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  1. The back needs waxing, not shaving. Make sure to post video. /M
  2. If I didn't know him I would have reported the driver. Some people need to quit driving for their own good. /Markus
  3. "It's like masturbating with a cheese grater. Slightly amusing but mostly painful." Ford Fairlane
  4. Nuke

    Pigs not using sty

    The sty doesn't smell of oil? Their sense of smell are a bit more sensitive then yours. /M
  5. Nuke


    The problem is that they started cutting down the trees despite not having a building permission for the factory. /M
  6. Bought a Tempur bed a couple of years ago, got rid of my back problem and sleep very well in it. /Markus
  7. I think we will see more and more cars using sustainable fuel instead of diesel and gasoline, not 100% electricity. HVO is working very well as a substitute for diesel, so does CNG. It will be more expensive however but none or only minor modifications will be needed to existing technology and fuel infrastructure. I don't really belive in the public using hydrogen, to dangerous. /M
  8. I disagree, she will get no results since, like everybody else, she wants to save the world by proxy. I'm more scared of people like Boris or Trump who actually have some power and are driven by their childish needs to always win any debate no matter the cost to the planet/country/people outside their base. /M
  9. Nuke

    Craft beer

    If they have Yellowbelly penutbutter bisquit stout I highly recommend you to try it. /Markus
  10. Most people don't care since she don't have any political agenda outside of environmental issues. I guess she is a polarizing figure and as such probably more interesting to the UK public than us Swedes, we don't care as much for drama as you seems to do. /M
  11. No problem with accepting the message, I do believe that global warming is caused by us, it's the exploitation of a little girl I don't like. /M
  12. Because we don't want it here. /Markus
  13. I think I will have to buy the whole Modesty Blaise series and read them again as well. /M
  14. I have read The long ships by Frans G Bengtsson more times than I can remember. I can always read Lord of the rings, The Hobbit, the Dune series (both the original books by Frank Herbert and the additional ones by his son), the Narnia series and Magician series (Raymond E Feist) again. /Markus
  15. 3/4 might give a bad pattern since steel takes choke better, but safetywise you should be fine. /M
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