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  1. amateur


    No. I can't remember where I have bought it from in the past. Morrisons, Lidl or Aldi, perhaps, but certainly not Spa. I'm surprised that you were adding to your sugar load, though. I find that a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar and a squeeze of tomato puree rounds out any slightly off flavours
  2. amateur


    I see that you found a use for the Isla Negra. I hope that the fusty, "wet terrier with a dirty bottom" taste doesn't spoil the stew for you
  3. amateur

    ditchmans winetasting

    I think you must have been unlucky with that particular bottle, Simon. Poor storage in the shop? Bad batch? I've drunk that brand in the past - easy drinking and unmemorable, perhaps, but not actually bad. I've found most cheap Chilean wines to be OK, well certainly compared to cheap European or Australian wines, As I say, easy drinking and unmemorable.
  4. amateur

    Skiing trip

    Would that include James Bond style shooting on the slopes?
  5. It was my wife's birthday last week, so I took her to a pub in deepest Kent for lunch. My heart lifted when I saw bread and butter pudding on the menu, albeit made with brioche, marmalade and flavoured with scotch. What a disappointment - overly sweet, not enough custard, soggy bread with no crispy bits and not a trace of scotch that I could detect. The only solution was to make my own, yesterday. So the last I/2 inch of a bottle of blended scotch was used to soak a handful of sultanas overnight. Half a dozen eggs and a pot of single cream were whisked together. Two slices of wholemeal bread were generously buttered and thickly spread with Dalfour orange and ginger marmalade and sandwiched together, then cut into inch cubes. I used a small oval pyrex dish, put half the sultanas and all the scotch on the bottom, then layered the bread sandwiches next, which soaked up the scotch. The remaining sultanas topped it off. Then egg and cream mix went in and was allowed to soak in for a while whilst the oven was getting up to 120 degrees. I baked it for 1 hour, together with the leftover custard mix put into a crème brulée dish for my gluten-free wife. It was bread and butter pudding as I remembered it
  6. amateur


    A question for those into butchery. Since the BSE crisis, bovine brain and spinal cord are not for sale to the public, so how is oxtail allowed? I have always believed that it is an extension of the spine
  7. amateur

    Chainsaw won't start

    2 more thoughts If you have had it a while, perhaps the crankshaft seals are leaking. Spray some easystart aerosol down the sparkplug hole and try again. That seems to start most engines
  8. amateur

    Chainsaw won't start

    How long have you had it, and could the exhaust be blocked with oil and carbon?
  9. Better still, just get your local dealer to truck it away and fix it. As you don't know what you are doing, why risk it? I refer you to Hilaire Belloc's tale of Lord Finchley
  10. amateur

    Garden waste collection

    We pay for fortnightly garden waste collection, but they seem to arbitrarily miss collections over the winter. Irritating, because ours is stuffed at the moment with the Christmas tree and SWMBO wants to weed the veggie patch.
  11. amateur

    Dug this up today, metal thing but what is it?

    Wedge for splitting wood?
  12. amateur

    Educational DVDs

    I have just the thing for you https://www.edb.gov.hk/en/curriculum-development/kla/pshe/basic-law-video.html
  13. amateur


    As always, it's a choice. I came off only 3 times when commuting, with minor damage to myself.
  14. amateur


    In a slight defence of krugerandsmith's comment, when I was an impoverished trainee accountant nearly 50 years ago, commuting every day to the City of London, one of my first "payback" calculations was to compare the cost of an annual rail season ticket against the cost of a brand new Honda CB125s. The Honda paid for itself in less than 18 months and I continued commuting on that bike for many more years.
  15. amateur


    Well, it looks like a choice between battery acid, a razor blade or an HMR. …… types he, shuddering, and glad that he doesn't suffer from any wart infection