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  1. Hi Guys Any experiences good or bad of these guys please? Thanks
  2. 25gr hull hp in 6, anything bigger goes through the 12b, tried some 28 no black gold I was given, still have 245 of slab left 😀
  3. PPP

    Beretta 695

    Brill, thanks, I agree about the wood, mine arrives next week, I also noticed same on a new 20 b silver pigeon that I picked up this week
  4. PPP

    Beretta 695

    Just wondering whether anyone has real world experience of these please
  5. As any pattern test will illustrate, shooting paper and comparing it to birds or clays is a waste of paper
  6. I would guard against a publicly viewable forum criticising any legal shooting, it’s more collateral for antis many and various, however. There is no doubt in my mind that skilled practitioners with the right equipment can consistently kill Pheasants above 60 yards, maybe as far as 90, the reality is that straight driven high birds not curling or drifting are not the hardest, they just require repetition learning. They are fashionable and therefore profitable/expensive depending on how you view the transaction which means they are here to stay and as they are expensive and require a degree of experience/repetition they are beyond the wallet of many which drives some jealousy/dislike. These shoots are very well run and cover large areas of ground meaning that if a team turns up and is off the pace on the first drive they can still have a fun day on the lower slopes and go away happy. Personally, shooting needs to stop attacking itself before it hastens it’s own demise
  7. PPP

    Best vacuum

    Shark.. always had Dysons this makes them look ****
  8. SAK on HMR for sure I have barrel works on my 243 and it’s way quieter than my friends Wildcat
  9. I’d suck it up and pay £25 quid, life’s too short and if that’s the worst thing that happens to you today it’s a pretty good day! uid
  10. Highly recommend eastern sporting!
  11. PPP

    Maldon, Essex

    Sadly not, they put a couple of people from the hunt in hospital earlier this year..
  12. PPP

    Maldon, Essex

    Due to the prevalence of antis very little is advertised online, you best bet is to ask in a friendly gunshop, or Leech’s if you can’t find one 😀
  13. PPP

    Maldon, Essex

    Hhmmm tough one if clubs are full, could be best trying to find beating this season as a way in for next year
  14. PPP

    Maldon, Essex

    Try beating on local shoots, maybe wildfowling clubs?
  15. Hi, yes, pretty well, spend quite a bit of time in Aldeburgh as we have a small cottage there
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