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  1. turbo33

    PCP Compressor

    Mine is rated at 220v 10amps. I’m sure someone in here would have the knowledge.
  2. turbo33

    PCP Compressor

    No one will come knocking on your door to see if your cylinder is in test, it’s a safety issue. Same applies to a cylinder containing upwards of 3000psi less than a 12 inches from your face. It’s recommended to change buddy bottles and other pcp reseviours every ten years. The cost isn't much more than a test would be so testing is impractical. That’s why they are date stamped. Personal risk. Yes of course mates could share a bottle. The cost per fill isn’t reduced as the air has to be paid for and they are all using it. Drain it faster, one using more than the others, it being too low on air when another wants to fill his, I filled it last time, it’s your turn etc. Oldun, I’m sure you could use an inverter. Personally, I only took a bottle a few times, then realised I didn’t need to top up whilst I was out.
  3. turbo33

    PCP Compressor

    Depends on the individual circumstances. If you can get yours filled for a fiver, on your doorstep, then thats great for you. Most dive centres round here have now closed, or stopped doing air. My nearest is a 45 minute drive. The fill cost is £15. If I want to wait for it, I have to book in. Im looking at writing off 3 hours and the hassle for a fill. Three times a year, £45, £30 in fuel, test every 5 years £50. So my 5 year cost works out at £305 or £61pa. I now don't need a main cylinder. The compressors are £250 upwards, mine will have paid for itself before the bottle needs a retest. From then on, its free for me, £61pa better off at current costs and no hassle! If someone wants to charge their main cylinder and avoid testing, then that's at their own risk. The PCP reservoir/buddy bottle is subjected to the same filling procedure, and although not as highly pressurised as the fill cylinder, (300 bar?) is still pumped to 190-230 bar. How many people have theirs tested? Do you have yours tested? It takes me less than 5 mins to set it up and put it away. Its perfectly ok to use it in the house, I just pop mine on the kitchen worktop. It only takes moments to top the air rifle back up, 4 mins was the longest from an empty 500cc bottle to 230 bar. Even if I decide to have my cylinder retested, that's still a saving of £51pa. I can then top up the cylinder with the compressor and use as normal, handy if I don't have 5 mins to spare! Each to their own, but for me, I can now pump off as many shots as I want without being conservative with my air, and don't have that sinking feeling, when I go to top up and there isn't enough air. Its also immensely satisfying to be independent and a bit of fun to do. As I mentioned in my previous post, if a couple of pals got together to buy one, the cost are halved again.
  4. turbo33

    Cz 452 trigger kit

    Try Rimfire Magic in Yorkshire for a trigger kit. About £15. I bought the Yodave kit for my 452. It came with 4 springs of different weights, and some colour coded rollers of different diameters. I only only needed to change the spring for a lighter one, which is a dead easy job. Plenty of videos on youtube. Hope this helps.
  5. turbo33

    Can You Overshoot An Area For Pigeons ?

