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  1. 160 SEK for 25 on the grounds I usually visit, app £55/100, but then carts are included as well (not allowed to use your own). /Markus
  2. The use of shotguns on driven roe is a very old tradition here in Sweden. It works just fine. /Markus
  3. Yes, they save up money and then send the one in the family that are the most likely to make the trip. If they can they send several family members to increase their chanses. /M
  4. I like them, I have a M2 Comfort tech and have been using it for everything (clays, walk-up, driven birds and roe/fox) for app 10 years now. No problem with different ammo but I am not the most fanatical person with regards to patterns etc. Recoil operated and very reliable with little to no maintenance, I think I have cleaned it once every 2-3 years. I have bougth a couple of aftermarket Teague chokes, 1/8 and 3/8, they work fine as well. /Markus
  5. Nuke

    Pork Pie

    I got rid of mine by eating more raw vegetables, if I eat raw food bowls/sallads etc for lunch during the week I can eat and drink whatever I want during the weekend 😇
  6. I would say they put more manhours into them since they were not able to manufacture the parts to a high enough tolerances before. Now that they can they also can automate more things so the guns are less handled at the factory and by lesser skilled people and it is up to the buyer to find things out instead. /M
  7. Nuke

    Pork Pie

    Get a better supplier
  8. Nuke

    Pork Pie

    Your loss. /M
  9. Nuke

    Pork Pie

    Mix it with a raw egg yoke. /M
  10. It is not safe, my girlfriend is a radiologist and they ALWAYS ask if you may have metallic particles inside you before an MRI. If you say yes they will just send you home. If they think you are lying to get the exam anyway they will do a normal x-ray to see for them self. /Markus
  11. The way suggested over here in Sweden is that you remove more meat around the bullet passage. Works fine on deer, moose and such bigger spieces. Harder with small game of course since a larger percentage of it would have to be removed and maybe not much left to consume but those are not really shot with rifles if not for pest control purposes over here. As a general rule we are not allowed to hunt with air rifles so that is a non issue, I don't think many uses 22lr either besides for target practise so that is of small concern as well. For the larger rifles I think copper bullits does the job well enough. Our main problem over here would be the driven roe deer hunting with shotguns, the timber industry is not really keen to using steel shoots in the woodlands that may degrade the wood. /Markus
  12. Nuke

    Plant ID

    Common blue sow thistle? /M
  13. Has she disguised herself as Hillary? /M
  14. Only 5 years old, to early to retire a good dog. /M
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