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  1. Anyone else see the interview with this ghastly person on GMB this morning? Somehow, she doesn't quite get the point, that whilst others are struggling to cram in the hours to keep their family afloat, and being stopped from doing so by her group, it's no surprise she's on benefits!! Apart from her questionable mental state, the fact that yet again, she can get to a studio, and would have had to rise fairly early, I would like to know what her benefit entitlement is based on. Meanwhile on the M25, the feckless lot have tried blocking again, with one gluing themselves to the road. I do feel for the police, in that by the time they get to the scene, the dopey lot have got the glue gun out. At least the idiot that glued his face to the road yesterday regrets it!
  2. turbo33

    Lyman Gen6

    Having been given the run around all week by a member on here.....this is no longer available.
  3. On the back of the incident and on another thread regarding the hounds being destroyed by a kennelman, the pattern of Packhams predictability continues. It is not the least bit strange now, that an incident involving country pursuits, or an approaching season in the country calendar will see Mr Packham appear. What is beyond belief is his arrogance for thinking no one has recognised the pattern of his MO. Re The General Licence debacle, we were not being able to control Crows in particular, so reports of farmers losing lambs to Corvid predation was quashed by Mr Packham as being Fake news (GMB interview). There were dead crows left on his property, allegedly, and death threats, allegedly. The Grouse season: The same every year, just prior to the start of the Grouse season, Mr Packham will release video footage or reports, photographs, of dead BOP. Allegedly killed by game keepers. The Hunting season. Strangely, an incident will occur just prior to the hunting season starting. Last year a dead fox was allegedly left on his drive. We now have the hunting season upon us. Hunting was banned in 2005. Since then, fox hunting has been substituted by trail hunting. And isn't it strange that as the season gets under way, there has been an "incident" giving Mr Packham the opportunity to do a video broadcast on his gates being burned. Strange that this has happened less than 48 hours after the footage of the kennelman incident. The pattern is always the same. There is a fieldsport/activity that he is hellbent on stopping. When the season for that fieldsport is about to start, there is mysteriously and I'm sure, by mere coincidence, an "Incident". Video released of his victimisation along with an extraordinary narrative of manipulation. The latest one claims a Land Rover exploded outside his gates and whats next, my family.....me..two masked men......... Now in all my years of fieldsports, the only masked men I have come across have been Sabs. And jokes aside, its rather a strange move to set fire or "detonate" a Land Rover outside his property or anywhere else. They are amongst the most stolen vehicle for their value. It wouldn't be, of course, that the brain washed disciples think that everyone connected with a hunt drives a Land Rover? Its equally strange, that a man who earns a reasonable proportion of his wealth by placing covert cameras to film wildlife, is unable to provide any CCTV footage to identify any of these alleged incidents or lead to anyone prosecutions or even enquiries! He finishes his piece with the call to arms, for the banning of Trail hunting on National Trust land etc, etc.... He now wants to stop people enjoying a day out following the scent of a rag!!!!! His narcissistic behaviour is becoming increasingly more concentrated and desperate as time passes.
  4. Up for sale is My Lee reloading set up.This has had little use, so is in perfect condition. Its the 60th Anniversary package, but I think they've changed the hand held primer for a bench one. Or of course, you can use the press.I have been using this for 223, so the list is as follows: Modern Reloading, Richard Lee second editionLee handbook, Data manualsLee Breech Lock pressLee Safety Powder ScalesLee Perfect Powder MeasureLee quick trim case TrimmerDrill attachment case trimmersPrimer pocket cleanerLee Dies in .223 RemingtonLee Collet Neck sizing DieFull Length sizing DieBullet seating DieFactory Crimp DieCase Lube900 CC! 400 small rifle primers960 Grams Vihtavouri N133 Powder400grams Hodgdon VargetPlus anything else I can find lying around!!£325 collected due to powders and primers. Buyer to bring FAC. Advertised elsewhere too.ThanksT33
  5. So are you saying that PW has a more modern format than gov.uk, Police firearms depts, or pretty much any other web site one needs to access? If so, perhaps it should be a sticky,that only devices four years old or newer can access PW, especially if they are apple devices.
  6. Respectfully, I think you’re missing the point. It’s only pigeon watch and one other site that’s not related in any other way, that is blocking access and warning me that PW is impersonating hackers trying to take my personal information, credit card details etc. Now I can ignore this warning, and ignore the fact that the certificate has issues at my own peril. But why would I risk that.? This is quite a serious issue and simply telling people they need a new device is not acceptable or sound security advice.
  7. Mines 10.11.6 Works fine with Airgun bbs and all the other shooting related sites, FB, etc. It’s only PW and one other that it doesn’t work with as of Thursday this week. It’s a PW problem. I don’t have an issue with it, can happily go to another shooting web site that works.
  8. Ok. For Tonka. I can’t access on safari or google chrome. The details of the certificate are: forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk issued by :R3 Expires: Saturday, 27 November 2021 at 08:43:33 green which mean time x This certificate is not valid (expired root)
  9. Same here as of a couple of days ago. Says site has invalid cert and will not load.
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