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  1. Seems like an excellent safety feature to me. Stop the car, switch the ignition off, dial the call. Problem solved!
  2. I have a Plantronics earpiece which works perfectly in the car. Are you using voice commands to initiate a call? If so, I can't help you, because I only answer the phone when I'm driving and phone folk when I have stopped.
  3. That's because PW is the voice of reason 😂
  4. Well, it was on our TV ITV Hub at midnight last night, but it's not showing on our TV version of ITV hub today, however it is on my phone version of the hub thus streamable on to the TV. Weird! I would watch it asap in case it gets pulled from all platforms.
  5. The old jokes are the best! Not that I am suggesting that you are a joke, of course 😂
  6. You can watch the last "Viewpoint" on catch-up on ITV-Hub
  7. James Nesbitt is on record as saying that he always wanted to be in LOD, so this may be his and Mercurio's little joke to have him appearing in the last two episodes as both corpse and archvillain.
  8. Churchill? Lloyd George? and no, Boris ain't a patch on them
  9. The Chief Constable aided by Anna Maxwell Martin
  10. He is a politician. It goes without saying. Frankly, as long as he successfully manages the recovery from Covid and Brexit, who cares what his personal life is?
  11. No, the 25p bargain place was further up Great Horton Road, beyond the main campus in one of the little streets to the left. The one that you may be remembering, and that our daughter favoured, was Omar's, not far from the Alhambra where they did naans the size of dustbin lids. The best quality curry house that I ate at in Bradford was at the Emm Lane, Frizinghall Road, Keighley Road junction, just down from the Management Centre and called, I think, the Bengal Brasserie where they did a range of different curries, including quail (but not for 25p!), so that was for when the grant mo
  12. I went to Bradford University in the 70s. 25p would buy you a mutton curry and a couple of chapattis on a plate, no cutlery, just a sink in the corner to wash your hands before you ate. If you were feeling flush you could splash out on prawns for 35p! Our younger daughter went to Uni there in the 2000s and I tried to find the place again. All demolished, so had to go elsewhere for a curry and naan for a fiver.
  13. Blair IS so wrong
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