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  1. Cz527 sportsmatch mounts

    Thank you Sir
  2. Cz527 sportsmatch mounts

    Sold pending payment.
  3. Re listing these at lower price and a photo this time. face to face in Norfolk or I’m at Bisley on first Sat in Dec and Sussex that morn. They are lower powered fill length .22lr’s and superb for around buildings or 10m target. Only selling as need to reduce the amount of 22 in order to get some of what I now need. 8 packs of 50rnds so 400 in total for the price of £20
  4. Cz527 sportsmatch mounts

    Two piece CZ527 ( silly CZ and their odd size rail) Sportsmatch 1” mounts in vgc - no marks from memory. medium height £18 posted
  5. Akah 6x25 rangefinder

    Akah 6x25 rangefinder in as new condition, only replacing as I have a new con-x here now. ive seen these advertised anywhere between £145 and £190. Looking for £85 posted or collection from Norwich anytime or Bisley on the first Sat in December.
  6. A1 decoys poor delivery?

    I had the opposite experience ordered via eBay and was with me in three days! That was at the end of August
  7. Browning Invector plus chokes

    Thanks Im over in France and there is shop I visit so will take a look
  8. Apart from the obvious Browning, do any makes/models accept them? Only ask as I recently sold a maxus Grd3 Duck & Pheasant and have a complete set of Briley extendeds and wouldn’t mind a pump or semi as a knock about
  9. Henry Krank

    Ooooh will have to give them a call about delivery costs. Failing that, anyone from the area going to Bisley in a week or fortnight?
  10. Another old codger

    That was my thinking..... otherwise what’s the point in only taking six into consideration as surely if there were other they were either dropped or as you say, deacts or obsolete
  11. Food banks.

    Isn’t that true for anyone claiming any sort of suppport, who is able to have a Holiday each year, Sky tv and a mobile phone?
  12. Recovery off road

    Can’t help with the AA or RAC, but my 3 year old has subjected me to umpteen episodes of Peppa Pig and when Daddy Pig got stuck off road they called Miss Rabbit and her helicopter with a magnet on to lift you clear. Sorry, but I think it’s time we broke the tv as between that show and Ben and Holly I’m slowly going mad...............must return to work for my sanity
  13. puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    Aaah man, I remeber 1980 and my mate David Turner having one- was so jealous but rode the hell out of it when I could. Do you have any pics so I can reminisce? Bit small for riding to work isn’t it? Just checked, sorry it was the Puch Magnum X
  14. Carb overhaul

    Use mine for cleaning all sorts , and brass too of course.
  15. Shoot food

    Wish I hadn’t read this thread- getting peckish now and might have to go and open that Swiss roll in the cupboard