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  1. I’m totally convinced that info is collected by voice unknowingly. Alexa, Siri whatever. I discussed over the phone, sisters options for a retaining wall in her garden. We decided sleepers would be perfect and she would explore costs. Next thing I knew is adverts for them are popping up. Proven it time and again, disbelievers can try it for themselves. All jokes aside, I’ll bet Ben made some quip in the house about siting on his ***** or such like and then the info was collected.
  2. Can see anything complicated about the original post, self explanatory. I haven't the financial wording on my certs either, but you would have to be really rather dim not to have adequate insurance in place at all times. It should be a condition of holding a license imho.
  3. Ultrastu, there’s a saying, when in a hole! There maybe some of us that are able to read the situation and feeding pattern to know when the shot is good. If on the other hand, you are into ear piercing, then crack on!!
  4. It gets worse!😂 It must mean rabbits can’t hear from the side well enough then! 🤔🤔
  5. I’m not a wind up merchant Ultrastu, but you do leave yourself open with some of your “My way is the only way” comments. You said “Never when the rabbits nose is facing you”. JKD ‘s post is exactly right and Strimmer_13’s photo is a preferable shot.
  6. Really? The countless numbers I've shot have been bloody good actors then!😂😂
  7. So what’s the verdict R6demon, did you find the problem?
  8. Same here Ditchy; sick to death of them particularly the one you mentioned! Also done everything I know to stop them popping up. Rarely come on here now because of it.
  9. I understand people want to help. But honestly, I’ve been there with the hmr, and asked for help here. I had the same replies. Changed two scopes, oh it’s def your scope mate, changed mods twice and fired without a mod, oh your rounds are clipping your mod, pulling your shots, need a trigger kit, your barrel needs free floating, you nee lessons, the list goes on. what on earth was the point of ignoring the one peice of evidence of a fault, and backing up another probability when you say you have little experience of the rifle!
  10. You are of course, the holy grail of all knowledge Ultrastu. However, sometimes it helps to look at the evidence. The op has two magazines. Look at the op, 2nd paragraph. It’s the latter rounds in the mag that are the issue not the first fired. So I suggested he cycle a mag. Result was damaged cases before being fired. The scope he has is a good quality scope. Ok, all scopes irrespective of cost can develope a fault. But recoil on an hmr, really? The op has exhausted and proven it’s not moderator, floating barrel and all the other endless suggestions people come up with, including, patronisingly, the ability of the op to shoot accurately. I had all these well meaning suggestions with mine which was displaying exactly the same symptoms which is why I made my suggestions. As a consequence, a problem has been discovered. If you choose to ignore that and the evidence of series of events, then that’s a matter for you, but your input in that regard is not a help to the op and his problem. To the OP. I completely understand your frustration, and with the plethora of well meaning helpful suggestions here, are now probably thinking an hmr is the most complicated rifle to shoot, and only the most skilled snipers with military training and an endless supply of high quality, recoil proof equipment will succeed in being able to shoot it with any acceptable degree of accuracy! You’ve identified a problem, investigate that and I’m sure it will be fine.
  11. Hmmm, interesting. So looking at those the dent becomes greater with each shell if they are in order of ejecting. I’m not sure how much less volume would be caused by the dent, which could affect pressure. But I can’t imagine it’s without some effect? I note also possible clipping on mod, but you’d tried without the mod and still had the same problem. I was also told could be scope, mounts, barrel not floating, clipping mod etc. My money is still on the chamber end and before the shot is fired. See if the case gets dented when just chambering One at a time without the mag. If it doesn’t go for a session and see what the accuracy is like. If all ok, then the mag feed/ denting is the issue. I don’t think the scope is an issue as your op stated, 3 good shots, 2 bad, then same again. I can’t See how a scope can jump back and forth to zero, all over the place, yes, but not re zero.
  12. I had exactly the same with a new cz 455. Did all that you have. First 3 shots bang on, 2 random. I gave up in the end and got rid of it. some while later, I was sifting through some targets and puzzling over them. I and thought that the only variable in the package was the magazine. Maybe there was a difference in the presentation into the chamber between the shells. Obviously the first rounds are under more spring tension than the last. So I thought maybe the last rounds were getting the heads damaged in some way. As I’d got rid of it, I couldn’t verify if this was the case. So, did you use different magazines? Had you bought a replacement magazine? I would certainly try loading a full mag, then ejecting them un fired onto a carpet or such, and look to see if there is any damage. Also try a session chambering one at a time without the mag, and also load 5, shoot 3, then reload and fire three so you are only using the first under more spring tension. I would be very interested to see your results from going down this route, wish I had! atb t33
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