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    1. Jaymo

      Airport Parking

      I use these guys when travelling there- not the most fancy facilities, but never had a single problem with them https://www.iloveairportparking.co.uk/
    2. Jaymo


      Just switched to Opera on the iPhone and no ads 🙂
    3. Cheers will investigate
    4. Sorry for the ‘hi jack’ If another ever becomes available then please let us know. Jay
    5. Any brand names Facing exactly the same on a fifty year old house. Laying UFH And in order to do so, had to remove the 20mm thick bitumen later which acted as the DPM
    6. Jaymo

      Essex lorry deaths

      Most likely trafficked in to work illegally and kept in squalor as virtual slaves. Not exactly going to be claiming the old benefits, or be able to claim asylum either! See above
    7. Jaymo


      Aaaah shucks, how sweet you should think of adding me to your little list- is it like the “Naughty or Nice” Santa list 🙂
    8. Jaymo


      What is it they say about to ‘Assume’ !!!!!!
    9. Jaymo


      I can’t say that the standard of living is better, it’s swings n roundabouts and very Country/ region divisive- just like the UK Of course you know why I live here- The Company have bases me here, not because I like paying the higher rates of Income Tax that I do here than where I was 🙂 Also here for personal reasons to be closer to my assist with my father’s Alzheimer’s
    10. Jaymo


      Sanitised? Nice hotels and only departure lounges- best you come spend a week with me ( promise not to take you to any naughty places) One thing I have always done in the the last 30 years of this job is hey off the beaten track so as to speak, witness part that ‘Tourist’ don’t. Believe me, been to some really obscure areas and no it’s not all a bed of roses. But a few no go areas in Sweden ( I presume your referring to Gothenburg and Malmo predominantly) does not the whole Country make. Like most major Cities, including those in the UK, there are parts that you don’t particularly wish to frequent- but even then, that’s no guarantee of being on/seeing anything, untoward. Rioting in Paris, yes we see media portrayals of ‘Weekly’ rioting, when in fact it’s very sporadic and usually occurs in the same old arrondissement’s ( areas) - having friends there I’m very happy to assert this fact. You mention the ‘Pigs’ , where high unemployment has lead to troubles- but once again, have you witnessed it- poverty exists in every Country! Wasn’t it recently that it was said, that x amount of the UK’s school children come to school without having had a meal at home due to poverty, that Universal Credit has forced many to associate with this “Term” ? Its been said many many times before, facts need to be be facts and the only way a fact can be given, is if it can be confirmed.
    11. Wasn’t it the promo for the Titanic 🙂 They weren’t stars, but iceberg’s
    12. Jaymo


      Working/ experiencing, 7 out of the 9 Countries/ Place’s, I feel you do indeed need to visit or spend some time there, before making such a statement based on media reports. Shottingham or Knife Central aren’t exactly El Paradiso - so it’s also difficult to “justify your comment”
    13. Jaymo


      Why Fred or Ethel? Does that then point to an Older UK person instead? Retsdon isn’t based in the UK, so has a higher than average possibility of at least one of his students being named so!
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