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    1. Jaymo

      4g home hubs

      Use 3’s online area/signal checker to see if available
    2. Jaymo


      Snap, at three weeks old- all the anti virals under the sun and he pulled through to be the ‘pest’ that he is now, aged 5 going on 13
    3. Did someone say “left handed” will take a look and it’s only down the road 🙂 ( on my afternoon exercise route before anyone says it)
    4. Your either a cheeky lot, or can’t read as it says “photos to follow”
    5. May one suggest to stop refilling the damn thing, prob solved if it’s empty
    6. Don’t have much choice at the moment dear chap..... my wings have been well and truly clipped- along with my Bank account
    7. No TC, I was thinking more the other way round- that way I only use half the fuel and help the planet
    8. If the seller could set himself up as a ‘market gardener’ and sell some produce at the side of the road, could I not then tell the nice Police that I’m on my way to buy some food products and it just so happens the fine gentleman was offloading some carts whilst I was there 😉 No where does it state how far you can travel for food or who can supply said food?
    9. Jaymo

      Clearing out shed

      Gosh, so did mine and on a Sunday when we were allowed in the ‘big room’, we got to play with them- wonder what happened to that tin?
    10. ******, that means I need about 21000 loo rolls
    11. That’s today’s society though- expect and moan, but unable to take action
    12. Jaymo

      Bolt thread

      The dreaded B&Q does now let you fondle bolts and nuts ‘loose’ as they do a pick n mix style system now. Just don’t be caught fondling your nuts in your pocket prior to selection of correct size
    13. Damn- I’m too late but will have them if the sale falls through
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