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  1. amateur

    Mods help

    Are there any in Norfolk? 😀 By the way, I should be clearing the workshop soon and setting up my Dad's lathe/mill, which means that my old Henry Milnes lathe will be going spare, if you want it
  2. amateur

    Mods help

    Just remember not to visit those "Sites for the discerning gentleman" again 😀
  3. amateur

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Because if you are going to make a mathematical point, at least get the basic maths right
  4. amateur

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Does Dianne Abbott do your statistics? 😄
  5. I bought 5 Neodynium magnets 10mmx3mm with a 5mm hole to fix to the bike drainplug with a 5mm countersunk setscrew. The hole is undersized. No problem. I thought, I'll just drill it out. So I set it up in the lathe chuck, tightened it up and "ping" They shatter very easily. OK, just file another one out with a small needle-file The file didn't touch it. Then I remembered that I had bought, on a whim last year, a set of cheap diamond files from Lidl. BINGO! The diamond cut through with no problem. Then, as I'm doing this, I thought, I wonder what the properties of Neodynium are? Is it toxic? Will the dust do horrid things to me? A quick look on Google reassured me that, although the dust is apparently highly flammable, there are few other risks. So, if you need to modify your magnet, forget about drilling or filing unless you have a diamond file and put out your fag. ………. or just use a different sized screw
  6. amateur

    Frank Field

    No, I believe that it was a CZ175. Dianne carried less weight in those days, but it would still have been a great leap of hope on his part that the bike lasted the trip. What a shame that it did
  7. A very useful thread that has pointed me to a source of the right sized magnets to fit to my bike's oil drain plugs. Thanks
  8. amateur

    What Breakdown Service Would You Recommend ?

    I have always found the RAC to be excellent. It is the only one that I have paid for with my own cash. I was with the AA at various times with company cars, but I can't recall ever calling them out.
  9. amateur

    Working with stainless steel.

    Following "Newbie to this's" suggestion, I bought some tallow and used it today to lubricate the UNF hand die to thread some 7/16" 431 stainless rod. In the words of a better engineer than me, it was as slick as snot. Admittedly a fine thread is easier to cut than a coarse one, but the finish was better than I had previously achieved with "proper" cutting grease, and tallow is cheaper
  10. amateur


    They used to regularly raid my plum tree in the back garden. After I had shot a few (and got stick on here for admitting it), the flock decided to give my garden a miss and raid elsewhere. I haven't seen many this year.
  11. amateur

    The Amateur's Lathe. (SOLD)

    pm sent
  12. amateur

    New old lathe

    I'm not doubting your need for a lathe - I wouldn't be without mine - but unless you are turning long lengths, I would question why you need that one. I would still have my doubts on the gearwheel repair. I am sure that there are less challenging lathe projects around.
  13. amateur

    New old lathe

    Do you have the space (or the requirement) for a lathe of that length? The broken gear doesn't look to be a simple fix as you have several broken and chipped teeth. Faffing around with a 4 jaw (as against a 3 jaw) chuck on day to day turning is very time consuming. It would have to be very, very cheap
  14. amateur

    Man bags/wallets

    Highlanders have had man bags on their kilts for centuries
  15. amateur

    Auto Garden watering

    Talk to these people - they set us up with an excellent system 10 years ago https://www.amazon-irrigation.com/