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  1. Thank you Nigel............yes absolutely up for it! Have another good friend on the island, so could be an awful session!!!😂 Just for the record, its not about W Waving, more about giving people confidence that the little calibre is up to more than ratting and airgun ranges👍
  2. Just noticed Old Farrier is online.........Nigel had myself and Bluebarrels, after a bit of coaching, breaking some good distanced clays!! Was a great day out Nigel!!
  3. 410, probably the most underestimated gun! I agree Walker, distances can often be overestimated. Amongst the other bits in my kit bag, is the range finder, used for rifle forays. I know the decoying/kill zone distances. I run full and 3/4 in my Yilditz 410.
  4. I think barrel and cartridge compatibility play a large part in this too. I had a Mossberg Hushpower (FC) 3 shot. It threw awful patterns with a variety of cartridges, and at 20 yards, it was done. I read Walkers post with interest. I also have a Yilditz,O/U, as well as a Baikal Hushpower (FC) single. Both pattern really well which allows me to confidently share Walkers experiences on distance. I too, home load, 18grms fibre, 6,7. With that load, I wouldn't want to be shooting birds for the pot at under twenty yards.
  5. How are you doing Steve, all good I hope. Yes I agree, crimp is low. Needs the wad stack higher, packing out the wad side not the powder side as he did. 👍
  6. Agreed Dunks. The Lee press is tremendous value for money, and does a great job. At around £20 for a calibre change of dies, its so versatile. Its just a shame that you can't get a 410 conversion set for it. I'm just guessing that part of the reason, is that for the small ball powders like SP3, the seal from the charge bar may not be effective enough?
  7. Interesting device! Obviously not for those with a need for large output. Seems from the replies in the comments, that it comes with 12 and 20gauge die sets and he's looking to do 410 soon. Cheap enough at £26, but then rises to £48 with the postage. Anyway, thought i'd pop it on for interest.
  8. If you want a money making project..............The lee load all can be had in various gauges with a conversion kit. This is essentially a plastic replacement in the chosen gauge, i.e. 12,20, etc. Lee doesn't do a 410 conversion for some strange reason. Whilst a bit basic, the dies make a far better job of crimping than the Mec, and so identical modelling, but scaled to the 410 would be a cracking project! https://www.henrykrank.com/reloading/lee-reloading/lee-load-all-ii-conversion-kit.html
  9. I recently pressed the button to catch up on Cornish Fisherman. It took me to Iplayer, so had to sign in. Two days later, had the same email as you Good shot. So of course, it was a golden opportunity to voice my opinions of Mr Packham!!
  10. Thanks Walked up. All the joints are pre drilled and double nailed and glued, then the wire is super tight and stapled with an air gun.....think it will be fine👍
  11. Put the this together for this in just a few hours. Painting took longer😀
  12. Hi Chris, I was in the same situation as you. I wanted a saw for everyday diy stuff, and its mostly bigger things like building sheds etc, not neat little jewellery boxes! Eventually after spending hours looking at reviews and youtube stuff, I came to the conclusion, the 185 was too small and the 255, to large for my needs. And also came to the conclusion, that the extra advantages of a sliding saw were huge. So, I bought the 210sms+. I have to say, its fantastic for the money. I absolutely cannot fault it. It really has the quality feel of saws twice the price. It took no time to put tog
  13. Whereabouts in the country are you? Its relevant to those that can help on here who maybe near enough to help and reloading components.
  14. Found a wallet on the floor of a Little Chef toilet many years whilst doing a splash and dash! It was a local lunch haunt, and the guys that worked there were all good local lads and lasses. £250 in cash in it and a fistful of high end credit cards. I handed it to the Rob the manager, in view of the other staff. A few days later, I was back in there. He thanked me again, and went on to say, they contacted the guy via bank etc..told them it was a local chap that handed it in...me. He came in and collected it and walked out without a word of thanks!! Classic manners!
  15. I completely sympathise with you 243. My two are now restricted.....same scenario as you, poor things. Maybe we should get out and ramp up the pest bird control, Jackdaws/crows/Rooks in particular, as they are so keen on entering the areas where hens are.........and tell Mr Packham we have to on grounds of disease control!!!!
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