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  1. I shot my brother with my air rifle about 55 years ago. We were playing too. He still carries the scar 😁
  2. Typical cyclist. Cause a problem, then sod off .
  3. Oh! do tell more. This could be worth a thread in its own right - " Stuff my wife should not have heard"
  4. It's the 22nd of June and this corner of France is working fine. Autoroute to Nice Airport open, with no more than the usual delays. Daughter, SIL and granddaughters all safely on their flight home. Wife and I now relaxing with a lovely vin blanc. What a load of scaremongering.
  5. That, I believe was the slant that the judge took. It appears that he was attempting to assert his right of way rather than being prudent
  6. amateur

    What ye up to

    Sat in a seafront restaurant in Menton with the family having enjoyed most of a lovely meal. Just waiting for the desserts, cheese, coffee and digestifs.
  7. amateur

    Garden bird ID

    As far from home as the Oozlum
  8. amateur


    Many years ago I worked in a factory office on an industrial estate surrounded by wheatfields. After harvest-time the office would be inundated with them. I found one tucking into my digestives when I opened my desk drawer. That was despatched with my shoe. Another time we noticed rather a smell coming out of the computer air-con unit, where I found one, decapitated by the fan. One day some of the office girls said that they had seen one scuttle behind a filing cabinet, so I moved the cabinet, grabbed the mouse, and it promptly sank its teeth into my finger. I flung it off through the open window, where it landed at the feet of our transport manager. He despatched it with his size nine boot. We invested in traps thereafter.
  9. Might be difficult to get hold of Robin Day
  10. amateur

    Garden bird ID

    Spot on, although you are using the Australian spelling. The English variant is much rarer and taken to concealing itself in bushes to hide its embarrassment.
  11. amateur

    Garden bird ID

    The Ooselum bird
  12. In my bijou workshop I don't have any space for much more than a lathe, drill press, bench grinder and big vice. I find filing quite therapeutic, but I must admit that I am looking forward to setting up my old man's lathe/mill in place of my old lathe, which should take out some of the donkey work. I still can't be ***** to finish to your ( or my father's) standards
  13. I'm afraid that I lose patience with finishing, somewhere between fine filing and medium emery cloth, so most of my stuff on the bike is "satin" finish - much to the irritation of my clockmaker father - so I really respect Ditchie's craftsmanship. I know how damn difficult it is to get a finish like that.
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