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  1. Lots of alcohol. Not in it, drunk with it. 😁
  2. Oh, let him have his fun, but when you get the wedding invite, go along and object on the grounds of his being of unsound mind
  3. Forget the pointy pellets. Dome head, every time, for accuracy. Read up on and adopt the "artillery" hold to avoid reacting to the spring action.
  4. Do the bi ones prefer to be referred to as "they/their"
  5. I'm astonished that you havn't armed her so that she can nail them in your absence
  6. The latest wheeze is apparently to convert to Christianity, because, of course, it wouldn't do to deport a christian to a muslim country.
  7. My 50 year old motorbike is exempt from both the congestion charge and the ULEZ charge.
  8. I think that it should be 3268 if you include jamesleee123's Thursday offering
  9. We have a young lad who has just been fitting a fence to our corner plot, took out a tree, making some planters and laying some concrete. He hasn't stopped for the past 3 days and has been very visible to passers by. The number of folk who have asked for his details - on a very professional board by the edge of our garden and signwritten on his van - has been amazing. I would recommend him to anyone.
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