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  1. Thank you Cyrus. Theres a possibility that Toyota will investigate it, following me contacting them. Who knows when that can take place with the CV. However, if that comes to nothing, I would be grate fun for his contact details. Stay safe T33
  2. Thank you for all the replies. Milner and Roughtrax can’t help. No replacements only basic rebuild kits; bearings and ring gear. Bizzare. Have had 6 Hilux’s over many years, all have done over 150k without the slightest hiccup. Still as they say, it is what it is, so just have to sort it out. Thanks chaps.
  3. I have a 2014, Hilux invincible ( or not!) 49k on the clock. The front diff has a major problem internally, and needs replacing. Yes I know, shouldn't happen, but it has. Doesn't do/had any hard work. Only slipped into 4x4 on the occasional muddy farm track to go shooting. The options are dire at the moment. Bay for one, high chance of pay cheap (900) pay twice, or OEM 2.5k!!!!! And then finding someone to do it.....all I get around here is the sucked lips thing and total lack of enthusiasm! So, any ideas, recommendations would be gratefully received. Thanks Chaps!
  4. I have an ongoing dispute with AVG. In Feb, they helped themselves to £99.99 from my credit card. I've tackled them to demand a refund as I don't have their anti virus. They sent an email to say a refund would be issued in 7 working days. Nothing. Obviously I've kept the CC company informed. Ive had all sorts of fob offs, endless emails, from, ..... "Our records show, it was repaid two days after I requested a refund". To where? "Your credit card" No it wasn't. " Our records show, it was repaid two days after I requested a refund" To where? "Your paypal account" No it wasn't. " We've escalated to our concerned team" Nothing.........then when pushed further " Our records show it was repaid.."etc, etc... On checking my records, there were no payments taken in 2016. 2017. But I had missed a transaction when they helped themselves to £59.99 in Feb 2018. My fault for not paying enough attention. Then no payment taken in 2019. Now £99.99 in 2020. I've handed the whole thing over to the Credit company , and ensured AVG are blocked from taking any further payments, as clearly there is more to this. So keep an eye on your credit card. Look out for, and note the spacing..... DRI*AVG Technologies order find.comIRL
  5. I watched Tyson Fury last night. The upshot of his fight with Deontay Wilder, is that he had to get the right trainer to win the battle and secure his title, this by letting go, what his father felt was a trainer not adequate enough for that which was required. We know the result. I agree with Retsdon, this is where we are.
  6. I glance here now and again. It never ceases to amaze me, how appalling your posts can be, but you really have excelled on this occasion. I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and your family.
  7. Well I certainly wan't going to let him capitalise on the devastating situation in Oz, peoples deaths, to line his nest and agenda. His Facebook page is hot with condemnation for his actions, and I've said my piece. Absolutely abhorrent behaviour from a rather disgusting, manipulative individual.
  8. What proofed data do you have for using maxam powder? The bushes control the amount powder dropped, not the weight of shot dropped. That bar has a fixed hole that throws 32 grms No.6 it will probably throw close to the same in No.5. Get some scales, as I advised and see what it drops, otherwise you won't know. You can buy different bars for alternative shot weights, or an adjustable one, all from Clay & Game. The bush in the bar controls the powder drop. As I explained and gave you, there are lots of sizes of bushes available depending on what weight of powder is required. This is SERIOUS............DO NOT make up a cartridge without using proofed data and understanding how critical the powder measurement is. DO NOT just use an existing bush from one make of powder to another. Do NOT confuse grains/grams of powder with grams of shot. Get a scale to be absolutely sure that you are using the correct sized bush, that is dropping the exact weight for the particular make of powder on the data, as I advised you, and to check shot weight too. I've set it up for you to do 70mm cartridges. Your choice of powder might be less/more in volume than your previous powder, therefore as sports bob said above, you might need a shorter or longer fibre wad, a different sized bush to get the correct powder drop and quoting Old Farrier, there might be less or more in volume with N0.5 shot. There is no need to alter the crimp settings as they are done, super sensitive and a pig to get right. If your powder measurement is exact and the shot weight also, and you can't close the crimp or crush the shell, decrease the wad height. Conversely, if the crimp caves in, like I showed you, you will need to increase the wad height. As a short answer as to how much powder you will need for 1000 cartridges, find the data and do the sum. For example if its 1.6gms (24.69grains) multiplied by 1000 is 1600grams or 1.6kgs And as Motty said, please get a reloading book so you completely understand what you are doing. Regards T33
  9. Mec 600jnr currently set up for 12g. 1300+ New Flocchi 12g primed cases 1kg of Vectan A1 800 209 primers 10kgs of No.6 Shot Plus o/powder cards/Fibre wads/ £250 for the lot collected obviously due to weight and powder/primers.
  10. Its called humour! The posts have been tidied up by the mods, understandably, but there are still above.....for a short time before the mods do the housework, some really insulting remarks fro white bridges. Some might not have been here to see the thread, but I have worked through it constantly, so am aware of what has been on there, even if others have not been current.
  11. Well I have to say, I'm very disappointed in PW. I have tried to inject some enthusiasm into getting people on board....Bluebarrels has provided some humour to lighten our potentially grave situation. Whitebridges, has appeared from nowhere popped in with some derogatory comments, not only to Bluebarrels but to me as well, de-railing the thread with personal insults, and Bluebarrels has been banned? How does that work? So, if that is how it is....thats me out too as a matter of loyalty and principle. T33
  12. Ok, accepted.......that doesn't excuse 100's of others.
  13. These are the members online now, plus others....if your name is on there and you haven't bothered to sign.....we will know who you are!! turbo33 Blue barrels clumber Mark360 miffy foxshooter69 trickhannah wabbitbosher Doggone Madness K85 the crowman tweedledee lister1 supersportfive chairman ShootingEgg Cornish lad manor725aj dk6052 mark1206 Lewi76 JTaylor91 D3ave Mulligan ikerrison Zetter Rabbitraider Zimtrout the barbarian robsmyth walshie moondoggy andyw62 davidcavill big napper toontastic landofficer NoBodyImportant martyn2233 washerboy lksopener soulboy1957 Harryco lukepulford nrj jloc Big Mat welsh1 Cranfield Wingman panoma1 speaky steve42 spandit Mickeydredd B&W FOX levelplaying andrewluke derbyduck and 29 others
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