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    1. Jaymo

      Cinema. Parasite

      I’ve headed of down South to the folks place, wife is enjoying the peace n quiet and is of to see it as I type
    2. Jaymo

      Top Gear

      Binky, now that’s a channel 👍
    3. Jaymo

      Storm Ciara

      Just lost part of our roof here in Norwich in one of the peak gust ( currently blowing up to 52kts at the Airport)
    4. Jaymo

      Storm Ciara

      All right for you lot- I’m expected to fly in it!!!!!!
    5. Jaymo


      Shouldn’t it have been “flogging a dead horse”
    6. Needed some as running short for our house renovation, just got the last two boxes in Norwich- thanks for the heads up as up in the loft removing old insulation later!
    7. Just cut a larger loft hatch 😂
    8. Jaymo


      How ironic that those song lyrics were sung by a group called ‘Europe’
    9. I’m happy to drive you both in, if it helps? ( yeah, I know the logistics)👍
    10. Did they thank mr Mc Adam by saying “Ta”????
    11. Jaymo

      Wi Fi booster

      If on the same ring circuit then a Powerline type adapter into a WiFi router. Or, as LG suggest and preferred, lay a cat 6 in some conduit to the shed The Wall faceplate versions by BG etc tend to throttle back the transfer rate
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