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  1. amateur


    Yeah, but what about the butchery, cannibalism and necrophilia
  2. amateur


    but he's setting a bad example and children might watch the programme and copy him 😮
  3. Every man needs at least 2 motorcycles!
  4. Definitely a Reliant Rebel. Surprisingly sprightly despite the small engine due to its low weight. I too had a Wartburg, also quite sprightly, but handled like a barge. Well appointed, though, and dirt cheap because the East Germans needed the sterling.
  5. We watched "Spiral" when it first came out and were hooked. Now feeling withdrawal symptoms! Another good one, but on Prime, is "Little fires everywhere" which we binge watched
  6. Yup, it's after you have had the appetiser ( or in this case appetite killer ) of the Yorkshire Pud that you are presented with a mound of meat and vegetables. My Grandma always did this for Sunday lunch (or dinner, as she called it).
  7. Proper Yorkshire pudding, eaten before the meal with a well flavoured (preferably rabbit) gravy, and, if any were left and if you had room for it, cold after the meal with jam on. A proper kid's fill you up
  8. The main problem with the weedkiller mix was that it was slow burning and produced salt as an endproduct which also damped things down. In those days fireworks, our other source of explosives, were (unlike now) only sold for a few weeks in October, so fast burning explosives were limited. Until of course school chemistry very kindly taught me how to make guncotton and thermite 😁
  9. In the 1950s, aged about 8 or 9, I would often cycle miles out into the Staffordshire countryside, returning home only when hungry, or spend all day fishing in the local canal with a sandwich for lunch. That all ended at age 10 when I was put on a train from Birmingham to Bristol, alone and caught the bus to Wells to go to boarding school, where there was no freedom.
  10. amateur

    Tony Abbot

    I've heard that his ancestors were slave owners in Barbados, passed their name on to Dianne's forebears, then were subsequently convicted of sheep stealing and transported to Australia. All perfectly believable
  11. So a couple of hundred miles further north than us. It must make a hell of a difference My wife is the gardener here. Me, I just mow the lawn, trim the trees, do the heavy work, keep the pests down and eat the produce 😂
  12. I was just wondering where in the country you are. Everything in our veg patch seems to be well ahead this year compared to previous years.
  13. Blimey, they are late. We have eaten or frozen all of ours now.
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