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  1. if you’ve already got a decent hi-fi with biggish speakers and optical connection then that will give you a much better sound than a sound bar, found most of the sound bars I have listened to cannot match the high trebles and deep base that decent sized hi-fi speakers can. Little about the subject here..https://www.which.co.uk/reviews/sound-bars/article/sound-bars-vs-home-cinema-and-surround-sound-systems-which-is-best-at0si9W216sx and viewing angles..https://www.rtings.com/tv/tests/picture-quality/viewing-angle
  2. Another thing to look out for is angle of view, some TV's get washed out when you move off centre.
  3. I thought all applications needed a proforma filled out and signed by their GP?
  4. I have never used one, I can see how they work on going away shots by showing the shot pattern in the air but not so sure it would tell you if you are missing in front or behind on crossing birds as you have no idea of where that pattern is in relation to the bird, now if you could look from above or below the bird and see the intersection point that would be helpful.
  5. Were they going away clays or crossers?
  6. I don't mind cold, wind, sunny or cloudy but this weather is depressing, I have been out there in this type of weather in my younger days with everything getting soaked, no, if I look out the window and its peeing down I stop at home and find something else to-do.
  7. Same here, rain or drizzle, clam and foggy, rubbish weather for anything really and according to the weather it looks set for the next 10 days.
  8. This ^^ but just to add, you need to put the miles and hours in to find a field that is shootable, no good looking at grass fields when the pigeons are hitting some laid barley or on the rape stubbles.
  9. Great Christmas present, bet you are on cloud 9.
  10. Well it would seem not, see Walkers post.
  11. Well in that case I might just phone them and ask if there is any need for me to send this new doctor report in with my renewal as this is my 10th renewal.
  12. Did you send the new doctors report/form with your renewal?????
  13. I come under Westmid/Staffs and they are now saying I need the new doctors report to accompany my renewal, do you not need the new doctors report with Leicestershire police?
  14. you say a straight forward renewal as you have done for the last 30years, did your renewal include the new doctors report?
  15. My coterminous renewal is not due till Aug 2022 but I see its possible to ask your doctor for the completed medical form so you can send it by post or for him/her to send it by email, a question I have is, do most doctor know who your local firearms licencing department is? Or do I need to supply this info? How did you complete yours?
  16. Don't know why but when I look at the hide picture everything looks big compared to your hide? Perhaps its the tablets I am on.
  17. Glad you can get out and shoot a few, well done.
  18. Blimey I would have thought steel 7.5s would have lost the energy at 40 yards, not used any steel yet but everyone says you need to go up a few sizes to have the same stopping power as lead at 40 yards, just goes to show what I know about steel shot.
  19. I am still using lead 28g 7.5 and find they kill well out to 40 yards, what sort of range are you shooting 28g 7.5 steel at?
  20. Remember as a kid making my first penny banger gun out of a length of copper tube, amazing how as kids no of us ever suffered some serious injures from these home made guns.
  21. Built in obsolescence, we have recently had our trouble free 40 year old conventional boiler changed for a Worcester Bosch conventional boiler, talking to the plumber who fitted it I ask him how long these new boilers last, he said it will not last anywhere near your old one, he said you will be lucky if lasts15 years, you are perhaps looking around 10-12 years before it will need replacing, strange that as we took out the optional 12 year warranty.
  22. old'un


    Never been a known case in my family, my dad was fit and healthy and never suffered with anything like this, also my grandad was fit and healthy till he died with pneumonia at the age of 78. like I have said, the papers I have read on the subject point to the possible onset in people who do not have a hereditary cases of the illness are possibly down to a bug or virus kicking the immune system into overdrive which causes a high inflammatory count in your blood cells, this is how I was diagnosed with the illness after some blood tests.
  23. Yes, thanks for leaving me a few pigeons for when I am on my feet again, glad you enjoyed yourself and thanks again for the help.
  24. old'un


    Thanks Marcus but at the moment my problem would be mounting the gun, just keep at them pigeons and once I feel up to it I will be out.
  25. old'un


    apparently steroids only treat the symptoms, they do not cure Polymyalgia which according to my doctor there is no known cure for, so its possible I may have to take the steroids long term, but I must admit that since I started taking them the pain as virtually gone. Thanks for the kind words. Apparently they know very little of what brings it on but I have read a few papers on the illness and a number of studies have shown that a bug or virus is the most likely trigger for putting your immune system onto overdrive which in turn causes a high inflammatory count in your blood. Best is I cannot recall feeling ill before the onset, I did ask my doctor if there was possibility that the covid jabs could have kicked it of, he said very unlikely but did not dismiss its possibility.
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