front or rear in the living room were warm but never both at the same time. But we were happy.
  3. I signed on 2010 after the big crash and as I still had a bit over £16K in my bank account I was not given any help/money.
  4. bavarianbrit


    WW1 started with an assassination BTW.
  5. bavarianbrit


    If it was Russia it would have been called state sponsored terrorism but as it is our friends that did it it gets a different handle.
  6. bavarianbrit


    Anyone up for WWIII? They will get all het up over this and judging by the Carter years debacle they "Iran" are dangerous now with A weapons too, Hmmmm.
  7. Had my missus rushed into hospital on 24th with gallstone infection so had every day a 4hr roundtrip to hospital with the visit. Really got nowt done otherwise, my boxing day dinner was a chinese buffet. Oh well she is now showing good result after a stent was fitted.
  8. Do my bit as I shoot as many magpies & Jays that I can. PREPARE FOR INCOMING!!!!!!
  9. A 6 year old unit in a 3 bed house just had to have it replaced due to not being economic to repair = £1800. New **** aint made worth tuppence.
  10. bavarianbrit

    Elon Musk

    He seemed a nice enough guy when I worked at Tesla in 2014 but what do I know there must be a lot more to it imo. Calling people out (peds) is not on either in my book.
  11. Google PMD, broad Lane, Coventry. My sister worked there for 20 years and they were a top precious metals plating firm.
  12. Time to bring in ccw permits for trained civilians imo. Dream on!!!!
  13. What a cant remark, there are many poor pensioners out there. I did 2.5 years in the US system and get paid $276 a month from there. Compare that to to the shameful amount the UK pretend government gives out to the elderly.
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