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  1. Never like to have a smug look on my face 🙂 Are you sure there were enough fixings on the wall 😂😂😂
  2. Jaymo

    Amber Hill

    Seems that COVID strikes again. She has tested positive before jetting of to Japan for the Olympics. There goes our skeet medal hopes and also her dreams and training for the past five years.
  3. From what I can see, the info that would have been stolen was Name, address, email address and phone number. Nothing to say I’m a licence holder- of course I’m registered on a gun trading site, but that’s not to say I’ve just been looking it it for anything other than air guns! Either way, it’s not brilliant to have a data breach on any site, yet alone a firearms related one.
  4. Luckily mine was my old home address, have now changed the rest of my details.
  5. Jaymo


    He hasn’t messaged me yet, so I assume he is sleeping or working- but prefer to think of him sulking. But I do believe he collected a few thou the other day anyway?
  6. Horsefly got me on the bicep the other week.....
  7. Jaymo


    Had to be quick to beat Mr TC 😂😂😂😂
  8. Jaymo


    Yes please. My parents are in Crowborough and we’re due to visit next week.
  9. Glad we’re not the only ones with this problem! Tried the window stickers, spray ( tend not too as it’s the kitchen area mainly that has the problem), citronella, electron fly swat and this contraption that arrived yesterday which is ‘pants’ Best thing so far is a £2.98 plastic fly pistol 🔫- takes me back to my youth of removing the fly swat part and replacing with a drawing pin…..
  10. EVE memory foam mattress in the Jaymo household. Really firm. She loves it and I despise the thing. Kids beds got cheapo IKEA foam ones and they really suit me ( I get kicked out of our bed when one of the kids is poorly or nightmares).
  11. The wallpaper is ‘around’ the batten and would suggest to me that counter top is being supported by the ply in the at area and by the cabinet carcasses elsewhere. Due to the weight of granite ( if it’s true granite and not composite) them all it will have is a few lines of silicone holding it down. Just go for the upwards ‘tug’ 🙂
  12. Jaymo

    Marsh Man

    Now, there are ‘Previous offenders’ and ‘serial offenders’. We know which famous Norfolk resident fits into the latter!
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