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Marmalade Insurance.

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My son wants a brand new car Fiesta or similar nothing sporty he's 19 and has asked me about the above company, who appear to supply a car plus insurance on a for instance 1 ltr eco boost fiesta with all the gadgets for a deposit of 500 quid and then £260 a month for the car and the insurance. My son has been getting quotes from the likes of Tesco's, Swinton etc in the region of 4 grand on a 15 plate Fiesta but he really wants brand new.

To me this company seems a little too good to be true any of you legal experts take a look and pass judgment?


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I had a look at this for my 17 yr old daughter who is learning to drive with a school and I was thinking of her being able to learn in my car should we return to lockdown here.

I thought it rather expensive at the Marmalade insurance is in conjunction with your ( or car owners) own insurance.

When she went online to get a quote, it went solely on her age and postcode. Never even asked any details of the car 

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Marmalade are an intermediary and not a risk carrier, ask them who the risk carrier is. Avoid unrated carriers, makesure that the product is fscs qualifying and check the rca register for the risk carrier and intermediary, pay your money and take your choice.

Review sites are ok but remember on average people enter 11 scenarios into comparison sites and try to fiddle insurance, they get upset when the fraud attempt is discovered and aren’t paid out ..

Be careful that they aren’t a cloned firm (they don’t seem to be) and generally now that some of the shifty Malta/Gibraltar insurers have been found out and closed down things should be ok.

Except for any Eatongate companies of products, run for the hills!

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