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    1. Jaymo

      Interesting..Kashoggi !

      Oooh, are we talking dark skinned women or that lovely gelatinous product ( no, not the Fry’s bar imposter)
    2. Jaymo

      Tasco Japan 4-16x40 Vintage Gloss finish

      I have one of these in the 6-24 flavour. Was an Xmas present from my folks back in 88 or something- brilliant and won’t part with it. Good luck with the sale, someone’s going to get a ‘classic’
    3. Jaymo


      Paying the VAT I don’t mind, but it’s the obligatory Royal Mail ( other carrier) charges that I find annoying and there is no way around it as if you don’t pay then they just send the item back......... I order from Norway and have the same too of course.
    4. Jaymo

      Brit shot dead in hunting accident, France

      Love too but loads to get done on the house/ garden then tonight’s it’s pistol time and same tomorrow night but followed by pizza n beers with friends. Hope your doing ok ?
    5. Jaymo

      Brit shot dead in hunting accident, France

      Thermal and night vision for hunting is banned here in France. The hunts are often in scrubland/ woodland and these guys react and swing at any movement either in bushes or on trails....
    6. Jaymo

      Brit shot dead in hunting accident, France

      I’m down here for a few days sorting the house out- pesky sanglier have made their way through the reinforced fencing yet again. Best I don’t cycle down to the builders merchant then! Every year someone gets injured at the Chasse- one offender was a drunk policeman with a ND
    7. Jaymo

      Mrs. webber R I P

      Deepest sympathy for you all. Jay
    8. Funny you should say that — that’s why I’m banned from looking at the ‘for sale’ section
    9. Didn’t even check, just clicked- I’m easily tempted by gifts/ offers and links 🙂
    10. Oh what a bundle of Patriotic joy that website is .............. Ok, so maybe Patriotic may not be the correct turn of phrase - ok, anti monarchy
    11. Jaymo

      Antique table

      Me too, very reminiscent of my parents house
    12. Jaymo

      Gun plan

      I used Compare the market site and listed each one separately and received s premium cheaper then last year when they weren’t included as specific items. But I did only insure them for damage/ theft from the home as they never leave my sight when out and about
    13. Jaymo

      Scope question

      Depends on the magnification I believe which is a bit silly when you can buy higher mag scopes there. http://www.airgunbuyer.com/page.asp?pg=1 But, of course if you take it with you on holiday and leave it there then that’s different!
    14. Jaymo

      Gun plan

      Your gear isn’t covered in that price from the quick online quote I just carried out. Mine came in at over £185, but of course it depends on how much coverage you need. Mines all listed on the house ins as separate items.