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    1. Wonderful heartwarming

      Everyone of those smiles is worth more than a thousand years...... We are all truely blessed for all our children, however different they may be to others- We’re all unique.
    2. When is a holiday not a holiday

      Ouch- mr tiny head hammer time.
    3. When is a holiday not a holiday

      Moi? Oh you know me too well already :-) Lloyd- now you have used the dreaded ‘outlaws’ word I now fully appreciate your reasons— when I have to do visits I tend to find excuses to take the kids of to places that we wouldn’t normally go to, just to gain some distance. Mr ShootingEgg, do I really have to point out that the original topic was made in jest........
    4. Answer? When your name is Lloyd90 and your in Australia, yet posting on PW Come on Lloyd, enjoy the sunshine and put the phone down......
    5. Kingfisher Pic

      Nope, the ‘trail’ is from the movement of the bird- which which by the laws of science would not be replicated in a ‘reflection’ edit :: motion/ trail from shutter speed of course- should have mentioned that but in my defence is was a wee bit preoccupied at the time :-)
    6. Not the best of days

      Good luck.... sure you will be ‘rite’, when I chopped mine up like that with a shattering angle grinder disc I thought it was the end—- little op and the nail grows now in a reasonably positive way ;-)
    7. New GRS Stock

      Leftie? That’s good as I didnt think they catered for us Southpaws
    8. S^2C

      Stand Up to Cancer Whilst an entertaining programme for us amateur bakers, a small segment following an 11 year olds battle and loss to Cancer had the wife and I stunned We all have known, know or are directly affected by this disease and ask if you can spare a quid or two, to do so. TIA

      Sparkie Thus is right up my street, but our Risters are only published five weeks in advance of the date - I have put in a request for the days off, but we will not find out until publication. Will there be some sort of ‘Reserve’ list?
    10. Wildcat Predetor 8 Diffusser

      It’s my belief that as a component part, then it doesn’t.
    11. Practical shotgun advice needed

      Mine are running on fibre 6’s through to 8’s and running Improved Cylinder. But use anything really, it’s a bit of fun after all and only start messing around with loads/carts if you have a pig of a gun as I do The distances involved are generally between five and fifteen meters Hope you have fun
    12. Best and worst equipment purchases

      Best is my 1883 Charles Lancaster Worst, my 1883 Charles Lancaster Although I adore the thing, it’s a bit fickle on opening/ejecting and closing— don’t even get me started on the inch of play in the triggers. Still wouldn’t ever part with it though.
    13. Bespoke Gun Cabinets

      Thought so, he does some brilliant work indeed
    14. Bespoke Gun Cabinets

      His name isn’t Simon by any chance?
    15. .243 reloading powder

      It does indeed exists, and not in the land of Narnia. Nathan who does the day to day running should answer the phone if he is not in the back of the unit doing the packing. Try all the numbers and sometimes it diverts and you get Marks wife on the phone. Only time I had a problem was when they had some niggles with their online ordering system, an email and I received a phone call to sort it all.