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  1. PPP

    Grounds for divorce?

    Aargh... I share your pain!
  2. Sounds like a job for gunsmith, don’t want to bend barrel!
  3. PPP

    Rabbit numbers in your area?

    Good start to the summer here last year having been quiet in prior years but having managed rather than wiped out numbers I haven’t seen many since, suspect lost to rhd since. Out twice since end of game season, for three rabbits!!
  4. PPP

    Grounds for divorce?

    I should like to see their ‘ands cut orff..
  5. Ok, thanks guys, was beginning to think my thumbs weren’t manly enough.... so, soak in wd first?
  6. PPP

    Grounds for divorce?

    Why do women cut the nose off the cheese?
  7. Any suggestions to get this flipping thing off? Thanks!,
  8. Good effort mate, I’d give him a buzz in a couple of weeks if you dont hear, one of the biggest criticism I hear from farmers is of pigeon shooters who pitch up once or twice and then don’t bother again....
  9. Assuming 12 bore, I’d suggest dark storm 30g no6, it’s what I use in my aya which is ¼ and ½ or near as damn it and it always does the job.
  10. PPP

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    Won’t need plastic surgery as it’ll be dressed up like a post box... welcome also to her terrorist husband and also all her rehoused relatives that allowed and maybe encouraged her passage to terrorist heaven...
  11. PPP

    Gun Safe-Which bolts??

    Definately resin and threaded bar option, I split a light weight block with an M10 bolt And it’s a pain..
  12. PPP

    U caller, fox, crow, +

    I didn’t realise you could use electronic calls for birds...
  13. PPP

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    No she shouldn’t be back, but she will be, renamed, rehoused and encouraged to scrounge by the guy that buys a new Bentley with her legal aid money.. The real question is, when will she blow uk innocents up? Perhaps a PW book is in order? Could combine it with Brexit, which will happen first...
  14. PPP

    Hide Poles ???

    The ones with kick plates on have a grub screw to move the plate up and down BUT as I live in the driest part of the country often the ground is like concrete so I mostly use fishing bivvy poles with auger ends
  15. Hi I was looking for them largest shot size in manufacturers cartridges Thanks