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  1. Evil little ******* to trim, let alone deal with on a daily basis! About as useful as a chocolate tea pot!😂 I have three on my books. Its taken years to get to the point where I can actually trim them without a fight! Its like holding onto a runaway Jack hammer! We earn every penny! Nigel of course, is spoilt rotten, and rightly so......tea, cakes, bacon butties...............no such luxury here in Surrey!!!!
  2. turbo33


    I really don't get the Hades hype? Its not a CF bullet travelling fast enough to fragment! IMHO people are lead to believe its going to transform a 12ftlb air rifle into something its never going to be. Find the most accurate pellet for your rifle and put it in the right place. I agree with Strimmer, a Diablo for longer ranges or a flat head close up, providing they are accurate in your rifle, will do the job every time. If a diablo can take out a rabbit at up to 50 yards comfortably, then the same would be true of a squirrel. Its only about accurate shot placement.👍
  3. I wondered about this too. Did some research, and its mostlyl based on the HN virus, that originally morphed from horses, hence the "H". The HN virus's take a known circuit around the globe annually. They start in Asia at the beginning of the year, and get to us by late autumn/winter. So the science on which strain to vaccinate against is largely forecasted. It might also be the case, as Ginger Cat says, there is a bit of a cocktail based on more than one virus doing the rounds.
  4. All I can say, is a mates parents went for theirs at the chemist ( As did I), to be told, they were out of stock for their age group? Also heard that there are different levels in the recipe of the vaccine, depending on age/vulnerability, from another source. I don't know the detail of this, but if it is the case, maybe its why some people get more of a reaction than others. Friend of 50yrs had one last year and was really poorly for 48 hours. Best ask the person that stabbed you for clarification!!!
  5. Hmmm, don't know Ditchy? Had mine on wednesday........hardly felt the needle and absolutely no side effects........yet!!!!
  6. So are you saying that Chris Eubank wearing tweed and wearing a monocle looked out of place? 😂😂
  7. Hi N. i use new primed Fiocchi cases from John at Folkstone engineering. He does a great price on new primed cases. If you order 2000 delivered, they work out at 6p each. A primer alone is around 4p. The other factor I’ve found, is factory cases are skived. So the mouths get stretched and split, so take a bit of sorting and trimming. I don’t skiv mine so they can be used several times over before the are no longer useable. But tbh, I can’t be bothered with the faffing for saving 2p!😀 hope this helps.
  8. Thanks Arjimlad, you too. Sorry a hijack wasn’t intended. Nice to be old school with the small gauge. atb t33
  9. Can’t beat a 410 session! I’ve popped out twice recently just for a couple of hours each time with my yilditz o/u. Pocket of carts, seat, and just made a hide the old fashioned way, no nets just cut a few sprigs. Dropped a couple and used them as decoys on a hazel stick. Had several left and rights, and dropped many at 40 yards and a bit more. Full and 3/4 choke, 18grm 6/7 home loaded. Great times, no whirlies, batteries, flappers, just how it used to be!
  10. Some information here. These are just the recorded cases.
  11. I was asked by a client to deal with some rabbits in her garden. She had a couple of men laying a patio. One had overheard the conversation and announced he was going to get an air rifle. His intention was to shoot deer with it! It sin't worth discussing here the conversation that ensued. My aunt is a vet, and whilst I prefer dogs to cats, its quite distressing to see the jars on the shelf in the surgery of airgun pellets removed from cats. I am reasonably confident, that this behaviour is not represented by the enthusiastic members here that have a passion for their sport, nor do I think that
  12. I was just replying with the same.It would be impossible to license knives. The only thing that can be done, is being done with current legislation. However, the RFD's are full of shotguns. air rifles etc. No licence required no purchase, no licence required for purchase help yourself!!!!
  13. Completely agree with this Cannon. I’m not entirely sure what law would be broken by shooting various animal domestic and otherwise, with at present a legally held air rifle. Animal cruelty etc. But once it becomes a licensed firearm and subject to licensing compliance, it’s a different ball game. Bona fide people of good character stand every chance of being granted a licence, so no problem there. Those tgat clearly are of the type that would choose to shoot at domestic animals and possibly other people would hopefully to a very reasonable degree, be denied. Thereafter, caught doing the same
  14. I’m sure. Tbh, I don’t think reloading Used 410 shells are worth the hassle. A new primed case is around 10p. A primer is 4p, for the faffing about of sorting, trying to open case mouths, re sizing etc, it’s only a saving of £1.50 per 25. If you have a cheap source of shot, make your own etc, that’s where I make my savings. New primed case, SP3, over powder card, fibre wad. £4.37... then add shot. I load them by hand, but use electronic scales tgat I use for the CF. I can comfortably make 60 an hour that way with no hassle. Now, if used 410 cases would reload as easily as 12g cases, that
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