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  1. Pah, that makes you fairly local- I’m 289 miles away 😂😂😂😂😂
  2. I just saw that… what is it they say about predictive text being based on past messaging 😂
  3. Took down 21 pines and let it sit for a couple of years. Had zero probs with the flue, but we did have it swept annually. Only thing to say is, seems to burn a bit hotter and quicker and so you seem to be feeding it more….
  4. Thank you… mine def isn’t repairable!!!!!
  5. Does that apply to any of us 😉
  6. I hope you never have to use it, but take thought that we’re listening out for you 👍🏻
  7. Will be interesting to see what the big six supermarket chains report as profits in the coming six months.
  8. Jaymo


    Check settings- there is a tab labelled ‘wives’. Click on this tab and you will see if the ‘items he likes, but I won’t let him have’ tab has been ticked.
  9. Not since 2017 and 2020 when I had a few rifles and shotguns that I already owned, on a French Licence Gave the serial numbers to the Licensing department and they were entered into my SGC/FAC and so was no problem bring them in via the ferry and chunnel.
  10. You will find it’s left a lovely outline from the oils on the feathers. We had a glass atrium separating two parts of our old place and the amount of pigeons not realising was amazing. Few suffered broken necks but many just seemed to pick them selves up and pop off.
  11. You know we’re ‘blessed’, you took the pics 😉
  12. In Norfolk the cockchafer has many local names such as chovy, mitchamador, kittywitch and midsummer dor. Stole that from National Wildlife trust as I’m an ignoramus 😉
  13. It is indeed. Use it for the triple two
  14. Nope. TC actually said he wanted to do some Aviation’ photos and I thought what could possible go wrong? It got a bit worrying when he said he needed to see my ‘fuselage’ and that my ‘landing gear’ should be in the ‘extended’ position! I tried to escape. Honestly I did, but he used the old ‘seniority’ card and made me stay.
  15. We could always let your ticket go, but I know how much your looking at joining us there. Mel’s managed to get a ticket too.
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