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Looks like a 1950s cadet. Looks a bit too far gone for a quick wipe over to improve it but try any oil and fine wire wool. Lots of patience. Would help if you could get the stock off. Three screws but dont ****** them.

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Complete root and branch strip down required, then I would soak for a day or two in some parrafin, then as said above lots of work with some fine wire wool , then once it is completely free of rust degrease and cold blue it all.  The same wire wool treatment on the stock and then some boiled linseed oil which will probably soak in very quickly, so may need a few coats then a good buffing with a polishing cloth.  Looks very similar to the Cadet I had in the early 60s.  With a bit of care and elbow grease no reason it should not come back to life.

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