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    1. Jaymo

      Heads up

      Oooh, coloured writing- can you do joined up too ??????? Looking at my own postings, really must proof read and not ‘speed post’ - phone screen and large hands 🙂
    2. Jaymo

      Heads up

      Nope- shopping is the domain of her ‘ladyship’, I popped in to collect kids shoes as they go through a pair every couple of months at school ( come in kids, pick your feet up and no kicking footballs- doesn’t help youngest used his shoe as a brake in his scooter instead of the actual brake) ...
    3. Jaymo

      Heads up

      Well, one’s M&S food court is on the other side of the City, so darn inconvenient 🙂
    4. On the positive side, at least you know you now have an updated and possibly more efficient boiler!
    5. Jaymo

      Rde on Mower

      Friend of mine has the larger tractor version and it’s been great. I’m going to use that age old PW quote “if only you were nearer”
    6. Jaymo

      Heads up

      Could be worse- our local ASDA stocks a range of 3’ garden gnomes! Who the hell buys that ‘tat’?
    7. Ping me your voting card choices for next four years and will send the cash across. Or send me your full name, address and bank details along with your card exp and CVC 🙂
    8. £20 says that your ‘protest’ votes or vetoes last only a couple of rounds !!!!!!!
    9. Having lived in South of France I can tell you that pellet burners are very popular- as far as maintaining them/cleaning them, no more so than a normal wood burner. Autonomy varies from around 30 hours to 72 from the ones I have seen ( small decorative types) We still have a large wood burner and as we don’t spend a great deal of time there our wood store should do for another five years. Once that’s exhausted then we shall be going down the pellet route with domestic heating capabilities Love that wood burner/oven combination though
    10. That’s the one.....
    11. He is working in your local Co-op, honest as I saw him 🙂
    12. Ignore me, thought it looked like a Winchester 1500xtr until I reread this listing and noticed Browning.
    13. That’s awful- let’s ban the sale of Rice 🙂
    14. Figgy Brilliant reply. unfortunately the sink waste is too low already to go into the boss in the top of the ‘T’ as that was my original idea. Good thinking about the Durgo- hadn’t thought of that and the way the current sink is boxed in, I very much doubt there is one already. Would it be poss to use the current boss and use some 40mm of say 500mm high with an air valve on top- know it would be vertically right on top of the current waste ‘T’ but access is minimal and I doubt there would be any back flow up that level? TIA
    15. Now I’m no plumber, but even I know there has to be a greater ‘fall’ than ‘zero’ and the main one is you don’t use a ‘T’ for the toilet waste and have a 32mm sink waste entering the ‘t’ directly using a rubber grommet- it’s got a sodding ‘drill out joint’ on the thing so why didn’t they use it and blank off the 110? ( guess to stop the effluent being pushed up into the sink waste?) Damn thing had been leaking for years by the look of it- managed to get a bit of ‘fall’ and more importantly I extended to the left with 110mm soil pipe and then joined the sink waste into that ( very well sealed too). Now the pressure from the toilet should no longer cause any probs ( well it’s not leaking under test) This house is full of ‘short cuts’ that even this rank amateur can see. Not a great pic but you can make out the old rubber grommet and white waste on the left.
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