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    1. Surely it’s 4 nails?
    2. Jaymo

      Period Scope

      Have a mid 80’s Tasco 6-24x40 but no idea of its worth except the sentimental value of being gifted by my parents. Lovingly cherished ever since and still sits on the .222
    3. As with many email phishing scams, click on the message header and see the actual address of the sender and if see if it has come from a legit sender and not ajdjtffjd.scam@gmail.com etc
    4. Jaymo


      Miner bees, have a few colonies in a raised bed.
    5. Yes it is- look at the Leupold lettering and the ‘flat’ which normally goes on the underside
    6. Personally, stick to the 308 for the ammo supply reasons and it’s what your used too. Covers you for nearly everything. Or sod it, get a 308 plus a 6.5 and also a 300win mag 🤔
    7. Was never a fan of a shop that wouldn’t let you purchase without a ‘membership’ Did get a good discount off some climbing shoes though as my niece once worked there!
    8. The one bit I find strange is why didn’t he come with his friend to collect it? Secondly, as your able to withdraw £500 per day on most cards from a cash point- then he could have paid cash? Maybe I’m just suspicious these days!
    9. Anti g-loc software with auto terrain avoidance so unless recovery wasn’t possible ( g-loc induced recovery is very quick but often a bit of confusion ensues). Operating that far out- oh boy that’s a blink of an eye and have encountered some of those ‘fly boys’ practicing far far from home ...... also caused me so lovely TCAS RA’s which causes a few upsets pax and more bloody paperwork ( electronic now, but still a pain when I should be in the bar)
    10. Will keep an eye out. An amendment to my earlier- it was the switch to Armscor frames that put me off ( supposedly like the made of cheese chiappa stuff)
    11. I had to still jump through the hoops for my initial application for the pistols and semi automatic rifles in France. The renewal went from three to five years and was pretty painless. Just have to get your ‘carnet’ stamped by the club a min of three times a year and visit the docs once a year for a little ‘chat’, jobs a good un. After each shooting/Terror attack, things did change slightly as in hi capacity mags etc
    12. I did when when he utilised the Taurus frames, he then went with Alfa frames and I wasn’t so taken. Changed my variation from one to an LBR As I have a ‘gallery’ rifle then I like the shared cartridge.
    13. I could be wrong about Vince’s experience, but if the gentleman in question pistol is conditioned for HD, then he cannot claim to be ‘getting familiar’ with it. Had it been held on Sect 7 then the range in question has to be closed and Vince wouldn’t have been allowed on site. I still hold a Glock19 and Taurus 627 tracker in Frogland, but as it has finally sold then this August will be my last ‘play’ before having to sell.... oh well, LBR here but just not the same.
    14. Snap, crackle and pop are pixies and hence I’m outraged that they didn’t use leprechauns in support of our Irish cousins. Im just about to go cook some good old ‘Uncle Bens’ rice......
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