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  1. Seconded as to ‘as above’
  2. We had years of ‘un niceness’ as you put it, ever since the 08 crash. As it was once put, there is no magic money tree!
  3. Jeez, do I now have to compete with you and TC!!!!!
  4. Doesn’t Holkham have a reputation for gentlemen meeting gentlemen? Somehow I don’t think it will be endless Bo Derek’s that you will interact with!
  5. You have our thoughts and condolences. In amidst all of the heartache that is current, your poem shows that the true path converged and that the two of you connected for a wonderful life and some wonderful memories. Jay
  6. I am too. Havimg a lovely ‘burning’ day clearing the old hedgerow and fencing which was well past it anyway. Still out burning it now and prob be another hour before it’s ok to leave it.
  7. It’s ok for you lot- since you all encouraged me to buy the piece of land adjoining mine, it’s lost all its grass and we needed to grade to the same level. last week after the snow melted, it’s was like a bog.
  8. Yes, LandRover reliability 😂
  9. But fight club remained ‘shunned’ and an underground movement- what if they wish to be heard and fight proudly. In a similar vein, we have this mentality that as FAC/SGC holders, that we should never rock the boat. I have shot for over forty years, but I wouldn’t keep quiet just to justify my certificates- maybe I’m just ready for a Hornby Train set, pipe and slippers?
  10. Thereby brings the second problem. When expressing or in this instance, backing something up with irrefutable scientific evidence, could be labelled as either ‘phobic’ or ‘hate crime’! Before long, general opinions will be forced to be aired in underground meeting clubs amongst like minded individuals only for fear of persecution! No where have we experienced that along with mass genocide ?
  11. There can only ever be two genders as per the ‘X&Y’ chromosome binding. Sorry to say, but it’s this that dictates your gender and not your mental feelings. How you wish to be called, is ‘your’ wish and not a right to criticise others or force a majority into your will. Im not saying you don’t have the right to associate with an opposing gender, but the same science that can explain away how conception works and DNA which is universally agreed to be correct, also proves that there are only the two genders. No one was born into the wrong body! but your mental perceptions
  12. Back in the late 80’s and before they put bollards up in the car park to stop such a thing. It made a great oval raceway that I could keep the tail of my TR7 hanging out all the way round, I loved it and so did the birds from the sixth form who use to accompany us 🙂
  13. Oh how I miss living in France 😞 Regular sights and not in the UK mega make up plastic way either. Was surprised to read she is Romanian.
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