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  1. Suffolk/Essex border
  2. Thanks for posting this, it’s easy to walk on by when you see it everyday and witness people changing into begging clothes and getting dropped of by car at hotspots and dismiss everyone as scamming junkie scum. Thanks for making me stop and think about genuinely desperately unfortunate people. Does anyone else remember ‘country coats to syria’, I wonder what happened to that?
  3. PPP

    Rough shooting gun

    The perfect solution, especially if you can find one in 20 and then the carts are also less bulky to carry
  4. PPP

    Winter tyres, even on 4WD vehicles.

    Good timing Dave, mine are going on tomorrow, a good month later than normal as it’s been sooo mild
  5. I’ve seen a few of these, seem quite expensive... any suggestions? Are they worth the money vs trying to bridge one togerher?
  6. PPP

    Scope servicing

    Thanks, I didn’t realise that they did servicing!
  7. PPP

    Scope servicing

    Any suggestions as to who may service a Hawke scope? I inherited a Hawke sidewinder but I’m not sure it’s been particularly well loved, the zoom is very stuff, the battery lid is chewed up and it has a couple of scratches and I’d like it tidied up. Thanks
  8. PPP

    Ear protection for fowling

    Howard leights for me, if clay shooting I also add foam plugs
  9. PPP


    Good Call.. Id suggest waders are best viewed as an investment.. in the last 12 years my vizion icon waders and two pairs of boots (due some more please Santa) have cost me about £30 per year and the waders are still great. Go for breathable waders and boots and you can always layer to keep warm
  10. PPP

    Where can I get this bag?

    Particularly helpful this evening 🙄
  11. PPP

    Where can I get this bag?

    Thanks, but not quite, it had a sleeve/tube stuck to the outside of the satchel
  12. PPP

    Charities CEO Salaries

    Although I think most charities are only set up to help themselves and use a topical sad news story to extract cash.. £200k isn’t much for a vaguely ok CEO
  13. PPP

    Where can I get this bag?

    No, not one of those triangular fag bags ... a satchel with a flag pouch in the outside..
  14. PPP

    What would do this?

    Something to do with Brexit..
  15. PPP

    Where can I get this bag?

    No, it had a specific, diagonal holder and it was kind of thick rubberised nylon inside (washable)