    I absolutely believe you can overshoot, or shoot out an area. There was a post on here along the lines of more wildlife in the town than the country. I have watched one pair of pigeons in my garden this year, raise 6 broods. That group of 14 are still around hammering my bird feeders!! If I had shot the lot, clearly, there wouldn't have been any left. If I had missed a couple, i would have educated them, possibly, to move away. Jackdaws the same, that group has doubled this year. I don't believe its any different whatever the acreage, its just a question of scale, shoot the 14 in the garden or 1000 on a 400 acre farm, logically, none left. Pigeon double their numbers with each brood. Clearly, some don't survive. But the mathematics works in reverse too. Its long been my opinion that pigeon behave differently around the country, and that you have migratory flocks that pass through, "Ram raid" the rape and are gone. I also believe, there is the local population. And rather like the garden example, remove the local population, and whats left are skitty, undecoyable passers by if you are lucky to see any. Our most successful member here, PC together with DB shoot extraordinary numbers of birds. Clearly, they are extremely competent shots and put in a huge mileage to find the birds. However, the usual setup is a few dead birds, hide, sandwiches, coffee, shoot a hundred plus each day of the weekend sometimes, and go home. With possibly Motty trailing in second place. The rest of use the same recipe, a couple of shots and the few birds that were around, disappear never to be seen again. My shotguns are pretty much idle in the cabinet now. One estate I used to shoot on, was really good. Clearly my visits and that of another two were managing the birds but leaving a sustainable stock. Then two retired chaps moved into the village and in less than a year, you might count 10 pigeons on a 2500 acre drive round. The crops remained the same, nothing had changed bar these two wiping out the local population and hence the breeding stock. My other farm is 300 acres of mixed, woodland, arable, cattle. There are two of us on there. The other chap is up there 3 or more times a week. There is now, not a Hare, rabbit, Muntjac, squirrel, rook, crow to be seen. He pops up a dozen feeders in the winter, to encourage "Wild birds`" onto the farm, from which, he organises two shoot days. Historically, it would produce 20+ brace of pheasants first day, and 10-15 brace for the second, with woodcock and various thrown in. This year, 4 brace of pheasants, 2 pigeon! I imagine that part of the reason is, as there is now no natural food left, the few foxes that were, have dined on the pheasants. But now there are no pheasants, even the foxes have gone! Its really sad to see, but it is totally shot out. Just my thoughts.
  6. turbo33

    hydrostatic test

    Know your pain,same round here. See pcp compressor thread in the air gun section. Ok, bit of an outlay, but end of problem! Do you have any friends you could share the cost of purchasing one? How long do you intend shooting a pcp? If it’s s good few years, them it will pay for itself in no time. Bottles, with the hassle of testing and trips for filling have their days numbered imho. T33
  7. turbo33

    PCP Compressor

    They will be fine. Once the circulated water has warmed water has circulated they will open out. I ran mine for a short period with hydraulic oil as specified with most info I could find. It emmited smokey air from the breather. On refilling with 5-30 oil it was emission free and perfectly acceptable to run in the house. As I mentioned above, crack the two air valves every minute or so to blow off the moisture. If your topping up the pcp, probably just once, you will work it out. Im sure you will enjoy it as I do mine. Atb.
  8. turbo33

    PCP Compressor

    Yes, I completely agree, seems totally un orthodox, however, I haven't found anything on the tube or elsewhere about the big ends burning out...and you can bet that someone would have relished making a video or review of it. They must be selling in the thousands, and for well over a year, yet nothing I can find. So I would use the best quality of oil available and be reasonable about its expectations. I did find one review on it where this was picked up, but the comment was.........if it eventually causes a problem...machine shop, bearing fitted, job done! Its does seem from the comments on the below review, that its not unusual to have the alloy con rod acting as a bearing, that the oil film will do its job, provided its good quality and changed frequently. Also, that roller bearings would be unsuitable for such a low revving engine......? Also, worst can scenario, new con rod available form something express at 7 dollars!!!!
  9. turbo33

    PCP Compressor

    The compressor has QR fittings on it.
  10. turbo33

    PCP Compressor

    No, I just used normal water. As the water is only flushing through for a short time, before putting it away, I couldn’t see the point.
  11. turbo33

