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  1. Not BT, but Sako gamepoint 90gr, federal or Winchester in 80g all good.
  2. It’s actually worse than this as they refer to £1M saving which means they have been charging members Around 40% Commission. A genuine question, as it’s AGM this week what needs to be done to force a vote of confidence in the board? If genuine shooters could force out the old boys lunch club who don’t give a stuff about members there is a chance that this could be a useful body. Impressive that Ian Bell, the much lauded new CEO has made a crappy organisation much worse!
  3. I don’t think there is a better cartridge than imperial game for that type of gun..
  4. PPP

    0.17 WSM?

    Interested in anyone that has any real world experience of these. I'm bored of my TBolt 17 hmr trigger and was on the verge of switching to another 17 hmr but wondered whether the 17 wsm would give me less wind problems and hopefully more consistent ammunition. How do you find them as along range Rabbit and short range fox tool, how easy is it too get ammunition, would a SAK mod be suitable? Thanks
  5. Nope, nothing of that sort on my ticket, of course as a prudent person i am insured (sadly more than once due to defacto BASC) for MY negligence and ensuing liability whether firearms, motor vehicle, defective property and so forth.... I would NEVER accept any condition which expected me to assume responsibility for vetting the financial risk management of a range, that is THEIR responsibility solely and any condition on my licence would be removed as it is not a legal requirement and i would not wish accidentally breach it and accept the ensuing outcome. To accept responsibility for someones else's liability is a terrible, terrible idea (as anyone who signed up to 'amigo loans' will find out ... the next ppi ...) This is the FAO trying to discharge their responsibilities of vetting the range on the customer and end user and is entirely inappropriate and unacceptable and just laziness.. I'm sure that BASC are on the case though and challenging this condition rather than sitting round enjoying entertainment from various advertisers.... Oh look a flying pig delivering rocking horse ****...
  6. Why are BASC advertising these things like some cheap US infomercial? 'Mrs Imaginary from madeuptown says BASC are the best organisation at anything ever!' Whats in it for them? as a members organisation we should be told the financial consideration for these 'reviews', will fees be reduced as they are now a commercial enterprise advertising stuff we have campaigned as a body to not want (a bit like tampon adverts on channel4, i don't need those either - at least channel 4 is free for putting up with its adverts) BASC - Fight Packham etc, protect shooting and shooting businesses and not just punt fashionable stuff ( money on a BASC BLM Tshirts soon?).. Or be a free organisation where you make your money by exploiting your membership, don't be both!
  7. Steve, I would ask for that to be taken off, the onus of vetting of the strength of financials or management practice to mitigate risk should not be on you, this is an FEO screw up and could leave you in breach of the conditions of your licence. If you are a BASC member then you could ask their view but it is an reasonable condition.
  8. I think it's brilliant that all perceived historical wrongdoing can be simply washed away by partly falling over, who knew?
  9. The 'adequate financial arrangements' piece seems weird and made up on the hoof.. it also gives you an exposure that you have to ensure the club is properly capitalised and insured (as no clubs would wear a big liability loss).. as this a condition on your FAC and as such you could inadvertently breach it (with all of the fun and games that would bring(, I would ask the FEO to reconsider this condition.
  10. PPP

    Stinkhorn Fungus.

    If you unknowingly eat the old bits you wont do it again ... 🤮
  11. Roes does have have been incredibly vocal and aggressive this last week too..
  12. Sounds like my experience of deer stalking, people forget it isn't about them getting you to shoot quarry, its all about them getting you to pay them for the promise of opportunity.
  13. You need special equipment, hence the price..
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