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  1. I had the same about 15 years ago. I was told, 9 months wait on NHS. I could have lived with it and waited if I was at a desk and not an action man. But the dam thing was causing so much discomfort, I enquired about private waiting time and cost. "Could I do next week? oh and £1300". Don't worry about it Countryman, its a walk in the park. I had keyhole, booked in at 9am, was third on the list. The worst bit is not being able to eat 24hrs before the anaesthetic. Then the ******* wheel you past the fresh coffee and toast department!!!! Was allowed out later in the day, and as above, just take it easy for the advised time to allow the mesh to bind before hurling logs about again!! Get it done asap, and enjoy the fussing by the nurses!!!! Atb T33
  2. Another vote for H&N 21grn. I’m running the 217’s through my Daystate Airwolf at 820fps. Super accurate especially over longer distances. I did try a sample pack of both H&N and Wildman slugs. 21 Grn upwards. The Wildman have a more superior finish than the H&N and are a lot more expensive. However, my barrel didn’t like them at all.
  3. I agree with this Jim, there are going to be fireworks, tantrums from Hamilton, and if George Russell somehow lands Bottas's seat, for whatever reason, before the season is out, it could be explosive!
  4. Thanks for all the replies chaps..........🤔
  5. Sound advice Timps, thanks.
  6. Thank you Yanto. Would Sika SikaCem PVA be suitable as a primer?
  7. I had to destroy a couple of floor tiles to trace a leak in the central heating. Needless to say, the tiles are no longer available! Its a small area, 4mx1.7. The tiles have a slightly gloss/uneven surface. The options are to rip the whole lot up and start again, which is a hideous thought for a variety of reasons. So could I have some advice as to the way to prep and spread floor leveller over these prior to laying vinyl. I would like to get away with the minimum amount, fill the grout and down to 1mm in door thresholds. Can anyone advise...primer, leveller etc. I have a reasonable level of skill, can plaster, so would I be up to this? Thanks in advance.
  8. We all need one of these!!!!!
  9. turbo33


    Yup, agree, good company, competitive prices, fast postage and well packaged so you don't get a tin of damaged skirts!
  10. The figures are all over the place......The gauge on the rifle doesn't show 250 psi as thats only 17 bar. The fill pressure on the rifle will be close to 200bar, not psi. The bottle might have a higher test pressure than 300bar, but as far as I know, there isn't a bottle that can be filled to over 300bar, even carbon. Steve, you really need to understand this info to avoid wrecking your rifle at best or worse, having things go horribly wrong.
  11. 14 fills just topping up to 180bar on my s410 sub 12. My FAC Airwolf is 230Bar fill. I'm not sure 280bar for yours is correct Steve, do you mean 28000psi? (193bar) Most of the research throws up 200 bar for a fill, not 280bar. I would guess again, as yours will have a longer air cylinder on the rifle, again you will get less. Prob around 6-11 at a guess.
  12. Still very impressed with my Evolution. Turn it on, cut wood, turn it off!!!
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