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  1. There are differences in the tax treatment of furnished and unfurnished accomodation.
  2. .......s'funny. Didn't really have you down as a football hooligan
  3. Is there no end to your perversions?
  4. No different to the past where if you made the prime minister's favourite macintosh you scored a peerage.
  5. There is damn-all beach in Monaco and you really have to go to France for decent food
  6. Well, he was born just south of the Black Country. Will that do? 😁
  7. Have you been to Monaco? The definitive sunny place full of shady people.
  8. I'm envious of the well-fed look of your squirrels. Most of the ones that I have trapped and shot this year have been very scrawny.
  9. amateur

    Boeing 737

    I hope that they are all trained pilots 🤣
  10. In "Gone with the Wind", the book, there is an excellent account of Republicans canvassing votes amongst the freed slaves, saying that Jesus knew " 'publicans and sinners", and they should not vote for the sinners! 😂
  11. My (normally Democrat voting) Oregonian friends voted Republican this time for fear of Biden having to stand down once elected and Harris being promoted. In their view she is a nasty piece of work
  12. Did he suck on his teeth and ask "What cowboy fitted this then?" 😂
  13. When the price difference between supermarket veg oil and diesel was substantially beneficial, I used to add 10 litres of rape seed oil to 35 litres of diesel. No ill effects and the performance was the same, but it's no longer economically viable and not worth the faffing around.
  14. If only you were nearer 😂
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