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  1. Jaymo

    Darth Vader dead

    True, but also rather desperate back then too 🙂
  2. Jaymo

    Darth Vader dead

    You better bloody not be!!!!!
  3. Just get a BT whole home disc type setup. Uses ‘mesh’ techniques to provide a Wi-Fi signal everywhere. Would be better than powerline adapters and easy to put a Wi-Fi card into your current PC
  4. Depends on where and on what, I’ve ridden cruisers at over a ton that wallowed like no business and yet during my race days on track, 150 to 160 on Bentley straight at Snetterton was quite relaxing before grabbing a handful to make it through Brundle 🙂 Not proud to say I’ve ridden in shorts before, it’s an acceptance and assessment of risks. Seen skin lost on pushbikes but never put my leathers on to ride one
  5. Essex and class! Hmmmmm ( it’s ok, I’m ‘made in Essex’ and allowed to make such comments- fortunately for me, was born in Sussex 😉)
  6. Once a week? Ok, so not so poor as isn’t it usual for only once a month around that area!
  7. Blimey, you lot must be very poor down there in Essex? We have our bath indoors and some are lucky enough to have indoor toilets too! Still, at least u have a roof over it 🙂
  8. Could you supply a pic as I think this will match one I have? Thankyou
  9. Welcome to the “oh my god that bloody hurts” club !!!!!!
  10. Nah, he just drinks what he finds under the kitchen sink....
  11. Been there before- all set to go and chain falls through. Seller said I could still have the house if I stumped up and extra 20k , eeerrr no thank you. Shame though, was a lovely place.
  12. Jaymo


    Awwww, come on gents- where’s your sense of fun 🙂 I probably have far too many already that are ‘fun’ only types bit it doesn’t stop me hankering for more. Besides, I’m in mourning- left my baby Glock and Taurus Tracker at the shop to be sold a few months ago in frogland.
  13. Jaymo


    Beverley Hills Cop 2, Franchi SPAS - need I say more Now why didn’t I buy the one I saw at Chris Potters many many moons ago?
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