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Pigeon migration change?

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Heres a puzzling one. Usually, last week of October, first week on November, I see the pigeon migration over my house. 6am to 8am, flock after flock of anything up to 100+ birds coming from north west heading south. Its like clockwork both timing wise and direction. This year, a bit later by 3 weeks, and a total change of direction. They are all heading in from the East and heading West, no exceptions. 

Anyone else noticed a change? 

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I remember back in the late 70's during a severe snowstorm  we we were sat on the sea wall on the Eden estuary up by St Andrews .Late afternoon ,tide full in , we watched thousands and thousands of pigeon migrating south. Coming over from Tentsmuir forest area by RAF Leuchars ,right across the estuary and on down towards Anstruther.We shot a couple when we initially realised there was a bizzare flight on ,to discover these pigeon were bloody huge. Stunning birds not like our locals at all. Really rich deep colours on them and as i say,massive.We decided to let them be given it was hellish weather and they had enough to contend with at that point in time. We did wonder if they had perhaps crossed over from Scandinavia.Very impressive birds they were.

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hi mate,  used to shoot a lot of young birds from aug to nov time.            last few years they have quickly left my area . some pple say they see flocks going up and down the east coast, and across the north sea.  this maybe the case as i live east side of the country. 

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I am right on the coast near Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, we had good numbers through summer and autumn but now they are very noticeable by their absence, I have not seen any movement of large numbers so can only assume they have moved south west, If they had gone east towards europe I would have noticed , 

They seem to start leaving as the Pinks arrive from the arctic, around the beginning of November.

There are always a few pigeons that remain, or possibly are birds moving south down the east coast but numbers are seriously reduced ,

Large movement of numbers is something I had not been so aware of at the end of the last century, although I only recently moved out to the east anglia region from the midlands where we always had large numbers of resident birds all year round. 

I am sure we will see the numbers start to build again as we get colder weather through December and January when they are concentrated more onto food sources like OSR so its fingers crossed until then.

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