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  1. amateur

    14 million in poverty

    So your accountancy lessons were of use after all! 😄
  2. amateur

    14 million in poverty

  3. amateur

    14 million in poverty

    There is property available in the Medway towns, Erith, Thamesmead, Gravesend at £90k or less
  4. amateur

    "Mainly" %$&^&*()((**&..owwww !

    Compared to what?
  5. amateur

    14 million in poverty

    This is a misconception that the entire Southeast is unaffordable. If there were not reasonably priced places for the workers to live and commute from, how do you think that businesses could survive? OK, compared to other parts of the country, houses are expensive, but affordable houses are there - just not in "desirable" areas. The difference is that, compared to some parts of the country, employment is available - if you are prepared to travel to it.
  6. amateur

    14 million in poverty

    Somehow Whatmuff ascribed his own words incorrectly to me. The situation in London and the South east is very simple. There are very desirable places to live in that most of us cannot afford, however there are plenty of other, nearby, areas of (for the Southeast) reasonably priced housing. Workers commute, that's just how it is here. Admittedly, Bromley is a ****** to commute to, but hey ho, and why the housing is so expensive there defeats me
  7. amateur

    "Mainly" %$&^&*()((**&..owwww !

    Head injury , alcohol - what could possibly go wrong.
  8. amateur

    14 million in poverty

    Bromley has always been an expensive place to live. However, were she to look a few miles away, within very easy commuting distance to Bromley, then there may well be other affordable places to live.
  9. 1 off the vegetable patch 699
  10. That'll really make the moss stand up
  11. amateur

    Standards - what happened to them?

    At least they were presumably trained. My father flew aircraft, and was too embarrassed to admit that he could not drive when he was offered the loan of a car in Canada to take him into the nearest town (about 100 miles away!). He reckoned that by the time he got there he could drive. His sons certainly did not agree with him post-war
  12. amateur

    Mini One

    Didn't all Minis? - so the new ones are perhaps keeping up the tradition
  13. amateur

    12v winch info wanted

    Don't the hooves make good fox lures?
  14. amateur

    Standards - what happened to them?

    Almost everyone who drove anything whilst in the forces during WW2 were exempted from taking the test post-war. Both my father and father-in-law fell into this category. Both were rubbish drivers, and fortunately neither are on the road any more.
  15. amateur

    another "mainly"

    Yes, indeed. His Dr Who role was 1963, The Army Game was late 1950's William Hartwell, Michael Medwin, Alfie Bass, Harry Fowler, Bernard Bresslaw, Frank Williams.