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Does anyone have the recipe for pickled onions to serve with roast beef?

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10 hours ago, ditchman said:

you have all lost the plot................the slime and the water needs to be removed from the onion whatever you do to it.........

peel your onions first...wipe dry.....then put them in a plastic or clay bowl..and throw a good handful of salt over them ...then a quick mix and leave them in the fridge overnight....and you will see why.......in the morning all the slime and water will be in the bottom of the pot....

take the onions out wipe off and THEN......do your recipe....you can leave them in the jar (if you are doing ordinary pickled onions)...for 5 mths and they will still have a loverly crunch to them......

thats a fact...and the best tip for anything to do with raw onions

Yes, and the salt will also draw a lot of the flavour out, cant say I ever noticed any slim when my nan or mother made this but I guess we all have our own way of doing things. :)

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2 hours ago, cookoff013 said:

Yeah strange one. 

I get 40  rods to the hogshead. 

I always thought that it was 30 roods to the bushel

..or is it drachms

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Not sliced onions but I got a Greek cook book some years ago when drachmas were the currency and there was a recipe for staffado with pickling onions tomatoes vinegar beef and a few other ingredients but the wife made a dish from Jamie Oliver with lamb tomatoes and a jar of drained pickled onions and I must say it replicated the Greek version very much it was delicious with crusty bread yum yum 

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