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  1. Great pair of sticks, light, easy to deploy, little use. From Website..... QUEST B62 is an aluminium bipod shooting stick with 20mm diameter legs and a U-shaped yoke that helps you deliver greater accuracy. Folds to 690mm and weighs 650g Extends to 1575mm Wide U Shaped Yoke Quick Flip Leg Locks Adjustable strap on legs for greater stability All Weather Foam Grips Currently available at £60 plus post......... Will post to you for £40 inc. Thanks T33
  2. Thanks Foxcaller, wanting to move as a bundle. Thanks JamieH, have replied to your PM.
  3. Up for sale is My Lee reloading set up.This has had little use, so is in perfect condition. Its the 50th Anniversary package.I have been using this for 223, so the list is as follows: Modern Reloading, Richard Lee second editionLee handbook, Data manualsLee Breech Lock pressLee Safety Powder ScalesLee Perfect Powder MeasureLee quick trim case TrimmerDrill attachment case trimmersPrimer pocket cleanerLee Dies in .223 RemingtonLee Collet Neck sizing DieFull Length sizing DieBullet seating DieFactory Crimp DieCase Lube900 CC! 400 small rifle primers960 Grams Vihtavouri N133 Powder400grams Hogdon Varget Plus anything else I can find lying around inc many once fired shells and various other goodies!!!£250 collected due to powders and primers. Buyer to bring FAC. ThanksT33
  4. Price drop...but can't edit original post. £245 Thanks T33
  5. Sold to Jasp. Thank you.
  6. Sold and posted to Stonepark. Thank you.
  7. Yours Stonepark........Pm'd back.
  8. As title, from my CZ 452, may fit other models. Polymer, one 5 round, one ten round. £30 posted. Thanks T33.
  9. As title, had very little use and in as new condition. Fantastic scales, only for sale as selling up. These are over £300, if you can find them. Asking £200 posted. Thanks T33.
  10. turbo33


    I said the same, almost word for word, looks ridiculous!!
  11. My renewals....coterminious, were done online on 14th Feb. Despite emailing them and trying all sorts of other avenues...not a word and still waiting. I emailed using the online enquiry form on 5th April to express my concern over hearing nothing and no licenses. Not a word back. Just spent this morning trying all avenues, including the chat service, to contact them. Chat service gave me the direct line number to the firearms dept, allegedly, and it was just a voice recording to say that number wasn't taking calls! So have done one last attempt online. The licenses expire on 24th April...so thats going to be interesting!!
  12. Thanks for all the replies. Will probably be looking for a shooting buddy down that way too👍
  13. Thats a kind offer Rob, thank you...
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