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  1. Jaymo

    Apache helicopters

    Couldn’t do the same as the P51 in my current ‘charge’- bloody thing starts shouting “Landing Gear Landing Gear” at you! Long ago I flew a few times with an ex Lightning jock- few good stories but he wasn’t really suited to multi crew operations.......
  2. The Trade Sales, apparently he doesn’t have 50 of the same gun for sale 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  3. Jaymo

    Apache helicopters

    Nope- better 😂 Thrust vectoring giving rise to manoeuvrability that a Harrier never Could never achieve- along with a speed differential that makes the Harrier look like a sixty a day smoker .....
  4. Jaymo

    Apache helicopters

    Yes, they are txpdr equipped. Any Airport needs to know where vehicles etc are. Esp in low visibility operations. The times this has caught me out as have tried queue jump and ask for start clearance to be told “Sir, call back when you actually are ‘ready’ and have a push back truck “
  5. Lucky you, us ‘southpaws’ dont get many opportunities and I was too hesitant on this one ( truth be told, it was this or an LBR)
  6. Nice scope. Much better looking and functioning than the Burris one that I had
  7. It is- been brilliant, but I’ve used it for things a knife shouldn’t be used for during a property renovation 🙂
  8. £20 inc postage and will take it to replace the one I’ve abused.
  9. Try the Airline industry, rumour is a certain Airline is running at 10million a day loss- now, how can that continue for any period of time! With food production this will only be temporary until they get their testing sorted ( they have on site testing, or did have a couple of weeks ago), demand is still there and so recovery for them will be swift. Other industries not so....
  10. Jaymo


    Was doing some of my last ‘Command’ flights when we walked past the room that the oil rig guys used to wait in before being shuttled off-shore. Remember there was a tv on and we saw the first one hit- carried on and flew to AMS. On Landing we learnt the horror of the situation, were initially grounded but finally after great delay, took on our pax load- no bags or cases. Was the first and last time that I have ever given a PA stating the fact that the baggage wasn’t on board, and not been met with aggravation- but total silence. Visited Ground Zero a couple of years later.
  11. Although they comply with the new EU spec deactivation, it unfortunately falls foul of the UK’s ‘Once a Sec5, always a Sec5 ruling’ - otherwise I would pop over and get one 😄 Why???? Shot the Sterling, Sten and L1A1 but never the Bren! Plus, a chance of a bit of history ( albeit straight pull)
  12. A couple of years ago there was a deact in an ‘antiques’ type place opposite Bonds in Norwich. When I enquired it didn’t have any paperwork and was done to the old std
  13. Jaymo

    Rc plane

    That looks like the old Escort Trainer
  14. I still have my French licence valid until the end of the month- shall I????? Shame I don’t have a place there anymore or this beauty would be in the collection. https://www.naturabuy.fr/UN-FUSIL-MILTRAILEUR-ANGLAIS-BREN-MK3-EN-REPETITION-MANUELLE-CATEGORIE-C--item-7114112.html For those of you whose French is a little rusty, it’s a .303 Bren that appears to be now a ‘straight pull’ 👍🏻
  15. Or a Range Rover 🙂
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