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    Yup, agree, good company, competitive prices, fast postage and well packaged so you don't get a tin of damaged skirts!
  2. The figures are all over the place......The gauge on the rifle doesn't show 250 psi as thats only 17 bar. The fill pressure on the rifle will be close to 200bar, not psi. The bottle might have a higher test pressure than 300bar, but as far as I know, there isn't a bottle that can be filled to over 300bar, even carbon. Steve, you really need to understand this info to avoid wrecking your rifle at best or worse, having things go horribly wrong.
  3. 14 fills just topping up to 180bar on my s410 sub 12. My FAC Airwolf is 230Bar fill. I'm not sure 280bar for yours is correct Steve, do you mean 28000psi? (193bar) Most of the research throws up 200 bar for a fill, not 280bar. I would guess again, as yours will have a longer air cylinder on the rifle, again you will get less. Prob around 6-11 at a guess.
  4. Still very impressed with my Evolution. Turn it on, cut wood, turn it off!!!
  5. And another................. https://metro.co.uk/2021/03/24/woman-in-charge-of-dog-that-attacked-freddie-the-seal-is-top-lawyer-14295341/ Yes LB had all that!
  6. My thoughts were along those lines TC. Horrific.
  7. Arrested for GBH? Those blows looked as though they were aimed at her stomach. As she was pregnant, I would suggest attempted murder be a more befitting charge!
  8. Midwest gun works.com They sell all the component parts for and including the bare bolt. Not sure if your model is listed. Also, with shipping etc, it might be un economic compared with GMK. Just a thought.
  9. I travelled similar routes Brian, and realised it wasn't worth the faff! I now just use new primed cases, but can re use if I've done an RTO finish. However, we are already into 4p for a primer, excluding any hazmat charges, so the slight additional cost of a new trouble free primed case is a no brainer for me. Even the cost from John at FES for 2k primed 12g cases, delivered, means the new case itself is only 2p. The savings are really made in sourcing the shot, homemade being the way to go.
  10. Good do Jdog. You can imagine that stone wouldn't be safe in some areas of our woke run world now!!!
  11. If you've tried a RTO then i would say the cases are probably just really poor quality, unless you're running a really hot load. What cases are you using Snow white? If not using them already, ask John at FES if he can send you 25 Fiocchi to try.
  12. I'm no expert on this reloading stuff. But what I've found is that almost any 12g case will reload if its fired plastic wads or fibre. 20g, a lot more sensitive and prone to bulging after firing where the shot charge was. 410 almost hopeless. It seems the plastic cases we have here are so thin and without the additional protection from a plastic wad on first firing, the case just stretches. I use new Fiocchi cases for the 12g and 20g and load fibre.Both have a crimp close and I have in the past, been finished with a spinner. The cases show signs of bulging. Again, what I've found, sticking wit
  13. Its easy when you know how😀 Youtube video is easy to follow👍
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