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  1. Yep, I have pair and so does my son, really impressed
  2. I bought howard Leight ones, ok but not great and last year I bought peltor sport as which are Infinately better for not much cash. I don’t fight in wars so don’t need commtac..
  3. Montgomery sporting or Anglia sporting both worth a go
  4. I need that trigger for my 10/22!!
  5. PPP

    Duty of Care.

    Sums it up perfectly.
  6. Interesting comment ... to the OP, did you contact BASC as this is their 'scheme' and they presumably have some degree of leverage.. Mind you that would involve them giving a stuff about a member.. so scratch that!
  7. I view Gold as a hedge or a long term store of cash, not as an investment per se. Unless you REALLY know what you are doing i would avoid FX trading (having run an FX firm for 5 years Ive seen more disaster stories than you can imagine) and avoid they spread-betters, they are they only to make money for themselves, try and close out a big position without greying out or slippage, they make money at every turn. Biosciences are a good punt, resi property still looks relatively strong (by which i mean not volatile), equities are holding up better than expected. As a long term buy,
  8. Thinking about it that’s the same for me...
  9. Thanks guys, guess I’ll stick with HMR, rifle should be replaced .... I didn’t enjoy lamping with 243, too big and heavy..
  10. PPP

    Hedgerow fruits.

    Damsons are WAY off here ... so are ‘sloes’ with no thorns actually bullace?
  11. It was a bit exciting..
  12. Find a new spot... they are ********
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