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  1. Screw-cutting might be tricky 😁
  2. Buy it with a credit card, then, if it goes tits up you have a claim on the bank
  3. That's the one! and looking in the mirror and seeing your father
  4. amateur

    Ugly house

    You forgot the piebald tethered to the verge
  5. A decent Ariel, but you might have some difficulty fitting it on your roof and another aerial, but I have no idea if it will do what you want 😂
  6. amateur

    Spare ribs

    No, you slow cook them first in a spice mix so they are meltingly soft and tasty and let them rest overnight to absorb the flavours. The sticky glaze and high temperature the next day adds texture and a different layer of flavour. Admittedly, whilst they are steaming, the smell gets my tummy rumbling 😁 I have cooked them straight into the oven or on to the barbecue in the past and found them to be tougher and less tasty. It just works for me.
  7. If you paid with a credit card, you have no worries - unless the bank goes belly up, of course 😂
  8. What model Ariel? Arrow, Red Hunter, Square Four or possibly a Three?
  9. I've got a foolproof method of making tasty but tender pork spare ribs. Line a steamer basket with a double layer of aluminium foil. Coat the spare ribs with a dry seasoning of your choice - jerk, cajun, piri-piri, barbecue - whatever you like Arrange the ribs in the lined steamer basket with some chopped garlic and ginger. Steam with the lid on for at least one hour. When the meat is falling off the bone, pour off and reserve the meat and seasoning juices. Keeping the meat in the foil, pop it and the juices into the fridge overnight. Next day put the, by now, jellied juices in a saucepan with some maple syrup, treacle or golden syrup (as sweet as you like) with a slug of rye whiskey, bourbon or rum, and tomato puree and reduce to a sticky consistency. Put the opened foil with ribs in a baking pan, anoint with the sticky stuff and whack into a 250 degree oven until the ribs are charring nicely. Remove with tongs and serve on a bed of rice with salad. Scrunch up the foil and dispose. No pans to clean and lovely, soft, fingerlickingly good ribs with a spicy, sticky finish
  10. Yup, you gotta love correcting manufacturer's penny pinching
  11. You've got to fit stainless if you're going to use the bike. Everything else tarnishes very quickly. I ended up making my own stainless M10×1.25 cap nuts for the engine mounting EN16 studs on mine, because they were just not commercially available
  12. The skills of that bloke! Miniature and full scale - amazing
  13. I have an 18" length of EN16 5/8AF hexagon bar going spare, if that is a good grade for your purpose. I have more than enough for any nuts that I need to make. Postage cost only.
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