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  1. I know theres another thread running on this climate change debacle. But you have to ask the question, where were they when it wasn't a forthcoming, balmy weekend. No-where in sight when it was dissing down with rain and sub zero temperatures! And strangely, they don't appear to work or wash!! Of course we knew that!! And why do they all have weird names? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  2. Thatโ€™s my point Johnny. No sign of any of them for most of us, until they have to fight for their jobs or see an opportunity to elevate their party as in recent circumstances.
  3. My daughter phoned yesterday with a concern over a Tick on her cocker. I advised the usual, Tick removed, end of immediate saga. But, I did say, with the coming spring and summer, the parasites will see the opportunity to feed themselves at at the expense of the host, so be vigilant. How often do you have a MP knocking on your door to ask how things are going for you? I can tell you, never here............until like the Tick, they can sniff an opportunity to feed of someone for their own gain. In the last two days, I've had fliers through the door, and you will also have had your evening viewing/chill/after a long day, tv time, interrupted by party political broadcasts. The lack of intelligence and arrogance beggars belief!!
  4. Quote "I dont reccomend the baikal fully shrouded though .the barrel porting along a lot the the barrels length will rob the energy of the pellets reducing effective range too much ( to 15 - 20 yds ) ". Of course the porting does "rob" the energy over an un ported barrel. You can't have owt for nowt. But, its the same thing again, performance in the field. Clearly there is more than enough energy in the pellets to do the job at further ranges than your advised 15-20 yards. 18grms 6, fibre, on that occasion, subsonic recipe from FES. My poor shooting accounting for the complete misses.
  5. I have to completely disagree with the above. I have had the Mossberg and sold it in preference of the Baikal. Its a superb gun, patterns better than the Mossberg, is better balanced etc. Out to 35 yards, and sometimes a tad further, its been a cracking gun. I have put various cartridges through it, and now mostly use my own home loaded. These were 25-35 yards, 30 for 45 carts. Put the shot in the right place, ๐Ÿ˜
  6. Take a look at my post on page two of the video section, hand loading 410. Loading 410 can be a pain! Several reasons. Firstly, the shells themselves swell/distort on firing, hugely if they have previously been a fibre wad shell, not so much with a plastic wad. As a consequence, more often than not, won't chamber once reloaded. The second issue i had when trying to reload with a Mec press, was the shot drop tube is so small for the 410, that the shot gets hung up. Messing about trying to tap and get it to drop, usually results in shot everywhere!! I have found the best method, is to use new cases. Ok, not as cheap as using old cases, but then thats no good if they won't chamber. I use SP3, a Lee 1cc dipper will deliver an incredibly accurate charge of 0.97grams, or 14.96 grains. As long as the scoop is level, you can't get enough SP3 in it to go overcharge. Its called a dipper for a reason, so check out on the tube how to use it. Practise on some scales and you will quickly see how accurate your technique is. 2mm over powder card, 12mm evo wad ( FES). A 2.8cc dipper will be close on 18grms no 6/7. Again, a few practise runs and you will be within a couple of pieces of shot, and certainly equal to a lot of the factory shells I've dismantled. Over shot card (FES) and then a Gaep roll over tool on the bench drill. (Again, I bought from John at FES). If you look on Johns web page, 410 evo wads, the load data and components are there at the bottom of the page.. All very easy and fun to do. I can do 60 an hour without rushing. Hope this helps. Atb T33
  7. ๐Ÿ‘ Mine is the perfect tool for scruggers and almost exclusively used for this purpose .
  8. Its all about what floats your boat๐Ÿ‘ Spend your hard earned cash on what you want๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  9. You are a top man Nigel๐Ÿ‘ Wouls really like to take you up on that. But, repay the favour time i think?!!
  10. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Hope you're well OF. We haven't yet recovered from that wonderful day out with you.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  11. So a if you were on the crows, a 1400ft/sec no.8 shot would be just as effective as a 1400 ft/sec no5?
  12. You never give up do you!! You've completely un done your argument........see above........over an out!
  13. I think the point here is specifics and user preferences. Ultrastu, favours restricting his distances on paper to 70 yes, with reasonable grouping " If he does his bit" and light winds. Others, like myself, like to push the distances, still making sure as far as possible, accurate and humane shots. Eg: Ultrastu, 16grn pellet, circa 80O ft/sec, close on 30 ft/lbs. At 80yds yes, if you can hit the target, 14ftlbs. Yup, more than enough for a rabbit, head shot, pigeon centre mass. My preference is 21.4 gun pellet, better bc, so more accurate, no skirt to enhance deformation and tumbling, @ 80yds, 20ftlbs. Some 40% higher. Less affected by wind etc, therefore again, more accurate and humane. Now, a 22lr, subsonic at 80yds, delivers 82ft/lbs. I haven't seen a thread on here to say a 22lr is overkill. Ballistics on paper, or real life in the field. So all of you when shoot crows or wildfowl, should not be using shot size 4/5, as obviously 8/9 is perfectly adequate.
  14. Ultrastu, Your examples to justify your reasoning are becoming more ridiculous and really quite desperate! Bow to the knowledge of someone who's life has depended on realism and not your absurd paperwork hypothesis. Oh and apologies to Zetter. Have a look at Matt Dubber on AirarmshuntingSA or Air hunters both on the tube. They are running very high power FX's with Neilsen Slugs. Lots of useful information there. I'm not sure that Neilsen slugs are available in the uk........?
  15. . I think you'll find there is rather a large difference in a frangible bullet with a ballistic polymer tip than a solid slug. Not really the same thing is it? Theres a saying.............................. when in a hole!!!
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