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  1. Jaymo

    End of Watch

    Hell, I would even help to boil some rabbits 🙂
  2. I’ve heard the fishing is quite good, if a little problematic at this time 😂
  3. Off of course. To not do so is lazy and in the future if you wish to change the faceplates then there could well be a gap/ridge. Do as udderly say and use sandwich bags if your not prepared to remove completely and ‘wago’ them up
  4. My favourite haunt as a teenager growing up down ‘Sarf’
  5. Just switch of the internet works for my two- they’re not even teenagers yet 🙂
  6. The whole reason for a sub is stealth! A tracking device of any type surely is undesirable and even if left dormant, could accidentally be switched on at in opportune moment. We have Emergency Locator Beacons that can be manually triggered of in the event of an impact. Yet the damn things occasionally set themselves off.
  7. What’s one of those!!!! Do I get one from the post office still?
  8. How much for the muzzle brake and is it the 208mm version? Nearly forgot, which colour? TIA Oh and can the chokes be changed with it on?
  9. Bit touchy tonight are we sweetie 🙂 Ps, Welcome to the forum Poor Shot!
  10. Not entirely unexpected, but still a ‘kicker’ . A true servant to Queen and Country.
  11. If you have ever had the pleasure of a visit to his place, then you will understand that it takes Mick at least four days just to negotiate the obstacle course of guns in his place 🙂- yet alone find his pc amongst them!
  12. Sorry, wasn’t able to put up a pic as spent the afternoon trying to help my elderly neighbour. She was conned out of £500 by the old ‘your lead flashings on the chimney need fixing ASAP and I can do them today’ The mounts are non structural and made of plastic already- I think spacers would be a better term.
  13. Will be over there later to take a pic. Have been kindly been given someone’s details who does this sort of thing locally. For me, it would go down the route of things like my ‘powder coater’ and such like- been carted across Countries and back but never used.
  14. Jaymo

    Post hole borer

    Aaah yes, boogie pimps and those little parachuting babies.... Destination unknown should be added to your list.
  15. Jaymo

    Post hole borer

    Classic.... followed by the EricPrydz video
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