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  1. If you watch the Netflix series on Epstein, there appears to be no doubt that Epstein, with the connivance of Maxwell, was indulging in sexual practices with young girls, below the age of consent in the relevant state, however you care to pitch it. Yes, I accept that the FBI want to gain some political and perhaps royal scalps, but the fundamental is that GM appears to be thoroughly implicated.
  2. Not such a daft idea, except I would use M5 CSK stainless socket heads, plus the epoxy resin. The booger would never fall off then
  3. Florida, where Epstein did most of his diddling, has an age of consent of 18
  4. I didn't know that digestives, butter and cheese were akin to morris dancing
  5. The age of consent in the USA is not necessarily the same as in the UK
  6. ....and don't forget the maraschino cherry on a cocktail stick
  7. Yeah, done that too, but, as it takes much longer to get to where you are going, what you gain on the tolls you lose on the overnight hotel bills. It is more relaxing though, apart from all the alpine hairpins
  8. I wonder what the odds are on her testifying
  9. Sorry, forgot to say that German autobahnen are free for cars and bikes.
  10. We use the Sanef Telepeage in France. Much, much quicker than stopping at the tollbooths and operates on all the French motorways. You can buy it online, it sticks to the inside of your screen, you pay a small standing charge for the month of use, plus, obviously, the toll charge. It really is so much more convenient and avoids your waking up your passenger at each toll. In Switzerland you have to buy a vignette at the border which is stuck to your windscreen, works on all the Swiss motorways and operates for the calendar year. In Italy we use our Euro debit card
  11. amateur

    Water plant ID

    Water Hyacinth?
  12. amateur

    That was scary

    Naah! It was hilarious
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