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  1. We fitted Roman blinds which fit within the window space above the radiator and don't interfere with the radiator output.
  2. Yes, but you may not be able to file the point down for fine wire. I bought a couple of cheapies a few years ago, one I modified for fine, the other does heavier
  3. amateur

    The Gentlemen

    We binge watched it on BBC iPlayer. Really good story. After a while you get used to the flashbacks
  4. amateur


    It's my wife's 70th birthday today. I would usually have taken her out for lunch, but this year was a do-it-yourself job. I found some muntjac saddle from Cole and Abel and followed their garlic butter and thyme recipe, which I teamed with a sauce forestière, roasties and mixed veg, followed by a home-made gluten and dairy free fresh strawberry flan, using ground almonds and soya based créme patissière. Photo below. The muntjac was scoffed before I could photo it. The muntjac was a revelation - probably the best venison that we have ever had. Hopefully I have scor
  5. Any film featuring motorcycles, where inevitably the exhaust note is wrong (usually dubbed Harley noise, whether or not the bike is a British twin or even a two stroke) and, of course, Steve McQueen attempting to escape captivity on a post-war Triumph twin.
  6. We found the flashbacks irritating, if you dozed off you were sunk, but, having watched the first two, we are going to iplayer for the rest.
  7. That explains the reports of toxic waste or nerve gas in parts of Essex
  8. Less space to work in and much less to sit in! They are snug
  9. My first of the year as it sniffed around the bird table 12
  10. 1. Jaymo's ego needs no assistance! 2. You may think that, but I could hardly comment
  11. You are fantasizing yet again
  12. and a Happy New Year to you too!
  13. Well, Jaymo fails on point one 😁
  14. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DilmOHfnIpFI&ved=2ahUKEwivoLuAoPvtAhXSURUIHaxkAb0QwqsBMAB6BAgBEAM&usg=AOvVaw0iw9fUOGvnKG2scRLbukes
  15. One in the live trap. I haven't had one in the garden for ages. 1884
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