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  1. Doesn't time on a shooting range count as experience? /M
  2. Not on a battery only, that is still only for short distances, but with an electric highway it would work. They have been running tests since 2016 now I think, at last here in Sweden. /Markus
  3. The thought never crossed my mind, I really don't care about such things. /Markus
  4. Anybody who actualy believes that the impeachment trials equals a fair trail should go back to bed for another 4 years. It's all a show, no president will ever be found guilty as long as the other party is below 67 seats. I hope DT will run again in 2024 and that he loses again but I don't think he will. He will take the easy way out as usual. /M
  5. In my experience, 4 dogs with 3 different handlers, they are unreliable, bad tempered 1 person dogs. I would never leave one alone with kids. /Markus
  6. How hard would it be to increase the pressure of the air rifle to push the pellet to the needed levels? /Markus
  7. Maybe a totally new format is needed? Same type of clays just increase the speed and reduce the interval betweem them for reloading. Or have a loader and try to shoot 50 clays comming straight at you at increasing speed, slight variation of angle and with less and less time between them? Could be quite spectacular with hanging dust clouds on a calm day... /Markus
  8. Get a Boerboel, problem sorted. /Markus
  9. I have 250 kg cabinet that I needed to remove the doorframe of the closet I put it in to place it. It will require several cutting discs, and a lot of time, to open a hole large enough or remove the cabinet door to get to my guns. /M
  10. Nuke


    I wonder if the republican party may split into 2 and give the democrates the upper hand for the next 20 years? /Markus
  11. Nuke


    Can't give you any time really, all down to temperature and what you like. To be very safe, put it in the oven first, let the breasts heat to 50 deg C or whatever you prefer. Then put it in the pan to caramelize the skin/outside, use LOADS of butter and keep basting. I usually wrap the breasts in bacon and give it 1 minute on full heat (in lots of butter) - turn - 2 minutes on 2 steps lower heat - turn - 2 minutes, basting them regularly. /Markus
  12. Nuke


    Don't overcook it. /Markus
  13. Thats what the plastic/fibre is for, no pellets really touches the barrels if it works as intended. /M It works with regards to not being harmful to the gun but the pattern may be rubbish. Test it and see what it looks like. /Markus
  14. You grind it to fine, I use the plate with the largest holes for game meat. No need to mix in other meat or fat either, for seasoning and binding just add a bit of salt, let the ground meat rest for a bit and then press it in a burger press, the harder the better. No good burger press? Then go get one... Season the burger with a bit of pepper when frying them and don't cook them for too long, keep them pink in the middle. /Markus
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