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    1. Was it Meghan hiding out Waiting for Harry to join her?
    2. We talking Merkel, the German Chancellor? Or the Gunmaker? Hopefully the latter 🙂
    3. Ah, he wouldn’t want to mess up his ‘pretty boy’ nails n make up I only wear them for Ditchie
    4. Phew , my MP didn’t make the cut 🙂
    5. FlightRadar has a built in delay- stop naughty people seeing what’s coming their way and maybe carrying out some nefarious activity. We use it a lot to see if we can have a few mins extra at the hotel or coffee at the Airports I tend to frequent
    6. Life is full of “What if’s” Move on, anyone who hasn’t ever done anything silly with a firearm/ power tool/car / plane ( ok, got me there 🙂 ) is lying......
    7. Jaymo

      im back

      1967spud.com And I’m in no way affiliated to Mark or have any other commercial interests
    8. Jaymo

      im back

      Correct From a very well stocked unit here in Norfolk
    9. Jaymo

      im back

      Oh god, do u have to haunt me on here now too? Know I haven’t been buying recently, but there was no need to track me down 🙂 All the best for 2020 to you and Nathan
    10. One that springs instantly to mind is her quote about “seeing” the results of the Dockers strike of which her father was one. Turns out she couldn’t have seen much as she was two at the time? Apologies if I am misquoting a newspaper article or something that I heard! BTW- know you have a bit of time on your hands in that shed of yours- but put the dictionary down. Using big words for a Norfolk resident, isn't the done thing 🙂
    11. God, it’s Gollum
    12. Jaymo

      Prostate trouble?

      From personal and other friends experiences- it’s also listed on the patient leaflet
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