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    1. Jaymo

      First Aid Kits when shooting

      Indeed, for limbs. But in our ‘basic’ course we attended for work, it was frowned upon unless it looked like the limb was going to be lost anyway.
    2. Jaymo

      First Aid Kits when shooting

      I actually started carrying Celox having helped out at an RTA will an old boy loosing his lower leg and bleeding profusely- pads just didn’t contain it and so wished for something better which is when I read up on Celox. ( fortunately the Processionals arrived to take over). Yep, chainsaws - if you haven’t had a ‘near miss’ with one then you probably haven’t used one 🙂
    3. You’ve not purchased in France then ! Cost me more than I can buy here and that’s for cheapo PPU type stuff too
    4. Jaymo

      First Aid Kits when shooting

      My stalking bag has three things in it. Strap for gralloch which could be used as a tourniquet Tick removal tool celox sachets , it’s a coagulant and is also in my Chainsaw kit bag too....
    5. Jaymo

      Gun dealers comision

      Will have to dig out the paperwork but I sold a couple through Forelock&Load in Suffolk and I think the commission was 10% from memory.
    6. Plus it’s run by a decent chap too......
    7. Jaymo

      SD CARD for Audi in car

      No worse than any Torrent sites such as ‘the pirate bay’ 🙂 Besides, Freddie in ‘I want to break free’ was rather fetching ..........
    8. Jaymo

      SD CARD for Audi in car

      Aaah, the days of Napster 🙂
    9. Jaymo

      Bolting aloy to steel?

      Or rubber ‘rivnuts’ that are used to secure motorbike screens - that would give you total isolation!
    10. Jaymo

      BREXIT - merged threads

      Geographically they are not that far apart ( just flown over them in fact) and if you like a comparison then Parliament is located as we know in London. MPs Travel on a daily basis from their Constituency- from as far a field as Scotland along with their ministerial support officers. Not looking to court controversy, but balancing out what are often one sided statements.
    11. Jaymo

      BREXIT - merged threads

      Touchy. I don’t think I have said to anyone they have pay, but if your not paying Brussels, we will be paying some of the monies that are returned in Subsidies so still shelling out. Rants- well put it this way, how many thread topics are there on a weekly basis bashing the EU/Junckers/ Brexit/May or Jonny foreigner by the supposed ‘Democratic vote leave’ vocalists on here to those who voted Remain! Its been brought up in another unrelated thread that if someone dare to counter any argument put forward, the same people time and time again retort with snide comments- it’s so predictable that I’m sure even William Hill wouldn’t be accepting bets. Have you ever wondered why there are so few counter arguments with you over this subject?
    12. Jaymo

      BREXIT - merged threads

      All this “why should I pay for someone else” is rather self defeatist, after all I’m probably paying for you right now with what I shell out in TAX/NI But do I bleat about it? Nope, I accept that it’s part and parcel and that as I’m earning those amounts then I can afford/should be paying it. Same with our membership to the club, we chuck in 13 bill and receive around 4 back- yes some need it more than others , just like the situation here in Blighty but you don’t go around saying “ oh he can have it but I don’t like her, so she can’t” At the end of the day, you have your opinion and I mine- you can post until the moo moo’s come home but your rants won’t change people’s opinions.
    13. Jaymo

      BREXIT - merged threads

      Why stop whinging about subsidising the EU, surely you should be looking at all ‘Overseas Aid’ which is, or Is it not, greater than the contribution to the EU without the return of subsidies!!!! Such a blinkered ‘island’ mentality as they like to say here in the Country that I work. Am sure I saw all you lot trying out for a part in the original Alf Garnet series........
    14. Jaymo

      Norfolk based engineering wizard

      Dirty ******..... Next Thurs all being well as away until then!
    15. Jaymo


      With these they work by a collet/collar system. Set die to touch shellholder and then In by another full turn. Now when the ram makes contact with the underside of the die it should offer a bit of resistance, but then move about 5mm more as this is the collar working correctly. Might be worth unscrewing it to the component parts and make sure All is free moving