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  1. Do his planes have spangly markers on so that you can easily identify them?
  2. It covers the whole world, but the planes that I have noted stooging around on the French side have been Belgian or Dutch registered
  3. I loaded ADS B Exchange on the other day, and am now fascinated by the regularity of civilian small plane flights (and now a drone from near Dungeness) conducting what appear to be sweeps of the English Channel just off the French and English coast. I have spotted British, Belgian and Dutch aircraft, but oddly, no French. Any info, anyone?
  4. Clearly you are a *****r for punishment.
  5. Happy birthday, Mel! At least you are not up to your elbows in muck today.
  6. Isn't anything after three score years and ten a bonus?
  7. Surely you are taking the pee
  8. and thumb nails for spark plug gaps.
  9. Good stuff, Gordon 👍🏻
  10. No, but you have been selected by a Nigerian bank official to assist him in relocating some moribund funds that he has discovered and you can earn a sizable commission. 🤣
  11. Fortunately, our garden is well shielded by boundary trees and fences. Our immediate neighbour has a similar philosophy to mine - kill 'em. Unfortunately my wife thinks that parrokeets and squirrels are lovely, so I have to use some discretion when killing and disposing of them. Strangely, she is quite happy for me to control any rats.
  12. Since I started using the Logun Solo again, I have shot 3 off the bird table.
  13. amateur


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