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  1. Not just cordless tools, for those that know these cabinets may as well be biscuit tins.. presumably your dogs eat sausages? Getting out is simpler with guns... Don’t underestimate the ruthlessness of these scumbags...
  2. That’s the thing, portable tools have improved so much and cabinet regs are not keeping up.. Don’t forget that scum bags don’t care about how much the grade 5 wood will make it worth and so it that’s gets knocked they won’t care, it will still make a good noise and a big hole in someone ..
  3. Unfortunately a competant thief could break into a cabinet fairly easily, safes appear the way forward
  4. PPP

    Is it possible

    In the back of shooting times there is sometimes a franchise doing this kind of thing
  5. I agree, if you attack someone’s home then you should expect limitless consequences, the law doesn’t see it that way.
  6. PPP

    Game bag

    Don’t get John shooter, useless
  7. Chaps, any suggestions? I’ve been looking at severnake but would like some more ideas
  8. Our small syndicate decided to write off 20/21 way back in March as a few of the helpers are elderly and we w acted to protect them, at our pre season supper that we Went ahead with in September i voiced the opinion that 21/22 was done for and was accused of being even more miserable than usual, sadly however my pessimism is coming true, these out breaks down just evaporate and despite everyone’s hard work (ignoring the F wits) the vaccine task is almost immeasurable. We fed this winter even though the birds in the ground were left over from 19/20 and should be established but will c
  9. ‘ BIt of a character’ lives near here and had 2 dogs stolen, the third polite enquiry at ‘mobile home park’ resulted in their safe return, the police know who the problem is but don’t have the ‘resources’ (minerals) to do anything about it.
  10. I shoot this gun. I have better with my lead hand forward
  11. Thanks guys, gun handles differently than my 30 plus extended which I prefer, I be arms like a gorilla even at 15 inch stock my lead hand is half in the barrels when I’m shooting well as such 30 feel too short. Thanks Figgy, I’ll try the bfast read weights removed (currently bang on hinge pin) and see how that goes, if no good I’ll get some beretta extremes
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