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  1. amateur

    Tv programs

    Two more worth a watch "Cobra" on Ský and "You" on Netflix, and, yes, almost any "Walter Presents" and "Spiral", but to get any sense out that you need to watch it from the beginning.
  2. Nothing to say that I'm not daft
  3. Humidity. Wet cold feels much colder than dry cold.
  4. My uncle worked in the Sheffield rolling mills. His usual lunchtime tipple was 8 pints, followed by another 8 pints in the evening at the working man's club. He refused to take the family on holiday for fear of the inferior beer served elsewhere in the country - he had had enough of that rubbish when he was in the Paras during the war. 😂
  5. Oh, you all know it's the black panther that roams from county to county whenever there is a quiet news day.
  6. It's very difficult when you are on benefits.
  7. True, but she was no blue-stocking, according to David Niven, who nearly dropped himself in it, when asked by Prince Rainier who had been his best Hollywood lay. Niven replied, enthusiastically "Gracie", then realised who he was talking to and had to modify his answer to "Gracie Fields" 😂
  8. Princess Grace of Monaco seemed to manage the transition well enough
  9. Isn't HM offering him the Governor Generalship of Canada. Wouldn't that solve everything. Opening the Calgary Stampede and a few shopping malls shouldn't be too onerous.
  10. Lucy Porter on The News Quiz seems smitten 😂
  11. She may have looked good, but acting skills????
  12. An actress? Have you seen her in anything? A plank has more acting skills
  13. Vegans. As long as you don't employ or **** one, does it matter what their beliefs are?
  14. I have cooked the Christmas dinner every year since I was 14. After the first year I refused to cook turkey again, so it has been goose, duck and beef over the last 55 years. I rang the changes this year and cooked a large chicken in an earthenware brick. Really tender. Followed by chocolate fondants Oh and lots of booze
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