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  1. if you dont have any luck selling it try these https://www.aquitaniacollectables.com/wanted/
  2. I have a BSA Air Sporter MK1 1956/58, I have owned the gun for about 40+ years, well the wife as suggested I start to sell some of the stuff I no longer use. Bluing still good for age, the wood could do with sanding and oiling, its got iron sights and shoots ok, so what's it worth??
  3. This was the last response from BASC on the subject.. First time grant applications for shotgun and firearm certificates Some police forces are not accepting first-time grant applications because of difficulties they may be having with carrying out home visits during local and national Covid-19 restrictions. However, some police forces have been adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic and are conducting home visits remotely using video conferencing calls on mobile phones. BASC does not want to see anyone with an interest in shooting disadvantaged and we are encouraging police forces to adopt digital solutions to carry out home visits in order to fulfil their statutory duties for firearms licensing. If you are a BASC member and are experiencing a delay with a first-time grant application please email firearms@basc.org.uk for advice and assistance. Not much fighting talk there..
  4. It seems they were doing this in December 2021?….https://www.thamesvalleyalert.co.uk/da/416213/IMPORTANT_UPDATE_ON_GRANT_APPLICATIONS.html
  5. Well at least you are finding a concentration of birds because as you say they do seem to-be all over the place at the minute, well done on your bag and that's a very good bag on the blacks, looks like most are Jackdaws? Their numbers seem to have increased big time in the last two/three years.
  6. I fitted the Yale cordless alarm system about 3 years ago and apart from running the cable to a plug for the control panel in it was an easy install, fitted the sirens back and front of house and all doors and windows with contact breakers and two PIR’s, took about two days for the complete install, could be done in a day with a push. All the breakers and pir’s take 3032 button batteries which last about a year or more depending on how often the door or window is opened, batteries are easy to change, the sirens take D2 long life batteries and so far I have not had to change them in 3 years. The system works perfectly and so far have not had any problem, the thing I like is, you can easily add or remove things to the system.
  7. Very little showing on the corn, no laid patches apart from a few small areas under oak trees with the odd pigeon dropping in, I say very little showing, I came past a wheat field yesterday and there must have been a couple of hundred dropping into a laid patches under a couple of oak trees, I did not sit and watch it for long as the farmer who owns the fields does not allow shooting on the farm, typical. Dont think it will be long before the tap turns on and we see a few reports of pigeons being shot over standing/laid corn, mind you with this weather were having it may push an early harvest, all you can do is keep looking and hope you find that elusive field they want.
  8. Yep, did have quick look at a relay but it means another box and more wiring, was hoping for a simpler solution.
  9. I know you can buy a dusk till dawn photo cell but does anyone know if its possible to get a dawn till dusk photo cell?
  10. Well it may do if it has the same effect as it does on goats, a curious story about Sea Holly, (Plutarch)… 'They report of the Sea Holly, if one goat taketh it into her mouth, it causeth her first to stand still and afterwards the whole flock, until such time as the shepherd takes it from her.' Bit more info on Sea Holly (Feverweed)...https://www.botanical.com/botanical/mgmh/h/holsea29.html
  11. It seems that as well as being edible, it has Medicinal uses….https://pfaf.org/user/Plant.aspx?LatinName=Eryngium+maritimum
  12. I have never heard that before, I always thought is was the sound wave hitting your ear drum that damaged your earring hence the reason for wearing earring protection, if it is correct then a moderated gun will not help as you will still get the blast from the gun.
  13. Are you sure its not just the rubber smell? I have a watch with a rubber strap and that smells a bit odd.
  14. This ^^….find a local garage/workshop, take about ten minutes to weld and will be stronger.
  15. No thank you, the wife will not allow me to have any more. Just wondered why you had posted them? Are they for sale/free?
  16. I have loads of books as well
  17. Went to a friends who live just north of Leominster, their house backs onto farm land and there were a few swallows flitting around the corn fields but did not see many Swifts, come harvest there be hundreds of them skimming the stubble fields. I have never seen a Swallow or House-martin on a feeder, have you seen this before?
  18. old'un

    Dr signing

  19. Why would they want to-do that and get into debt when they can live a life of luxury in an hotel and have everything provided for them.
  20. Yep, just had a quick look at history, seems ok.
  21. use some 3 foot hazel sticks with points on, easy to carry in the holdall and free.
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