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    1. Taking gun parts across the channel

      Can’t compete with the deckhand bit, but as someone who splits his time between both countries I can only relay my experiences for the last 9 years of doing it!
    2. Taking gun parts across the channel

      Love these answers. Some truth in them but not entirely correct. An EFP is only required for Transporting ones own Firearms when traveling throughout the EU and yes it is checked. No, you don’t have to make contact with the Police in any form, be it Gendarmerie, Police Municipal or Police National- When you present yourself at the Port ( having already provided all firearms details to you Ferry Company or Eurotunnel when making your booking), you will be issued a different boarding card to be displayed from your rear view mirror. Unless extremely busy, you will be allocated a separate ‘Lane’ and then the nice Police will come and tap on your window and ask for your EFP. On loading you do indeed have to hand over your keys and receive them one the decks are open again for disembarkation. You will then be directed to the ‘Uk Customs’ channel and then made to produce your Documentation where they then inspect the firearms series numbers to check that they tally. It is possible, so I am told, that if informed in advance that any item you have purchased overseas to be entered there and then on your Certificate- This is from two different Licencing Authorities. My French purchases have always been added to my EFP before I travel using the known serial number by either a purchase made on another trip and held over there or contacting the dealer in advance. Hope this helps out a bit.
    3. Help

      Plastic rivets in my book.
    4. Could it be ‘your a rubbish shot’? Just kidding, sorry I cannot contribute anything to the thread as far a technical advice goes. Myself and take-downs/interchangeable barrels do not get on at all- have a 10/22 takedown and it’s either me or the rifle as I cannot obtain consistent groups, fortunately it’s only my ‘plinker’
    5. A nice day of long range shooting

      Lucky lucky is all I can say
    6. A nice day of long range shooting

      You lucky thing, it’s been too long since I’ve carried out some mountain to mountain shooting. Since coming back to the UK most of my shooting has been of limited distances, was meant to be shooting Barton Road next weekend for the first time but our child sitter has ‘other plans’ and I shoot too much to tell the wife that she cannot attend her yoga thing ( yes, I’m a chicken ) Where were you and was it ‘gongs’ and how do you find the LabRadar? Is it worth the money?
    7. m2 camo benelli

      Not your mistake fella- it’s figgy’s, he find reading difficult these days ( sorry mr Fig, no offence meant) Your post clearly says grip cap, as to a replacement ? No idea but I would pose the question directly to the importers
    8. m2 camo benelli

      Grip cap and not mag cap?
    9. wanted bridge for wildcat evo 1/2 inch unf

      PM sent Sorry for the delay in replying, was purely by accident that I checked this posting.
    10. Car insurance

      Grandalf It does indeed pay to shop around. Due to my Fathers deteriorating Alzheimer’s I have taken over a lot of their administrative tasks. They are ‘old school’ and generally stick to the ‘Big Names’ and have never bothered to shop around and often year on year, relying on auto renew. Well this year I have saved them £380 on their car insurance, £520 on their joint Travel Insurance and then recently was their House insurance. The renewal was for £649 from the Halifax, Father wished to stay with them out of brand loyalty ( guess he thinks he should at least keep with one of his original providers ) , Used a comparison site and the Halifax wasn’t the cheapest but wasn’t far down the list. Same cover to the letter ( I even rang up the Halifax to check it was identical) and for how much? £142 ( ok so that’s after a £50 cashback cheque but even so) . Have also recently changed over their gas/elec and combined into one easy provider , next challenge is their Broadband with BT when their contract is up and also the dreaded SKY tv, can’t believe they pay £85 a month just because he likes to watch golf- I look forward to that conversation. On another note, will mail you regarding popping over for a cuppa Jay
    11. "avin a laugh"

      Was just going to say it’s an independent garage in Norwich- been there donkies But Ditchie beat me to it- one thing Ditchie, why eve waste a phone call to that lovely flash place on Cromer Road- they lots of nice flooring and coffee machines to pay for so that always going to cost
    12. Chalk paints

      Annie’s stuff is one of the most well known, however the likes of Rustoleum, Authentico and even had some from Aldi which she says was just as good
    13. Chalk paints

      Wax or varnish. wax will do as you say, but we have had no probs with any of her varnished pieces.
    14. Chalk paints

      My wife uses them for her ‘up cycling’ projects. She attended a course but to me it seems that minimal prep is required. only uses primer if the colour change is great I.e very dark to light Seal it wax for non hard wearing and varnish for hard wearing. She has used it on fabrics too, but it’s not a texture that appeals to me. Hope this helps
    15. Today's Magic Flight