    PCP Compressor

    Yes, I have. After a lot of deliberation and research, I took the plunge and bought one. You can get them from the well known auction site. I bought mine from Amazon. I paid probably £40 ish more from Amazon, but was a two day delivery instead of weeks from China, no further postage costs or import charges, so beware going cheaper! Also, I felt a little more confident with an Amazon purchase, that should there be an issue, buying through them would be worth the extra. As it transpired, there were a couple of minor issues, but resolved asap through Amazon. As has been mentioned above, they do all seem to be much the same on the bay, just subtle differences. The one I bought was this one. https://www.amazon.co.uk/HUKOER-Pressure-Compressor-Automatic-Inflation/dp/B07H924XBW/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1543691937&sr=8-8&keywords=pcp+compressor Instructions are at best poor! So these are my experiences. On un boxing, make sure the two bleed valve screws are in the ports. One of mine was missing. Having done the research on the tube, this seems to crop up. Obviously mine, like others unscrewed itself in transit and lodged itself inside the unit. I had to unscrew the casing to get it out. Not a problem, just a few screws, but make sure if yours is missing, that it hasn't dropped on the floor or in the packing. Whilst the casing is off, fit two, not supplied, lr44 batteries to the temp gauge. You can't get this open from the outside. In the supplied package of filters are two white plastic washers. One of theses will need fitting in the machine side where the air outlet hose screws in. These are different to the ones in the overall spares packet. It is shipped dry of oil for obvious reasons. The oil specified with most of them seems to be hydraulic oil which I find a little odd. This one suggests 5w 30. Once filled, screw on the breather pipe. Be careful with this. Its is fragile plastic at its worst! The water pump is very weak power wise and won't lift below the height of the unit, so make the water bowl or whatever you use, on the same level as the compressor. That lot out of the way, heres the good news.It is a cracking little compressor. I have a 12 litre bottle that is due a test in a month. With fill and test costs, I won't see much change from 50 quid plus two hours driving and fuel. I use sub 12 and FAC @38ftlbs. The FAC is a 230bar fill. Its immensely irritating when you're just about to go out and realise theres not enough pressure in the 12litre to fill up the rifle. Back on the two hour round trip and £15 for a fill. No More! I topped up the 12litre from 220 bar to 280 bar in 20 mins. I ran it for 15mins, rest then 5. The temperature of the compressor should be below 80c, and it ran at a max of 62 which was perfect. I had to do an o ring change on one of the rifles, so a completely empty 400cc bottle took 4 minutes to fill to 230bar. On the question of moisture, there are filters supplied. I'm sure these help keep a certain amount out. But I would suggest the following. Use the compressor in the driest environment possible. And also, very few minutes, just crack the bleed valves, one at a time to blow off the accumulated moisture. Standard practise when filling dive bottles, but nowhere are there any advices for this. Overall, this is an amazing tool for the money. I wouldn't expect it to endlessly charge large cylinders, but for the average guy who wants his and maybe a couple of mates pcp's, filled, without the hassle of testing, driving time, fuel, inconvenience etc, this really is a no brainer!! Hope this helps. T33
  12. turbo33

    Deer shooting with an air rifle?

    Sadly, Scully, you are indicative of the narrow minded and bluntly ignorant viewpoints on this forum. I will now leave PW to the relentless bullying tactics and knuckle dragging attitudes of what is now sadly the masses. A great shame that a subject cannot be discussed here, but that is how it is. It was a great forum but is now no longer.
  13. turbo33

    Deer shooting with an air rifle?

    A reasoned comment.
  14. turbo33

    Deer shooting with an air rifle?

    It not about "arguing the toss" its more a logical discussion. If there are hardly any decent Airgun shops in Scotland, that doesn't indicate its because of a form. All shops are now struggling, look at the household names we have lost in the last year alone. You didn't need a certificate to go into Poundland for example. Its called business. Everything can be bought online now. Go to a game or country fair, and talk to the stall holders. People go in, pick it up, decide what they want, then turn to their mate and say"So and so's doing this online "X" pounds cheaper. Tesco's Aldi, The Airgun Centre, Sportsman Gun Centre, the small retailers can't compete. In the last two years, I and fellow businessmen have had a really hard time, as have lots of individuals. It not to do with certification, its about being competitive. Hell, you can get a second hand rifle 2/3rds the cost of new, online, parcel forced to your door. The canny Scot would not pay a penny more from an RFD!! Infact, pellets, clothing, rifle bags, (downloadable targets now) everything online. I have a local guys who makes a great living, from his study, as an RFD receiving and sending stuff, no need for a shop. Its just business and sound business sense. Great find that Wymberley! I remember my Dad's first one, same thing! Getting the 10 bob together for it, took him weeks though! That was when our 25 acre farm, 4 bed farmhouse, river frontage 25 stables etc, etc, cost him a heady..............£24,000!!!! And I agree, its more likely paranoia.