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  1. Not a term I've come across before. How does that work?
  2. This ^^^^. Crisp on the outside, glutinously soft inside, but we have them with onion and mushroom gravy and mash
  3. Until the GL revocation few magpies or pigeons ventured into my garden and most did not leave. Now the little ******s seem to be fully up with the law and just strut around chanting "Nah nah nah nah nah". We did spot a goldcrest the other day, though. the first I have ever seen outside the Observers book of birds
  4. She was rubbish as Home Secretary - ask any serving police officer. She is rubbish as Prime Minister - her decisions on calling a general election and on Brexit were appalling. The country is well rid.
  5. My uncle was a big strong bloke who worked all his life in a Sheffield steel rolling mill (except for a period in the Parachute regiment in WWII). When the mill closed, he didn't complain ( well not too much). He found himself a job controlling the linen supplies in one of the city's big hotels, and woe betide anyone who didn't follow his system.
  6. Not necessarily true. Our house, built in 1990, was tested for asbestos in the Artex. None found.
  7. Sounds ĺike your school cook was an individualist. My dear old Grandma, who was a Sheffield school cook in the 1920's used to serve up a pudding to us kids, consisting of fresh orange segments and desiccated coconut, all drowned in custard. She swore that the schoolkids that she fed used to love it. We grandchildren remained to be convinced
  8. Sounds about right. Why not hook up the pump to a 12v battery and use the transformer to keep it topped up?
  9. Do you have any quince? ...and I believe it is called "bletting" when you let medlars mature.
  10. Fat Sarah, hand warmers. .............The mental imagery
  11. It wouldn't work. Nothing grows except bureaucracy under a Labour government
  12. Can they achieve that with sheep shears?
  13. amateur

    PC question

    When I have changed PCs in the past, I have just removed the old hard disk and plugged it into the new computer as additional storage.
  14. Thanks for clearing awl my confusion over the photo
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