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  1. Hi Guys They will be identical models, sorry if not clear, that’s what I meant by ‘all other things....’ Thanks this is really helpful! I won’t be able to try them sadly but I may ask my optometrist to measure my pupil at next eye test (couple of weeks) if they can.. Brilliant thank you!
  2. I have picked some new bingos but I don’t know whether to go for 8x or 10x Of my current binos (different grades of same brand) I think I prefer 10x over 8x to give me more detail. I’m going to be spending quite a bit more on a better set but can’t decide on 10x42 or 8x42, my hesitancy is light transmission... How much more light will I lose through 10x all other things being equal? Thanks!
  3. I have a Francchi Affinity in FAC I’m letting go if interested?
  4. Sadly, this is what I was told when I thought of converting mine back.. it was originally 3shot and I had it converted and extended mag tube fitted, shouldn’t have bothered!
  5. Yes, 2 on Tuesday, looked pretty recent
  6. PPP

    FFP scope

    Excellent, yes, seem the best bet for the money I want to spend and I like Hawke customer service and it’s nice to support a local business!
  7. This, or Diesel in petrol can and vice versa..
  8. PPP

    FFP scope

    Brill, thanks, that seals it!
  9. PPP

    FFP scope

    I’m getting the Hawke frontier
  10. PPP

    FFP scope

    Brill, thanks! I’ll go with 2nd fp... if deer start shooting back I have bigger problems and need to reassess my foraging skills! 😀
  11. PPP

    FFP scope

    Sorry yes, second focal plane. It will be used for Deer and Fox predominantly.
  12. PPP

    FFP scope

    Hi Guys I’m going to be changing my scope on my 243, the scope I have decided on has standard and ffp options with marginal difference in price. What will an ffp scope give me? Are there any downsides? Thanks
  13. Thanks, it’s for my lad, do you have anything similar in 20b and a bit lighter?
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