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  1. Ouch! I can see that the distance might be a problem, though. I live in NW Kent, close to London within the M25. Anyway, if no takers, it goes on my neighbour's wood pile at the weekend
  2. amateur

    Heart burn

    Not the easiest of bread to make. My wife is gf, and so far my attempts at making her bread have failed miserably. She finds the Schar brand of bought bread to be the most palatable.
  3. That will be its ultimate fate, in my neighbour's log burner, unless someone on here can find a better use for it
  4. My wife bought a new 1.4 petrol Hyundai i30, was delighted with it, so when I needed a new car, I bought the 1.6 i30 CRDI. Both very nippy, handle well and have good mpg. Cheap to service too. Our daughter then got the i20 and she also loves it. So, yes, we would recommend the Hyundai i range.
  5. I have a length of freshly cut holly trunk - 4 foot long by 4 inches diameter reducing to 3.5 inches going free if anyone can use it. Collection only. obviously. PM me for details
  6. I have a length of freshly cut holly trunk - 4 foot long by 4 inches diameter reducing to 3.5 inches going free if anyone can use it. Collection only. obviously. PM me for details
  7. I was made redundant several times during my 40 odd year career, usually due to takeovers or the business moving to a very remote site. The pay-outs invariably financed me for the few weeks it took to find another role, sometimes temping, sometimes consultancy, sometimes interim management in between permanent roles. I have never needed to draw the dole I too had the immediate "clear your desk" treatment too on one occasion - it didn't matter to me as that was one of the better pay-outs. After the last one, in my early 50's, fed up with dealing with employment agencies and as I could draw on one of my pensions, I went into home retail and network marketing, which I've been doing for the past 16 years. What a revelation! - no stress, enough cash to more than survive and now that all my pensions have kicked in, I feel very comfortable. So, don't worry about redundancy. If the role that you had held is no longer appropriate due to technology change, learn the technology. Practical experience plus computer savvy is valued. Consider a complete change if the opportunity arises.
  8. I bought one of these last year for just over £5. Although it is Android compatible, and the seller warns you that it is not Samsung S8 compatible, it did not work on my Samsung A5 as the USB supplied is not to Samsung spec. I did investigate getting an appropriate USB to Samsung converter, but, equally I was a bit hesitant at exposing my phone to my workshop, so I bought one of these - a dedicated endoscope, which works very well and is less expensive to damage than my phone. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-7-Industrial-Inspection-Camera-Endoscope-Dia-5-5mm-Flexible-Tube-Waterproof-/282904629346?hash=item41de6e1062
  9. amateur

    Flat Earthers.

    You might very well think that; I couldn't possibly comment
  10. amateur

    Flat Earthers.

    Oh, but that lower one is total fantasy. Everyone knows that dragons don't exist
  11. amateur

    Flat Earthers.

    but it only makes sense with the elephants and turtle
  12. amateur

    Flat Earthers.

    but where are the 4 elephants and the turtle?
  13. Yeah, but you would have to avoid shooting the protected Great Ginger Tit
  14. Yes, I agree that they are much more expensive than a decent Chilean red, and, indeed, not what I would be drinking as a norm, but, I am pleased that they can produce a very acceptable English red and their white wines bear up very well with the best of French. As I wrote, I first came across them when a friend invited us to Oregon, and we took him a selection of whites, reds and sparkling. He could not believe that the English could produce such good wine. (even the red). As to why they are so expensive - well, small scale, quality production.
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