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  1. If anyone hurt my dog they would need to be really good at hiding..
  2. Absolutely no need for this, it’s the pillock ‘trainer’ that needs a kicking, not the dog
  3. Hey, this is a good call, we can walk the Grouse ourselves as we have 3 decent dogs and mine between us but I think we try to find a guide of PTMG. The plan is to take the pack to the base of the scree and then stash them only continue with waist packs for gun mounting purposes
  4. I have the HMR vantage on mine. But I wouldn’t bother with the calibrated reticle again unless it’s the same price or cheaper. HMR is so flat from 50 to 150 yards (I’m uncomfortable head shooting beyond that) that you don’t really need to hold off.
  5. PPP


    Yep, buds and clover feasting here...
  6. Thanks John, we’re are looking forward to it... I’m the youngest in the team too but at 42 I’m hoping we’ve got several trips ahead of us!
  7. Thanks guys, Tick removers form part of my usual shooting kit so that’s covered, same for Binos... interesting point about satellite trackers/communicators, it’s possible to pick them up for a couple of hundred quid now so that seems money well spent
  8. Brilliant, thanks fellas.. Yes Haemoststic In first aid kit along with meds Good shout in food.. Those Bothy bags look good in addition to bevy bags so will add one its un guided but we will never be further than a few hours hike for heated Bothy with water and main kit etc, we have good boots etc and good clothing will take maps, head torches in addition to list above interesting we are advised mobile reception is superb but will add whistles and flares Hoping not to carry too much kit... but don’t want miss obvious though!
  9. In which case it’s a great shout...
  10. That’s, good shout with food... you are right, decent socks and hand warmers form usual shooting kit...
  11. Thanks, understood, it’s more incase the forecasters have an off day ...
  12. Ooops, a bad one to overlook,
  13. Boringly, the average annualised cost of an average 17 year old Male on an average car was about £9.5k per driver last year. No idea the average premium I’m afraid but even it’s half this, after broker or comparison costs then the actual premium is 200% too low... Young drivers pay a lot of money yes, but they aren’t being ripped off, infact under 21’s are being subsidised by everyone else (apart from over 80’s where the pattern returns) Dont think of it as being insurance companies money, it’s not, it’s yours and mine, they just manage collective money in and collective money out and try to cover costs if sales and processing and maybe make a profit like any other business. If insurance premiums for young drivers are to reduce then your contribution for your own car will need to increase.... sorry, I did say it was boring
  14. PPP


    Peas in today on local perm but works means I can’t get out until Thurs.. I know the ground well and can do a little recon, I know the usual flight directions if not lines. I haven’t shot over pea drilling’s before, anything particular to peas to bear in mind? As an aside.. is it worth having a few corvid decoys to place nearby, there were a mix of pigeon and corvid around tonight but they only seem to play nicely with magpie
  15. We are planning a few days up in V north Scotland chasing Ptarmigan in October. What kit do we need to take incase the worst happens and we get stuck on the rough stuff other than: First aid kit Torch Bivvy Bag Compass GpS Phone Water Para Cord Knife Weatherproof matches We will only be doing day trips from the Bothy where we have all we need, it’s only if the worst happens.. Suggestions really appreciated
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