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Ferret collar


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Velcro are handy if your swapping over the collars from ferret to ferret  as with the leather ones you need to put them on a bit tight  , i don't know does leather expand with the body heat if there on a full day ?. I just get a nail and make a few more holes in the leather as ive 12 ferrets and use 12 + collars most are marked and my son tries to pair marked collar to ferret but on a cold morning and your wanting to crack on it don't always work out and there's nothing worse than a ferret coming out a hole without the collar  and you find a mark 6 foot plus down 

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While im getting other stuff ready my son tends to collar up the ferrets letting them run about the garage floor as he does it then put them in the box after they are all collared up . them after we get to where we are ferreting check them over again make sure theres still a signal and start ferreting 

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