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  1. Referring to my previous and in reply to WalkedUp, our rates of Income Tax are not actually as high as France/ Germany/Belgium/Netherlands and other EU states.
  2. Flying East to West in theory should be a shorter time, but in reality it the jet streams make our returns a lot faster. You can fish, but just like sitting by the lake, you don’t always catch. We can step it up a bit and get really technical if you wish- but I prefer the ‘play school’ approach. Who knows, someone might actually be in Teresa a learn something. 😂😂😂😂
  3. We don’t calculate for it but boy oh big did we have to study it for our exams. It’s effect on flight and weather systems dependant on latitude. For flight, we other considerations such as variation/deviation etc. The joys of modern flight management systems and data systems means we pretty much point and go ( or at least the sat nav does) - gone are the days of Loran C , Decca and IRS/INS
  4. I do, so I can get paid and keep a roof over my family’s head. Oh, and reloading supplies too 🙂 Didn’t you fly at the Tax payers expense 😂😂😂😂
  5. But does this reflect a percentage return verses rates of Social charges in other Countries? From those I’ve lived and worked in, we pay the lowest in the form of NI. Can’t expect to get the most or if you pay the least in?
  6. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it 😉
  7. Jaymo

    New Bond film.

    Finally managed to find the time for Mrs Jaymo and myself to go and view it. Glad I had premium seats due to its duration, however there wasn’t a single point where I was wishing the time away. Some good sequences as mentioned- even better to see the continuity errors and also the necessary measure taken in order to perform some of the stunts. Nice to see the DB5 with its upgrades. But I don’t know where they stored all the munitions and the logistics to feed those two ‘garden strimmers’ The plot was reasonable plausible as far as the baddies goes- other parts were far too ‘non bond’ for me. I won’t say anymore, but glad I saw it on the big screen. Im with Oowee in that I doubt I will watch a subsequent Bond movie 😉
  8. Seriously!!!!!!! We rotate about an axis that isn’t vertical to our orbit, hence we experience the changing length of daylight throughout the year. The moon is illuminated via the sun at all times. It’s visible during the day, but not so obvious as the contrast between light and dark of the day. There are certain periods throughout the year when the moon appears to be of a different size or it’s luminosity changes. This is as per its position relative to my second paragraph- just because it’s dark outside your back door ( ooo err mrs), doesn’t mean the rest of the globe is and that lovely ball of burning gasses is illuminating the moon from an angle that your unable to see. This is a very simplified explanation and odd that it should even be needed. I do however, have a different version for our ‘flat earth’ friends 🙂
  9. Building regs for new builds and extensions to existing buildings. 150mm- of what grade/manufacturer as ‘r’ value is diff for all. You can have same value for half the depth.
  10. https://guns.fandom.com/wiki/Winchester_Model_59_(1959) Read this and does say a fibre wrapped barrel.
  11. What’s the min reccommended calibre?
  12. Interesting. I was with Direct line under Tesco guise. When my new Navara arrived and I rang to change, they couldn’t cover me at all- esp as the vehicle wasn’t at that time registered? So Aviva it was but at double the costs from my old Qashqai.
  13. It’s so that the RAC and AA know where to place their recovery vehicles on standby
  14. I’m with Aviva for mine- non commercial use.
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