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    1. Rightly or wrongly, they reported something which with sound recordings, is ‘fact’, your advocating ruining someone’s ( and those who also work there, if it were to fold as a result) business by utilising false reviews? We don’t always see eye to eye on here, but I sure wouldn’t leave negative reviews pertaining to your Repair business, if I hadn’t actually had any dealings with you. Democracy has been bandied around along with freedom of speech, yet hypocrisy should have been the most used word of the year.......
    2. Quick experiment, kids in the kitchen 7m away with iPads on and their conversation is picked up easily, that’s not even at an elevated tone. Alexa picks up a loud whisper at 4m. So, depending on the location of the recording device in relation to say, was it place by an open window adjacent to Carrie’s open window? Are the above or below in a converted dwelling with minimal sound deadening from early building reg’s. Friends apartment was converted so badly you could hear upstairs **** 🙂 Regards ‘selling the spat’ to the papers, had it been say, someone with a recording of Abbot and Corbyn getting jiggy then I do believe the comments on here would be Polar One look at any tabloid to see that people will sell any story for, their bit of fame or cash.
    3. Told you 🙂 Brother said it’s a wee bit warm and getting warmer next week to high 30’s and out place should see 40.... that will be the pool warming up nicely for out July arrival
    4. You typing on a mobile phone? They have a wonderfully sensitive microphone and ‘memo’ app already. I can attest to this as I accidentally pressed the microphone icon on mine whilst placing it into my Crew Bag. My wife wasn’t happy with the conversation I was having with some Cabin Crew at the time.... With it being this time of year and reasonably warm, chances of windows being open and sound travelling is of course greater
    5. Is everyone’s solution these days to ‘lump’ someone? Next thread will be how a family member got lumped and how unjust it was!!!!!!
    6. No, but I did once date a ‘Jayne Bennett’ 🙂
    7. How bloody inconsiderate of him- hope wasn’t a decent bottle. Gordon, never said he did lump her- but how would you feel if he had. Yes, incidents of reported domestic violence committed does tend to favour male to female in percentage terms. Never said it wasn’t possible for s male to be a victim of abuse. Thing is, you joke- I joke- we joke, but there are levels of intelligence out there that hear a suggestion and think it’s actually alright to do such a thing as ‘x’ or ‘y’ has suggested it. sheeples have come along way since my day of having to stand behind a mate egging them on ring someone’s doorbell and run away. How many copycat milkshake moments have there been recently? I’m pretty certain that there isn’t a secret underground society plotting a milkshake coup
    8. If you have ever known someone who has been subject to domestic abuse, or attended such a scene, then this is often heard. Im not stating this is the case, as I wasn’t there of course ( was far too busy 🙂 ). But like it or not- the character of our future PM must be considered ( I even used to rather like Boris). Im sure even the Queen has ‘barneys’, but there is a way to conduct them is what I’m trying to convey. Maybe the the person reporting the fracas also writes letters pretending to be a 10 year old 😉
    9. Had he ‘lumped her’ would you still be so supportive? Because he is the ‘Brexiteer’ choice then your prepared to overlook it. Indeed Trump, Putin et al are dubious- do we need the same?
    10. U believe they have phones that ‘modern’ ? 🙂
    11. The smirk on her face that what my wife just pointed out, is one thing Second is that she was making a direct beeline to the Chancellor when her compatriots, were being ushered out from their heckling at the back of the room. Im disappointed that he felt the need to apologise for his actions.
    12. Took my old girl out at the weekend on clays, only dropped a few so there is life in an 1891 ( circa) ‘Sleeved’ Charles Lancaster....
    13. No, I do believe you wouldn’t due to your amazing sense of modesty
    14. It says “rimfire” so that’s my 17 included. Spandit, you still using photoshop 🙂
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