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  1. PPP

    Beretta 695

    Good thanks, only had ⅔ outings, it needs a bit of cast I think as my 686 did and maybe comb rIsing a little but otherwise it’s great!
  2. Eley 2 inch, 25g no6, no recoil, my son uses them in his 686. Hull Triple Crown are excellent as are imperial game but much more recoil than the Eley.
  3. If not less... 30/40 goes to promoters (sometimes 50) 15 ish expenses including reinsurance ..
  4. Agreed, poor practice indeed! However 5% alluded to is a dream for most ...
  5. This is both a complicated and simple matter... First off, insurance works differently to how you expect, it’s a pool of money to fund everyone’s losses, not just yours, so if the pool behaves poorly, everyone pays a proportional contribution appropriate to their risk and the performance of the pool, most motor insurers expect to make a return including investment income of positive to negative 3%. If it were solely based on your risk and you submitted a £100k claim for damaging someone then you couldn’t afford to repay that, hence why the pool works, equally if someone else was in the position that they couldn’t afford insurance and hit you then you could be out of pocket which isn’t fair (hence mid levy) The true costs of insuring a male new driver, in a boring car, is over 10k when you look at low costs, it’s just subsidised by everyone else, same as people who are over 70, although not £10k initially When the market performs poorly (which now it always does as new entrants and buyers chase the cheapest premium) rates go up also the cost of cars, repairing cars, injuries also increases year on year which has an impact on the pool performance. Within this some insurers buy business in and then try to recover costs in subsequent years (like a loss leader model) Its unlikely overall that the insurance company is making 5% margin overall, so far from robbing people.
  6. Ouch, 7.50 box here for 5’s ... cheaper than usual game carts so if I can find the 3 at that price I’ll be happy to switch ( once I’ve used up the lead which will see me through 2020) still 32g so should be same price?..
  7. I’ve been playing around with these and they are SUPERB! The Eley vip bio wads dissolve in 24hrs in water ( normal fibre was and gamebore super steel cup still very intact after 72 hrs) in 32gr no5 steel and ½ beretta choke they knock over good pheasants and serious Partridge ( I’m trying to get 3 for high pheasant) The was material wouldn’t be strong enough for casing... maybe someone will develop ho steel proof paper cases. Very impressed so far, if only shops would stock them...
  8. Hi That’s a great idea, thanks!
  9. Good idea but I store barrels down
  10. Beginning to feel like it ! in middle of house remodel so the other cabinet os out if action..
  11. Yes, any ideas as to the best way to pack 8 guns (3 of which rifles) in an 8 gun cabinet? Its a bit if a squeeze... Bipods off? The fitting always seems a weak point.. Thanks!
  12. I have LeChameau and Aigle wellies that I treat with silicone spray from time to time. Does anyone else treat theirs? How often and what with? Thanks!
  13. I had my Franchi affinity converted to FAC, wish I hadn’t bothered to be honest, more hassle than its worth
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