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  1. Seem to be less than ever although Winter Barley starting to come in around here today so things might change...
  2. Hi Kier These were from my Howa 1500 243 1/10 twist fluted barrel last Friday, 5 shot of Sako gamehead 90gr off table and bipod (bottom pulled) and 3 shot group shot from prone of Winchester super x 80gr (only had 3 left) should hopefully give an idea. I’m just a mere mortal/novice so you should expect to improve on this. These are all at 100 Metres with no real wind but despite my streaming hay fever..
  3. PPP

    Help Please

    Do you know any falconers?
  4. I have a 7+1 on my FAC and have done for a few years .. unless you are doing PSG I wouldn’t bother
  5. Some 243, and certainly my Howa, struggles with rounds heavier than 90 or 95gr
  6. Will be a few more weeks of snivelling and as kissing yet, can’t stand the slime ***
  7. I’d start with Game head in 90 gr, mid priced and good performance. 80gr Federal or Winchester cloverleaf but also create a fair amount of meat loss..
  8. I remember being at a boat show about 30 years ago when Oakley were just making it to U.k and their demonstration for durability was 12 bore at short range on a polystyrene head, nothing got through..
  9. Can I respectfully suggest that unless you are 100% sure on what grounds you are shooting something, don’t shoot it.
  10. Hi Guys, any suggestions for an adjustable torque wrench for scopes etc without being crazy money?
  11. I’ll be there, wonder how many others will be?
  12. Insurance market is a mess and has been for years, poor corporate governance, lack of understanding by insurers of aggregators, people trying to underprice business to pile it in assuming it will stick at renewal, poor loss performance, changes on liability modelling due to Ogden report, however this is all coming home to roost. Most insurers are re-writing their books based on data finally being managed hence weird changes, however volatility will gradually reduce and swashbuckling if old won’t come back, through regulatory oversight and better management. The failure of many poorly capitalised off shore insurers and rise in uninsured drivers who are bailed out by MID is resulting in levy increasing which will cost everyone more money.
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